How can I edit my iweb published site when the domain file is empty?

How can I edit my iweb site when the domain file opens up empty? I have the site backed up in mobile me, on my computer, and on an external hard drive.
How can I transfer these files into iweb?

Hi there,
To edit your site from one of your backed up versions, place the Domain file in User>Library>Application Support>iWeb & then launch iWeb. Update & publish.

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    Hi there,
    You can create a scroll motion where the image will fade out on scrolling, you need to use the Opacity tab under Scroll Effects Panel.
    If you particularly need the image to be blur out, then you need to edit that image in any image editing program and make one copy of that image as blurred, then place both images (actual and blurred) on that page and use scroll motion or fade option to replace images.

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       2013-12-16 1:19:04.338 PM NetAuthAgent[1739]:
          inErrorInfo = {   
               AuthType = Server;
               ErrorNumber = 45;
               ErrorType = 4;
              Scheme = file;
    How can I get it to stop looking for the unnamed file?
    Kat Nagel

    If streaming music when connected to your carrier's cellular network, it uses cellular data.
    Only the music you purchased from the iTunes Store can be streamed unless you have purchased iTunes Match.
    If there is a slow down at the server where the music is stored or high traffic, steaming can be paused. You can also download a song from the iTunes Store cloud to your iPhone so it doesn't need to be steamed.

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    With just the free Reader? No way. It can be done with Acrobat.

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    What does it mean to edit HTML after publishing the site? How exactly is that done? From another thread, it seems that re-publishing will overwrite that HTML - is that true? Thanks for any insight into this.

    This link may help:

  • How do I revert my iWeb published site (the actual published site in internet is up to date) the one on my repaired computer is old from a time machine back-up and out of date?

    The question is above I repaired my hardrive and the iweb site is from an old time machine back-up. In the web my site is up to date and I want to update my computer stored iWeb site to the site in internet ?

    You need to copy and paste the content from the published files back into iWeb and recreate any missing pages since iWeb has no import facility.

  • How can I edit a working WordPress site installed on a working local server in "Live Mode"?

    Although I can successfully edit the site in "Design" mode, it's pointless when I just see "PHP" icons everywhere thus I'm editing blindly hoping the edits turn out after constantly saving and then heading over to the WordPress site and reloading the page.
    If I can't do this whatsoever in Dreamweaver, what program can do it?

    There is a DW Extension called WP Site Designer -- I have never tried it.
    WordPress Site Designer for Dreamweaver | DW Extensions | ExtendStudio
    Nancy O.

  • How can I load my iWeb created site to Dream Host?

    It won't open the publishing settings as DH directed me to. It just offers the defunct mobile me and no FTP option.
    Thank you, Kathy

    What version of iWeb are you using?  If iWeb 2 then you'll need to publish to a folder on the hard drive and use a 3rd party FTP client to upload the files to the server.
    If iWeb 3 click on the site folder and change the publish to  to FTP server:

  • Editing date in Organizer - but how can i 'hard' write that new date to the actual files?

    Hi, i have a number of files which were created by digitizing about 40 anolog tapes. These tapes have been 'split' into clips(largish) using AV cutty software [it worked v well] and therefore have about 25 avi files per tape.
    I have now imported all of these from folders) into Organizer to tag etc before creating projects in Premiere.
    However, I can amend the dates in Organizer (some of the clips have timestamp on the screen) BUT i want this to be hard-coded back to the original files - is there any way to do this. Otherwise will i have to edit the dates of the clips in Windows Explorer, using something like AttributeMagic 
    Thanks in advance - and hope this helps others at some point too.
    PS I fully understand that Orginzer is purely referential, but is there NO way to allow the data (eg tags/dates to be writtrn back to the source files?)
    I wonder if I should look at other video software tools?

    PC drives geerally are formatted MBR (master boot record) on the drive and NTFS partitions.
    Mac can read NTFS but not write it unless you buy additional software.
    Do you want to keep that drive's files for read access,  or is your PC-world done?

  • How can I retrieve an Apple ID password when the Apple ID (email address) no longer exists?

    How can I retrieve an ex employees Apple ID password when she can't even remember it? Plus Apple ID used to her company email address, which no longer exists for her. Apple support says it will send an email to her so I can change the password, but I'll never get it, since her email no longer works, she is not with us no more. Help please! I need to pass this iPhone to another, new employee.

    You cannot retrieve her password. Note the Apple ID, in Apple's eyes, belongs to _her_.  It is not the property of the company.  If she wishes to reset the password, she can go to the Apple ID site: and try and change it.  If she doesn't know the password and has no access to the email address it may prove challenging if she provided no backup email address.
    But I'm not sure this is the root of the problem.  If the iPhone is locked using "activation lock" and it's running iOS 7 then yes, it will need to be unlocked.  If your company has proof of purchase of the iPhone, you may wish to try contacting AppleCare.  Otherwise, she can release it by going to her iCloud page and disabling it.
    Some relevant resources:

  • How can I turn off "Find My IPhone" when the phone won't turn off but the screen doesn't work?

    My IPhone has water damage so the screen has stopped working, even though the phone is still on. I need to restore the phone to send it back to the company, however when I try to restore it on the computer, it prompts that I need to turn of "Find My IPhone" in order to restore the phone. How can I do this on the computer with out use of the IPhone??

    You can't.

  • How can I save images and text data to the same file?

    I have been looking at ways to do this for a while. My main VI saves the raw data to a text file which the users then import to Excel and plot. I am trying to simplify this process and have been looking at ways to accomplish this task. I want to be able to save the raw data to a file and then save the Labview graph as well. This will eliminate the tedious task of importing the raw data into Excel and plotting it. I can save the raw data to its own file and I can use the Get Image method for the graph and save it to its own file. I am currently using the .png format. Is there a way of saving both to the same file ie, importing the image into Excel or Word etc. Before I go off doing a science project I wanted to see if anyone else had experience completing this task and had any recommendations. Thanks in advance for any help.

    well ther are a couple of ways. You could use the standard report generation VI's and make a complete report with the image of the graph embedded into the report with the raw data or you could use activeX and control excel thru LV and put the raw data into excel directly and have excel graph the data without any user interaction. I have posted a slew of VI's on the excel board if you do not have the report generation toolkit. If you could tell me which way you want to go I could possibly send you an example.
    For more information and some sample VI's and tool kits, you can go to the excel board

  • How can I continuously auto-save and auto-name the JPEG files with a controlled time interval

    I am newly involved in some Labview projects that out of my knowledge. I am trying to save multiple JPEG images from a live imaging task to a folder in the computer hard disk every certain minutes. I'd like to name these files with the date and time (eg. Img_06012011_1635. jpg).Then, after hours long image capturing, I can have all the image files in a neat order.
    My goal is to have the jpg files auto saved and auto-named with the data and time at that moment. I also need to control this waiting time between each savings.
    Could you please show me some hints about this? See the vi attached, I know I need to do something on the "write path" part on the up right corner. Thanks!
    Go to Solution.
    Attachments: ‏28 KB

    Thanks, Steve. When I built up a path with the date and time info and send them to the WriteJPEG like you mentioned, it stopped saving any files into the folder. Do you think this is the problem from my while loop?Could you show me if there is any other secret functions that restrains the file saving?
    I am planning to save the image files every 30 secs,for example, and then I can have a bunch of jpg files with their unique names after hours long image acquisition.
    I appreciate you kindly help!
    capture(updated).vi ‏29 KB

  • ADF how can i execute a query with parameters when the page renders

    i am using ADF web 11g
    i need to execute a query with parameters when the page renders

    I'm a fan of Java code, I really am.
    But when you use ADF, you decided to move to a more declarative environment.
    So why not do it declarative, the adf way?
    In your pagedef insert a action binding.
    This can be anything, a call to the application module, a call on the iterator(Like executeWithparams, etc.)
    Create an invokeAction in your pagedef and set the condition.
    This example refreshes(Action 2 is execute query) the data.
    First the method binding:
        <action IterBinding="PersoonIterator" id="Execute" InstanceName="LSAppModuleDataControl.Persoon"
                DataControl="LSAppModuleDataControl" RequiresUpdateModel="true" Action="2"/>And the invoke action
        <invokeAction Binds="Execute" id="refreshData"/>This always refreshes the data on page entry, but anything is possible, you can set condictions for the invokeAction.
    PS Yes I know that pagedefs become backing beans in the end and yes that is Java code, but if you wanna play the ADF way, the goal is the reduction of Java code and the increased performance of declarative programming.

  • How can I make my computer notify me when the power cord unplugs?

    My power cord for my PowerBook G4 tends to unplug without my noticing. Is there a program I can download or can I write an script so that it makes a sound when the power cord unplugs?

    That is the way Mac OS X 10.8 (aka Mountain Lion) works by default. Are you actually running that system? (See About This Mac in the Apple menu.) If so, make sure the check box in the shut down alert is checked:

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