How can I add advertisement code into flash game?

hi mates,
just want to ask about loading advertisement code!
How do you add the advertisement code (adsense) into flash games??
my site Funny Games have over 5k games but they are getting from others sites thus I have no original files. How can I add more code into the current files?

Unless the games were pre-made to allow you to specify some variables in the page code or some external file, you won't be having any luck... you cannot add code to the games unless you have the source files, which you apparently don't have.

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    I posted this same question on the Dreamweaver forum and a suggestion was made that I try over here for help, so please excuse the duplicate question.
    How can I add a library of flash movies to my site?
    Hey there everyone and thanks for reading my question.
    I have a library of flash movies (specifically a library of maps) and when the map movies are run in Flash they call each other just fine (i.e. the USA map will load the Georgia map when Georgia is clicked on the USA map, etc etc etc for each state).
    HOWEVER, when I insert the USA map in one of my site pages (I'm working on the site using Dreamweaver CS4) the USA map page will load, but when a state is clicked the area on the page for the map goes blank and the state map does not load.
    Short of coding a specific path in each of my state maps (in the Flash editor) is there a way to tell Dreamweaver there is a library of maps, look there for the sub-map?
    and if I do have to code the path to the map, can I code a relative path rather than a specific URL address for the maps?
    I know this is probably one of those simple things, but I'm not seeing it (can you tell I'm new at this??)
    Thanks in advance for any help!

    Hey again,
    Thanks for the helpful suggestions. Everyone's comments got me to thinking about what the path was in the calls from the maps.
    here is what finally worked:
    on (release)
    loadMovie("../FlashIMapDownloads/georgia.swf", 0);  
    this script code is in the action script for the "georgia" button of my main map - a US Map. (I hope I'm describing all this correctly).
    I'll post this same info in the Dreamweaver forum too.
    Thanks again!

  • How can i rewrite this code into java?

    How can i rewrite this code into a java that has a return value?
    this code is written in vb6
    Private Function IsOdd(pintNumberIn) As Boolean
        If (pintNumberIn Mod 2) = 0 Then
            IsOdd = False
            IsOdd = True
        End If
    End Function   
    Private Sub cmdTryIt_Click()
              Dim intNumIn  As Integer
              Dim blnNumIsOdd     As Boolean
              intNumIn = Val(InputBox("Enter a number:", "IsOdd Test"))
              blnNumIsOdd = IsOdd(intNumIn)
              If blnNumIsOdd Then
           Print "The number that you entered is odd."
           Print "The number that you entered is not odd."
        End If
    End Sub

    873221 wrote:
    I'm sorry I'am New to Java.Are you new to communication? You don't have to know anything at all about Java to know that "I have an error," doesn't say anything useful.
    I'm just trying to get you to think about what your post actually says, and what others will take from it.
    what does this error mean? what code should i replace and add? thanks for all response
    C:\ isOdd(int) in EvenOdd cannot be applied to ()
    C:\ isOdd(int) in EvenOdd cannot be applied to ()
    2 errors
    Telling you "what code to change it to" will not help you at all. You need to learn Java, read the error message, and think about what it says.
    It's telling you exactly what is wrong. At line 31 of, you're calling isOdd(), with no arguments, but the isOdd() method requires an int argument. If you stop ant think about it, that should make perfect sense. How can you ask "is it odd?" without specifying what "it" is?
    So what is this all about? Is this homework? You googled for even odd, found a solution in some other language, and now you're just trying to translate it to Java rather than actually learning Java well enough to simply write this trivial code yourself?

  • How can i add Custom fields into the

    Dear Experts
    We have Ecc6.0 system,
    How can i add Custom fields into the Infotype Screen(PA30),i heard that we do it by PM01 Tcode.
    But in PM01 i am unable to find the enhance infotype tab.
    How can i do it ....pls help.....

    Do it thru the third tab : Single Screen.
    There write down the infotype number (e.g. 0022) and say generate objects.

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    Sorry but you have posted to a forum that deals exclusively with questions/issues about customizing and programming Microsoft Project, a planning and scheduling application. I suggest you delete this post and find a forum appropriate for your issue.

  • HT204655 How can I add gps information into my pictures?

    How can I add gps information into my pictures?
    I understand Photos doens't have this feature.
    Só how could I do it with an external application. Is it possible? Can I even use iPhoto with the same library (since they share stuff) to do it?

    Photos does not support to add location information yet.
    Add the GPS before you import the photos to Photos. I hope this will change with the next release.
    You could ,for example, first import to iPhoto, add the locations, batch change the titles and captions, do all the things that are not yet supported in the new Photos, then export the photos from iPhoto and import them to Photos.
    Or use the free exiftool, if you like the Terminal.
    See: es
    To install exiftool:
    Other convenient apps are Jetphoto Studio, Geotagalog, there are many more ..
    I use Jetphoto Studio, but it is not free.

  • How can I add jar files into the namespace in code?

    My friends:
    I need to add jar files into my namespace dynamicly in my code.But the jar files might be repeated, I am not, i wonder how can I add them into my namespace, ignoring the repeated files?
    This is my code:
    URL[] urlArrayA = new URL[5];
    urlArray[0] = sample1;
    urlArray[1] = sample2;
    URL[] urlArrayB = new URL[5];
    urlArrayB[0] = sample3;
    urlArrayB[1] = sample4;
    URLClassLoader urlClassLoaderA = URLClassLoader.newInstance(urlArrayA);
    URLClassLoader urlClassLoaderB = URLClassLoader.newInstance(urlArrayB);
    how can i visit classes in urlClassLoaderA from classes in urlClassLoaderB?

    could anyone please answer the question for me ? thank you...

  • How can I add a row into a JTable with JButton

    Hi all. I have the following code:
    package gui;
    import db.*;
    import javax.swing.table.AbstractTableModel;
    import java.util.ArrayList;
    public class FoundersTable extends AbstractTableModel{
        private static final int COLUMNS = 8;
        private String columnNames[] = {"��� ����", "���", "�������", "�������", "���������", "��������",
                "����� �� ����������", "������ �� ����, �����"};
        private ArrayList data;
        public FoundersTable(){
            data = new ArrayList();
        public int getRowCount() {
            return data.size();
        public int getColumnCount() {
            return columnNames.length;
        public String getColumnName(int colIndex) {
            return columnNames[colIndex];
        public Object getValueAt(int rowIndex, int columnIndex) {
            return ((ArrayList)data.get(rowIndex)).get(columnIndex);
        public void setValueAt(Object value, int rowIndex, int columnIndex) {
            ((ArrayList)data.get(rowIndex)).set(columnIndex, value);
            fireTableCellUpdated(rowIndex, columnIndex);
        public void addRow(ArrayList neueZeile) {
            int index = data.size() - 1;
            fireTableRowsInserted(index, index);
        public void removeRow(int index) {
            fireTableRowsDeleted(index, index);
        public void removeAllRows() {
            fireTableRowsDeleted(0, 0);
        public boolean isCellEditable(int rowIndex, int columnIndex) {
            return true;
    }Now in my MainJFrame class I have one button for additing and one button for removing a selected row. How can I add/remove rows with this two buttons.

    No my question is how can I add and remove rows WITH buttons My point was the code is the same. You use the addRow(...) method. Why did you write an addRow(...) method if you aren't going to use it?
    I don't understand your problem. Do you not know how to write an ActionListener?

  • How can if add multiple addresses into Contacts

    In OS 10.9.5 how can if add multiple addresses from from a tab separated file into contacts.
    I have a txt file with fields separated by tab and each and each record terminated a return,
    Importing using file>import tries to put all the data onto a single card

    Contacts – Import/Export

  • How can I add my own dynamic flash to Apex Applcation?

    Hi all,
    Can I add my own flash to Apex applcation and enable the flash to communicate with my applcation using XML?
    I want to customise the action of my flash. The flash will get a xml from a PL/SQL procedure just as flash charts get xml from apex_util_flash.
    Is it possible to call a PL/SQL procedure or an apex application process from a flash?
    Is there another way of doing this?

    I haven't tried any coding experience in flash , so my answer would be a bit vague.
    But I am basing my logic on this thread Calling PHP function from Flash (it says PHP but the code example involves a server request from flash)
    Set up an Application process that returns your XML (as the server response using ht.p)
    // object which sends to php
    var send_lv:LoadVars = new LoadVars();
    // object that receives
    var load_lv:LoadVars = new LoadVars();
    // the load_lv accepting variables
    load_lv.onLoad = function(success:Boolean)
                 //Do your thing here
                 //Parse the XML in flash using this valiable as the source
                trace("load error goes here")
      type: "POST",
      url: "",
      data: {
      p_flow_id : $v('pFlowId'),
      p_instance : $v('pInstance'),
      p_flow_step_id : 1,
      p_request : ""
    //This section is based on the documented server request format using jQuery (given in comments above)
    // send_lv sending out variables and instructing the returned variables to go to load_lv
    send_lv.p_flow_id = <fetch page element value of pFlowId>  //corresponding to $v('pFlowId')
    send_lv.p_instance = <fetch page element value of pInstance>  //corresponding to $v('pInstance')
    send_lv.p_flow_step_id = <page number>
    send_lv.p_request  = 'ON Demand Application Process Name'
    You might also be interested in this flash library named SWFHttpRequest Flash/Ajax Utility
    Apparently, it adds a JavaScript object for performing XMLHttpRequest-like requests fro flash.
    Hence you should be able to use you standard javascript like Ajax request using that.
    Else check for similar libraries for flash/give the server request section of your flash documentation a good read.
    You might have to play around a bit with the code and your flash documentation to get it working , but I hope this would have given you some pointers.

  • How can I add web counter into my Muse page?

    Normally with Dreamweaver I added the right code right before the end of body tag. How can I solve this problem with Muse?

    If you have the code for the web counter, you can add it to your Muse site using Insert HTML feature.

  • How can I add my podcasts into an ipod shuffle?

    I have an ipod shuffle (4th G). I am trying to listen to my podcats on the go, but I am unable to add them into the ipod.
    I tried the automatic function. I also tried creating a playlist and then syncing it to the shuffle. But neither worked. Under the device tab I only have a music option, therefore I can't add podcasts manually either. Does anybody know how to do it?

    READ the article from which the question was posted.  It explicitly details exactly how to accomplish what you asked.

  • How can I add 3ds Model into After Effects with animation and camera rotation?

    Hi all!
    I'm on my way to my final project of Multimedia Animation of my bachelor last year.
    I have good knowledge of After Effects & 3ds Max.
    I want to do a short movie with aliens being shot down.
    So, my question is: How can I import my 3ds model with the animation(keyframes) into After Effects AND rotate the whole character and it's animation as I move the camera?
    for example, having a alien being shot down at the same time I'm recording with the HD camera around, that means that I have to define planes and angles, the problem is that I'm not parenting the character correctly with the plane.

    Element doesn't do pre-anaimted objects, so that would be the limiting factor. Of course it could still be handy for otehr scene elements. On that note, using AtomKraft and exporting the model as an Alembic file with animation might also be something to look into...

  • How can I add  several  JButton into JList?

    I want to add several button into a Jlist. I tried this method, list.add(button,1),nothing shows up.I am not sure whether jList has the function.If it is,please show me how to achieve that.Thanks in advance!

    A JList is used to display text Strings. You should be able to add a JButton to the JList but all you will see is the toString() representation of the JButton. You will not see a button or be able to click on it.
    Try creating a panel using a GridLayout with a single column and add all you JButtons to the panel.

  • How can I export indesign layers into flash?

    I created a graphic in indesign, but want to export the seperate layers into flash to animate them.  What's the best way?

    right click on object on stage and select distribute to layers
    So used to working in AI for Flash I didn't think of the FLA export. The exporter makes a library movie clip for each page that includes the ID layers (i.e. Spread_1), so you don't need to right click the stage, just open the clip.

Maybe you are looking for

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