How can I create a visitor signup box on my web site?

I have just created a new web site for a community group.
I would like to create a mailing list of visitors to the site so that I can notify then once the site is complete.
I have a feeling I would need to add html , but, I couldn't find the html code for a visitor box.
Does anyone know what I need to do?
Thanks so much.!!!!!!!

To add to Alancito's suggestion there are a couple of ways to setup a form for what you want. The Wufoo method bypasses the visitor using their own email client to send the information. Using form action code has the visitor user their own email client, already filled out as far as information and your email address. Examples of both are on this demo page: Embedding Forms & Encoding Email Addresses.

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    Just follow these steps:
    1. Go to plan view and create a blank page wherever you like.
    2. Name this page according to the target, you want to link to (optional).
    3. Rightclick the icon of this new page and choose "Menu Options/Include Page without Hyperlink".
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    This doesn't sound like a Firefox issue. I think you'd be better off with a site that offers web design tutorials. Try this one:
    One thing you should do though and that is to update Firefox via Help | Check For Updates.
    There was a security breach at Comodo which is an SSL certificate provider recently whereby a number of fraudulent certificates were inadvertently issued. These allow a hacker to impersonate any site including online banking and the Firefox version you're running at the moment will not warn you that the site is a fake. The fraudulent certificates were blacklisted in v3.6.17 and beyond.
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    Thank you
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    This might save your effort
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    @BikeHelmet, when you're on a real page, a URL should appear. Other people have reported intermittently not getting a URL, but that is not by design. It either is a bug or an add-on interaction. I suggest searching here for other threads on that problem.
    As a temporary workaround, you can copy the current page URL from the Page Info dialog (Tools menu or right-click > View Page Info).

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    I'm sorry I don't have an answer to your problem, but I wrote to them also to get back the old Firefox, where Google was there. I lost one of my toolbars with certain
    bookmarks, this is a major headache. If you get any info. I would like it if you could let me know and I will do the same. [email protected]

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    I've got a lot of rss feeds coming into thunderbird. I organized some into folders, but also have a folder for several rss feeds as they adress the same topics and I prefer not to browse through 25 separate folders. However, the sender doesn't always make it clear which blog it's from, so I'd like to add a column which shows the website of the rss feed. (sender is often: [email protected], and there are different writers for a single blog who themselve have their own blog as well, so can't sort on sender name either).
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    Thanks, that seems to work. I'm struggling to place the lightbox at the top of the page however - when I click the trigger I want the menu image to display anchored to the top of the page, but there's always a gap as it centers the image. Help is appreciated!

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    As an instance, I mean to say it should looks something like Widows Media Player's(XP version) main window.
    My Operating System: Windows XP

    I think (I have never tried it) that the following link provides the kind of api you are looking for :
    As far as I know, it's based on the use of a custom look and feel called SkinLF.
    But due to the nature of your question and based on the assumption that people here are not going to do all the work for you, I would strongly advise you to start with the Swing tutorial :

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    Very strange. I Created and published (via FTP) a 3 page website with I-web, no problems. Now I want to create some individual one-off pages to upload to a separate website/domain to update it, but only seem to be able to open the one original website in I-web. Maddening - can anyone help? Thanks

    try moving the domain file to a new place (desktop) and then opening up iweb. that way it will start a new file for you and you won't have all your sites within the one domain file.

  • How do I create one Family account with multiple sub web sites?

    It seems like this would already have been discussed. I have searched and have not found what I am looking for.
    What I would like is:
    then I might have one for whatever reason:
    and my wife would want hers:
    She has her own laptop and would like to post to her subsite but under the family account.

    You could purchase a .Mac Family Account.
    But, based on the way you have demonstrated the urls you want, all of you could use a single .Mac account and just publish to it with whatever machine you choose. Just configure each machine to the account using System Preferences, and publish to it. As long as each site is named differently, they will not overwrite one another.

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    Pl. see the code given below.
    Data declaration ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Selection screen ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    AT SELECTION SCREEN OUTPUT ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
      NAME = 'PS_PARM'.
      VALUE-KEY = '1'.
      VALUE-TEXT = 'Line 1'.
      VALUE-KEY = '2'.
      VALUE-TEXT = 'Line 2'.
                ID     = NAME
                VALUES = LIST.

  • How can I automatically close a dialog box using Javascript after I click the OK button to submit it?

    How can I automatically close a dialog box using Javascript after I click the OK button to submit it? I don't want to have to X out of the dialog box after I am done.

    JS can not interact with open dialogs in any way, unless it's a dialog
    created in JS using the Dialog object.
    On Thu, Jul 24, 2014 at 11:13 PM, lindaeliseruble <[email protected]>

  • I have an edit button in my e mail account but when I press it I don't get the ''get new mailbox' button. How can I create e mail folders? Thanks.

    I want to create e mail folders for my goole account. I go to the account and as suggested in the forum i tap on edit. Then instead of getting at the botton a button that says 'new mailbox' i get 2 boxes one red that says delete and one blue that says move. This is on an ipad 2. I have also an ipad 3 and there it does work. I have checked the settings in both ipads and they seem identical to me.
    How can I create the foldesr then on teh ipad 2?
    Thanks a lot!

    You need to be in the mailbox list for the account when you tap edit.
    Sounds like you might be trying to do it from insider you Inbox.

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    As for PDFs and Powerpooint presentations, there are a number of apps capable of reading them in the app store (and the mail app will generally open them when sent as attachments). Look into Adobe Reader, GoodReader, File Manager to name a few). Most cloud service apps such as Box and DropBox will also read these files.

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    If you want Muse to "pass through" your images and not adjust, compress, crop etc - you need to place your images in the lightbox EXACTLY at the right size, pre-cropped and prepped in Photoshop.
    So if your light box is 800x600 the image you're dropping into that must be 800x600 exactly with no effects, rotation etc added to the lightbox frame. This stop Muse fiddling with your images, if they are perfect when inserted and you're not asking Muse to crop, expand, add effects etc. If it's perfect when inserted, Muse SHOULD also leave the resolution alone too, but I have not tried that one, but in theory, it should work.

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