How an i play video data coming byte by byte over a n/w

Actually i have written a java program where i am receiving a video file in bytes using udp packets from a server trhough LAN. I want to play each packet as soon as it it received on the client side in its original format without storing the data on client machine. i dont want to use JMF. can i do this without JMF?
please help me with some sample code...

This question likely relates to the one you asked earlier and is clear crosspost (exact copy) of one you posted earlier. Please cut that out.

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    How to continuously play video in iPad new ?

    Ok....lets start this from the begining.....
    So you are trying to install apps from the BlackBerry World on to your Z10 but you are getting a message that the app you selected to be installed is NOT avaiable for your Z10 device? And where is the message coming from: from your Z10 or from BlackBerry World when you try to download?

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    Can anyone help please? How can I play videos on my iPod through three non Apple TVs at the same time?

    i had this pb with my sis ipod, you have to convert the videos to put them on the ipod, here is the french tuto (never found it in english, and this always works).,39049657,39295399,00.htm
    you have to install avs video converter and then well im not going to translate everything but it explains you all the settings to put to have a video for you ipod. after it was converted like the website says open itunes and then drop the conveerted file to itunes and it will work (well it did with me)

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    How do I play video from my macbook pro to my tv?

    What model MacBook Pro do you have? On my late 2011, I used to use a Mini DisplayPort/Thunderbolt to HDMI adapter to get video and audio from my Mac to my television. I used this adapter from Monoprice. Worked great - I just no longer use it because I bought a 27" monitor.
    You can also use AirPlay mirroring if you've the right MBP and an Apple TV - but the wired method works, too.

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    can someone tell me how i can play a data dvd on a dvd player?

    Like Jaba already said please be more specific if you want to have a concrete answer.
    If you have data like movies in different formats (avi, mpg divx) you must use just right player on your unit (check if some codecs must be installed before).
    On external DVD player is the same. Most of players can handle with mpg format. With avi or divx can be some problem if those formats are not supported. If you want to watch photos I am sure that almost every DVD player can handle with jpeg format.

  • How do I play videos from an SD_Video card?

    How do I play videos from an SD_Video card?

    Click on the SD card that appears on your desktop until you get to the DCIM folder.  Click on folder until you get to the movie files.  Drag these files onto your desktop.  You can erase the ones on your SD card if you do not want to same them on there.
    Depending on the movie file types you should be able to play them w/either QT 10, QT 7.x or VLC.  It helps to have Perian installed.
    Also, helps if you would advise us which OS is installed on your MBP and which model MBP you have.  Some come w/a built-in SD slot, others you will need a card reader.

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    Flash isn't used as a stand alone media player.  You'll need to find a web based application that can load your media files and then play them for you.  However, that seems a round about way for playing videos on a local system.  Have you tried an alternative such as VLC?

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    I have a galaxy note 8.0 tablet. I am aware that adobe flashplayer is not compatible. I have downloaded adobe air, but I still am unable to play videos for school. Is there any other ways around this issue? Thank you for your help.

    What videos do you mean? The PSE tutorial videos? Videos you made in Premiere Elements? Your question isn't clear, particularly not how this relates to photoshop elements. Can you explain in a little more detail just what you want to do and how it pertains to photoshop elements?

  • How can I play videos using VLC in iPad Mini?

    I am unable to play videos in VLC.
    Videos are not added to VLC library.
    It is asking to sync videos via iTunes.
    But i am unable to.
    Please let me know how to do that.

    To get to street view in Google Maps, you need to either tap on a point of interest or enter an address, once the address is found you can tap on the marker to bring up the option, or just drag the bottom option bar up to reveal the street view button.

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    PhotoStream is now available on my applet TV and the notes on the upgrade said I could play video from my Photo Stream.  However the Photo Stream on the apple TV only presents photos for viewing.  Any idea on how to get it to show my videos?

    Welcome to the Apple Community.
    Unfortunately that's not possible.

  • How do I play video from iphone on a windows pc

    How do I play a video recorded on iphone on a windows pc?

    You should be importing these to your computer regularly.
    Copying personal photos and videos from iOS devices to your computer

  • How can I play video/audio to an AV Receiver?

    I have my iMac connected to a Denon AV receiver and the properties of the AV receiver show up under display properties in system preferences. I have the obtion to mirror the display but when I do, nothing comes through on my home theatre system.
    I just cannot figure out how to get the video and audio to play on it now.
    The Denon is connected via a mini display port/HDMI cable.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Not sure I fully understand the problem.  Does it not work when you take it out of mirrored and run the two displays in extended display mode (use Arrangment to arrange the two monitors)?  Of course you need to chang your Sound preferences to use the hdmi conneciton as well.

  • How can I play video by touching the button on the video thumbnail ?

    I have a table view in which if each cell is touched a video plays.
    Each cell have image of the video cell.imageView.image. And on the image I have a button (UIButton) with play symbol.
    If I touch the play button the corresponding video should be played same like the when cell is touched.
    I have a selector for the play button. But how can I know that particular row is selected by touching the play button. How can I play the video when I touched the button ?
    Thank You

    Check the hardware acceleration mode you have set. Try to use "direct" acceleration as this will choose between GPU and CPU to render and is most compatible. The setting is in the XML file generated for the app:
    <!-- The render mode for the app (either auto, cpu, gpu, or direct). Optional. Default auto -->
    And no the device is absolutely not guaranteed to record compatible video at all. Browsers go by browser standards and video recording goes via manufacturer hardware and software limits, features and compatibility. It entirely depends on what you're doing with the video and the mode it is recorded in. If the user checks off the record CIF MMS compatible video and records in that it will not be visible to many browsers. Audio is almost always recorded in ultra-light mp3 or aac so that's why you hear it.
    Android allows you to install many different browsers. Did you install any or set any other browser as the alternate default browser? When you run the video from a file manager you may be running an alternate, capable browser for the codec. AIR may use the native built-in browser. Also it may not load the video into a browser for playback at all as I would suspect a video would be mapped to the devices default media player and not a browser at all. Unless you're able to select the video and explicitly tell it to open in a browser I feel you're actually looking at the video in the "Video" app of your device, which will be compatible with the codec.
    A simple way to check browser compatibility is to copy the video to your computer, upload it to a web server and see how it plays on various desktop browsers. If any of them have black video and only play sound, you know it's a codec issue.

  • How to continuous playing video ?

    I tried to play video file in my ipod, it's playing fine but after one song it's stopped and i need to select the song and play again? so is there any way to play video file without stop?

    > How can we deal with these retards?
    Block Media Player and VLC :)
    Nah - kidding... You cannot. If the player software is screen saver
    aware, the screen saver will not kick in because the computer is not idle.
    You could check if a scheduled task "when the computer is idle" will
    overcome this, but I doubt. The task then would run "rundll32.exe" with
    parameters "user32.dll,LockWorkStation"
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    gutes Buch über GPOs lesen?
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  • HT5295 How do I play video podcasts on my TV via the Podcasts app? After iOS 6 upgrade, I'm unable to do this.

    I used to be able to play video podcasts on my TV by connecting my iPod touch to the TV via an Apple AV cable.  Now that I've upgraded to ios 6 and the podcasts app got installed along with the upgrade, video podcasts will no longer play on my TV.  It should be noted that other video content (movies, TV shows, etc) will play properly.  Is there a setting I need to make that will fix this, or is this yet another bug with the podcasts app? Also, I have to say that I'm not happy at all with the Podcasts app, so if there's a way to uninstall it without harming the functionality of ios 6, that would be great. 

    I found a workaround that puts podcasts back in the video app as well as the music app so you can watch them on TV via an AV cable again.
    The instructions can be found at this video:
    In short:
    1. Make sure both the music and podcast app aren't running on your iPhone.
    2. Plug your iPhone into your computer and disable Podcast syncing for your iPhone in iTunes.
    3. Remove the podcast app from your iPhone
    4. Plug your iPhone into your computer again and turn on podcast syncing, then sync.
    5. Turn off and then back on your iPhone.
    After I did this, I found podcasts had returned to being listed in my music and video apps.
    Hope this helps you too!

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