How can I add a latest tweet box over this image?

Hi, I have tried to overlay a latest tweet box onto this picture however I am having no luck could you please help me?
*** ***
This is the website and the tweet box is on the left below the blue twitter logo.
Any help appreciated,

This is a design composition.  It is NOT a web page layout.
You have much more work to do before you can use this for a web site.   Work through the following 3-part tutorial.   Although written for Fireworks, the procedure is basically the same no matter which graphics app you use.
Taking a Fireworks comp to a CSS Layout in DW
Part 1 - Initial Design
Part 2 - Markup preparation
Part 3 - Layout and CSS
Incidentally, don't use spaces or special characters in folder or file names for the web.  This will create problems for you later.  If you wish, you can use underscores _ or hyphens - between words.  But no spaces.
Nancy O.

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    try using javascript onclick attribute:

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    You can add more images to your book, by dragging them from the browser to your book album. Switch to the Library Inspector, select the album or project with the images in the source list, and then drag these images onto the book icon. That will add them to the book album, and then double click the book album again to continue working with the book.

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    In the Print dialog you can set metadata display options, to display text below the image, also add a watermark. I can only test this in Aperture 3.4.3 right now. I don't remember, if Aperture 3.2.4 could do this also: But look for these options n the Print panel:
    The most flexible control you'll have with the BorderFX plug-in. It will let you add formatted text to borders and/or watermarks or text directly on the image- Here is a link: This version requires MacOS X 10.7 or later. Google for an earlier version, if you have a different MacOS X version.
    And last, but not least: Aperture's file export (Flle > Export > Version) lets you add watermark images to the exported image. You set the watermark parameters by creating or editing export presets.

  • How can you add an exception if the notification "This Connection is Untrusted" is not seen complete and hence you can't click in the button "I Understand the Risks"?

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    Check the date and time in the clock on your computer: (double) click the clock icon on the Windows Taskbar.
    Rename the file cert8.db to cert8.db.old in the Firefox Profile Folder to remove all intermediate certificates that Firefox has stored by visiting secure websites.<br />
    If that helped to solve the problem then you can remove the renamed file cert8.db.old unless you have user certificates that you may want to export first and import them in the new file.<br />
    Otherwise you can restore the certificates by renaming (copying) the file back to cert8.db<br />
    Firefox will automatically store new intermediate certificates when you visit websites that send them.<br />

  • How can i add form of my own to "SAPM07DR"

    i been asked to add form develop by me to the standart program "SAPM07DR" .
    this task came from the need of the implementation
    of the "material management" , assign forms and program.
    now i get the output "ZWE4"  ,
    and i want to assign form of my own  ,
    i tried to add smart form but i get message
    "Errors occurred while processing output"
    so I want to try layout  with  standard program "SAPM07DR" .
    how can i add form of my own to this program

    First, you must copy this program to your own program with "ZSAPM07DR" then copy the include program where the routine pass through the program
    example: entry_we03 -> from include M07DRENT and M07DRAUS
             change this include to ZM07DRENT and ZM07DRAUS
    The next step is binding your form in the program.
    what forms do you use ? Sapscript or Smartforms ?
    in this Program already used Sapscript. You can See there is Open_Form Function in that Program.
    I suggest you to Bind Smartforms.
    IF you use smartforms, Remark All Statement from
    "PERFORM open_form_sammel." to "PERFORM close_form." before endform
    that perform including in M07DRAUS -> FORM lesen_wes USING objky lgortsplit.
    after that put this program to replace the remark :
    data : FMNAME type RS38L_FNAM.
    DATA: ls_control_param      TYPE ssfctrlop.
    set preview parameters
          MOVE 'X' TO ls_control_param-no_dialog.
          MOVE 'X' TO ls_control_param-preview.
          MOVE 'PRINTER'  TO ls_control_param-device.
    *****Print SmartForms
              FORMNAME           = TNAPR-SFORM
              FM_NAME            = FMNAME
              NO_FORM            = 1
              NO_FUNCTION_MODULE = 2
              OTHERS             = 3.
             control_parameters   = ls_control_param
             traptab           = traptab
             formatting_error = 1
             internal_error   = 2
             send_error       = 3.
         if sy-subrc NE 0.
    *******message 'Error' type 'S'.
    *******End Smartforms
    Hope This Help...

  • How can I add new value in a list box in a screen

    Hi All ,
        In transaction CRMD_BUS2000120 (CRM Server), I need to add one value to the list box. Already 4 values are coming. How can I add 1 more value.
      any suggestion is very appreciated.
    Thanks & Regards,

    Check you have any exits to do that, if there are no exits then you can Copy the program and change the code.
    to add the extra value in list box, you just have to append the new line to the internal table which you are passing to VRM_SET_VALUES FM.
    some thing like this..
    wa_list-key  = sy-tabix.
    wa_list-text = itab1-vbeln.
    Append wa_list to It_list.
    v_name = 'P_VBELN'.
    call function 'VRM_SET_VALUES'
        id                    = v_name
        values                = It_list
       ID_ILLEGAL_NAME       = 1
       OTHERS                = 2
    if sy-subrc <> 0.

  • How can I add multi columns to a JCombo Box ?

    Dear experts,
    How can I add multi columns to a JCombo Box ?
    Thankx in advance

    What do you mean by adding Multiple columns? JCombobox is a component in which you can choose a value from a list(rows) of values. Could you please explain why do you want multiple columns in the JComboBox. I suppose JComboBox is not meant for that.

  • How can i add the check box beside the directory?

    how can i add the check box beside the directory? anybody can help?
    tis r the panel of my program :
    // JPanel for displaying file system contents in a JTree
    // using a custom TreeModel.
    package com.deitel.advjhtp1.mvc.tree.filesystem;
    import java.awt.*;
    import java.awt.event.*;
    import javax.swing.*;
    import javax.swing.tree.*;
    import javax.swing.event.*;
    import com.deitel.advjhtp1.mvc.tree.filesystem.FileSystemModel;
    public class FileTreePanel extends JPanel {
    private JTree fileTree;
    private FileSystemModel fileSystemModel;
    private JTextArea fileDetailsTextArea;
    public FileTreePanel( String directory )
    fileDetailsTextArea = new JTextArea();
    fileDetailsTextArea.setEditable( false );
    fileSystemModel = new FileSystemModel(
    new File( directory ) );
    fileTree = new JTree( fileSystemModel );
    fileTree.setEditable( true );
    new TreeSelectionListener() {
    public void valueChanged(
    TreeSelectionEvent event )
    File file = ( File )
    getFileDetails( file ) );
    JSplitPane splitPane = new JSplitPane(
    JSplitPane.HORIZONTAL_SPLIT, true,
    new JScrollPane( fileTree ),
    new JScrollPane( fileDetailsTextArea ) );
    setLayout( new BorderLayout() );
    add( splitPane, BorderLayout.NORTH );
    JCheckBox check = new JCheckBox("Check me");
    add( check, BorderLayout.SOUTH );
    public Dimension getPreferredSize()
    return new Dimension( 400, 200 );
    private String getFileDetails( File file )
    if ( file == null )
    return "";
    StringBuffer buffer = new StringBuffer();
    buffer.append( "Name: " + file.getName() + "\n" );
    buffer.append( "Path: " + file.getPath() + "\n" );
    buffer.append( "Size: " + file.length() + "\n" );
    return buffer.toString();
    public static void main( String args[] )
    if ( args.length != 1 )
    "Usage: java FileTreeFrame <path>" );
    else {
    JFrame frame = new JFrame( "JTree FileSystem Viewer" );
    FileTreePanel treePanel = new FileTreePanel( args[ 0 ] );
    frame.getContentPane().add( treePanel );
    frame.setDefaultCloseOperation( JFrame.EXIT_ON_CLOSE );
    frame.setVisible( true );

    You can maybe explore button and forms feature in InDesign. It was added in CS6.

  • HT201320 How can you add an email address in your email box in an ipad

    How can you add your e-mail address in you iPad mail box?

    Go to -> mail, contacts, calendars-> click "add account"
    Hope this helped

  • How can i add effects to voice over .. i can't find voice effects in the latest version 10.0.1

    how can i add effects to voice over ..
    i can't find voice effects in the latest version 10.0.1

    aysar8 wrote:
    how can i add effects to voice over ..
    This FAQ entry offers a Minute GarageBand video tutorial
    (Let the page FULLY load. The link to your answer is at the top of your screen)

  • I used to be able to attach a document to an iCal entry.   After the latest update, it appears this option has been removed.  How can I add an attachment now?  Thanks!

    I used to be able to attach a document to an iCal entry.   After the latest update, it appears this option has been removed.  How can I add an attachment now?  Thanks!

    Hi Dan,
    Yes, iCal 4.0.4 (1395.7). In edit mode, the 'attachments' option is between 'Invitees' and 'URL' (see below). As I said this is for calendars under On My Mac, I suspect you are not seeing this as your event is on MobileMe.
    Best wishes
    John M

  • Pls help - How can I add a typekit font to muse?

    As Muse doesn't come with all typekit fonts already included in the dropdown list of webfonts, I'd like to know how I can add a typekit font to the dropdown menu so I can use it for my website. I have Adobe creative cloud membership.
    I've searched the whole of the web and can't find anything about this at all - only about adding one of the existing muse typekit fonts which I already know how to do.
    Why doesn't Adobe include all typekit fonts with Muse when you're already a full creative cloud subscriber?

    Date: Thu, 20 Dec 2012 03:13:17 -0700
    From: [email protected]
    To: [email protected]
    Subject: Pls help - How can I add a typekit font to muse?
        Re: Pls help - How can I add a typekit font to muse?
        created by morgan_in_london in Help with using Adobe Muse - View the full discussion
    You're very welcome - can I be cheeky and ask for a "correct answer" to be noted? :^D
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  • How can we add fields to me80fn

    i want to add Material Type,work center,include delivery complete as check box to the open purchase order report ME80FN how can we add to this? what r the steps to do enhancement for this report?

    This is SAP Query report, look at infoset /SAPQUERY/ME80FN and you may copy this infoset to your own name space and then change it include your fields.
    You cannot modify the exisiting query

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