How 2 set the background color in j2me

Can any body tell me how to set the background color to midlet.??

if you are using Screen then you can call its setBackColor()
or if you are using Canvas then you can call
where g is the Graphics instance of Canvas,for further information consult documentation

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  • Can I invoke a SubVI in an event? and how do I set the background color of a pipe to #0000ff?

    When I click an image or a glass pipe(which belongs to Industry/Chesmitry category in palette), I want a SubVI to be invoked.
    The purpose is to fetch an OPC-UA data from a web service and to write to it via the service.
    We are building an HMI solution which displays an interactive water plant diagram.
    When users click pipes and motors in the diagram, clicked devices should be turned on and off and change their animations or colors accordingly.
    OPC-UA is for communication with devices.
    I couldn't even set the background color of a pipe to "#0000ff", but setting it to "Red" or "Blue" was possible, and I don't know how to invoke SubVIs in event scripts.
    The documentations in are confusing and lack depth.
    Even silverlight references are confusing.
    How do I do all of these?

    Hi iCat,
    Can you provide some more information about your current implementation so that we can help to answer your questions. Some questions I have for you are:
    Are you creating this project in the NI LabVIEW Web UI Builder or in LabVIEW?
    How are you publishing your webservice? Is this also in LabVIEW?
    How is your webservice interacting with an OPC-UA server?
    How is the certification set up with OPC-UA so that you can communicate between the server and the client?
    Best Regards,
    Allison M.
    Applications Engineer
    National Instruments

  • How do I set the background color of a page_item?

    I've been pasting "background-color:#5CD65C" in a number of places, like "HTML Table Cell Attributes" under the Label and the Element tabs, but get no results. Can anyone tell me how to set the background color of a cell, please?

    Hi Doug,
    Dynamic Actions is an alternative also, especially if it is conditional.
    Action Set Style
    Fire When Event Result Is True
    Style Name background-color
    Value #5CD65C
    Selection Type DOM Object
    DOM Object your item name
    Set your Condition Type and you have it.
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  • How can I set the background color of JLabel?

    Can any one tell me how to set the background color of a JLabel?
    I have:
    JLabel prop = new JLabel("blahblah");
    Thank you in advance...

    JLabel prop = new JLabel("blahblah");

  • How to set the Background Color of a Text Field in a Tabular Report.

    I tried to set the Background Color of a Text Field in a Tabular Report.
    But I was not able to change this colur.
    In the report attributes --> column attributes
    I tried already:
    1. Column Formating -- >CSS Style (bgcolor: red)
    2. Tabular Form Element --> Element Attributes (bgcolor: red)
    but nothing worked.
    Can anybody help me?
    I Use Oracle Apex 2.2.1 on 10gR2
    thank you in advance.

    in "Report Attributes" select the column to move to the "Column Attributes" page. In the "Element Attributes" field under the "Tabular Form Element" region enter
    I will also check if there is a way to do this via the template and post here again
    in your template definition, above the template, enter the following:
    < STYLE TYPE="text/css" >
    .class INPUT {background-color:red;}
    < /STYLE >
    (remove the spaces after the < and before the >)
    change "class" to the class that the template is calling
    (I'm using theme 9, the table has: class="t9GCCReportsStyle1" so I would enter t9GCCReportsStyle1)
    A side-effect of using this second version is that ALL input types will have a red background color--checkboxes, input boxes, etc.
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  • Why does the eyedropper tool set the background color swatch instead of the foreground?

    Whenever I try to use the eyedropper tool in Photoshop CS5, the eyedroper sets the background color instead of the foreground. I know you can swap the colors with the arrows, but Photoshop used to be able to just put the color in the foreground swatch without me doing any extra manual work. How do I restore it?

    Click on Windows and color.  There is a setting there to change from
    foreground to background.  The one with the box around it is the default setting.

  • Problem in setting the background color of jtable with Nimbus

    I have created a java swing application. In which I am using JTable.
    When creating a simple JTable and displaying with Nimbus, the row background color alternates between white and a light blue-grey.
    I want the table with single colour. Only the first column should be grey colour and other should be white.
    I used this code to set the background and foreground colour.
    public Component prepareRenderer
        (TableCellRenderer renderer, int index_row, int index_col){      
                Component objComponent = super.prepareRenderer(renderer, index_row, index_col);         
                Color objGreyColour = new Color(240,240,240);
                Color objWhiteColour = new Color(255,255,255);
                if(index_col == 0){
                    objComponent.setFont(new java.awt.Font(CommonClass.getFontName(),java.awt.Font.BOLD, CommonClass.getFontSize()));
                return objComponent;
            } Look wise it is fine but when i try to select the cell it is not highlighting the cell and also i m not able to select multiple cell with ctrl key.
    Any help would be appreciated

    1) if you want better help soone,r please post an SSCCE ( instead of a code extract.
    2) selection highlighting is lost because your code... doesn't handle selection. To take selection into account, you can use <tt>if (super.isRowselected(index_row)) {...}</TT>.

  • How change the background color of a tab

    Hi, i want to change the background color where the tab name is ...Not the color of the canvas only the part of the tab. Show me the default color some kind of green ...

    Hi oracle_sv      
    i want to change the background color where the tab name isIn object Navigator right click each tab and get into it's property > Then Go to back ground and change each accordingly...
    Hope this helps...
    Amatu Allah.

  • Help setting the background color in the browser

    I’m setting up my web pages to be 960 x 600 pixels (or possibly 960 x 660).  How do I define a background color for the overflow in case people are viewing on higher than 1024 x 768 resolution -  right now everything outside of my webpage shows up as the default white.

    Use CSS.
    body { background-color:heliotrope; }

  • Setting the background color of the selection when text selected (input TextField)

    My input TextField has a black background. The problem is,
    when some text is enter and then selected, the selection background
    color remains black and the selected text remains white. Because of
    this it's imposible to tell that the text has been selected. Is
    there a way to change the selection background color, or do I
    really have to write a custom textfield? :(

    Yes, I do have an additional attribute called "identity" which is set to the original table where it came from. The problem is that I do not know how to check for it in my renderer. I will post my renderer code here
    public class myTableRenderer extends DefaultTableCellRenderer{
    public Component getTableCellRendererComponent( JTable table,Object value,boolean isSelected,boolean hasFocus,int row,int column) {
    final Component component = super.getTableCellRendererComponent(table, value,isSelected,hasFocus, row, column);
    if ( value != null ) {
    if ( value instanceof String ) {
    String val = value.toString();
    if ( val.compareTo("DisplayKnown") == 0 ) {
    } // end if value not null
    return component;
    } // end mytablerenderer
    What happens here, is that only the column with the identity value "DisplayKnown" gets the color blue. I would like to color the whole row with that column value to be Blue.
    Does this make sense??

  • Writing own TableCellRenderer for setting the Background Color of a cell ?

    I am using the JTable and DefaultTableModel for my GUI. I use also only plain text in the rows and columns. I have a method which examine every row wether something is wrong with a string so if something is wrong i want to set the BackgroundColor of this cell with the bad string to a color i can define.
    Do I need to write an own TableCellRenderer for this tiny task?
    Table class has no setBackground(new Color(22,22,22),posRow,posCol);
    dID=606504this code is from your ColorRenderer class:
    public void actionPerformed(ActionEvent e)
                   Iterator it = colors.keySet().iterator();
                   while ( it.hasNext() )
                        Point key = (Point);
                        int row = key.x;
                        int column = key.y;
                        if (column == -1)
                             model.fireTableRowsUpdated(row, row);
                        else if (row == -1)
                             int rows = table.getRowCount();
                             for (int i = 0; i < rows; i++)
                                  model.fireTableCellUpdated(i, column);                              
              }you have set an ActionListener to the ColorRenderer class and put the actionPerformed method in it but compared to a JButton the actionPerformed method is called when i click the JButton but what you do in your code that the actionPerformed method is executed. I have deleted the whole actionPerformed method and the listener and still the cell is displayed with a color so was it for the blinking?
    And the method setBackground is nowhere called or run actively so is this method called internally by the ColorRenderer class? or is this method somehow called recursively as in the method setBackground I can see this method call:
    c.setBackground( (Color)o ); but i think this is another setBackground method right? because the first method i mentioned has 3 parameters not 1 parameter so where is the method setBackground with 3 parameters called actively in your code? i cant find anything. ok after examining again the c.setBackground( (Color)o ); is the one with 3 parameters ;-)
    public void setBackground(Component c, int row, int column)
              { that was set for the previous cell, so reset it here
                   if (c instanceof DefaultTableCellRenderer)
                        c.setBackground( table.getBackground() );
                   //  In case columns have been reordered, convert the column number
                   column = table.convertColumnIndexToModel(column);
                   //  Get cell color
                   Object key = getKey(row, column);
                   Object o = colors.get( key );
                   if (o != null)
                        c.setBackground( (Color)o );
                   //  Get row color
                   key = getKey(row, -1);
                   o = colors.get( key );
                   if (o != null)
                        c.setBackground( (Color)o );
                   //  Get column color
                   key = getKey(-1, column);
                   o = colors.get( key );
                   if (o != null)
                        c.setBackground( (Color)o );
              }using your full code gives me a bug:
    when i double click in the first column to change some text doesnt matter which row then the selected cell gets a red border and the rest of the table freezes. When i exchange the order of the columns move column 1 to 2 and column 2 to 1 then the freezed table is working again?? could you help solving that problem else the cell color setting works fine for me :-) thank you very much!

  • Setting the background color

    I do not think this is possible, but want to ask if there is a simpler way to do this.
    The issue is... I have 12 columns and all the columns are displayed horizontally on the oracle forms 11g.
    I want that when a user clicks on the record the whole record gets highlighted.
    I know this can be achieved by doing the following for each and every item but I want to know if there is a way to highlight the whole record ?

    Create a new visual attribute with features you want in your record which is the current record and give it a meaningful name . Then just go to the property pallete of your data block if your data block shows you multiple records then just set a property named as CURRENT RECORD VISUAL ATTRIBUTE to the visual attribute which you had just created. It will work and I hope this helps. Cheers

  • Dynamically Set Subreport Background Color to the Same Value as Main Report Background Color

    I have a report that contains a subreport.  The main report has groupings in it.  I am dynamically setting the background color of the group rows based on an expression.  That part is working fine.  The problem that I am having is that
    I don't know how to get the subreport to "inherit" the background color of the grouping that holds it.
    Basically, I have different row shadings on my report differentiating the groupings except for the rows where the subreport shows.
    How do I go about setting the subreport background color to equal it's contaiing grouping's background color?  Thanks in advance for any and all assistance provided.

    The parameter method given by gpshukla will send the info to the subreport, but you don't need the color parameter in the main report, only the subreport. The trick is in setting the value of that parameter.
    Right-click the cell with the embedded subreport, you can select subreport properties.
    Select Parameters and add a parameter.
    The name column is the name of the parameter in the subreport (color) and value is the value to set it to.
    Set name to "color" (no quotes).
    Set Value to the same expression used to set the background color for the row.
    In the subreport, click the design surface to select the report (not header or footer).
    In the properties pane, select background color and choose expression from the dropdown.
    Type =Parameters!color.Value into the expression builder.
    This will work assuming that background color in the main report row will not change without also refreshing the subreport.
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  • How to change the background color of a cell in datagrid using flex3

    i want to change the background color of a can i achieve this.....and also i want to know how a spacing cane be done between cells in a datagrid...plzzz help me???

    The only way I can see to do this is to use an item renderer for your cells.  This is really scruffy and would need tyding up, and maybe with a little more time could do better or someone else may have an idea but none the less this works.
    Define a custom component as below;
    This has logic to see what the value of the data is proveided by the dataprovider for the row, and if it matches the conditions in this case is equal to 5 sets the background color.
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    <mx:Canvas xmlns:mx="" width="88" height="26" dataChange="doColor()" borderColor="#000000" borderStyle="solid"
                private function doColor():void {
                    if (data.value == 5) {
                        setStyle('backgroundColor', 0xcccccc);
                    } else {
                        setStyle('backgroundColor', 0xffffff);
    Now just apply the item renderer in the datagrid and that will do it.
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    <mx:Application xmlns:mx="" layout="absolute"  xmlns:ns1="*">
                import mx.collections.ArrayCollection;
                private var ac:ArrayCollection = new ArrayCollection([
                    {value : 1},
                    {value : 2},
                    {value : 3},
                    {value : 4},
                    {value : 5},
                    {value : 6},
                    {value : 7},
                    {value : 8},
                    {value : 9},
                    {value : 10}
        <mx:DataGrid x="40" y="36" width="408" height="193" dataProvider="{ac}">
                <mx:DataGridColumn headerText="Column 1" dataField="value" itemRenderer="MyComp"/>
                <mx:DataGridColumn headerText="Column 2" dataField="col2"/>
                <mx:DataGridColumn headerText="Column 3" dataField="col3"/>
    I hope this helps

  • TDMS : How to set the background colour programatically for .tdms file

    Hello every one 
    is there any method to set the background colour of .tdms file programatically
    Thank you

    Hi Raja,
    "TDMS" is a file on your harddisc. How should a file have a background color?
    Or the other way around:
    How do you set the background color of a simple text file?
    Best regards,
    CLAD, using 2009SP1 + LV2011SP1 + LV2014SP1 on WinXP+Win7+cRIO
    Kudos are welcome

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    Hi, I just applied the lates Thunderbolt update (1.2? - 132Kbytes) and I'm not able anymore to see my TB Lacie Little Disks. I tried several SMC resets and several PRAM resets. No way. Any help? TIA Simon