How can I create a new keyboard shortcut to toggle load images automatically preferrably with one action?

I switch the load images automatically selection back and forth in order to save on my 5GB monthly data plan. Is there a utility that would allow me to create a macro of multiple keystrokes to do this with one action? Something like the macro function in Excel? Or is there another way to do this more easily than going to tools, options and clicking on the box? I don't see a shortcut for this item in the standard keyboard shortcuts list

You could try [ Image Block]. Please also go through the reviews, help and ratings. You can also try to search for similar add-ons via Firefox '''Tools''' ('''Alt''' + '''T''') > '''Add-ons''', Search box on the top right corner, or via the official [ AMO].

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  • How can I create my own keyboard shortcut

    Hi, Can somebody please tell me how to create my own keyboard shortcut

    Go to System Preferences > Keyboard > Keyboard Shortcuts.
    Click the item Application Shortcuts in the left pane.
    Then click the + button underneath the right pane. Follow the prompts. You can choose to have the shortcut applicable to all applications, or just to a single one.
    Note - you can create a shortcut only for an item which is already an existing menu item.
    If you want to change an existing shortcut, by selecting the appropriate software in the left pane you can change the keyboard command in the right pane - just click the keyboard shortcut at the right end of the listed shortcut.

  • How do i create a new keyboard shortcut for an action?

    I have created an action to "Save as PostScript." Can I create a keyboard shortcut or am I only allowed to use the "start" button in the action menu? Sure would be great to be able to have a shortcut....

    No, there's not a way to create custom keyboard shortcuts.
    There sort of is if you can do what you need to do via JavaScript by creating a custom menu item and using the key combination to access the menu item, on Windows anyway. For example, in Acrobat 11 you can export to PS on Windows by typing Alt+F+H+M+P (not much of a shortcut), but you could reduce the number of key by setting up a custom menu item, and it could automatically save it in a particular directory with a file name that's determined by the script. So you could avoid the Save As prompt.

  • How can I create a virtual keyboard shortcut in my dock?

    So I started using my MacBook Pro as a device I connect to my TV. I have an HDMI adapter, and, after setting up the display and sound, it is awesome! I even purchased a Trackpad so I can sit on my couch and navigate. The cost of the adapter and Trackpad are more than paid for with my canceling of cable.
    Anyway, my question is about the virtual keyboard in OS X. It doesn't happen often, but I sometimes have to type in a user name or password for sites. I know how to go through "System Preferences", "Universal Access", and then "Keyboard Preferences" to turn it on, but is there a faster way?
    What I really want to know is if I can create a shortcut in my dock for the virtual keyboard?
    If not, does anyone know of any third party, virtual keyboard applications that would work this way?

    @ KA-BOOM!!
    Okay, try this:
    1. Copy to your Applications folder (or wherever you want it).
    2. Edit this copied bundle with TextWrangler or a comparable text editor or a property list editor, changing a single character in so that the value for NSUIElement is 0 instead of 1.
    3. Drag the new to the Dock.
    When you want to quit the application, do so from the Dock icon.  (If you click the red button--the usual way to quit KeyboardViewer when it has been invoked from the menu extra--the application will keep running facelessly in the background and you won't be able to get the KeyboardViewer GUI back again unless you kill its process or restart.  All in all, quitting from the Dock icon is the quickest solution.)

  • How to add/create a new keyboard ShortCut?

    There is no shortcut to color code or label an image for purple, if there is one I have not found it.  If you know of one, please send it & presuming there isn't one, what are the steps for creating one or modifying one to apply it as desired?

    Interesting, Adobe failed to include a shortcut for the fifth color label, and the Keyboard Tamer plugin doesn't know about shortcuts for color labels (perhaps because LR doesn't follow its own conventions for label shortcuts). But you can set your own shortcut by editing the file:
    C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 3.4\Resources\<language>\TranslatedStrings.txt
    and adding the following line:
    I don't the precise path of this file on the Mac, but you should be able to figure it out.

  • TS2756 How can i create a new usb connection (service)  on my iMac for sharing internet from my iPhone5 ( i seem have to deleted it )

    How can i create a new usb connection (service)  on my iMac for sharing internet from my iPhone5 ( i seem have to deleted it )
    i know its not a problem whit my carrier o data plan or sharing preferences on the ipone because when i use it un my laptop it works perfectly through
    the usb and even works on the Imac through wifi and bluethood tethering but NOT through usb!!.
    the problem is that trying to make it work i deleted the "profile" usb iphone on the network prefereces panel. Now i only have 3 options: ethernet / wifi / bluetooth
    but not the usb iPhone i used to have.
    And when i try to add a new one i dont get a USB option.
    can some one help me please??
    this is how it looks (after the bluetooth PAN i used to have USB iPhone option)

    The question would be more appropriate in the Mac forums as it is not really related to the iPhone.

  • How can I create a new ring tone for my iPhone 4?

    How can I create a new ring tone for my iPhone 4? I followed the Garage Band process and ended up with the ring tone I want as a AAC audio file. It got stored in my iTunes a a song rather than a ring tone. How do I make it a ring tone vs. a song? I tried dragging it t the Ring Tone category at the bottom of the ITunes list, but it won't alloow me to move it?

    There's also an easy to use Applescript over at Doug's Applescripts for iTunes. It automates the whole thing. All you do is set the start and stop time on a file in iTuens and run the script. It will do everything else.
    Make Ringable v1.1

  • How can I get the Voiceover Keyboard shortcuts to show up in a form in which I can copy

    I have low vision & have been trying to learn to use Voiceover on both my iPhone & my Mac mini for months. Very frustrating.
    1. How can I get the Voiceover keyboard shortcut commans to show up in a form in which I can copy & paste them into a pages document so I can print it out & use for quick reference?? The one that shows up when I press VO +HH won't let me copy & paste it, & it won't show up in the Help section no matter what subject I enter. The help topics shown do not correlate with the topics I'm entering. why is that??
    2. Please make the cursor able to be wider, like in the software program Zoomtext, that I used when I had a PC. The razor-thin cursor (in this text box!) in Pages is impossible for me to see.
    Thank you for any help you can provide.
    You should be able to copy them from there.

  • It wants to verify my account and won't take the password, how can I create a new one or verify the existing one?

    I cloud wants to verify my account and won't take the password, how can I create a new one or verify the one it won't take?

    If you can't remember the password, reset it at...

  • How can I create a new Music Library?

    Had to buy new laptop which of course has Vista. The old unit was acting up(I think Windows XP was corrupt), so I saved my Library Files but it looks like the old machine only saved portions not the whole Library. I had approx. 13,000 tunes (35GB) in the LIbrary and all that was saved seems to be 319 tunes. I have all the music on an external HD and only the Library was on the laptop. My question is, how can I create a new Library from the external HD music? Is there a way or am I SOL? Any suggestions and help would be greatly appreciated.

    You need the entire libary on the external, not just media.
    What are the iTunes library files? -
    More on iTunes library files and what they do -
    What are all those iTunes files? -
    Where are my iTunes files located? -
    iTunes 9 [and later]: Understanding iTunes Media Organization -
    Image of folder structure and explanation of different iTunes versions (turingtest2 post) - and
    Once you get a complete iTunes folder on the external drive, start iTunes with the option/alt key held down and select the iTunes Library.itl file on the external drive.  You will also need to do this with your main computer or the libraries will become unsynchronized.
    Alternatively you can make a separate library using the same media on the second computer. Start as you have been doing, let iTunes create a new, blank library file which will be on hte internal drive, set the media folder location in preferences to be the one on the external drive, then add the files to the new iTunes library. Unless you are a super-organized individual, or you don't care if your libraries do not have the same content, you are better off using a single library file that is on the external, not setting up separate library files.

  • How can I create a new entry without using LOV for foreign keys.

    Referring to TUHRA sample application based on HR database schema. JDeveloper
    How can I create a new employee without using LOV for the foreign key "job_id".
    On the first page I would like to choose the job_title from adf read-only table.
    After clicking on the "create new employee button" a creation form appears in which the job_id field is set with previous selection.
    Regards M.Winkler
    Edited by: user3541283 on 06.10.2008 03:44
    Edited by: user3541283 on 06.10.2008 03:50

    usually the foreign key is only set if the VO you select is dependent from a master. If e.g. you have DepartmentsVO1 that has an EmployeeVO3 as its nested VO, then creating a new instance of employees automatically add the foreign key. If you add EmployeesVO1, which is not dependent to DepartmensVO1, then the foreign key is not set. So if this is the case in THURA (keep in mind that this is not an Oracle demo but a sample used in a book about ADF) then all you need is to take the independent VO when building the new employee form.

  • How can I create a new TC backup with ethernet, so I don't have to wait two days for a new wireless backup?

    How can I create a new TC backup with ethernet, so I don't have to wait two days for a new wireless backup?
    Several times in the last year, I've gotten a message that Time Machine needs to completely redo my backup. Using the wireless connection, this takes almost two days. Is there a way to do the backup with ethernet and then switch back to wireless? Thanks.

    May I know what is needed to make sure the MacBook is able to see Time Capsule on ethernet?
    Connect an Ethernet cable from one of the LAN <-> ports on the 2Wire gateway to the WAN port (circle of dots icon) on the Time Capsule.
    If AirPort Utility cannot "see" the Time Capsule now, you will need to perform a "hard reset" by holding in the reset button for 7-8 seconds or so and then reconfigure the Time Capsule. You can use the same Time Capsule name and password, etc. as before.
    Configure the Time Capsule to "Create a wireless network" and select the Bridge Mode option when it appears during the setup using AirPort Utility.
    Once the Time Capsule is configured, restart the entire network again. Power down everything, start the 2Wire first and then start each other device after that one at a time about a minute apart.
    Now you can connect your Mac directly to one of the LAN <-> ports on the Time Capsule for the backup using another Ethernet cable. In general, about 20-25 GB per hour will transfer.
    The Time Capsule will broadcast a much faster wireless network than the 2Wire can provide, so you might want to leave the setup "as is" for awhile after the first backup is complete. If you decide to use the Time Capsule as your main wireless access point, you would want to turn the wireless off on the 2Wire since two wireless networks in close proximity can create interference problems.
    Or, if you want to use the wireless on the 2Wire, you could turn off the wireless on the Time Capsule. Then backups will occur over the 2Wire wireless, or over Ethernet.
    I don't really recommend the "Join a wireless network" setting on the Time Capsule for most users, but you could go back to that setup as well if you want after the first backup is complete.

  • I cannot recover my Master Password under 10.6.8. I want to change it. I do have my admin password for my account. How can I create a new master pw?

    I cannot recover my Master Password under 10.6.8. I want to change it. I do have my admin password for my account. How can I create a new master pw?

    If you are referring the Master Password that can be set in System Preferences>Security>FileVault, then see this thread:
    How to reset FileVault master password
    As explained there, and for obvious security reasons, a new master password created in this fashion way will not unlock any pre-existing FileVault accounts. Resetting the master password is therefore only useful after you turn off FileVault in all existing accounts. You can then turn FileVault back on after the new master password is in place.

  • How can i create a new Adminstrator user account ?

    How can i create a new Adminstrator user account ?

    Go to the System Preferences>Users.
    Click the lock if and enter your password, if necessary.
    Then click on the "+" symbol below the accounts list.
    From the "New Account" menu, select"Administrator" and fill in the rest of the information.
    And finally click the "Create Account" button.
    Done. A new Administrator user account.

  • How can i create a new transport request?

    Dear Experts,
    Some colleagues have to modify a master record, but save time, failing to produce a request no., then, how can i create a new transport request?

    Please let us know about the issue when you create the new Transport request .
    In which system you are creating the request . Hope its in Development  .
    If so , check the entries are enabled in SCC4 > Changes without automatic recording
    Changes to repository objects and cross client customizing allowed .
    Protection level 0
    If these entries are enabled, you must be able to create Transport requests.
    Please check and update .

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    I am a teacher in kent, and have spent over a YEAR in wranggles and discussions with EIS who provide access to the internet for all schools in kent about being aloud to use ichat where i work. after all my efforts it just seems that the 23 ports that

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    Hi all Does anyone know when lifeproof fre or nuud will be available in apple stores for iPad air? Thanks