How can I add apple loops into Garageband on the iPad so that they can be retrieved from the loops section of the app (and not via 'import')?

The issue with using the import function in the track is that you cant preview the sample and check it's suitability before you bring it in to the selected track.
If samples can be added to the Garageband 'Loop Library' - that would be graet. Can anyone help?

I think the Pearson people gave you the right advice. There is no way you can run a program that requires a Mac computer on an iDevice.

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  • How can i erase everything on my brother's old ipad so that i can update it with my apps, music ect?

    how can i erase everything on my brother's old ipad so that i can update it with my apps, music ect?

    Settings>General>Reset>Erase all content and settings.

  • I just got a wireless printer and we followed the directions on how to hook it up to the iPad. Somehow it seems as if we hooed it up to the wrong printer. How do we disconnect this printer from the iPad so that we can connect the correct printer?

    I just got a wireless printer and we followed the directions on how to hook it up to the iPad. Somehow it seems as if we hooked it up to the wrong printer. How do we disconnect this printer from the iPad so that we can connect the correct printer?

    AirPrint finds any air print enabled printers on your wifi network, and won't find any printers that are not.  So if you print from, say, safari, and it finds that printer, then that is your printer.   It may have a different name than you were expecting.
    Turn the printer off, and see if the print job still sees the printer.  That will confirm that the one it sees is yours.
    What happens when you send the print job?
    If you are sharing a wifi network with others, and one of them has a AirPrint printer on the network, you will see that one.  There is not way to have it forget one, so you will need to know your printer from the other printer, and select the right one.

  • Is there any talk about adding a device to the ipad so that you can use it as camera like ipad2

    Is there any talk about adding a device to the ipad so that you can use it as camera like ipad2

    As Jeanne mentioned, it can work as long as the added device is a camera, and you have the iPad Camera Connection Kit.  The kit contains two adapters, one for an SD camera card and one that accepts a USB card adapter or cable from your camera.
    With regard to your basic question, Deggie is correct.  It does NOT work like a built-in camera, so you can't use it for video calls.  You have to take pictures with the external camera and transfer them to the iPad.

  • I have uploaded photos from the past and they are grouped by dates.  How do I seperate those photos into their own folder/album so that I can easily identify the contents.  Also, what is the difference between Album, Smart Album and folders?

    I have uploaded photos from the past and they are automatically arranged by date.  As a result, there are many events grouped into one library/event/folder/album (not sure of the proper terminology) I'd like to separate them into folders/albums/smart albums so that I can easily identify the contents.  How do I do that and do I delete the originals?

    It would be good to take the tutorials and learn iPhoto - these are for the previous version but the concepts are the same and much of the command is the same - and it would be a worthwhile investment of time to take the iphoto tutorials - - they are very helpful and will save you a lot of time and frustration. - also the tutorials in iPhoto Help will be helpful - while iPhoto is easy and intuitive it does have a learning curve and it will save you time and pain if you spend a few minutes learning the basics
    as to organization - events are generally time based and are the basic automatic organization - you can merge and split them to make them work better for you but they are not a good way to do detailed organization - best to leave them time based
    albums are logical things that contain photos and are just pointers to the photo in the event so they take no extra space and all changes to a photo anywhere are reflected everywhere
    Smart albums are the same except they are automatically filled based on the criteria you set when you create them
    Folders are containers that you create and a folder can contain albums, smart albums or other folders so they are a big help in organization - like a vacation folder that holds folders for France, USA, China with each of thos folders holding albums of photos from the country

  • How do you set up two iPads so that they can share ebooks, etc

    My wife and I each have an ipad 2 and we share an iMac.  Currently, we have been using the same apple ID, mine, when purchasing music or ebooks.  I would like to know the right way to set these up as I upgrade to IOS 5 so that we can both take advantage of iCloud and still be able to share books.

    How to use multiple iPods, iPads, or iPhones with one computer
    How To Best Use and Share Apple IDs across iPhones, iPads and iPods
     Cheers, Tom

  • How can you 'block' your Iphone, if somebody stole it? so that they can not mess with your social network accounts or anything alike?

    Yesterday night, somebody stole my Iphone.
    Now I'm trying to safe my privacy and everything trough itunes. But how can I 'block' the Iphone, so the thief won't be able to access my phone, or at least not my apps and stuff? is there anyway, -besides trying the impossible and getting it back- I can do??
    I'd really apprecciate any tipp and help at this one!!!

    What To Do If Your iDevice or Computer Is Lost Or Stolen
    iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad
    If you activated Find My Phone before it was lost or stolen, you can track it only if Wi-Fi is enabled on the device. What you cannot do is track your device using a serial number or other identifying number. You cannot expect Apple or anyone else to find your device for you. You cannot recover your loss unless you insure your device for such loss. It is not covered by your warranty.
    If your iPhone, iPod, iPod Touch, or iPad is lost or stolen what do you do? There are things you should have done in advance - before you lost it or it was stolen - and some things to do after the fact. Here are some suggestions:
    This link, Re: Help! I misplaced / lost my iPhone 5 today morning in delta Chelsea hotel downtown an I am not able to track it. Please help!, has some good advice regarding your options when your iDevice is lost or stolen.
      1. Reporting a lost or stolen Apple product
      2. Find my lost iPod Touch
      3. AT&T. Sprint, and Verizon can block stolen phones/tablets
      4. What-To-Do-When-Iphone-Is-Stolen
      5. iCloud- Use Lost Mode
      6. What to do if your iOS device is lost or stolen
      7. 6 Ways to Track and Recover Your Lost/Stolen iPhone
      8. Find My iPhone
      9. Report Stolen iPad | Stolen Lost Found Online
    It pays to be proactive by following the advice on using Find My Phone before you lose your device:
      1. Find My iPhone
      2. Setup your iDevice on iCloud
      3. OS X Lion/Mountain Lion- About Find My Mac
      4. How To Set Up Free Find Your iPhone (Even on Unsupported Devices)
    Mac Computer
           Find My Mac can be used from Find My Phone at and via Find
           My Phone on your iDevice.
          The following is third-party anti-theft software:
               1.  STEM 2.1
               2.  MacPhoneHome 3.5
               3.  MacTrack 7.5.0
               4.  VUWER 1.7
               5.  Sneaky Bastar* 0.2.0
               6.  Undercover 5.1.1
               7.  LoJack for Laptops
               8. Hidden 2.0
               9. Prey 0.6.2

  • I am finish my project and want to end to another person by email the project so that they can burn a dvd to be displayed at our Church. Normally I would burn the DVD myself but have to send it via email. how to they press it to dvd.Thanks

    I have finished my FCP X project and in the past I would burn a copy but since I am out of town I need to send it via email. The peron is able to view the project when it comes by email but I am wondering how can they burn a dvd copy of it to display at the Church for our announcements.  The person I am sending it to has a Mac too. Thanks

    First off, you're not likely to be able to email it. Most email systems limit the size of messages (and their attachments) since email isn't really designed for large transfers. It's not uncommon to see 50MB as a cap. Unless you're working on an especially small project you're likely to exceed this limit.
    Instead you should consider creating a disk image of your DVD and using a public file service such as DropBox or YouSendIt.
    If you create a disk image (.dmg) file that simulates a full burned DVD, the reciever can burn that to disk using Disk Utility on their machine. They don't need FCP X on their side.

  • Can I purchase a iTunes gift certificate to send to an email address via the iTunes app and not via the desktop?

    It would be super convenient to be able to purchase the gift certificate via email option from the iPhone using the iTunes app or even the Apple Store app so the recipient receives immediately but I don't see that this is possible.  I also can't see my purchase history without logging into the computer. This seems super odd for apple not to provide all options from the iPhone directly so I must be overlooking something. At this time of the year and with the economy as bad as it is, I'm not too keen to send gift cards in the mail!
    Thanks much for the help.

    mandyfar wrote:
    I got a gift card that says "Itunes"on it and not "apple"or something like that...
    I was wondering if that gift card can only be used on the itunes store, meaning I can only buy songs, tv shows, music videos , etc.. ...
    That is Correct...
    iTunes Gift Options

  • HT201302 When I travel with my SLR I like to transfer all photos to the iPad so that they are more easily edited and viewed by others, using the camera kit.  Occasionally I would like to export photos - I have not found a way to do this.  Can you help?

    I occasionally have the need to export photos from the iPad to an SD card (photos that were imported using the camera kit). This is useful for e.g. to print photos while travelling.  So far I have not found this functionality anywhere, including in any apps available on iTunes.  Can anyone help?

    The camera connection kit can only be used to import photo/video files from a camera, SD card or USB flash drive. You can't import other types of files. You can't export any type of files using the camera connection kit.
    Importing Personal Photos and videos from your iOS device to your computer.
    This may be of interest.
    Expand your iPad's storage capacity with HyperDrive
    On the road with a camera, an iPad, and a Hyperdrive
     Cheers, Tom

  • How can I add Adobe Acrobat into my Applications under content type so I can open up pdfs in a firefox window?

    firefox won't open pdf's in a new window. I get a blank page. When viewing my application options, Adobe Acrobat is not listed under content type anywhere. I entered about:plugins in the address bar and it is showing that I do in fact have Adobe acrobat.
    File: nppdf32.dll
    Adobe Acrobat Plug-In Version 7.00 for Netscape
    I also know I have it, because I have no problem using it in IE.
    What can I do to get pdfs to open in a firefox window?

    Thanks. That worked.
    I went to the profiles directory by putting %APPDATA% in the run window, then in explorer went to mozilla, firefox, profiles, and deleted the mimeTypes.rdf file after making sure firefox was closed. Opened firefox again and mailto links worked. Tried it on my friend's computer and it work on it as well.

  • How do I add a 'photo folder' to my itunes account so that I can transfer photos from my computer to my ipad?

    I'm trying to get photos transfered from my computer to my Ipad. My Itunes does not have a 'Photo' folder to place my photos.  I can find everything but a 'Photo' folder (Movies, Podcasts, IUniv, Books etc).  Any thoughts?

    you can do it by creating sub-folders within the folder that is selected to be synced.
    e.g.  Folder "Photo" has been selected to be synced to your iPad.
    Create two sub-folders e.g. "Family" and "Vacation" within "Photo" folder and put photos in both sub-folders instead of "Photo" folder.
    Now sync your photos and in photo's tab, after you have selected "Photo" folder to be synced, make sure you select all Folders as example below:
    Once completed you will find both folders "Family" and "Vacations" are in your iPad's album including Camera Roll.  e.g. below:

  • How can I send a jpg picture file to someone so that they can download it and use it?  I can send a picture in an Email, but they can't open it

    How can I send a jpg of a photograph to someone so that they can download the file and use it to put into an article?  I can send it in an Email, but there doesn't seem to be a way for the recipient to extract the jpg from the Email

    If the person is using a pc, make sure the picture has the suffix .jpg 
    Example:  your picture.jpg

  • "Updating movies so that they can play in Keynote"

    I'm getting the following message on almost every presentation I open in the new Keynote:
    Do you want to update the movies so that they can play in Keynote for Mac? You can also optimize all movies for playback on iOS.
    Note: Optimization may affect video quality.
    Any idea what video formats Keynote supports and why it's asking to covert all my embeded .mov files?  If I allow it to "optimize" my video files, what does it turn them into?

    Yeah, same here.  Every presentation I've opened has had this issue.
    I made copies of some files and let Keynote 6 do its thing with the movies.  I noticed two things:
    A.  The movies that did convert look worse.
    B.  About 25% of mine didn't convert and simply won't play in Keynote 6.
    So yeah... thanks Apple, but no thanks.  I'll be going back to version '09, which thankfully is still on my drive and appears to run ok.
    Very happy I didn't pay for these iWork "upgrades".  Such a bummer because I always look forward to iWork/iLife updates.

  • I have alot of loose photos at home (old) and I would love to make a bunch of iphoto books and make the pages like whole page collages?  How do I get my photos into iphoto in order to do this?  Can I make a DVD at the drugstore and add them to iphoto?

    I have alot of loose photos at home (old) and I would love to make a bunch of iphoto books and make the pages like whole page collages?  How do I get my photos into iphoto in order to do this?  Can I make a DVD at the drugstore and add them to iphoto?

    You can make the collages easily if you have iWork.  Just open a letter sized page in landscape mode and drag the photos onto the page, rotate and postiion as necessary.  Then do a Print ➙ PDF ➙ Save PDF to iPhoto to get a 200 dpi jpeg version of the Pages page into iPhoto.  From there you can add it to your book and use a blank page with the option to have an image as the backbround. 
    If you have a 3rd party image editor that supports layers you can create the collage with it. 

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