How can I get my pictures back?

I backed my I phone 3 up on home computer. I went and got my I phone 4. Soon as I got home I connected to home computer to put all pictures and data on my new phone but it put all my brothers data instead. I cannot find any of my pictures, contacts, or anything. Is there any way for me to get the pictures back? They are very valuable to me because they were pictures from the hospital when my daughter was born. Can anyone help?

Understand the concern here. Question: When you backed up your device to iTunes, were you logged into your AppleID on itunes? If you were, when you plugged new device in was your brothers appleID logged on in iTunes?
Open iTunes, make sure that you are logged into your appleID. go to Edit at the top of the window. Click on Preferences, this brings up the General Preferences menu, click on devices and see if you have a back uo there of your old device, check the date and the name. If you have a recent back then you can plug in your new device, right click on the name under devices and choose restore from back up / it should give a list of backups and dates and you can choose the most recent one.
-If you have the old device, you can plug it into iTunes, create a new back up and then do the steps above to restore from back-up for your new device.
-If you do not see a back-up in Preferences, or do not have the old device to make a back up again, locate your photos in the Pictures file on your computer and try Dragging and Dropping the albums onto your deivce. this works best if you Minimize both screen and set them side by side so you can see your picture files or albums and also itunes at the same time. Hope that helps.

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  • I have lost my phone and have no backup, how can I get my pictures back?

    I have lost my phone and have no backup. How can I get my pictures back?

    Without a backup, you cannot recover data.  This is a basic tenet of data.
    Did you perhaps have iCloud Photostream enabled?

  • IPhoto update from Mavericks deleted my library. How can I get my pictures back?

    Soo my iPhoto just decided not to find my photo library anymore.
    When I open iPhoto, it only opens a windwo where I can decide which library I want to open, but gives me no choices, the list is empty. Normally this window opens when my external HD is connected to my macbook since then there's two iPhotos available, but now it just doesnt find even one.
    I had another problem with the iPhoto on my external HD, i wanted to open it but a window opened to tell me that my library is used by another programm or that the library can't be read anymore. I was able to save those pictures by showing the contents and copying the pictures.
    Buuuut now on the macbook, when I do the left click thing to open the contents of the package, there are no pictures in it at all, no folder has pictures in it. When I copy the version from time machine, nothing changes. iPhoto has a size of 1.7 Gb, which is way to small. God dammit.
    How can I get my pictures back?

    Thank you Terence!
    Okay, so here the details:
    iPhoto Version 9.5.1
    OS X Version 10.9.1
    So here what I did, detailed. (pardon my english, I'm swiss)
    I downloaded Mavericks, few days later updated iPhoto (the iPhoto icon was orange before and turned blue after the update). All went well, until one month later, all of a sudden, I was not able to open my iPhoto on the external harddisk. A window opened to tell me that either my library is being used by another programm or that it can't be read anymore. To solve this problem iPhoto tells me to do several things, for example shut down the computer and then open iPhoto again, or set up my library again or open iPhoto by pressing command and alt. But non of those instructions helped. So I opened the contents, I looked for the folder with the masters of my pictures and copied the whole thing onto another harddisk.  
    I think I got those Pics saved, but I still can't open iPhoto on the external harddisk.
    Oh and by the way, the iPhoto icon on my external harddisk looks different now, it's three pictures in a row and the one on top shows a redish flower.
    So now, two days later I try to open the iPhoto on my regular macbook. A window pops up and says that I have to choose a library that I want to open. (iPhoto usually did that when I had my external harddisk connected since there were two different librarys then, one on my external, one on my computer) But now, instead of showing me the library's I can choose from it only shows nothing, no list or anything i could even choose. And then below there's this button that says something like "create a new library".
    So what I did:
    I open the contents and looked for the masters of my pictures, but there weren't any pictures at all. The iPhoto has a size of 1.7 GB which I think is too small for all the Pics and videos i stored in there.
    I tried to get the IPhoto from Time Machine, but nothing changed. Iphoto still's 1.7 GB.
    I opened the file "Pictures" in the Finder, but there's no such file like "iPhoto library", like it's deleted or something like that.
    So i think that I used iPhoto usually, nothing speciall. I imported Pictures from my iPhone or camera and left them there.
    Does that help?

  • The apps I created from "add to homescreen" have turned white and have a few lines and circles in it. How can I get the picture back on them?

    The apps I created from "add to homescreen" have turned white and have a few lines and circles in it. How can I get the picture back on them?

    Those aren't apps; they're bookmarks to websites. Have you tried resetting your device by pressing and holding the Home button and power button until the silver apple appears? If all else fails, you can just re-do the shortcuts.

  • I have deleted images out an email body and foxfire deleded all inages.nothing will come through with the emails. How can I get my pictures back?

    There was something in the body of my email and I right clicked on it and clicked on delete image. Foxfire opened a white bar across the top of my screen saying that "Foxfire would delete all of aol 's images and before I realized I could click the undo spot it was gone. I want to know how I can undo this Please.>>>>I can't get any pictures through aol my mail. Thanks

    * You can see the permissions for the domain in the current tab in Tools > Page Info > Permissions
    * You can see all exceptions in Tools > Options > Content: Load Images > Exceptions
    * You can check the Tools > Page Info > Media tab for blocked images (scroll through all the images)
    You can use these steps to check if images are blocked:
    * Open the web page that has the images missing in a browser tab.
    * Click the website favicon ([[Site Identity Button]]) on the left end of the location bar.
    * Click the "More Information" button to open the "Page Info" window with the Security tab selected (also accessible via "Tools > Page Info").
    * Go to the <i>Media</i> tab of the "Tools > Page Info" window.
    * Select the first image link and scroll down through the list with the Down arrow key.
    * If an image in the list is grayed and there is a check-mark in the box "<i>Block Images from...</i>" then remove that mark to unblock the images from that domain.

  • I updated my computer and now can't open my old iphoto, how can I get those pictures back?

    I updated the version on my computer, and want to see my old photos. How can I get those back since I now have a new version of iphoto? Can I download the old version of iPhoto? Please help!!! I had so many old photos I need back!!!

    Perform the following, stopping with the first one which works:
    1. Open the Mac App Store's Purchases tab. If you're prompted to accept the applications into your Apple ID, do so.
    2. Move them out of the Applications folder(they may need to be put into the Trash temporarily), and then see if you can download them for free from their individual product pages. If you're asked to buy them, see #3.
    3. Click here, contact Apple, and wait for a response.
    4. Buy them.

  • Password guessed wrong 10 times all content deleted. how can i get my pictures back

    I need to know how to get my pictures back after they have all been deleted cuz my bratty niece kept typing in the wrong pw to my phone, i just care about the pictures

        I very much understand how important to keep those valuable memories close to you. Do you Verizon Cloud to back up pictures? If so, you'll be able to find the pictures here:
    Follow us on Twitter @VZWSupport

  • Stolen iphone, how can i get my pictures back?

    hey guys, my phone is stolen and now i need your help 2 get back my pictures.
    i have icloud but im not sure if i streamd the pictures, how do i get back my pictures?
    i've tried but cant find anything exept for my contacts. please help.

    You can access your iCloud Photo Stream via webmail access using a browser.
    Do you not have access to your iCloud Photo Stream on your computer? With a Mac, it would be with iPhoto. With Windoze, this must be enabled with the iCloud Control Panel.

  • Thumbnails show hourglass icons. How can I get the pictures back?

    I have photoshop 11. I'm running Windows 7. Most (80%) of my thumbnails in the organizer have been replaced with hourglass icons. How do I get my thumbnail pictures back and why did this happen?

    If you give complete and detailed information about your setup and the issue at hand, such as your platform (Mac or Win), exact versions of your OS, of Photoshop and of Bridge, machine specs, what troubleshooting steps you have taken so far, what error message(s) you receive, if having issues opening raw files also the exact camera make and model that generated them, etc., someone may be able to help you.
    Please read this FAQ for advice on how to ask your questions correctly for quicker and better answers:

  • My hard drive died, how can I get my pictures back from iPad onto a new library on the hard drive?

    Hi there,
    I have a Mac Book, and as it's a little older, and was getting full, I moved my iPhoto library onto an external hard drive. This external hard drive was always plugged in, and iPhoto used it as it's store so to speak.
    However, the hard drive has died which means I now have no access to any of my photo's.
    As I sync both my iPad and iPhone to iphoto in it entirity, at the minute I have ALL my photos on both my iPad and my iPhone.
    How can I recover the photo's onto my mac or new hard drive from the ipad or iphone? I don't dare plug either in at the minute as I don't want the Sync to remove the photos.
    HELP! Please!

    Here's one way
    there are other apps you can use. Search on MacUpdate

  • Since downloading Firefox, my photo's have disappeared and replaced by numbers - How can I get the pictures back

    I was having trouble with downloads on Ebay using Internet Explorer. They recommended Firefox. And it worked better. However, under My Pictures, the actual pictures disappeared and were replaced with the numbers only. I makes it difficult to remember which picture is which when you wish to download 50 or more items. I would like to have the actual pictures back rather than just the numbers. In fact, I do not have the pictures appearing that I use for Ebay. Thank you.

    If images are missing then check that you aren't blocking images from some domains.
    *Press the F10 key or tap the Alt key to bring up the hidden "Menu Bar" temporarily.
    *Check the permissions for the domain in the currently selected tab in "Tools > Page Info > Permissions"
    *Check "Tools > Page Info > Media" for blocked images
    *Select the first image link and use the cursor Down key to scroll through the list.
    *If an image in the list is grayed and "<i>Block Images from...</i>" has a check-mark then remove this check-mark to unblock images from this domain.
    Make sure that you do not block (third-party) images, the permissions.default.image pref on the <b>about:config</b> page should be 1.
    Make sure that you haven't enabled a High Contrast theme in the Windows/Mac Accessibility settings.
    Make sure that you allow pages to choose their own colors.
    *Tools > Options > Content : Fonts & Colors > Colors : [X] "Allow pages to choose their own colors, instead of my selections above"
    Note that these settings affect background images.
    See also:
    There are extensions like Adblock Plus (Firefox/Tools > Add-ons > Extensions) and security software (firewall, anti-virus) that can block images and other content.
    See also:

  • I guess i had to setup icloud i downloaded it onto my phone but cant access it on my computer? how can i get my pictures back?

    HI i downloaded i cloud onto my iphone 4 but for some reason when i try to open icloud on my pc it wont let me  I had alot of important stuff on my phone (which just shut off and wont turn on by the way) I need to get my pictures they are pictures that are very important to me .. HELP

    You can always import your pictures to your PC using your usb cable, as explained here:
    What happens when you try to sign into iCloud on your PC?

  • How can a get deleted pictures back on my iPhone 4S?, How can a get deleted pictures back on my iPhone 4S?

    I deleted several pictures off my camera roll, is there any way I can retrieve them?

    Did you back up your phone before you deleted them?

  • HT201269 how can i get my pictures back on my iphone

    my friend deleted all my pictures off my iphone4s, i tryied reseting it and backed it from a previous day where i had all the pictures, some came back but not all of them is there something else i can do?

    Nope, if you restored from a backup then all that data in that backup is what you will have.
    Future reference you should be importing your pics to your PC

  • How can i get my pictures back, which were deleted because my ipod recovered.

    I wanted to put some music on my ipod. After removing my ipod from the computer, i checked the pictures. I saw i lost my 400 pictures, which i made in vietnam. Is there any way i can recover the pictures. I already tried restoring the pictures. All thensetting were the same, but my pictures didn't show up.
    I am using iTunes for windows (version 10.5) and my ipod is version 5.1.1
    I hope you can help me,
    Matthijs Bles

    If you ever ran a backup of your iPod to your Mac, you can use this app - it is a LIFESAVER!
    Before you buy it, you can download it for free and scan your past iPod backups to see if your pictures are there.
    Also, if you run Time Machine on your Mac, you will have older iPod backups there, so you can pull up the backup file from a Time Machine backup, and then open it up with PictuRescue.
    Good luck!

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