How can I add the progress loading box when I load a module?

Hi everyone, how can I add the progress loading box when I
load a
module? Is it an automated thing with flex or must I code it?

try using javascript onclick attribute:

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    i have a text box which is disabled defaultly and i want to enable it when i click on submit button.
    <html:button property="new" value="new">
    <html:text property="name" disabled="true"/>
    how i will enable that text filed? please tell me?

    try using javascript onclick attribute:

  • How can i add the dimensions and data loading into planning apllications?

    Now please let me know how can i add the dimensions and data loading into planning apllication without manuallly?

    you can use tools like ODI or DIM or HAL to load metadata & data into planning applications.
    The data load can be done at the Essbase end using rules file. But metadata changes should flow from planning to essbase through any of above mentioned tools and also there are many other way to achieve the same.
    - Krish

  • How can i add the check box beside the directory?

    how can i add the check box beside the directory? anybody can help?
    tis r the panel of my program :
    // JPanel for displaying file system contents in a JTree
    // using a custom TreeModel.
    package com.deitel.advjhtp1.mvc.tree.filesystem;
    import java.awt.*;
    import java.awt.event.*;
    import javax.swing.*;
    import javax.swing.tree.*;
    import javax.swing.event.*;
    import com.deitel.advjhtp1.mvc.tree.filesystem.FileSystemModel;
    public class FileTreePanel extends JPanel {
    private JTree fileTree;
    private FileSystemModel fileSystemModel;
    private JTextArea fileDetailsTextArea;
    public FileTreePanel( String directory )
    fileDetailsTextArea = new JTextArea();
    fileDetailsTextArea.setEditable( false );
    fileSystemModel = new FileSystemModel(
    new File( directory ) );
    fileTree = new JTree( fileSystemModel );
    fileTree.setEditable( true );
    new TreeSelectionListener() {
    public void valueChanged(
    TreeSelectionEvent event )
    File file = ( File )
    getFileDetails( file ) );
    JSplitPane splitPane = new JSplitPane(
    JSplitPane.HORIZONTAL_SPLIT, true,
    new JScrollPane( fileTree ),
    new JScrollPane( fileDetailsTextArea ) );
    setLayout( new BorderLayout() );
    add( splitPane, BorderLayout.NORTH );
    JCheckBox check = new JCheckBox("Check me");
    add( check, BorderLayout.SOUTH );
    public Dimension getPreferredSize()
    return new Dimension( 400, 200 );
    private String getFileDetails( File file )
    if ( file == null )
    return "";
    StringBuffer buffer = new StringBuffer();
    buffer.append( "Name: " + file.getName() + "\n" );
    buffer.append( "Path: " + file.getPath() + "\n" );
    buffer.append( "Size: " + file.length() + "\n" );
    return buffer.toString();
    public static void main( String args[] )
    if ( args.length != 1 )
    "Usage: java FileTreeFrame <path>" );
    else {
    JFrame frame = new JFrame( "JTree FileSystem Viewer" );
    FileTreePanel treePanel = new FileTreePanel( args[ 0 ] );
    frame.getContentPane().add( treePanel );
    frame.setDefaultCloseOperation( JFrame.EXIT_ON_CLOSE );
    frame.setVisible( true );

    You can maybe explore button and forms feature in InDesign. It was added in CS6.

  • How can I add the hard drive icon to the menu bar on a MBPr

    How can I add the hard drive icon to the menu bar on a MBPr?  I have downloaded Google Earth and it wants me to drag it to the hard drive for install. I was able to display the icon but now I would like to put it on the menu bar. Is this possible? Or can I add it to the hardware section under system preferences?
    I'm a new Apple user, coming out of the dark ages of a lifetime in the PC Windows world.

    It's on your Desktop, is it not? You cannot put it on the menubar through OS X although you may find third-party utilities that will. If you want it on the Desktop:
    Select Preferences from the Finder's Finder menu and check the desired boxes:
    Click on the Sidebar icon in the toolbar to set what you want displayed in the Sidebar.

  • How can I add the presets to new catalog or sync info to both catalogs?

    I have lightroom on my main laptop was advised to create a new catalog on my external (my laptop is almost out of space). I just upload some presets to lightroom,--when I use my Lightroom catalog on my external the presets are not loaded at all. How can I add the presets or sync both catalogs. Thank you

    Listener can be added to a cell editor, not cell renderer.
    Set relevent cess(s) to setEditable == true when you use your custom cell editor.

  • How can I add the score of external swfs.

    How can I add the scores of the different levels of the game that I created wherein each level are all different swfs which is loaded by the loader class.

    Thank you! That really helped.

  • I use a iphone and MacBook Pro using mail on each.  How can I see the same mail boxes on the laptop that I see on the iPhone?

    I use a iphone and MacBook Pro using mail on each.  How can I see the same mail boxes on the laptop that I see on the iPhone?

    for starters this is not the forum for notebooks or for that matter icloud or iphone.
    MacBook Pro

  • How can I add the "Profile Removal Password Payload"  to a configuration Profile?

    How can I add the “Profile Removal Password Payload”  to a configuration Profile?
    I’m not seeing an option to add this option when I edit the configuration profile within Apple Configurator.
    Do I have to edit the configuration profile(xml file) within a text editor?
    FYI: ileRef/Introduction/Introduction.html
    Profile Removal Password Payload
    The Removal Password payload is designated by specifying value as the PayloadType value.
    A password removal policy payload provides a password to allow users to remove a locked configuration profile from the device. If this payload is present and has a password value set, the device asks for the password when the user taps a profile's Remove button. This payload is encrypted with the rest of the profile.
    Optional. Specifies the removal password for the profile.

    You have found where it is stored in Thunderbird?
    Delete it. When Thunderbird needs it again, it will ask you for it.

  • OBN: How can we add the tcode of target system into Source System.?

    Dear Experts,
    I want to add a t-code ME53n of ERP) into a role as OBN target in my SAP TM.
    I tried to add this t-code but could not find this t-code in SAP TM system.
    How can we add the tcode of target system into Source System.?
    I tries to import the role of target system but that does not work.
    Please help!

    Hi Saurabh,
    Logically there is no need to add a tcode of the target system in the source system.
    If you have right roles in the system then system should allow you to add tcode in the OBN target simply by going to PFCG roles and using add transaction feature.
    To make sure it works properly you have to check the Method & Parameter assignment to the newly added tcode.
    Thanks & Regards,
    Tarun Kumar

  • How can I add the number of columns/row starting with the build in "Text Report" example in the LabVIEW

    Hi All,
    I am wondering how can I add the numbers of row and column from the existing build-in "text report"
    VI ? If possible, would you mind showing me step-by-step because I am a new user and I am not familiar with the labview software.

    Easy text Report is for saving to a file. Do you mean you just want to add the totals of two arrays and write that? In that case I would just append the totals before writing to file.
    Jeff | LabVIEW Software Engineer

  • How can I add the controller name in the subject of Alarm emails? PI2.1

    How can I add the controller name in the Alarm emails in PI2.1?  This would make it much easier to scan the mailbox and see what devices are affected.

    Thanx for your reply. No, although helpful, that's not what I meant. In outlook, the first line of the header contains the full username follow by a horizontal line. Under that, the default headers like To:, From:, Subject: etc follow.
    I need that firstline printed so we know instantly from which user the email was printed (the To: field often is the same name of the sender of the mail, therefor you won't know WHO printed it...).

  • How can I add the new AP license to HA 5508 WLC?

    My customer has two 5508 WLC in HA mode and these devices have 250 AP license. Customer bought 50 AP and 50 AP license. But I could not add the license to WLC! When I check the Management>Software Activation> tab there are only two options under the tab these are "Licenses" "License Usage". There is no "Command" option in there. Also I tried add on CLI but this error log appeared " !!!! Blocked: Changing License configurations on Secondary unit is blocked !!!! " 
    I think this is possible when disable the HA but is there anybody know this how can I add the new 50 AP license to HA WLC without disable the HA?

    Thank you for your reply. 
    Yes I know the controllers synchronize with the enabled license and the 250 AP license bundled with two device there is no problem.
    I want to add new 50 AP license in addition 250 AP license. Because customer has 300 AP's.
    As I said, When I check the Management>Software Activation> tab there are only two options under the tab these are "Licenses" "License Usage". There is no "Command" option in there.

  • How can I add the audio content cd after logic finished installing ?

    There was an eror installing the Audio Content CD 1 and I did not notice. Everything else installed properly, Audio Content CD 2, Jam Pack, but how can I add the Audio Content CD1 after Logic has finished installing?
    If you can help me please be very specific as to how to do it so that I can follow the directions properly.
    Please help me.

    You could re-run the installer, or, once you have updated to Logic 9.1.8 you could use the "Download Additional Content" function in the Logic Pro menu. It will tell you what is installed and what is incomplete.

  • How can I add the attachment list pdf file context to purchase order ?

    Dear all,
           I have use services for object in ME22N to attach PDF file to purchase order,I want to know how can I add the pdf file context to purchase order when I send the purchase order to vendor.
    Thanks in advance
    Best regards,

    attach document through Service for Object button. Service for Object button available down side of Command screen ( in your PO screen ME22N ) .
    Click your Service Object button -> Create -> Create attachment 
    then select your window directory ( which file you need to attach) select your file Now your system shows message  Service "Create attachment" is started. 
    Save again your PO. You can see (open) your attachment in same field ( Service for Object ) select and Create and check attachment list. You can attach as many document in your PO.

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    Hi, I do know how to manually configure a send handler for a dynamic send port in BizTalk 2013 Administration console. Though, once you export your application's configuration to a binding file, the dynamic send port's configuration does not contain

  • How do I delete default genres in iTunes 11.3?

    It used to be a case of editing the localized.strings file, but this no longer works. Anyone know where the list of default genres can be found now?

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    I am considering a mac mini and have had a windows computer all of my life so i am wondering a few things about the mac software itself: Ive read about no viruses, can i still browse the web with my cable connection? and if so how does it not have an