How can I ge a printed user manual for Photoshop Elements 12

Is a printed user manual for photoshop elements 12 available?

Hi venice50,
I've moved your discussion to the Photoshop Elements forum. Please see this page: Photoshop Elements Learn & Support.
Click the Previous versions links at the bottom of the Help and Tutorials list to find links to PDF versions of Photoshop Elements 12 Help. I don't know whether there are printed versions available, but the smart folks who visit this forum regularly should be able to point you to them, if they exist.

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    is there a pdf user manual for photoshop elements10 to download
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    Right click on the following page where it says View Help PDF and Save Link As (or similar wording)

  • HT4137 how can I download a free users manual for my iPhone 8gb?

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    There should be a link to the manual in Safari on your iPhone.
    You can also download it for free as an iBook.
    Or click this link: iPhone User Guide - For iOS 7 Software (October 2013)Oct 22, 2013 - 25 MB

  • German User Manual for Photoshop Elements 12

    Could someone please tell me where I can find this PDF File?
    Thank you

    Elements 12 Organizer (PDF):
    Elements 12 Editor (PDF):
    Product help and tutorials:

  • How can I re-enter my ID & serial # for Photoshop Elements 4.0

    I downloaded Photoshop Elements 4.0, installed my ID and serial # as requested, and now when I try to use the program I get a message telling me that my ID or serial # is invalid, and that the program needs to exit.

    Well, first of all, PSE 4 won't run on your macbook. You need at least PSE 6, I'm afraid.
    Also, that link was very confusing to many people. Adobe was not giving the software away. They just shut down the activation servers. Those downloads were really intended only for people who already had a registered copy of the software, not for anyone who wanted to try it, although it was greatly misunderstood because of adobe's poor communication. Even if it had been compatible, I'm not sure it would have worked without a previously registered serial number, although PSE 4 never had activation in the first place.

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    The iPad mini is basically a one user device. There are no Accounts. You can set up restrictions so that only you can do certain things.

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    Here find the correct ken for your iMac.

  • User Manual for Photoshop CS6

    Can someone please send me a link where I can download the user manual for Photoshop CS6.  I'm not looking for individual help topics but an actual user manual.  I couldn't find it in the online documentation.  Thanks.

  • User manual for Premiere Elements  4

    Is there a link for a complete user manual for Premiere Elements 4? I found a link for the Photoshop Elements 6 user manual (which was not shipped with 6.0.) Wondering if there's one for Premiere 4

    Lots of tutorials both in written and video format available at
    Everything you wanted to know about Premiere Elements and more...

  • How can I measure selected area of pixels using photoshop elements 12?

    how can I measure selected area of pixels using photoshop elements 12?

    Show the 'information' panel F8).
    In the middle horizontal section, select 'pixels' on the left drop-down menu.
    Use the rectangular marquee tool to select your area: the dimensions in pixels of the rectangle is shown under 'dimensions' on the right.
    I think there are other ways to measure a line segment, but you could use the above measure by adjusting the rectangular marquee tools to both extremities of the segment,
    - use the move tool to rotate the rectangle so that the diagonal measuring the segment is horizontal,
    - move the rectangle to the left, and check validate, which creates another rectangle including the first one
    - read the pixel dimension (L:) in the info panel like above.

  • How are the .7z files used and installed for photoshop elements and premier elements?

    How are the .7z files used and installed for photoshop elements and premier elements?

    You can try to extract them to a folder and then try to install using the setup file.
    Or you can try to download the .exe file ( Small File ) for the software you have and then run the .exe file and it will start the installation. Both .exe and .7z file for the application should be in same location.
    Download Photoshop Elements products | 9, 8, 7
    Download Photoshop Elements products | 11, 10
    Download Premiere Elements products | 11, 10
    Download Premiere Elements products | 9
    *** You can either download the .exe file from the above download links or you can also download both .exe (File 2 of 2) and .7z (File 1 of 2) from the above links.

  • Can you download a 32 bit installer for photoshop elements 12 to install on a 64 bit system (windows 7)

    can you download a 32 bit installer for Photoshop elements 12 to install on a 64 bit system (windows 7). Thanks in advance

    yes, if you follow all 7 steps you can directly download a trial here:  Adobe Photoshop Elements 12 Direct Download Links, Premiere too | ProDesignTools
    and activate with your serial number.
    if you have a problem starting the download, you didn't follow all 7 steps, or your browser does not accept cookies. 
    the most common problem is caused by failing to meticulously follow steps 1,2 and/or 3 (which adds a cookie to your system enabling you to download the correct version from 
    failure to obtain that cookie results in an error page being displayed after clicking a link on or initiates the download of an incorrect (eg, current) version.

  • FAQ: Where can I download the manual / user guides for Photoshop Elements?

    Find the manual / user guides here:
    Photoshop Elements 13 Editor:
    Photoshop Elements 13 Organizer:
    Elements 12 Organizer:
    Elements 12 Editor:
    Elements 11 Organizer:
    Photoshop Elements 11 Editor:
    Elements 10 Organizer:
    Photoshop Elements 10 Editor:
    Elements 9 Organizer:
    Photoshop Elements 9 Editor:
    Elements 8-10 Organizer Help PDF archive:
    Photoshop 7-10 Elements Editor Help PDF archive:
    Photoshop Elements 6 resources:
    Photoshop Elements Key Concepts glossary:
    You might want to bookmark the new Help hub for Photoshop Elements:
    A one stop destination with help, tutorials, installation, community and more!
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    It should be available within the app. Press the F1 key.

  • Is there a user manual for Premier Elements 11?

    Can't find a manual for Premier Elements 11 but I can find the one for ver 12 easily. Can anyone tell me whether there is one for ver 11 and, if so, provide a link?
    thanks much for helping!

    I saw your thread
    and was going to dig into it, but then got detoured.  It looked like more than I am used to.
    We can continue this discussion in the other thread, so I will just mentioned details that I was going to ask about (just in case I get detoured again.)
    a. Are you saying that you have a live feed of video and audio going into Premiere Elements? If so,
    what did you set as the project preset beforehand so that it would match the properties of your source media.
    b. What are those properties of your source media?
    c. I do not know if I can do a live feed of video and audio from camera into Premiere Elements, but I could give it a try. What is the connection type and what do the connections look like?
    If I am correct in my understanding of what you are doing, can you get the video and audio in sync if you import the video and audio files after recording.
    I suspect most of what you are seeking is advanced and are less likely to be found in the typical books available. So, if possible, you might want to preview books before purchase. There are not inexpensive.
    More later.

  • Where can i find the installation's files for photoshop element version 7

    Where can I find the installation's files for Phtoshop element version 7 ?

    This should help:
    Download Photoshop Elements products | 9, 8, 7
    Be sure to follow the instructions carefully.

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