How can I eliminate the time zone in the printed version of ical.

How can I eliminate the time zone in the printed version of ical.
Send feedback to apple about changing this back.
There is no native way to do this.

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  • TS3999 how can i synch the time zone of the icloud in my pc with my iphone?

    how can i synch the time zone of the icloud in my pc with my iphone?

    Hi hmm15761,
    Thanks for visiting Apple Support Communities.
    This article may address your question:
    iCloud: Change your calendar’s time zone

  • When I change the time zone of the clock, the "Date created" time information for my documents and image files in the Finder window (and in Get Info) is changed. Can I make the time info in "Date created" remain fixed regardless of the clock's timezone?

    When I change the time zone of the clock, the "Date created" time information for my documents and image files in the Finder window (and in Get Info) is changed. Can I make the time info in "Date created" remain fixed regardless of the clock's timezone?

    When I change the time zone of the clock, the "Date created" time information for my documents and image files in the Finder window (and in Get Info) is changed. Can I make the time info in "Date created" remain fixed regardless of the clock's timezone?

  • When time zone support is on even when I am on Jerusalem, when i create an appointment the time zone for the appointment is immediately changed to Gaza and even when I change it manually it returns to Gaza.

    I have a 4s iPhone on IOS 6.0.1 with an Israeli Cellular provider.
    I use Gmail services an exchange to sync my colander contacts and mail.
    When the time zone support is set to ON in the Settings->mail, Contacts, Calendars->Time Zone Support
    The time zone is showing Jerusalem (I am located in Tel-Aviv)
    When I create a new Appointment, It Immediately changes the time zone of the appointment to Gaza.
    Even if I change it back to Jerusalem it changes back to Gaza every time.
    Only when the time zone support is set to OFF in the Settings->mail, Contacts, Calendars->Time Zone Support
    The time zone in Gmail is ok and does not appear on the iPhone. (This is ok)
    Dose any one know how do I make the iPhone not change the time zone to Gaza? And still keep the time zone support on?

    they are not always on the same time due to daytime saving time changes twice a year in Israel which are not syncronized with any changes in Gaza, Beirut, etc.

  • When i sync my ipad and imac on ical the times are different yet the time zones are the same, any ideas why?

    when i sync my ipad and imac on ical the times are different yet the time zones are the same, any ideas why?

    Under the summary tab in iTunes make sure you have Automatically Back Up This computer. If you have iCloud selected it won't back up when syncing.

  • How can I create a time zone neutral calendar?

    Hi folks,
    I have a particular problem that's been bugging me lately: my calendar is all screwed up.  I live in the Central Time Zone, but often travel back to the Eastern Time Zone.  The problem I have is pretty simple: when I schedule things in my calendar, I schedule them for the time I need to be there.
    The most recent example: while on the road, I had a referral finally come through.  So I made the appointment when I received the call, and the appointment was obviously back home.  I entered it for 10 am, but when I traveled back home, my calendar displayed it as 9 am.  I caught it this time, but that was a first.
    Maybe this is a helpful feature for others, but I find that I never need it.  I am always scheduling things for local time.  I can't even imagine a scenario where I'd need a feature like this -- I'm sure they exist, but not for me.
    I can't tell if this is an iOS feature, a Google Calendar feature (I sync my Google Calendar with on iOS, although I pretty much add and edit appointments on iOS) or a conflict created between the two.
    If anyone has ideas on how to handle this, I'd appreciate it.

    As far as understanding there is no direct way to cater this have to work around
    Create table in V/03 with combination of field Customer and delivery time
    Create access sequence in V/07
    Create condition for lead time in v/06 and assign the above created access
    Then create condition record for the lead time condition
    Then In IMG >> SD >> Sales >> Sales document >> define delivery agreed time
    Then delivery time field available in sales tab at header/item level
    Hope this will help

  • How do I sync my icloud calendar between iPhone 5 and macbook pro without a 1 hour difference? I've made sure that the time zones are the same on all devices and it's still doing it.

    I cannot get my iphone 5 and macbook pro to display the same time on my calendar. There is a one hour  difference between them and it is driving me crazy!! Please help!!!

    Did you also confirm that the time zone was set correctly on (click on your name, check Time Zone)?

  • How can I display date+time and not the point number in excell?

    Hi everyone,
    Could anybody tell me how I can save date + time to a file, so that  I can display on a diagram(excel) : date+time in (ox) and data (oy)? :
    My program sets in (ox) the point number and not the date+time....( although  date and time are written correctly in the column...)
    Any help would be great,

    hi there,
    excel uses 01.01.1900 00:00 as the time offset, LabVIEW uses 01.01.1904 02:00, so you can't display the correct datetime in excel when you write the time as a fractional number of seconds from LabVIEW. you must format the datetime in LabVIEW to a string and write that to the column. use the "Format Date/Time String" - function and for example "%d.%m.%Y %H:%M:%S%3u" as the format string (see the functions help for more examples). you also could format your data to a string using "Format Into String" - function and write the file as a 2D string array. the decimal point you have to use depends on your system and its settings, but you can specify the decimal point in the Format string like "%.;%f" (means fractional number with point as decimal point).
    best regards
    Best regards
    CL(A)Dly bending G-Force with LabVIEW
    famous last words: "oh my god, it is full of stars!"

  • How can I get a time stamp in the historyfile

    I can´t see date and time in the history file, how can I get that information on a MAC ?

    You can make the "Visit Date" column visible in the Bookmarks Manager (Library) via "Views > Show Columns"
    * Bookmarks > Organize Bookmarks

  • How to make the iCal in iPad to convert the received events in the proper time according the time zone of the device

    I have the next event:
    TZID:Central Europe Standard Time
    TZNAME:Central Europe Standard Time
    TZNAME:Central Europe Daylight Time
    DESCRIPTION:Some Description
    DTEND;TZID=Central Europe Standard Time:20120919T163000
    DTSTART;TZID=Central Europe Standard Time:20120919T160000
    LOCATION:Some Location
    SUMMARY:Some Summary
    I am in another timezone - GMT + 2.
    When I am adding the event to outlook in win7 - it is converted to my local time = from 17 to 17:30.
    When I am adding it to a friend's Mac - it is converted to his local time.
    When I am trying to add it in a Ipad which is set to the same timezone - GMT + 2, and with timezone support on, it is not converted but set to 16 - 16:30 and the timezone for the event is put to floating, so what to change in the setup of the event to recognize it and converted to the right time or maybe I should change something in the iPad.
    Thanks in advance

    Queues are only good to transfer data if your application isn't deterministic. Since you are using Real Time, I am assuming that your application requires determinism. If you are using Timed Loops and you use queues to transfer data between your loops, you are losing determinism. In this case, you need to use the RT FIFO functions. 
    Warm Regards,
    William Fernandez
    Applications Engineering
    National Instruments

  • How can I change the time zone for a calendar entry with iOS 7?

    I want to make a new entry in my calendar (iOS 7) using a different time zone as the one I'm located in. There isn't any option to choose the time zone like there is in OS X.
    I know I can switch off the option to automatically change the time zone in the preference pane of Mail, Contacts and Calendar to get the option in calendar but I want to use this automatic switch.
    Is there any option to change the time zone of a calendar entry without loosing this automatic switch?

    Got it!
    In your backing file you'll need the following in your handlePostbackData method:
    BookBackingContext bookCtx = BookBackingContext.getBookBackingContext(arg0);

  • How do I set a time zone not in the standard list?

    I would like to set my time zone to Lord Howe Standard TIme(LHST), which is GMT +10:30hrs. How do I do that? How do I check that the standard time servers know when to change for daylight saving time?
    Regards, Rob

    ozRob wrote:
    1. I have to log out and back in for the change to take effect in system preferences and the clock
    I did warn you about this ("This change will not show up in the Menu Bar clock until you have logged out and back in"), although when I did it the change was reflected in System Preferences immediately. To reset the clock without logging out,
    killall SystemUIServer
    You can do this while you are still root, i.e. before the exit statement, or after it.
    2. Lord Howe is the only place listed in the "closest city" list
    Well, that's because it isn't in the Preference Pane's list of places so it cannot compute distances.
    3. If I click anywhere on the world map, the time zone changes to whatever I clicked on and I have to follow your instructions, then log out and in again, to get back to Lord Howe time
    The obvious answer is don't click on the map!
    I can't understand why Apple hide this stuff. I think there should be a way to manually set the time zone offset as well as daylight saving start and end dates - we aren't all idiots. At the very least they should make all the time zones in the zoneinfo directory available, perhaps under a checkbox marked "rare zones" or similar.
    Well, I suggest you send Apple Feedback about this.
    Thank you all for your efforts, if anyone can solve the issues above I'd be very grateful.
    Actually the changes to add Lord Howe are relatively trivial, if you know what you are doing. One complication is that "Lord Howe" would have to be added as a localizable string: don't know what might happen if it were missing. I'll play around some more, but don't hold your breath!

  • How to set a specific time zone for time channel in DIADEM

    I'd like to know how to autmatically set a specific time zone for time channels in DIADEM.
    For example, I have stored data with corresponding time channel in UTC time on a disk which was collected in another time zone. Now I want to analyze this data and I want the time channel to show the local time in the time zone where the data was collected, and not the time in the local time zone where the computer is located.
    The time channel should also take site local summer/winter time into account. Now I'm running a script that handles it for me which adds or subtract hours according to my input. The problem is that I'm handling data from several different time zones and I'm not located in any of them and when you're running a lot of data over a greater time period, it's easy to make mistakes, especially when it comes to summer/winter time. Is there a any clever solution to this already implemented in Diadem that I have not found? 

    Hi hj77,
    No, I'm sorry, DIAdem has no time zone functionality at all.  I'm afraid you have no choice in DIAdem but to keep running your scripts.  Summer and Winter time are truly tricky, because the rules for when the changes occur are different in different countries and states within countries and also can change from year to year within the SAME country (as they did in the US a few years ago).
    Brad Turpin
    DIAdem Product Support Engineer
    National Instruments

  • Change the Time Zone???

          I need to change the System Time Zone to all the users in the XI environment but I don't remember how is the process...
    Someone can explain me how is it?

    Hi Hetal,
          Thanks for ur fast response but the problem is not the Time Zone in the server (UNIX), is in the application. I remember that I need to go to IMG --> General Settings --> Time Zones but I don't know if I need to do something more to assign the TZ to all the users in the system.

  • Problem with the time zone

    I live in Australia, but my hole family lives in Venezuela, I want to know how I can create an event using iCalendar but using the time support from Venezuela, without changing my time zone, for example when someone is on his birthday I want to receive an alert when it's 9 a.m in Venezuela not i Australia .. Thanks guys!

    I think you are all missing the point. java.util.Date objects always alway always store the date as the number of milliseconds since 1/1/1970 UTC so the only TimeZone they have its the implicit UTC. When you use the Date.toString() method the toString() method gets the default time zone from your environment and formats the data accordingly. This means that the same Date object will, by default, produce a different result for France and Australia and the US.
    So, if you have the date "12/5/2009" as a String then to convert it to a java.util.Date you must specify what TimeZone is implied. If it is your system time zone then you can just create a SimpleDateFormat object with the correct format and then use the parse() method to create the java.util.Date object and this will automatically be converted to UTC. If the date String represents some other time zone then you must explicitly set the time zone of the SimpleDateFormat object before parsing the string.
    The same approach applies when converting a java.util.Date object to a String. If you want anything other than your system time zone then you must explicitly tell the SimpleDateFormat what time zone you want the result formatted for.

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