How can I copy Microsoft to Mac files?

Just bought a Mac Pro and want to transfer all my files, music included to my mac from my old Microsoft computer... How can I do this?

Setting-up a new Mac from an old one, its backups, or a PC

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  • How can I copy programs (iWorks) and files from Time Capsule to my HD manually? The problem is that the migration assistant does not recognize my backup file and the user on the TC. (If I open the TC on finder, it it there though)

    How can I copy programs (iWorks) and files from Time Capsule to my HD manually? The problem is that the migration assistant does not recognize my backup file and the user on the TC. (If I open the TC on finder, it it there though)

    How can I copy programs (iWorks) and files from Time Capsule to my HD manually? The problem is that the migration assistant does not recognize my backup file and the user on the TC. (If I open the TC on finder, it it there though)

  • How can I copy my iPhoto library file to my other macs?

    I have 4 Mac's and I've kept all my photos on one of them primarily. How can I find the iPhoto library file and copy it to the other Macs?

    There are two apps that can do that for your.
    1 - the better of the two is  iPhoto Library Manager.  You will have to manually select those Events in Library A that are not in Library B and copy them to B.  Then do the same for B to A.  This also copies both the original and edited versions, keywords, titles, descriptions, faces and places.
    2 - the second app is SyncPhotos.  This one is automatic and will copy the original images in A that are not in B into B and the same for B to A. This does not copy edited versions or any of the metadata, i.e. keywords, etc.

  • How can I copy my folders or files in my Ipad?

    I'm a biginner. How can I copy on my iPad some windows files or folder?

    Start by reading the User's Guide, then maybe you'll have some relevant, intelligent questions about how to use the device.

  • How can I copy the dmg installer file to a thumbdrive?

    So we purchased a new iMac. The geniuses at the apple store installed Mountain Lion using their installation software. I want a backup copy of the installation files.
    I was able to use unix/terminal to boot and display the boot disk and begin the installation process, which I intended to save to an external hard drive and copy the dmg file to a thumbdrive BEFORE the computer automatically restarted and deleted it. I even opened a microsoft word document thinking that without saving it would halt the restart process, but no. The computer restarted automatically without giving me the opportunity to copy the dmg file.
    Does anyone have any ideas? Is there a unix command to halt the restart?

    What I did when I got a new Macbook Pro was to get a 16GB USB Thumb Drive (or was it 32GB) and used SuperDuper to clone the boot disk to the USB Thumb Drive.  (Carbon Copy Cloner could also be used).
    Now I have a bootable copy of my Macbook Pro while it was young and uncluttered with all my junk.  The clone  has all my extra apps, such as iPhoto, Garageband, iMove, etc... that is not part of the Mac OS X distribution, and you only get when buying a new Mac.
    When doing an upgrade, I download the new version (Lion, Mountain Lion, future "Cat"), and they quit the installer before it does anything.  Now looking in Applications, there is an "Install OS X Lion", or "Install OS X Mountain Lion", etc...  I made a copy of that app on a USB Thumb Drive or DVD.  There have also been instructions on the web about how to make this into a bootable DVD or Thumb Drive.  I have not bothered with that, as I have my above mentioned original clone I can boot from, and there is always the recovery partition I can boot from as well.
    If you wish to have the Mac boot back into the initial setup mode, you can remove the following file and reboot:
    rm /var/db/.AppleSetupDone

  • How can I copy the iPhone backup files to another iTunes Library?

    I'm changing to my Window laptop from a PC. I want to copy my iPhone backup to the Library in the laptop. How can I find those backup files? I don't want to lose my apps and everything, you know.

    This article will tell you where your iPhone backup is stored on your computer: iTunes content is NOT part of the iPhone backup. You can either copy your iTunes library to your new computer, or you can re-download your purchased iTunes content(except ringtones) to your new computer;

  • How can I copy and paste images' file?

    I need to duplicate images' files (.jpeg or .gif) from a directory to another one.
    How can I do?
    Is there any method to do that?(with jdk1.3.1)
    Thanks for your help.

    The following class copies files. Just call "java FileCopier file1 file2". FileInputStream and FileOutputStream also accept File instances instead of Strings, which will help when you work with different directories.
    // file:
    public class FileCopier {
      private String fileIn, fileOut;
      private int buffersize = 32768;
      public FileCopier(String fileIn, String fileOut) {
        this.fileIn = fileIn;
        this.fileOut = fileOut;
      public void copy() throws IOException {
        FileInputStream reader = new FileInputStream(fileIn);
        FileOutputStream writer = new FileOutputStream(fileOut);
        byte[] buffer = new byte[buffersize];
        int read;
        while( (read =, 0, buffersize)) > 0 ) {
          writer.write(buffer, 0, read);
      public static void main(String args[]) throws IOException {
        FileCopier copier = new FileCopier(args[0], args[1]);

  • Is a copy of .xml file on the iPod too? If so, how can I copy ONLY the .xml file to my computer and NOT have to copy all my music files too?

    I had to re-load my OS (Windows XP Pro) from a HD snapshot via Acronis True Image Server. I save my OS on my C: drive and all my data files on my D: drive.  So when I re-loaded my OS, I still have all of my music files intact.
    I have re-loaded the OS before and had to re-create iTunes library which I did by doing the follwing:
    1. cut & paste .xml file in iTunes folder to desktop
    2. delete .itl file in iTunes folder
    3. import .xml file through iTunes  file>library>iport playlist
    4. navigate to .xml file on desktop and import
    This worked last time I re-loaded my OS but not this time for some reason.
    So I'm wondering if there is a copy of the .xml file on the iPod itself in the iPod_Control folder that I can copy and paste to my comuter desktop and import via the above steps?
    I have seen all kinds of solutions on the web that include copying the music files from the iPod to the computer.  I don't need to do that.  I have the music files.  I just need the .xml file so iTunes can talk to my iPod (5th Generation - 30G).

    Backup your music library, that is the only way to ensure it does not go missing through theft, damage, operator error, machine breaks, upgrades go wrong, operator goes wrong .........

  • How can i copy and past music files, Images and Videos to my Apple Iphone?

    I have a new Iphone 4 mobile phone. Any one can  help me  for how can i stote music,videos and images files in My Iphone?
    When i search on internet i saw icloud and itunes. Is there any net connection requered to use icloud or itunes? Without net connect how can i store my files in my apple phone?

    First, please verify that you mean CDDA and not CDA.  CDA is not an audio format.
    CDDA is pretty much the "raw" format of an audio CD.  It is extremely unusual to have it as a separate file.  If you still have the original CD that it came from, re-rip the CD using this document.  (Edit added.  I meant to add the link to this document:  )
    Otherwise, a web search will turn up converters that can process a CDDA file, although I have not used them.
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  • How can I copy my ITunes sync files for my iPhone, iPad and iPod from my now discontinued PC to my new Mac?

    I want to be able to use my Macbook Pro to sync my IOS devices with I Tunes, but I think I need the files from the PC that I was using to sync them. Or maybe not !!  Perhaps if I just connect them to the Mac, ITunes will do the rest???? Or does it need the sync history?
    Or perhaps the Cloud can do it all and I don't need ITunes anymore. I have been using it also to back up the IOS devices and that's important too.
    Help will be appreciated very much.

    The Apple Store will do this for you.
    You can call Apple support and they will walk you through it.
    You can type "Move itunes library from pc to mac" into the google search bar.

  • How can I transfer backed up Mac files to a PC without a Mac

    I killed my MacBook Pro and I cannot afford at this time to get a new one or fix the current one. I have Time Capsule with a good backup of my files.  Can I transfer those files (pics & documents) to a PC without a working Mac ? 

    No, not if the backup is Time Machine..
    Ask a friend to help you .. who has a mac.. and you can then open the TM backup and grab your files and copy them across the network.. although buying a USB drive would be better.

  • How can i copy my MTS media files from camcorder to my Ipad Air?

    I was so frustrated with it. I tried to copy the files to my Laptop iTunes but it doens't work.
    I have an apple card reader but it can only import pics....

    Hello briggiebunny
    If iTunes can read the movie files, then you will need to create an iPad version by going to the drop down menu File > Create New Version > Create iPad or Apple TV Version and then syncing that newly created file.
    iTunes: Videos may be unable to sync to iPhone, iPad, or iPod
    -Norm G.

  • How can i copy and rename the file i have copied to a different folder

    i have a file in a source folder and i want to copy it to a different folder.
    all these file coming from source have the same name and i am putting them into one folder that is the destination
    and i want to rename it as 1_1.txt 1_2.txt and so on.
    below is my copy fuction
    filesource, -- source of image which i get using a loop above
    filesource --destination image which i want torename
    the above is in a loop
    so for each filesoure the name will be 1_1.txt for all folders that have the same file name and i want to change the name any time i copy can you help

    Dear kama021!
    Please have a look at the following link. It shows UTL_FILE.FRENAME. That should be the procuedure that fits your needs.
    Yours sincerely
    Florian W.

  • How can I copy text from pdf file to Pages or Word?

    I recently changed to Lion. When I try to copy pdf text from either Preview or Adobe reader into either Pages or Microsoft Word I get all undecipherable characters. This did not happen in previous OSX versions. Is there a fix?

    I have found that some pdf's are "protected" so that it is not possible to copy text. Does this happen to all your pdfs, or just some?
    If it is just some of the pdfs, then this might help:

  • How can I copy the layer from one .PSD file to another .PSD file?

    Actually it is shape and mask on one layer which I want to use it on my Photoshop CS4 file. If I select all the layer and copy it to my file it just copies the shape but not the mask. How can I copy MASK to my file?
    Please do hlep.
    Actually I am trying to copy the following layer.

    I believe the fastest way would be to duplicate the layer and send it to the other document. Open both images. Click the document tab of the document with the shape layer. With the shape layer selected in the layers palette, right click where it says the shape layer name. Select "duplicate layer" from the context menu. In the dialog that comes up, select the document you want to copy that layer to in the destination box then press ok.
    Alternately, you can open both images then pull the document frame tabs down to open both images in your workspace. Grab the shape layer in the document's layers palette by left clicking it...keep the left button pressed (hand icon should be a grab icon). While left button is still pressed, drag the shape layer over the receiving document. To make the shape layer register in the same location, press the shift key and keep it pressed. Release left mouse button while the layer is over the receiving document. Release shift key after you have released the left mouse button.
    This tutorial has a good photo reference for what I mean when I say pull the image tabs down so both documents appear in the same workspace...also shows drag/drop:

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