How can I get "IMAQ Line Fit" stable (with the same points)

How can I get "IMAQ Line Fit" stable (with the same points)
I my vision applications I use a lot off times "IMAQ Line Fit"
some times the results are not Stable.
See vi and word document attached.
When I take the same points but in a other order (sort)
then suddenly all points are used.
In this case I was looking for a edge in vertical direction (Y).
I found the points but "IMAQ Line Fit" did not function well.
I tried changing all settings like pixel radius and minimum score and
also threshold and so on. But no result.
Then I sorted the points reversed and that worked. See vi.
I use labview Labview 8.6.0 and IMAQ machine vision.
Maybe this problem is solved in a newer version.
Please let me know.
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Thank You for your reaction Hossein,
This "one application" uses "Line fit" about 20 000 000 times a day.
about 200 will go wrong. With your setting the the "Line fit" for this occasion will work but others will go wrong.
A algorithm should be:
1e Stable, when using the same points and settings the result MUST be the same. How the points are sorted should not matter.
2e Accuracy
3e Speed
4e Testing. Is very difficult but al least close points and the same points and sorting ... should be done
NI now as made a " IMAQ Line Fit" Problem CAR (Corrective Action request) 298016.
so in the future there will be a update.
In the mean while a made a line fit which uses Bisquare option from Linear :
  from C:\Program Files\National Instruments\LabVIEW 8.6\vi.lib\analysis\6fits.llb
This is a temporary fix because "IMAQ Fit Line VI" is not so stable.
Because outliers should be rejected only Bisquare does this reasonable.
This program does NOT USE "Minimum Score" and "Pixel Radius"
Valid fit = When there are enough points within Outlier_Distance.
Algorithm steps:
- Determine if line is more horizontal then vertical, Compare DeltaX with DeltaY
- If DeltaX <= DeltaY then SWAP X Y and later Swap back
- Sort Points at on X value
- First : Bisquare Linear Fit
- Calculate distances to the found line for all points
- Inliers: Points within Outlier_distance
- Outliers: Points outside Outlier_Distance
- Only use Inlier Points
- Check again if DeltaX < DeltaY then SWAP X Y later SWAP back again
- Second : Bisquare Linear Fit only with the Inlier Points
- Results are from the second fit
Warning : This Program is Not so accurate and Not so fast
See attachments it is in labview 8.6
If some has a improvement please let me know.
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