How can I add a language on pages (Greek) to check the spelling when that language is not on the list?

how can I add a language on pages (Greek) to check the spelling when that language is not on the list?
I can see other languages available for spelling check, but not Greek and I dont see how to add it.
I have added the Greek keyboard on the Mac, so I can write in Greek , but I dont know how to check the spelling in Greek on pages

You can try to add a 3rd party spellchecker

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    CFB3 Question: How can I add an existing cfm page to a project? I created a project and copied a file into the project folder but I can't seem to find a way to add the cfm file into the project.

    @Carl - Well heck, yes I did... But after reading your response I went back and tried right-clicking on and refreshing different things and what worked was right-clicking on the project name in the Navigator window and then clicking on refresh in that context menu.
    Thank you Carl!

  • How do I find installer? When I try to install downloads, the box says that I do not have the Installer I need.

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    If it's updates through the Office auto-updater that are having problems, that's probably an issue you'll need to take up on Microsoft's support site. If you're having problems installing Office from scratch and it's saying it can't find Installer, you may need to repair your hard drive. More help will probably be obtained if you post in the Mac OS X 10.6 forum; this forum, where you originally posted, is for help with the Communities themselves.

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    How can I add title/description/keyword metadata to my website?
    Is there an easy solution?
    I publish my site to my .mac account.
    Any direction would be appreciated. I work in the web marketing industry, so it bugs me not being able to add metadata to my site.
    Macbook   Mac OS X (10.4.7)  

    So I find the folder: Welcome_files for example
    Then do I open up the Welcome.js file using text
    When I add the metadata, then do I Save As and put
    the file back into the Welcome_files folder?
    Actually every page like Welcome has a Welcome.html file and then a folder "Welcome_files". The file you want to edit is the Welcome.html file. Not anything in the folder.
    Do I need to Publish again, or is that process
    automatic since the site is pulling from down from my
    Nope don't publish again. That would just overwrite you changes again. Just save the file in the same place and you're done.
    Will I have to re-enter metadata every time that the
    page changes, or every time the site changes?
    Anytime iWeb thinks the page needs to be republished, your edited file will be overwritten.

  • How can i install 8 gb ram on a mac mini early 2009 when it says i dont need the EFI firmware 2.1?i can only install 4 gb but the side of OWC says i can install 8 gb? what to do?

    i have a mac mini early 2009 and i want to install 8 gb ram but it doesn,t work.
    it says on the OWC site that i have to install the EFI firmware 2.1 update but it won,t let me,it says(the mac mini)that i don,t need this update.
    my kernel is 32bit but my EFI is 64 bit,how can i install 64 bit so i can use the 8GB cause with 32 bit i can,t use more than 4gb ram

    Check your computer's EFI Boot ROM version;
    1. From the Apple () menu, choose About This Mac
    2. Click More Info Under Contents
    3. Select Hardware
    If your Mac mini's Boot ROM version is the following or more recent, then you do not need the update to use 8 GB of RAM;
    Boot ROM Version: MM31.0081.B06

  • How can I add an extra in pages when creating a newsletter?

    I'm working on a newsletter in Pages via the newsletter template (I'm working in 5.2) it won't however let me add an extra page, I just have the two that are in the original template.
    Any ideas?

    Hi Chl0w,
    In layout mode (again, Pages 5.x) you can use Insert (Page) from the menu bar or toolbar.
    Pages Help for Mac, Add, delete, and rearrange pages
    Add a page
    In a page layout document: Click Insert   in the toolbar, then choose Page.
    The new page appears at the end of the document.
    In a word-processing document: Add a page break. You can also add a section that begins on a new page.
    Take care,

  • How can someone add servers and computers to a separate domain in a separate forest without having permissions to the other forest?

    Hello Community
        On an existing network I added separate domain in a separate forest using WS2012.
        Lets call it "MyDomain" and "MyForest" on WS2012.
        In MyDomain and MyForest I am the only domain administrator.
        The problem is if you go to "File Explorer" and click on "Network" in MyDomain in MyForest,
    I see that other server administrators have added their servers and workstations to
    MyDomain in MyForest but I never added them as users or administrators to my domain in my forest.
        So the question is how can a someone from a separate domain in
    a separate forest add servers and computers to MyDomain in Myforest
    when I haven't added them as user or administrators or given them
    any permission in MyDomain in MyForest?
        Thank you

    Using the network in file explorer, this shows machines that the computer has automatically detected using built in Microsoft processes. All this means is that you have other computers on the same physical network as yourself. These are no necessarily part
    of your domain. If the machines are set to respond, then so long as they receive a discovery request from your PC they will respond and populate that list. This does not mean they are part of your domain, or that they have access to any of your computers (
    apart from low level stuff like ping which does not rely on domain membership.)
    Apart from a Domain Admin, the only other people who can make changes to your domain are whoever is an Enterprise Admins. Domain Admins have control over their domains but Enterprise Admin have full permissions to the entire Active Directory infrastructure,
    no matter which forest or domain it is.

  • How can I download apps I have already purchased to another iPad? When I try to do this the owner's ID pops up in the login window. Yesterday it gave me the option to use another ID, now it isn't dong that?

    How can I share my apps? In other words transfer apps to someone else's iPad. It worked yesterday

    Apps cannot be transfered from one account (AppleID) to another. Also, once you sign off of an ID on a device and add another, the previous ID cannot be used on that device for a period of time (90 days, I think?).
    If you don't want this user to have access to everything on your AppleID, what you are trying to do is a bad idea.

  • How can I restore my I-pad? Several Icons such as "setting, photo, face time are not on the screen anymore.

    Several ikons just disappeared from I-pad screen. How to restore an initial setting?

    You can to back up your device and restore as a new device by following the steps in this article:
    iOS: How to back up your data and set up as a new device
    Before you do that though, try resetting your Home screen layout:
    Settings > General > Reset > Reset Home Screen Layout
    This will restore the organization of the home screen to the way it came + the apps you've added. It may restore the missing App icons you are speaking of.

  • Purchased a 2012 Chevy truck and want to play my older i pod through the radio system. when I plug the i pod in the USB port the radio displays that it does not recognize the divece. What can I do to play the i pod on the truck radio?

    Need help getting 2012 Chevy truck radio system to recognize my older i pod when I plug it into the USB port. Can anyone give me advice? Thanks

    First, check the manual or specification online, to see if your iPod model is supported.  That USB port may be for plugging in a generic USB flash drive with song files on it.  Or it may only support more recent iPods.
    Also, if it has an auxiliary audio input port (it would look like the headphones jack on iPod), you can use something like this to connect your iPod
    and just use your iPod to "play through" the car audio system.

  • How can i add one phone number to my macbook pro application imessage

    how can i add one phone number to my macbook pro application imessage

    Make sure that the iPad is using the same Apple ID as your iPhone. If the phone number still doesn't appear, log out of iMessage on both devices, log back in on the iPhone, wait until it activates, then log into iMessage on the iPad with the same Apple ID.

  • How can I add date to photos taken on my iphone 4s

    How can I add a date to photos taken on my iphone 4s?

    That's correct - Photos supports geotagging, but only allows viewing of that information. Once an image is in Photos, geotags cannot be added, deleted, or edited. This post suggests some apps for editing geotags outside of the Photos app. As you mentioned, you can edit the geotags in iPhoto, export to the finder and then import to Photos. I would guess (and hope!) we'll see this added in an update, and hopefully soon!

  • How Can I add a color profile to OS X 10.8.4?

    How Can I add a color profile to OS X 10.8.4?
    I've tried to locate the color profile folder but it's not availble.

    Hello gipseyeyes,
    It sounds like you're trying to add a ColorSync Profile to your Mac.  I found a few resources that may help.
    First, I recommend reviewing the following article:
    Mac OS X: How to Create a ColorSync Profile Used By Every Account
    The note in step 6 from that article is particularly useful for your situation:
    Note: You may need to make some of these folders if they do not exist.
    Also, the user Library in Mountain Lion is hidden, so you will need to follow these steps to get to "~/Library/ColorSync/Profiles/":
    OS X Mountain Lion: What is the Library folder?
    The Library folder contains files used by OS X and your apps, including your personal fonts and preferences. The Library folder is hidden. If you need to open it, make sure you are in the Finder, hold down the Option key, and then choose Go > Library.
    You can find the full article here:
    OS X Mountain Lion: What is the Library folder?
    Thank you for using Apple Support Communities.
    Sheila M.

  • How can i add a device on find my iPhone?

    how can i add a device on find my iPhone?

    You activate iCloud and Find my iPhone on the device you want to track using your Apple ID.

  • How can I add the lyrics for songs in MP3 format in iTunes for Windows? There is even no the 'Lyrics' tab in the 'Get Info'.

    This topic may be old for you, but I searched everywhere on internet and there's still no solution. I even called the Apple Support and the contact support is taking so long to answer... I can't add the lyrics for songs in MP3 format in my iTunes 11.1.3 for my Windows 8.1, I clicked right at the song in my iTunes library, clicked 'Get Info', and there's no 'Lyrics' tab there. I tried several lyrics-adder programs but they just won't work. How can I add lyrics for my MP3 songs then?

    You may find that the file is Read-only, which means that it cannot be altered.
    However, you can change the Read-only in "Properties" using your file manager.
    1. The location (for the next step) of a song is found by looking n the Get Info/Summary>Where: of each song. Make a note of the location.
    2. Go to the location (on your computer) of the song, right-click it and the last item on the pop-up menu is Properties. Go into Properties/General>Atributes and turn off the tick in the box named Read-only. Now go back to your iTunes Library and try that song again. The Lyrics tab should now be there.

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