How can I add a site search box to my Muse site?

I am new to using Muse, and would like to add a site search box to my main master page to allow quick search of my site. Does anyone know if/how this can be done?

take a look to this thread Search Bar for internal website

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  • How can I add a library of flash movies to my site?

    I posted this same question on the Dreamweaver forum and a suggestion was made that I try over here for help, so please excuse the duplicate question.
    How can I add a library of flash movies to my site?
    Hey there everyone and thanks for reading my question.
    I have a library of flash movies (specifically a library of maps) and when the map movies are run in Flash they call each other just fine (i.e. the USA map will load the Georgia map when Georgia is clicked on the USA map, etc etc etc for each state).
    HOWEVER, when I insert the USA map in one of my site pages (I'm working on the site using Dreamweaver CS4) the USA map page will load, but when a state is clicked the area on the page for the map goes blank and the state map does not load.
    Short of coding a specific path in each of my state maps (in the Flash editor) is there a way to tell Dreamweaver there is a library of maps, look there for the sub-map?
    and if I do have to code the path to the map, can I code a relative path rather than a specific URL address for the maps?
    I know this is probably one of those simple things, but I'm not seeing it (can you tell I'm new at this??)
    Thanks in advance for any help!

    Hey again,
    Thanks for the helpful suggestions. Everyone's comments got me to thinking about what the path was in the calls from the maps.
    here is what finally worked:
    on (release)
    loadMovie("../FlashIMapDownloads/georgia.swf", 0);  
    this script code is in the action script for the "georgia" button of my main map - a US Map. (I hope I'm describing all this correctly).
    I'll post this same info in the Dreamweaver forum too.
    Thanks again!

  • How can I add the progress loading box when I load a module?

    Hi everyone, how can I add the progress loading box when I
    load a
    module? Is it an automated thing with flex or must I code it?

    try using javascript onclick attribute:

  • Can I add a site search box to my iWeb site?

    A newspaper site that I am developing needs to have search capabilities as I am posting an archive of articles. Does anyone know how to add this without having ads run on your site?
    If iWeb is not capable, does anyone have a software program to suggest? I'm purely a software user--no idea about code, but can edit code when I'm directed to replace something, etc., etc.
    Thank you in advance for any help.

    I use freefind:
    You do have to use code as Max says and post publish.
    You can get their paid version that doesn't have ads.
    I have the free version on my on my front page:
    Good luck!

  • How can I get a new search box for each new tab?

    When I open a new tab, I would like a new, dedicated search box that is owned by it. This would help to keep the context preserved when doing searches on multiple, separate topics. Is there a way to configure this or an add-on to do it?

    You can do this by using the default about:home page with the Google search and place it in a new tab.
    You can try to reset the prefs that do that to see if it'll reverse the action
    *Navigate to '''about:config''' in your Address Bar
    *Press the "I'll be careful, I promise!" button to proceed
    *Search for "browser.newtab.url"
    *Right click and Modify it, replace "browser.newtab.url" with '''about:home'''
    Is that good?

  • How do I Add Google's Universal Analytics to a Muse site

    I'm trying to add Google's new Universal Analytics code (.js code) to my muse site. I've added the js code into the Master page that every page uses but that doesn't seem to work. I've also tried adding it individually to each page (removing it from the master) but that also doesn't work. Google's tag manager says it is installed, but Analytics says it isn't.
    Does anyone know how I'd install it? Here is the website in question.
    Thanks in advance.

    Hi Tristen,
    Please refer to this similar thread to know more on this, Re: Where do I paste my tracking code from google analytics?
    - Abhishek Maurya

  • How can I create a visitor signup box on my web site?

    I have just created a new web site for a community group.
    I would like to create a mailing list of visitors to the site so that I can notify then once the site is complete.
    I have a feeling I would need to add html , but, I couldn't find the html code for a visitor box.
    Does anyone know what I need to do?
    Thanks so much.!!!!!!!

    To add to Alancito's suggestion there are a couple of ways to setup a form for what you want. The Wufoo method bypasses the visitor using their own email client to send the information. Using form action code has the visitor user their own email client, already filled out as far as information and your email address. Examples of both are on this demo page: Embedding Forms & Encoding Email Addresses.

  • How can I add a column to show the website (web site) of an rss feed?

    I've got a lot of rss feeds coming into thunderbird. I organized some into folders, but also have a folder for several rss feeds as they adress the same topics and I prefer not to browse through 25 separate folders. However, the sender doesn't always make it clear which blog it's from, so I'd like to add a column which shows the website of the rss feed. (sender is often: [email protected], and there are different writers for a single blog who themselve have their own blog as well, so can't sort on sender name either).
    When opening an rss feed, it displays in the header: web site (with the space) and then the web adress. This is what I'd like to be able to see in my columns.
    I didn't see an option yet to customize columns, nor did I find an addon that does this.
    Does anyone know a solution?

    Thanks, that seems to work. I'm struggling to place the lightbox at the top of the page however - when I click the trigger I want the menu image to display anchored to the top of the page, but there's always a gap as it centers the image. Help is appreciated!

  • How do I add the Google Search Box back to Safari?

    I accidentally deleted it and now I can't get it back.

    hope this helps right click inside url box and customise tool bar should come up once thats up drag google search back to where you want it

  • How can I add a latest tweet box over this image?

    Hi, I have tried to overlay a latest tweet box onto this picture however I am having no luck could you please help me?
    *** ***
    This is the website and the tweet box is on the left below the blue twitter logo.
    Any help appreciated,

    This is a design composition.  It is NOT a web page layout.
    You have much more work to do before you can use this for a web site.   Work through the following 3-part tutorial.   Although written for Fireworks, the procedure is basically the same no matter which graphics app you use.
    Taking a Fireworks comp to a CSS Layout in DW
    Part 1 - Initial Design
    Part 2 - Markup preparation
    Part 3 - Layout and CSS
    Incidentally, don't use spaces or special characters in folder or file names for the web.  This will create problems for you later.  If you wish, you can use underscores _ or hyphens - between words.  But no spaces.
    Nancy O.

  • How can I add a facebook wall snippet to my Iweb site?

    I am working on a new website and have added a snippet of my tweets to the website and would like to do the same for my facebook wall. I can't seem to find how this works (other than using an Iframe - which I can't get working...) Does anyone have suggestions?

    What a little research can do.
    Here are results you want to study regarding the Facebook wall :

  • How can we add customize seardh help in standard tables?

    How can we add / assign customize Search Help to standard tables
    as my knowledge this is working fine in SAP 4.60. Where as i was not
    allowing us to add a search help to its data element is there any alternate way to add if give me your support.
    thank you
    shabeer ahmed

    hi shabeer ahmed
    This one is already posted one, chk it
    First in the MARA table the Search Help(MAT1) for matnr is selected and viewed.
    In the included search helps tab of MAT1 there is another search help MAT1_A.
    For that search help in the included u201Csearch helpu201D tab view is selected .
    Inside that there is a search help called MAT1_A_APPEND.
    Then in the included search help tab of MAT1_A_APPEND, the customized search helps can be attached.

  • How Do I Add A Site Search Box?

    I just upgraded my BC subscription to webMarketing and I am wanting to add a site search box to my site but I am having troubles with the directions found on the Adobe Website: Business Catalyst Help | Add a site search box.
    My first issue is a simple clarification with item #4 under "Create a page to display the search results"
    4. In the editor, enter {module_searchresults} where you want the results to appear on the page.  What exactly is the editor? LOL is that just the Adobe Muse page and I use the text tool and create a box with "{module_searchresults}" in it?
    My next, more critical issue is:
    Add a search box to a template
    Open the template in editing mode by selecting Site Manager > Page Templates, and choosing the template from the list of templates. My BC Admin page has "Site Manager" on the left - but when I click it - it only shows "Web Forms" and "System E-mails" I have no option for "Page Templates". 
    So how do I get "Page Templates" to show up.  I'm pretty sure my "webMarketing" subscription allows for a site search box...maybe I am mistaken.
    Thanks for any help!

    The editor is that of the WYSIWYG editor in the BC admin itself.
    The important thing to know is Muse is NOT BC, it is not the only thing you use to make a BC site, far from it. IT is a really basic tool to build basic sites. The instructions you will find on the BC docs will never reference the way to do it for Muse, just BC, or you can use your own code editor.
    So you need to go login to your website admin and then you will find the pages, templates etc.

  • In FF4 the opensearch detection does not seem to work. how can I add a search engine , that has an opensearch xml but no plugin?

    if you go to a webpage with an opensearch link tag like "<link rel="search" type="application/opensearchdescription+xml...." FF3.x highlighted the small arrow left of the search box and you could add the search engine. this does not seem to work in FF4.
    If a searchengine for example for the intranet, does not offer a plugin, just the opnesearch xml, how can one add it to the search engines in FF4?

    You do not get the blue glow on the search engine icon in Firefox 4, but you should still see the "Add ... site" entry in the menu if you click the search engines icon on the Navigation Toolbar.

  • How can we add additional fields to the BP Search RESULT screen?

    Dear Experts,
    How can we add additional fields to the BP Search RESULT screen so that the BP's being displayed in a search result show maintained values for the particular column/field?

    Hi Laxman,
                           I got same requirement for ibase hierarchy.I want to add new fields in Ibase hierarchy AB.Do you have any idea regarding this.My requirement is that ,i want to dispaly a fields as a check box which display that this component is in under warranty or not by checking the box.Plz tell ,how can i add a new field in tree type context node.I add a new fields using AET ,but that is not available in that AB.
    Vishwas Sahu
    Edited by: vishwas sahu on Nov 17, 2009 1:51 PM
    Edited by: vishwas sahu on Nov 18, 2009 5:22 AM

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