How can I disable making live shape rectangle in the first place but normal one instead in Illustrator CC?

How can I disable making live shape rectangle in the first place but normal one instead in Illustrator CC? When I create rectangle I can't transform it by dragging and it's only the problem with rectangle, not with circle, star etc. I try show/hide edges/bounding box reset preferences and reinstall whole illustrator CC and it's the same. I can only make this right by expand this rectangle, which is shape as is turn out to rectangle by clicking object>shape>expand rectangle. But this is so frustrating. Help!:) oh, and I use OSX. My friend has the same specs and it's works. I mean she can use live shape corner transformations and changing size by draging:(

I’ve created my own plugin (available for free for personal and commercial use) which imitates behavior of the ‘old’ Rectangle Tool. It doesn’t replace the Live Rectangle – it works completely independent!
My Plain Rectangle Tool correctly snaps to grids/objects/points and correctly aligns to grid/points on resize. Of course it supports the SHIFT and ALT/OPTION keys, Snap to Grid and Smart Guides options. In other words it works almost 100% the same as the Rectangle Tool we know from CC (17.1), CS6 and earlier.
The installation package (zxp) adds ‘Plain Rectangle Tool’ icon into the Ai panel (of curse you can assign your custom keyboard shortcut to it as well)
Note: The Plain Rectangle can be easily converted into the Live one using Object > Shape > Convert to Rectangle
Grab your copy at Feel free to share with your friends. It’s completely free.
I’ve also created a separate discussion for the Plain Rectangle Tool. If you have any comments or request please post it there. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!
Pawel Kuc

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    Voicemail is a Carrier feature.
    Contact your Carrier.

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    Look at this very informative video for the instructions. l

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    If the machine was upgraded to Lion 10.7.x by the original owner then you bought an illegal license of Lion and also of any other applications that the seller  said came pre-installed, this assumes the seller did not include original install media. In that case you need to contact the seller for the original install DVDs that came with the machine re-install up to Snow Leopard 10.6.8 and then purchase Mountain Lion ($20) and the applications you want or need. If the seller cannot come up with the original install discs then you can buy them from a nominal cost from AppleCare..

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    Hello again and sorry to bother you. I was hoping you could help me with iTunes 10.5. This update has been a pain. When I first installed it, my entire library was gone. Luckily, I saved the "iTunes Library" file before updating and copied it in place and my library appeared. But now the problem I'm having is that the iTunes can't find any of the "original" files, even though my iTunes Media file location has not changed (it's on an external network drive". When I click on the "Do you want to find the original file" I can find it in the appropriate folder. I checked the "Preferences" and under "Advanced" I re-mapped it to the appropriate location and already had the 2 boxes for iTunes organizing files checked. Then went to "File" and "Organize Library" and clicked the first check box and then got the "Copying Files" bar. When this was completed, I thought it would be able to find the original files. But I'm still getting the same error message about not being able to find the "original" files. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks again for your help.

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    Dell technicians have tried, but cannot eliminate it. Usually one is able to "hide" menus.

    Google changed their homepage. They replaced the narrow black menu at the top of the screen and replaced it with the wider grey bar. When you click on the Google logo that black menu opens on the left side. Sorry I don't know how to close that menu, haven't seen that page myself, just read about that change yesterday.
    Try a Google group for help with that. not a Firefox support issue. <br />
    Another suggestion is to use the default Firefox homepage - '''about:home'''

  • How can i disable my iphone and it says connect to itunes but it isnt working????, how can i disable my iphone and it says connect to itunes but it isnt working????

    how can i disable my iphone and it says connect to itunes and it isnt working??!? and the iphone isnt in service??

    How can you disable it?
    Well anyways, sounds like it's in recovery mode. You'll need to perform a restore through iTunes on the computer.

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    i have a requirment to prepare a report for cheque printing on a formatted cheque i want the data should be printed in the paper not the whole can i do this...
    it is like this
    Name:- <coming from database>
    Address :-
    Rs :-
    in printing i need only the data not Name,Address and Rs headings..
    plz help me out??

    The usual method to influence whether an item should be printed or not is to adjust the function which lies underneath the item (simply return FALSE when you don't need it. You can also adjust the input and then return TRUE). I hope this will help you to solve your problem.
    Vincent ([email protected])

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    I often get the message that I am being disconnected from chat because i've logged on from another computer. I never use chat, and it just seems to be a problem. How can I get rid of it?

    Don't expect any wonders. If you use it heavily with multiple applications running at the same time, nobody can help you. It's physics: more usage => higher energy consumption.
    Here you can find some tips to reduce the battery consumption. My tip: close applications if you don't need them right now and reduce screen brightness.

  • How can I disable zoom and navigator bar in the interactivity?

    I'm working at a project about I add a interactivity into DPS. First, I create a basic struture code in HTML5 and after I add it to a layer into DPS. Well, It work perfectly, but, two problems appear:
    The navigator bar appear when I touch interactivity layer.
    I can zoom it even I deny it with user-scalable set as "no".
    How can I fix it? I really appreciate some help
    The code I use is:
    <!DOCTYPE html>
            <meta charset="utf-8">
            <meta content='width=device-width, minimum-scale=1.0, initial-scale=1.0, maximum-scale=1.0, user-scalable=no' name='viewport' />
                    width: 100%;
                    height: 100%;
                    background: url('imgs/bg.jpg') repeat;
            <div id="container"></div>

    Oh, thanks again.
    Yep... It really work, but, I've a game and I set a container with touch gestures (start, move and end) to deny zoom and pop up navigator bar (container { width: 768px; height: 924px; } ), and now the user can't leave the page by touch/dragging on the div, and then for my buttons (to play containerButtons{width: 768px; height: 100px;} ), I need to set touchmove event to it doesn't pop up navigator bar (and again the user can't leave the page). Again I don't think it the best idea :/...

  • How can I prevent breadcrumbs from being used on the first page?

    I'm using the latest version of the technical communication suite to produce a WebHelp
    layout from a framemaker book. Thanks to all the help I've received so far it's proceeding
    well, although slowly.
    II have an initia l'home'  page, that isn't present in the TOC, just with a program logo, a company
    logo and a helpdesk address. How can I stop breadcrumbs from appearing on this page?
    I'm happy for this to be the Home page and to keep the word Home, and it is a separate
    document in the linked framemaker book.
    Has anyone got any ideas as to how I can do this?
    Thanks in advance for your help.
    Best wishes,

    Hi Karen
    To each his or her own. Jeff's approach certainly will work but will require you to repeat the process each time you generate. With the approach I outlined you would only need to do things once.
    As for the breadcrumbs not appearing at all, it depends on *WHERE* in the Master Page you elected to add them. In order for the approach I outlined to work, you need to ensure you add the placeholder *OUTSIDE* the Body placeholder. Then you should see breadcrumbs on the pages you have associated with the Master Page.
    Cheers... Rick
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  • HT2486 How can I send an email to all of the email addresses associated with one contact? Similarly, in regard to group lists, how do you include for distribution all email addresses associated with each contact in the group?

    Often times there are multiple email addresses associated with a single contact in address book.  How can I included all of these email addresses when creating an address book group?

    Don't be surprised.
    Apple offers free, basic Mail and Address Book apps and creates paid, more sophisticated solutions, also allowing Developers to provide more sophisticated solutions for sale in the marketplace.
    When I need to repeatedly email to multiple contacts, I create a blank draft email, and use the Address Book button to list the appropriate address book group. With the Address Book window open, it's easy to click to add multiple email addresses for a single contact name. Each is added to the message email address list. Then I save that blank email to iCloud Drafts, and it retains the email addreses I've entered. Next time I need to send a message I double-click on it in Drafts to open it, and drag it to one of my other email accounts to add Subject and details, then send from the other account.
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    How can I install a second version of FF without affecting my original installation?

    You can install multiple Firefox versions via a custom install in different installation folders and only use the older Firefox version when you really need it.<br />
    Do a custom install and install each version in its own program folder to use multiple Firefox versions.
    Make sure not to start Firefox after the installation has finished.<br />
    Create a new profile exclusively for each Firefox version.<br />
    Create a desktop shortcut with -P "profile" appended to the target to launch each Firefox version with its own profile.
    See also:
    Use the -no-remote command line switch to open another Firefox instance with its own profile and to run different Firefox instances simultaneously.

  • How can I get two cameras to aquire at the same time rather than one after the other

    I've got (2) PCI-1428 cards, Two Uniq Vision cameras with power supplies, cameralink cables, and IMAQ-D6804 cables. Both cameras are being triggered by the same switch, but they are not grabbing images at the same time. Right now it is triggering one camera as desired, but the other doesn't aquire until after the time-sensitive event. On the next test, the two camera will trade these roles. I am using 2 cards, so they should acquire at the same time. How do I change it so that they grab images at the same time? Thank you for your help.
                                                      ​            Deater

    Hi Deater,
    Thank  you for your post.  Triggering from two cameras at the same time may be a little trickey, but it can be done.  There are multiple ways to tackle this problem.  If you have a RTSI cable, you can RTSI the two PCI boards together internally to lock them in HW.  You should also be able to use the triggering line on each board.
    One of the best methods for triggering multiple boards is called GenLocking.  The following Developer Zone page describes GenLocking more fully and has several examples to help you out:​87b5c0ac6f6f4e86256c87005fcddf.
    The "HL Grab with two" shipping example is also a good example of the code needed to trigger two individual boards in LV.  I found a similar post that may be of some help as well:​&
    Hope this helps!
    Scott Savage
    National Instruments
    Applications Engineering

  • How can I trade-in my old MacBook for the gift card but transfer my files to the new one?

    I currently have the late-2008 unibody Aluminum 13.3" Macbook with 2.4Ghz processor. I love this computer it still works great over five years after buying it. However, I feel like now is a good time to upgrade to the new MacBook Pro with Retina display as my battery is reaching the end of its life and I am slowly running out of storage on my machine. I was considering upgrading the parts to keep the machine alive and save me some money, but I saw that you can trade in the old computer and I can get around $200 which is great. My question is how can I trade in my old notebook while transferring all of my files, applications, etc. to the new machine? If I did the trade in after moving all of my data I would just have a gift card that can no longer be used towards the purchase of the new machine, so I would like to find a way to figure this out.

    Hi r,
    Transfer the data to an external HD, either with Time Machine or a cloning app such as Super Duper! or Carbon Copy Cloner.

Maybe you are looking for

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