How can i control background colors with items (registry.dat)

Hello Evry one.....
plzzzzzzzzz help.
how can i control background colors with display items
in registry.dat
like app.ui.requiredFieldvABGCOLOR=255.0.0
how can i control background colors with others items ????

The iPhone has a "remote" app that lets you control Keynote on a Mac, but not on another iOS device (iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch).
There are some apps that let you control limited content on another iOS device - but the content has to be within the app. You might check out SyncPad - perhaps you can import the presentation into it and then control it on the iPad.

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    plz solve my problem.
    thanks in advanced.

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    Hey floridiansue,
    Do you have an installed email program such as Microsoft Outlook?  If your email is through an online login, such as Gmail, etc, then one will have to create an email association with a program such as Microsoft Outlook on the PC for this Scan to Email system to function.
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    Hello Alvin-
    We do not have any sample code for programming RS 232 in C on our website. However, you may want to looks at these links for general troubleshooting tips for serial:
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    Ray Kong
    NI Applications Engineer

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    A Google search for nsview background color turned up many results, including the following Stack Overflow questions:
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    Make sure that you haven't enabled a High Contrast theme in the Windows/Mac Accessibility settings.
    Make sure that you allow pages to choose their own colors.
    *Tools > Options > Content : Fonts & Colors > Colors : [X] "Allow pages to choose their own colors, instead of my selections above"
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    Can anyone suggest a quicker more efficiant way to do this?

    Select --> Color Range

  • How can I change background color in parameter box

    Hi all,
    I would like to change back ground color of parameters box  from blue to other color.
    where i have change?
    see attached screenshot.
    please help me 
    Thanks in advance for your support

    I don't think this is documented in BIP's manuals.
    All you will find regarding "changing the colour" is related to conditional formatting
    see section About Conditional Formats from Fusion Middleware Report Designer's Guide for Oracle Business Intelligence Publisher
    If you open a service request to support we can open an enhancement request with Development.
    If this will be approved, you can have this option implemented in future versions.

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    Hi I tried this
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    Netscape 4.x does not support this feature. Only Netscape 6.x does.

  • How can I create a sample with the Flex data?

    Hi mates, I'm thinking about doing some stutter vocals with the ultrabeat so I've got a vocal and I have flexed it in time so it fits well on the song's tempo, the problem is that when I create an audio file of the part of the vocal I want to use on my ultrabeat, it creates an audio file that's not fitted in time.
    How can I create the audio file fitted in time?with the flex info?
    Thanks so much!

    psikonetik wrote:
    How can I create the audio file fitted in time?with the flex info?
    You need to create Apple Loop, REX etc.
    For example select the region that you have already flexed, right click ->Bounce Merge->Bounce Inplace. I will create a new audio track with the bounced Flex work.
    Select the new region and go to Audio menu ->Open in Apple Loop Utility and check "Loop" and other attributes to create an Apple Loop. Save the Apple Loop and close the utility. It's expected that the Apple Loop aif must be created in your Project path folder or have a look at the Audio Bin in Logic where is the aif path.
    Drug the Apple Loop in the Arrange audio track ( or it will create one ) and operate with any tempos.

  • How can I replace iCloud contacts with up-to-date contacts on my Macmini?

    Originally I used iCloud when it first was released. My contacts went into the cloud.  I stopped using iCloud and maintained my Contacts on my Macmini. All of my up-to-date information which includes additional contacts and revisions are on the Mac mini.  iCloud wants to work with my old information but I'd rather replace the information on iCloud with the information on my computer.  How can I replace what's in iCloud with my edited and updated information?

    Open Address Book on your Mac, click All Contacts, select a single contact, press Command-A to select them all (they should all be highlightes), then go to File>Export>Export vCard and save this on your desktop.  Then delete all your iCloud contacts by going to on your computer, log into your iCloud account and open Contacts, click on All Contacts, to the right click on any single contact to select it, click on the gear-shaped icon at the bottom left and choose Select All, then press the Delete key on your keyboard to delete them all.  Then click on the gear-shaped icon again, choose Import vCard and navigate to the vCard you saved earlier to import your contacts to iCloud.

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