How can i get my unlocked iphone 4 to work with a new pay as u go sim card

how can i get my unlocked iphone 4 to work with a new pay as u go sim card

Insert the sim card and activate the iPhone.

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  • How can I get my Firefox persona to work with the new version of Firefox?

    Everything was working fine, then my computer automatically updated Firefox and my persona background disappeared. It's listed as enabled on the add-ons backgrounds under add-ons manager. I have Foxkeh tail wag. I went and reinstalled it but it still doesn't come on. I went to the firefox personas page and tried to install a different persona. NONE of them work now. How can I get my persona background back?

    Fixed! Thank you!

  • How can I get my photosmart 3180 to work with my new extreme

    I have looked around here, and just can't figure this out, please someone help. I just purchased a 3180 hd with my macbook. Was printing wirelessly fine with my previous hd and new extreme. Now this one isn't working and hp said that it is not a supported wireless printer. Why on earth would apple sell this printer then.
    Could someone please tell me how to make this printer work over my new airport extreme base. PLEASE

    Hey Gabriel (and anyone else interested)
    I was glad to find your post as I had the same issue. My HP Photosmart C3180 would not appear anywhere with my new Airport Extreme 802.11n. I got it to work, but print only (no scan):
    First, remove the HP drivers that you may already have on your Mac. Go to Applications, Hewlet-Packard, and run the Uninstall program. Then go to Utilities, and run Activity Monitor. Locate the handful of activites that are HP related (I had 4) and remove them. Empty the Trash, then Restart. At this point you should be free of HP drivers.
    My setup is with an AirDisk and the printer, both USB to the AEBS through a simple USB hub. While the printer and the Extreme don't seem to get along, I found a thrid party driver that glues it all together nicely.
    Download the installer for Gimp-Print 5.0. After you run the install, simply go to System Preferences, Print & Fax. Click on the + in the lower right hand part of the screen and new window appears. Click on "Default Browser" in the upper right hand corner and you should see "HP Photosmart C3100 Series" appear with the Bonjour connection. (Make sure, of course, you are connected to your wireless network, everything is hooked up, the printer is on, and Bonjour is enabled).
    that was it! I printed the first page I had open in Preview and it worked flawlessly.
    Now, when I want to scan.... I'll probably just do this whole thing backwards and hook it up with the USB cable to my Mac. We'll cross that bridge next time.

  • How can I get an unlocked iphone 5 online?

    How can I get an Unlocked iphone 5 online????

    Unlikely to work on line unless the OP actually resides in said country
    They can however get in line outside Apple Store each morning 

  • I purchased Adobe Acrobat x Pro recently and installed it, I have compatibility issues vision 2013. The adobe pdf converter  plug in stays inactive despite all my efforts to activate it, I need help with this? How can i get the plug in to work with Visio

    I purchased Adobe Acrobat x Pro recently and installed it, I have compatibility issues vision 2013. The adobe pdf converter  plug in stays inactive despite all my efforts to activate it, I need help with this? How can i get the plug in to work with Visio 2013?

    For MS Visio (any version) only the appropriate version of Acrobat *PRO* provides PDFMaker for Visio.
    For Visio 2013 specifically you must have Acrobat XI Pro (updated to at least 11.0.1).
    Be well...

  • HT4623 i purchased an iphone 3GS from US. I used it in Pakistan for 15 days on the local GSM network. After 15 days it locked automatically. How can i get it unlocked. It is with new bootroom and ios 5.1.1

    my family purchased iphone 3GS in US for me. I used that Iphone back home for 15 days, in pakistan on local GSM. But on the one day it automatically got locked as the battery discharged. How can i get it unlocked??

    Only the carrier to whom the device is locked can unlock it.
    Contact them to find out their requirements for unlocking.

  • How do I get my old iphone to sync with my new Macbook Pro?

    I just bought a new Macbook Pro and was able to get all my files and such from my old computer, which was a Macbook about 4 years old. But the problem now is that when I plug in my iphone to the new computer it will not recognize the phone in my itunes. I authorized the computer for my itunes account and everything is updated I'm pretty sure... so how can I get my new computer to "accept" my iphone?

  • How can we get the web cam to work with sykpe or any out going calls

    can get the web cam to work with skype

    Hey there,
    What model laptop is this? Are you using the built-in webcam or is this a external web cam? Also what operating system are you using?
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  • How can I get my Canon A620 to work with Windows 7

    Just signed up here, ot the brightest with tech stuff. I'm trying to get my Powershot A620 to work with Windows 7. I'm guessing there's drivers I need to down load ? Will they be on the Canon website or on this help site ? 
    I'll keep looking around. 

    If you need photo software and don't have any you can download Canon software here.
    But if you already have software you use there is nothing special you need. Ether connect the camera using a USB cable or remove the SD card from the camera and use a card reader (either an external one or the computer may already have one built in.)
    If  you decide to connect the camera via USB you don't need a driver; its built into W7.
    John Hoffman
    Conway, NH
    1D Mark IV, Rebel T5i, Pixma PRO-100, MX472

  • Will unlocked AT&T iPhone 4s work with another carrier simply by inserting their SIM card?

    I went through the official AT&T unlocking process and want to know if my 4S will work with other carriers just by inserting a SIM?  Or is there some other thing I need to do?  Will it work in the U.S. or in other countries?  Thank you!

    It should work with a GSM SIM card (like T-mobile in the US), as long as it as unlocked.  For international, make sure it is GSM.

  • How can i get my nikon software to work on my new mac book pro with lion

    i had nikon software (capture nx2 and view nx) on my old imac that ran leopard
    i cannot get my nikon software to install on my new mac book pro with lion
    can anyone help me get my software installed
    i need this software to work immediately because without it i am unable to work that is the programs on how i process my photographs and without it i cannot make any money
    thank you

    That seems to be supported only up through 10.5.7 and probably needs Rosetta for it to run.
    Rosetta is not included in 10.7.
    If this is the case, you may need to partition your hard drive, install Windows on it, and use that partition for your work.

  • How can I get album artwork to automatically appear with each new episode?

    I have a podcast subscription through the iTunes store and I dragged a piece of artwork into the little box that says "Drag Album Artwork Here" since when I tried to right-click and "Download Album Artwork" nothing happened. How do I get that piece of album artwork to automatically appear with each new episode of the podcast that gets downloaded instead of having to click and drag the image from my desktop every time a new episode gets downloaded?
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    Thanks for your reply. It seems like what I'm wanting to do is rather impossible, although I hope the iTunes developers can include such a feature in a later release of the software.

  • Please Help, How can I get 24Frame .mov's to work with broadcast footage?

    I am desperate for some help. I have 24 Frame image sequences and 29.97 B-Roll footage that I need to work with. I am forced to work in the B-Roll frame rate because it is a mixture of scenes and all the interlace is different shot to shot.
    So my question is how can I take this 24 Frame CG and get it to 29.97? I can’t conform it in Cinema Tools because it speeds up the timing. I can’t add pull down in After Effects because it looks really bad. Is there any other way that I can add pull down to this footage and have it still look good?
    I am in desperate need for some help so even some conversation might get the ball rolling.
    Thanks in advance

    I'm really surprised that you say it is looking bad out of After Effects since that is a good way to add the pulldown. What is it that is looking bad? Is the comp set up correctly? Is the CG stuff a true 24? You might want to conform it to 23.98 in Cinema Tools, then try adding the pulldown in AE. I don't think it should matter except that you aren't truly pulling down to 30fps so you'll have to change the rate at some point.
    The only other way I know to add the pulldown, is to use FinalCut at a 23.98 sequence, play it out to tape to add the pulldown, then capture it back in.

  • How can I get i phone 4s to work with a tom tom car kit

    I upgraded to an i phone 4s from an I phone 3gs.  My tom tom app worked perfectly with the tom tom car kit on my old phone but now I have managed to get it to charge when plugged into the car kit but there is only poor gps reception showing, any Ideas on how to get my beloved sat nav back

    hi, I've got the same problem, cant get it to even charge so behind you on that. have looked on the tomtom site and see that they only stipulate that it will work with 3, 3s and 4 ..... miss out 4s! presumably there is an upgrade on the way!

  • How can I get my metronome click to work with 12/8 meter in Logic?

    I'm trying to get my KlopGeist click to 12/8 music.
    I can get it work with 4/4 and click on divisions set to 12th, but I cannot get truely 12/8.
    It's ok to recore, but the notation is different.
    Can anyone give me an answer?
    Thank you.

    You can try some workaround like this...
    Create an Arrange track for the Klopfgeist (instrument 256). Create a new (one bar) region and draw 4 dotted notes using pitch say G5. Select the region and set ins "Loop" parameter to ON in the track inspector. Done.
    When you need Click you can Mute/Unmute the Klopfgeist track instead of tweaking the Click button in the Transport.
    Another scenario can be done using the Environment click object and building a small Environment tool which can work with the Logic transport click etc.
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