How can another user on my system share their document if they cannot access a public drop box, do not have an email account setup on the system and we don't want to use iwork?

Please help. My DS created a document under his login on my PowerBook and now, I cannot seem to access it. He doesn't have an email account of his own, I can't seem to save it as a public document in a drop box like I can from my own login and we do not want to use iwork. Is there a way to save it so that I can access it from my login to email to his teacher. I don't want to have to retype it into Pages under my login.

Save the document from his account to an external drive or thumb drive.
Set the permissions (using Finder > Get Info) for "Everyone" to Read and Write.
Your DS will likely be the owner of the file, so you may need his login password to change the permissions.

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