How can I get Firefox ver. 29 to work with Silverlight in windows 8.1

I noticed that this problem doesn't occur in version 28 of Firefox. For some reason when I try to go to Netflix, I can login but I can't play any videos without getting an 2103 error message with Silverlight. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling both 64bit and 32bit versions of Silverlight 5. It worked last night, but for some reason it won't work at all. So I've went back to version 28 of FIrefox and the problem is gone. I also want to note that this problem isn't happening with Chrome or IE11.

I've been using Firefox Beta, so I've had 29 for a while. Silverlight works fine, and I use Netflix without any errors. I'm using a 64-bit Windows 7, so I can't say why it won't work on Windows 8.1. Hopefully it gets fixed since I'm updating soon.
Just a quick note: make sure you have the latest 32-bit version of Silverlight. The 64-bit version will only work on IE11 if you have a 64-bit system.

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    Clear the cache and the cookies from sites that cause problems.
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    What you could do is use a video converter (there are some good ones that are availible free, eg MPEG Streamclip ( to convert those avi movie files to either of the 3 video formats iMovie supports, then import them.
    MPEG Streamclip does sound a little complicated for you but it is the best I have found, any more questions just post them here.

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