How can I get Flash Player to work on my computer?

I've loaded flash player several times, and every time I go to a website requiring Flash Player it says you don't have the current flash player, please download.  I download it and go back to the website.  It still doesn't work!  Really frustration, any suggestions?  I have a HP Pavilion g7-1117cl notebook with windows 7.

What is your browser?  If IE check

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  • How can I get flash player to work on my iPad?

    How can I get flash player to work on my iPad?

    Adobe has not made a version of Flash for the iPad.
    Kappy explains why.
    5 Flash Player Alternatives
    Top 4 browsers supports flash player on iPad and iPhone
     Cheers, Tom

  • How Can I Get Flash Player To Work In Mac OS 10.5.8?

    I've got Flash Player v10.3.183.7 installed on my Mac running OS 10.5.8.  Using any browser, when I go to a page where Flash Player is required I get a notice telling me that I need to install FP or upgrade to a newer version.
    Where do I go from here?

    Do you know if your Mac is Intel or PowerPC based?  If it's a PowerPC cpu, please see this post:
    What version of Flash Player should I use with my Power PC based Mac?
    If it's Intel based, right click on Safari in your Applications folder and select "Get Info".  In the dialog that appears, do you see "Open using Rosetta" checked?  If so, uncheck it and try again.

  • How can I get Flash Player and install it?

    I29/Aug/2010 17:37
    TO: Adobe Forum
    I am running Windows XP Home, and using Mozilla Firefox 3.6.8 as my browser.
    When I go to download and install the latest version of Flash Player, the ONLY option I get is to quit. In other words, I cannot download and install Flash Player. This even occurs at Adobe's own website.
    How can I get Flash Player and install it?
    Thank you in advance.
    Barry Karas

    First, you can manually download the installer here:
    Second. On both my Mac (OS 10.6.4) and My PC (Vista Home Premium) I have had nothing but trouble with Firefox 3.6.8 and Flash player, Flash apps and Flash sites that require access to web cam or microphone or both.
    The last time Flash Player worked well with Firefox was 3.6.4, but I uninstalled 3.6.8 and went all the way back to 3.0 on both systems.
    Just a heads up. If you download the manual installer, and it still doesn't work, it ISN'T the Flash Player. It's Firefox. IE, Opera and Safari all work with it.
    Go to and get an older build of Firefox, uninstall 3.6.8, install the older one, go to Tools, and Options and turn off automatic checking for updates, so it doesn't try to take you back the the 3.6.8 "busted @$$ joint" that doesn't work worth poo.
    Maybe when they release 3.7, Firefox will have their act together with Adobe and Flash Player.

  • How do I get flash player to work

    How do I get flash player to work

        Are Plug-ins Enabled?
        Enable Plug-ins
        Safari > Preferences > Security
        Web Content:
        Click in the box for "Enable Plug-ins".

  • How can I get Flash Player for Android 4.1.2?

    How can I get Flash Player for Android 4.1.2?

    First of all many thanks for your prompt reply.
    This morning I tried with other versions and unfortunately after installation I couldn’t use them.
    Best regards,
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    Asunto: How can I get Flash Player for Android 4.1.2?
    Re: How can I get Flash Player for Android 4.1.2?
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  • How can I get "Flash Player" setup program in English?

    How can I get "Flash Player" setup program in English?
    During instalation  I've got something that look like Polish or Czech, anyway not legible.
    It last for, aaaa ... 2 years ... sadly, no improvment at all.

    You could try the offline installers
    Windows: n-pars_header
    Mac OS: r_11_osx.dmg

  • I can't get Flash Player to work at all I need help PLEASE!!!

    I have been trying for close to 1 week now to figure out how to get this flash player to work on both IE & Firefox and it's driving me crazy. I'm running a Windows 7 Home Premium Edition 64-bit not sure what other info you need but I'm here if you need more. I just want to get this fixed so hubby can play his games and I can play mine.
    Thanks so much

    Games require not only the latest Flash Player, but the least Shockwave as well. I recommend a complete “clean install” for both.
    Download the following by right clicking and  selecting either "Save target as"(IE) or "Save Link As"(Firefox):
    Shockwave Player Uninstaller
    Flash Player Uninstaller
    Flash Player for ActiveX (Internet Explorer)
    Flash Player Plug-in (All other browsers)
    Shockwave Player 12 FULL Installer (Other browsers)
    Save the files - DO NOT RUN ANYTHING YET.
    Reboot your system.
    BEFORE opening anything, run the UNINSTALLERS to remove Shockwave and Flash Player,
    Once they’ve finished, go to: C/Windows/System32 and delete the Macromed folder.
    Go to: C/Windows/SysWOW64 and delete the Macromed folder.
    Open your Registry Editor (Start>Run or press the Windows key + R and tope “regedit” [minus the quotes] and click OK)
    In the Registry Editor, go to: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SOFTWARE and delete the Macromedia folder.
    Go to: HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software and delete the Macromedia folder there.
    Close the Registry Editor and empty your Recycle Bin.
    Run the Flash Player installers, and the Shockwave FULL installer for Firefox.
    Lastly, using IE, visit: to download and install the Shockwave FULL installer for ActiveX.

  • How can I get flash player downloaded to my iPad?

    How can I get the flash player on my iPad ?

    You can't. Apple never enabled Flash Player for the iPad and never will. Adobe has stopped distributing Flash Player for mobile devices.

  • How can I get flash video to work on ipad2 ?

    I have ipad2 on order - then realised does not support flash. All our training videos are flash !!! Do I cancel order or can I get flash to run on ipad2

    Flash is not supported on the iPad. There are some apps that take a flash video on a web page, send it to a server which converts it to a format suitable for the iPad, but these are somewhat iffy.

  • How do I get Flash Player to download to my compute?

    I have Windows XP and I can't seem to get Flash Player to download to my system. I can only get to the point that the systems tells me what I need to do, then it doesn't give me the options that is indicated. Can anyone help?

    Download the Adobe Flash Player installer directly by clicking one of the following links.
    Flash Player for ActiveX (Internet Explorer)
    Flash Player Plug-in (All other browsers)

  • Can't get flash player to work!!

    I have downloaded and installed Adobe flash player several times but I can't get it to work. every time I try to watch a video on youtube it says I need the upgraded version of flash player. I have version 11.  I have went online and followed instructions on how to delete and reinstall but it still does not work!!  I don't know what else to do!!!!!

    To assist us in quickly understanding your problem, please follow these guidelines when posting:
    Specify your operating system (including 32bit or 64bit edition)
    Specify your web browser and version (including 32bit or 64bit edition)

  • I can't get flash player to work!

    After downloading it on more than one occasion i still can not get it to work, when i look for it on my pc, i can't find it :-s i've tried numerous links to try and solve this issue to no avail can anyone shed some light on this issues as i'm getting more and more frustraited by the day.

    Hi Isabella,
    Try uninstall flash player completely from your pc
    Get the uninstaller from here:
    And then reinstall it thru here:

  • How can I get flash player to show full video using Firefox (23.0.1) on MAC (OSX 10.8.4)

    On Youtube and other sites, I only see the top left quadrant of the video.  I tried uninstalling and re-installing the latest flash player and that did not solve the problem.

    Actually, that was my fault - I saw "Tab" and thought of the full settings display and way I'd normally get to the proper place.  Anyway, I tried taing the number fo time you mentioned but it did not work. Pressing the Tab key 6 tims and pressing enter did get me to the right place. Pressing Tab once highlights the full box (note yellow outline in 1st pic below:
    From there, if I "press Enter again. Press Tab 5 (five) more times, press Enter and close the box." the box does not close and I get to:
    If, on the other hand, when I get to the Display page a press tab twice, it highlights the item I need to uncheck as shown below:
    If from there I Press enter, it does nto uncheck the box, which is what I think needs to be done. Neither does the space bar. And if I follow out the instructions from there I get to"
    So, I'm guesing we may have different items on the setting pages.  My version of flash is 11.8.800.94.

  • How can we get Flash plugin to work in Lion?

    Any way to get a Flash plugin to work in Lion?
    Web sites with Flash components are messing up Safari function.

    I tried going to the page in Firefox (after having uninstalled and reinstalled Flash), and Firefox Error Console reported (among other warnings):
    Warning: An unbalanced tree was written using document.write() causing data from the network to be reparsed. For more information
    Source File: b=clj
    Line: 35
    Warning: An unbalanced tree was written using document.write() causing data from the network to be reparsed. For more information
    Source File:
    Line: 23
    I have reported this issue to Apple as feedback, and I will be attempting to contact the WA courts site admin on Monday as well. I am enjoying some of the new features of Lion and hopeful this issue can get resolved soon. As systems continue development, it will have to be eventually.
    Any additional observations, especially from tech-savvy folks, most welcome.

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