How can I generate printer spreads when using an Indesign Book?

Our design team utilizes the Indesign Book feature to tackle magazine design. This convenient feature has become part of our workflow for both print and dps versions of the content since we do not work in the same locations yet share design responsibility. We're able to see when someone else is working in a "chapter" and keep our overall content synced.
Is there a way from the Indesign Book palette to generate a pdf that is in printer's spreads? The export options included within the Book Palette appear geared to reader spreads only. It seems the only automated option is to work from 1 large Indesign file and use the File > Print Booklet option. Is there a better solution that is geared more toward the Indesign Book user that offers the same outcome without a lot of manual work?

I usually (when needed as sometimes is) export the entire book to a PDF using the pdf settings- bleeds etc. but I don't include inside bleeds.
I then create a new document the original size - and use the MultiPage importer script ndd-files.php
You can then offset the PDF to the bleed using a negative value in the placement options (it's tricky to get the hang of this so try a few pages first)
Then I can use File>Print Booklet and Choose PDF.
It's a hack and a half but it can work - but I'd never send this particular file to a printers to be printed.
As always - be careful.

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    I am getting error in http server log "mod_oc4j: Response status=499 and reason=Oracle SSO, but failed to get mod_osso global context."
    But I am not using Oracle SSO and my client doesn't want to use it either, I am using OAM SSO(CoreIDSSO) in my configuration. Please read the details below.
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    We have application specific roles which we map to OID roles using orion-application.xml.
    Any pointers to achieve this would be greatly appreciated.

  • How can I customize the toolbar when using the attribute browser

    In CVI 2012, the toolbar changes depending on the environment, e.g. it is different for the source window and the UI editor. The toolbar can be customized using the menu Options / Toolbar...
    Unfortunately, when using the attribute browser of the UI editor, another toolbar is displayed, i.e. not the UI editor toolbar.... I would have assumed that the attribute browser belongs to the UI editor, obviously it doesn't... So how can I customize the toolbar when using the attribute browser?
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    It's nice to have you back 
    Thank you for the clarification, so I'll elaborate a bit more: In the regular workspace toolbar, I have a disk symbol to save the file. This symbol is gone in the attribute browser...
    So I have three different toolbars, for source code (workspace), UI editor, and the UI editor displayed but the attribute browser clicked on (selected)... 
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    Attribute browser:

  • How can I remove print margins when manually setting them to zero doesn't work?

    I'm trying to print a web page that I've created with a custom paper size of 4.5x10.25 inches. I want the page to be printed right to the edge of the paper, with no margins at all.
    I've been reading for a few days and the best thing I can find is to use Mac's Page Setup dialog to create a custom paper size and custom margins, which I've done and set to the default for all of my printers. (Hopefully I'm able to post links to images --> No matter what I do though I can't get the margins to go away. There's always always always a .75 inch margin when I print and when I print preview (Again, hoping I can post links to images --> Just to note: The same thing happens printing other websites and documents (i.e it is not a problem with my website).
    Things I've tried:
    I've read that the margins are only visible in print preview and printing the page will remove them. This didn't work.
    I've tried tricking the system by setting my margins to 0.01 inches
    I've tried adjusting the website to not be exactly the size of the page (I made it smaller) and the margins were still there.
    I've set "print.print_extra_margin" to 0 in Firefox's about:config page.
    I've tried a different printer.
    I've tried a co-worker's machine running a newer version of OSX.
    I've made absolutely sure that my page size it set correctly.
    I'm using OSX 10.6.8 with Firefox v21.0.
    The closest I can come to this is using Google Chrome, where there is a specific option for "none" in margins and the Chrome preview looks okay, but I'm not able to specify paper size unless I click "Print using system dialog" which gives me the same problems as above.
    How do I remove the margins and just fit to the exact size of the page?

    Welcome to Apple Support Communities. We're all users here.
    Does your Print dialog offer photo 'borderless printing' settings for various paper sizes?
    Every photo printer I've ever encountered leaves some unprintable margin, unless 'borderless' and/or 'photo' media are specifically selected.
    On many of the Canon inkjet color printers I've used, borderless printing is only available when one of the photo papers is selected, even when a custom size specified that is smaller than the actual paper, trying to make it 'borderless'
    I stitch together and print panoramas of theatre sets for my local community theater, so I end up with an image about 4.5 inches by 11.5 inches to be printed.
    Selecting a photo and opening in Preview and selecting 'Fill Entire Paper' illustrates the standard unprintable borders for my specific printer.
    When I open the panoramic image in Preview, I get this print preview. (The set image is of course rotated left)
    By selecting Letter and Borderless in the Paper Size dialog for my Canon MG5320 printer, I get this result.
    This particular Canon printer of course does NOT actually 'know' what paper is inserted, but the ink is applied assuming that a photo paper is being used, so it will saturate a standard paper.
    Hope this helps!
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  • How can i set  "Createdby" attribute  When using Custom JheadStart Security

    We do not use JASS for Authentication , please help us how can i set createtby attributes with jhs.username in application for any entity object?

    See a similar question at History Attributes when using Custom Authentication Type

  • How can i generate variable pulse waveform using PWM outputs of 7344.

    I want to generate a pulse waveform using the pwm outputs of 7344. How can i very the frequency of the PWM programatically.

    If you are programming in LabVIEW, you can use the Configure PWM Output VI to set up the frequency of the pulse train. If you are in any other language, you can use the NI-Motion API and call the flex_configure_pwm_output function to achieve the same result. Please refer to the NI-Motion C reference help that gets installed with the NI-Motion 6.0 driver or follow this link:​670CC3CB3F862567C800755B95?OpenDocument&node=13209​0_US
    for more information on this function.

  • How can you Keep column links when using export CVS

    I am exporting a report using Report Template of export: CVS. This report is a copy of a report that have column links that work. However, when I export the report using export: CVS the excel file no longer has the links in the columns.
    How can I get the link to be transferred to excel?

    When you export anything as CSV type it is a plain ordinary text file - MS Excel opens it because it has knowledge of this type of file (ie text delimited by comma/tab).
    You seem to need a bit more than that - best if you search the forum for ¨excel¨ or maybe ¨report exports¨. I believe there are some threads here that may help - I think it needs java or some fancy PL/SQL to do it.

  • How can I magnefy the screen when using firefox

    I have seen in other Browsers that you can magnify the screen by choosing 100% or 150%, etc.
    Please how can one do this in Firefox.
    Thank You
    Alvaro Gil Fernandez

    See this:
    The Firefox Page Zoom feature does a domain by domain level of saving the users preferred zoom level settings, there is no default Page Zoom level setting in Firefox.
    Try the Default FullZoom Level extension: <br />
    Or the NoSquint extension: <br />

  • Has anyone experienced 'Parent' & 'Child' TOC (bookmark version) issues, when using an InDesign Book to create a fixed format ePub3?

    I'm using the latest versions of AdobeCC and Indesign on the mac to generate fixed format ePub3 files.
    I have an Indesign Book which is comprised of 9 documents (chapters). When I create a bookmark based Table Of Contents, I'm finding that I'm having trouble getting the 'parent' and 'child' hierarchy perfect. This is because some 'child' bookmarks need to be under the 'parent' of one document within my book, and yet I need to add the bookmark from a different document (or chapter).
    In essence, I'm asking is there a way of having a 'child' bookmark in one document, nestled under a 'parent' on a different document within my InDesign book? All I seem to get are repeats of the 'parent' rather than it looking at all of the documents and synching them.
    In the screenshot below (the larger circle), I have added sharks as a parent folder in one 'document/chapter', and then later on in the book (in a different document/chapter, another shark needs to be added to the list under the sharks parent, and yet it doesn't give me the option to add it as a Child to sharks. I created another sharks parent in this later document thinking I might be able to synch across all documents, but all it seems to do is create a duplicate.
    Any help appreciated!
    Thanks, Joe

    Just thought that a much better way of phrasing what I initially asked would be: Is there is a way to synchronize bookmarks across all documents in a book?

  • How can we generate our FTP license using TrueLicense software ?

    Hi friends,
    I am Jaymin Shah from India.
    Currently I am developing an J2EE application for office use. Now I want to commercialize that application.
    So, I look around the web and found TrueLicense as a good Licensing software available for Java.. It is in Java so its a free source.
    I am OK with generating regular license using privateKeyStore and publicKeyStore. and can validate my application using that.
    But, when I try to built a FTP(Free Trial Period) license with it, it is not helping me. I want to give 15 days free trial to customers when delivered CD to them. And after that I want to deliver regular license to them for use the application.
    Can anybody help me in setting the FTP in license in my application ?
    Thanks in advance.

    Jaymin wrote:
    Thanks JoachimSauer for ur reply.You're welcome, but please avoid this kind of SMS-appreviations ("ur" instead of "your"), they make you look as if you don't care and therefore result in less useful replies.
    First thing is - I am new to this forum (infact for any forum.) so by mistake i post it in this section. But i cant find any section for that. Thats why i put it in a simple New to java section.I didn't mean to post it to another section of this forum, but to another forum and/or mailing list altogether. This forum is not for support on third-party libraries, but for core Java questions.
    Second. - team is working on that TrueLicense project. But there is less help available on web for that TrueLicense.The [TrueLicense homepage|] has a link to some [mailing lists|]. That's probably the correct place to ask your questions.
    Third - TrueLicense Library Collection (TLC) is totally free source.It is open source and free software ("free source" is not a commonly used term). But the fact has nothing to do with it being written in Java. I just told you that Java software doesn't necessarily need to be free software.
    So, please read about FTP in that and give me reply regarding that.No way! You want us to learn about TrueLicense just to help you? That's unlikely. Go somewhere where people already know that software and ask your questions there!

  • How can I generate a component array using JBuilder?

    Now I'm using JBuilder to design my program's GUI. I wanted a JTextField array like this:nums[0]~nums[2].So I draged three JTextFields into the container at JBuilder's design view. But when I set the names of them as nums[x](x=0,1,2). I got a Error Message. It told me that I used a illegal name. How should I do, please?
    thank you a million!

    The DIO ports on a MIO will not satisfy your needs (unless you move to LV RT).
    They do not support buffered outputs.
    Your update rate (how often you can set the port and clear it) is going to be limited by how fast (a-hem slow) windows will let you iterate,
    be non-determinstic.
    You could use,
    1) LV RT with the existing board, or
    2) FieldPoint PWM module, or
    3) Arbitrary waveform generators, or
    4) HS DIO board, or
    5) use the analog output of your baord where you que-up a 0 -5V waveform of the proper shape (i.e. make sure that the duty cylce fraction of the update values are high, the rest low).
    This is just to get a PWM signal out.
    Now there is another issue. Determinism. How often do you plan on reading your inputs and making a change to you
    r PWM? If you plan on doing more often that 10/second, write your code to handle windows going out to la-la land when you expect it to be working.
    Can you tell I like LV-RT.
    I hope my ramblings have helped.
    Ben Rayner
    I am currently active on.. MainStream Preppers
    Rayner's Ridge is under construction

  • How can I put check conditions when using Function 'LDB_PROCESS'

    Hy experts,
    I am using LDB_PROCESS and I don't know how to use check conditions in the callback forms.
    for example:
                              WA    TYPE QALS
                              EVT   TYPE C
                              CHECK TYPE C.
       WHEN 'G'.
    endform.                    " CALLBACK_QALS
    Have anyone an example of how I can use check conditions in this type of form???
    thx in advance

    U should indicate in which node (the GET) you need to check the condition, you form should have the following interface:
    FORM <formname> USING <nodename> LIKE LDBCB-LDBNODE
                           <workarea> (LIKE ...)
    So the code should be:
    CHECK <WORKAREA>-FIELD = ............

  • How can you see the progress when using a ForEach loop?

    I have an array with about 100 containers in it. My main thread uses a ForEach loop with an inner case structure with six possibilities. My previous program had all the steps in a very long list, executing them one by one. I find this new approach is much nicer to look at, and easier to change, but there isn't really any way of telling how far along the test is (unless you know it by heart). In the long list approach, you could see all the Done/Passed outcomes and how many remained, now there is no way of telling.
    Any tips on making some kind of progress indication? 
    Go to Solution.

    As ObjectReference parameter, you should use 'Nothing'. The last parameter (synchronuous?) you can choose true or false. Please refer to the documentation of PostUIMessageEx for further information.
    The numeric parameter should range between 0-100. Since it is "Progress Percent", this makes sense, does it?
    The status bar has several panes, one e.g. displaying the logged in user or the used process model. The pane on the right most side will display the Progress Percent if used in your sequence.
    The default reporting, as already stated, includes this feature. So if you have a sequence with e.g. 500 steps, the reporting "will have a visible progress" in that pane (with less than 100 steps, it is most often too fast to see). Remember that NI Sequence Editor and the Full Featured User Interfaces do have this feature, the Simple UI does not have it.
    CEO: What exactly is stopping us from doing this?
    Expert: Geometry
    Marketing Manager: Just ignore it.

  • How can i run wireless internet when using windows xp on my imac?

    I recently installed Windows XP on my imac using Boot Camp, everything works great except the internet. ive been looking but i have found no way to get the internet to work via my wireless connection, or is it just not possible?
    Could it be that i am missing some drivers? Anyone know where i can get them?
    Sorry if im asking too much stuff.
    Thanks in advance

    Depending on the wireless base station brand and specifications,
    you may have to set up the Windows system to find & use it...
    Just about the same as setting up any Windows PC to go online;
    except, if you have an Apple base station...
    If you have an AirPort base station, there are updates for Windows
    to help use that access point, from your Mac, running Windows.
    An example, but not necessarily the correct answer, in the following:
    • AirPort Utility 5.4.2 for Windows
    Since you have posted this request in 10.5 Leopard> Automator
    discussion, this won't be a suitable place to find matching replies.
    see: Windows compatible technologies> Airport for Windows:
    There are other topic discussions under the Windows area,
    so if you look into the main Discussions page and look into
    the bottom of the listings, you can see the larger group there.
    Apple Support Discussions - Forum Home:
    Perhaps after reading through topics in the Windows> Airport
    thread, you may wish to reconstruct and repost it in that area.
    Good luck & happy computing!
    { edited to add Airport Utility info & misc explanation }

  • How can we see print preview when executing T Code?

    We create a one T Code . This T.code is assigned to one programme. Programme is assigned to one smart form. When I execute
    New T code . The system is asking input parameters than executing Tcode system is terminating the screen.

    Hi Go for RSMONICDP give timestamp and u'll have it.
    Please assign points if useful
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