How can I file share with another person if both of us are using Mac operating systems?  Do we need to use a third party file sharing system or does apple have this capability?

How can I file share with another personif both of us are using Mac operating systems (one of us using a Mac laptop and the other using iMac).  Our intention is to have a working document that can be changed by both parties over time and both parties will have visibility to the others changes.

Use SugarSync

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  • Can i home share with another person in another state so i can share my itunes library with them?

    I'm in one state and my friend is in another state.  Can I turn on home sharing and allow them to turn on home sharing too and have them log into my itunes account to sync up my music?  They wiped out their music library and I want to allow them to download my music library.
    I have iphoneS and they have iphone4.  We both are on windows xp.
    Can this be done?

    No. It only works on your local network.

  • How can we get a alert message in  the current browser we are using the mom

    how can we get a alert message in the current browser we are using the moment we have entered some data in
    the table...
    I need a popup alert the moment a new record is added in a table... in apex database is 11g xe..
    The idea is I am using a apex application. .The moment new data is added in the table ..I am alerted by a message window..that a new record has been added...
    Edited by: pauljohny on Jun 11, 2012 10:23 AM

    pauljohny wrote:
    how can we get a alert message in the current browser we are using the moment we have entered some data in the table...
    "Current browser"? When viewing anything, or just when using an APEX app?
    Ans .. Just when using apex app....even if the apex app is minimised ..The current browser will be the one where I am using apex app...
    What i am looking for some scheduler .. to check the table every 5 minute for change if there is a change..then a popup alert be shown...
    Split it into [at least] 2 components, database and browser. I'd expect someone calling themself a "DBA Architect" to have some ideas about the database side of things, even if not clued up on JavaScript and AJAX?
    I dont think its a database isssue... When i say to check every 5 minutes could be easily done via dbms_scheduler ...I am having issue in getting the popup alert message...
    in apex... Dont know wether there is a plugin like modal window(available from skill builder) which shall help in this scenario,.Or might be have to use java scripting and ajax ..
    and if it is that (Java scripting and Ajax) .....then shall have to be familiar with java scripting and Ajax...and this shall be a bit time consuming..
    Had a feeling this could be accomplished via java scripting and ajax.. ...but still looking for some easy way..

  • How can i place face on another persons body for passport size.

    i have a computer shop but i recently started business of photography. And i want to learn about photoshop by myself. Please help me how can i place face of one person over an other body with blue background.

    Photoshop/Elements: How do I remove a background from an image or merge images?

  • HT3965 i have cydia in my iphone how can make bluetooth active with another phone

      i have cydia how can i use my iphone bluetooth anather phone
    i means send and receive to anather phne using iphone bluetooth

    By jailbreaking your phone you've given up any right to technical help here.

  • How can I restore my iPhone 3Gs after I tried to update to the new operating system.

    I tried to upgrade my 3Gs to the new operating system(IOS5) and I got some kind of unknown error.  I told iTunes to do the back up before doing the upgrade.  The phone is stuck in restore mode with the "connect to iTunes" logo displayed.
    I have the latest version of iTunes on my computer. I've restarted my computer.  The iTunes doesnt seem to see the iPhone, but when I connect the phone to the computer I hear the recognition jingle by the comoputer, the one you hear when when a piece of equipment is connected to the computer.  In addition, when i look at "my computer"  I dont see the iPhone in the selections of items connected to the computer.
    I have tried all the reset proceducures with turning the phone off and using the home key.
    Does anybody have any suggestions?

    See Here for
    Unable to Update or Restore

  • Can one Creative Cloud account be used on both a Windows and a Mac operating system.

    Hi there,
    I currently have a Windows laptop but am looking at changing over to a Mac in a few months. I need design software for work, but want to know if I buy Creative Cloud for Windows now, can the account then be changed over to a Mac when I get my new laptop?
    Appreciate any help,

    Creative Cloud Help | Creative Cloud / Common Questions
    Can I use the software I download from Creative Cloud on more than one machine?
    Yes. Creative Cloud desktop applications can be downloaded and installed on multiple computers, regardless of operating system. However, activation is limited to two machines per individual associated with the membership. See the terms of use for more information. Learn how to deactivate a Creative Cloud license on a machine.

  • How can an ipad communicate with another ipad to show a presentaion from one to many others in the room with ipad

    I would like a ipad to talk to another to do a presentation . Ideally one ipad will be the main presentation tool and the owner will turn pages on his and then the other ipads will do the same without anyone touching them.

    1. Drag and drop or by selecting the pics you want to move and then clicking on the + button on the toolbar...
    2. Yes
    3. Select a pic and right click on it. Select Get Info:
    4. At this time you can only change dates on photos.

  • Why does apple have this stupid thing where you cant change your apple id to another persons and then change it back? Its really annoying and why 90 days!!!!!!!!!!

    Please help

    There is a very good reason why Apple does this.
    Basically it is to prevent people from sharing purchased content with their friends. If you buy an app that costs lets say $19.99 and you let a friend sign into your ID on his device in order to download that purchase for free - that is what most people would call stealing. And your not just stealing from Apple - you are really stealing the bulk of the money from the app developer.
    There is nothing that you can do now. You have to wait the 90 days. And it is highly unlikely that any feedback to Apple is going to matter. I don't see them changing this anytime soon.

  • How can I substitute characters in a string when the same characters are used in both input and output strings

    Hi Numbers users,
    I am trying to get Numbers 2.3 on OS X (10.9.1) to convert  cells containing variable length strings composed of 6 letters, A, B, C, a, b, c into a second string containing the same 6 lettersusing the rule A to c, B to b, and C to a and vice versa, so for example cell A1 might contain string "AcBbCaaB" and I want Numbers to convert this into "cAbBaCCb" in cell B1. I have tried to use the SUBSTITUTE function (nested) without success so far as I end up with the letters either all uppercase or all lowercase. I understand why this is happening and maybe it isn't possible using SUBSTITUTE. Does anyone know if there is another function I can use to do this?
    Thanks, Hugh.

    you can use this method:
    Add a new table, called "Translator", show as the bottom table:
    Enter the data in columns B anc C as shown
    cell A1 contains:
    select cell A1 and fill down
    For the table on top enter your code in column A.  The converted code will be in column B.  Make sure there are enough columns (I went out to column AD):
    D2=MID($A2, COLUMN()−2, 1)
    select D2, copy,
    select cells D2 thru P2, paste
    R2=IFERROR(VLOOKUP(CODE(D2), Translator::$A:$C, 3, 0), "")
    select R2, copy,
    select cells R2 thru AD2, paste
    select B2 thru AD2 and fill down as needed
    You can hide columns C thru AD

  • How can i get a refined internet search, only show words that are used in search request

    Can i get a refined search. For example, show only the words that have been entered in the searchbar

    You can try putting the word or phrase inside double quotes (" "). I think this would work in most search engines.
    [ Google Search help]
    [ Yahoo Search help]
    [ DuckDuckGo help]

  • 35 to 50 Amp Kilowatt Monitoring system. Does anyone have this?

    Looking for a system already developed, both LabView and the Electrical system. My company wants it ASAP. We need to monitor power consumption Kilowatt per hour cost.
    Contact me at [email protected]
    Also if you know where to get this system please let me know. We need a system that will do Single or two phase 35 to 50 Amp. 100VAC to 250VAC We have LabVIEW 6i Professional PCI-6024E, a conditioning box with SCC-AI01 Moduals. I don't have time to build and program anything as this is a emergency request.

    Good afternoon,
    Three specific Allaince member products are MasterMonitor from Emergent-IT, BK550 from Elcom, and Vista Engineering (Iceland)has a demand side management system.
    I am working with these three companies and general electrical power transducers that are compatible with NI data acquisition boards. I would be happy to discuss your application in more detail.
    Preston Johnson
    Business Development Manager
    National Instruments
    [email protected]
    pager 888-787-3649
    Preston Johnson
    Principal Sales Engineer
    Condition Monitoring Systems
    Vibration Analyst III -,
    National Instruments
    [email protected]

  • How to communicating one application with another?

    I wanted to make a web site that have the ability to view,update,insert and delete record in a database. How to do that? How can one application communicate with another? example, I wanted to have XHTML communicate with Java and Java to communicate with my database that is pointbase database.

    Multi-tier application communication is a somewhat complex matter. It may be made using differents techniques and designs. But like Sum-shusSue said, a typical Java-based solution would use these Java technologies: JSP (Java Server Page) for the presentation side (the client), Servlet or EJB (Enterprise Java Bean) for the server-side logic. The communication with the Database is made through JDBC.
    I suggest that you take a look at the J2EE edition of Java. That stands for Java 2 Enterprise Edition and it is specifically made for enterprise system development, such as Servlet, JSP, EJB, etc...
    This is a whole lot of new subjects and, from my humble experience, it is not that easy. i.e. I would not recommend it for strict newbies. However, if you have some months of Java coding on your side, maybe you should take a look. You can check first the left menu of this site, you'll find, under Technologies the sub-menu J2EE. There's also, somewhere on the site, tutorials on differents J2EE topics. Finally, I would recommend you this book:
    Professional Java Server Programming, J2EE 1.3 Edition, edited by Wrox. Of course, there a lot of other books on hte market. J2EE is a hot topic!
    Hope this help...

  • I have several pdfs on my iPad in iBooks. My iPhone shows only the categories, none of the documents. How can I get my iPhone to also show the documents that are on my iPad?

    I have several pdfs on my iPad in iBooks. My iPhone shows only the categories, none of the documents. How can I get my iPhone to also show the documents that are on my iPad?

    You will need to connect your iPad to your computer's iTunes and do File > Devices > Transfer Purchases to copy them over to your computer (that will copy PDFs and epubs that are in the iBooks app, not just actual ibooks), and you can then sync them to your iPhone. Or you might be able to open each PDF in iBooks on your iPad and use the share icon to email them to yourself and then use 'open in' in the Mail app on your iPhone to copy them to its iBooks app (if the PDF is protected then you may not get the email option via the share icon).
    The Settings > iBooks > Sync Collections setting doesn't copy items between devices, it just means that it a bookor PDF is on both devices and you move it into a collection on one device then it will be moved into the same collection on the other device

  • How can i share music with another person?

    How can i share music with another person?

    See a post of Jeff Bryan's which explains about the
    iPod-to-computer transfer in detail:
    reverse download... from ipod to computer

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  • Need help viewing SWF on my site

    I'm using DW 8, Cute FTP Pro & GoDaddy. My first attempt at uploading and properly viewing a SWF file has resulted in a problem that I can't seem to figure out. Since I'm new at this, I think that it is a matter of a missed setting and/or improper or

  • Oracle 9i Automatic PGA Memory Management

    Hello, my team and me, we are facing difficulties to change the size of the PGA used by our server processes for HASH JOIN, SORT... operators, here you can see the results of "select * from v$pgastat": [pgastat dynamic view results|

  • How do I make a function final?

    Hi all, This question has probably been asked before but I couldn't find any postings on it. Is it possible to prevent a function from being overridden in subclasses as per final methods in Java? Cheers, Kevin

  • Problem ordering book from I photo

    When I went to process my order I got a pop up window saying "default text has been found that has not been edited-printed books will not include this text. Question: How can I find out where it is detecting this problem? I have reviewed all the text

  • HT4859 is all email stored on icloud, even from a different server such as yahoo?

    Is all e mail sotred on icloud, even when using a different address such as yahoo?