How can I get rid of an advertisement that pops up when I'm using Google? It's the advert from a business i googled once

How can I get rid of an advertisement that pops up whenever I use Google?

Turn on blocking popups
if that doesn't help, in Safari, throw away your history from the days since you had the issue. that may get rid of it. If it doesn't you may need to throw away your cookies (which isnt' any fun because it'll sign you out of any site you regularly sign into)

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    You cannot stop it from popping up.
    it will continue every few minutes until its installed.
    just keep using the back button near right side of home button.

  • How can I get rid of this message that keeps popping up: Widevine Media Optimizer Update Available? Don't know what it is but don't want it.

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    Any third-party software that doesn't install by drag-and-drop into the Applications folder, and uninstall by drag-and-drop to the Trash, is a system modification.
    Whenever you remove system modifications, they must be removed completely, and the only way to do that is to use the uninstallation tool, if any, provided by the developers, or to follow their instructions. If the software has been incompletely removed, you may have to re-download or even reinstall it in order to finish the job.
    Here are some general guidelines. Suppose you want to remove something called “BrickYourMac.” First, consult the product's Help menu, if there is one, for instructions. Finding none there, look on the developer's website, say (That may not be the actual name of the site; if necessary, search the Web for the product name.) If you don’t find anything on the website or in your search, contact the developer. While you're waiting for a response, download BrickYourMac.dmg and open it. There may be an application in there such as “Uninstall BrickYourMac.” If not, open “BrickYourMac.pkg” and look for an Uninstall button.
    You may have to log out or reboot in order to complete an uninstallation.
    If you can’t remove software in any other way, you’ll have to erase your boot volume and perform a clean reinstallation of OS X. Never install any third-party software unless you're sure you know how to uninstall it; otherwise you may create problems that are very hard to solve.
    Trying to remove complex system modifications by hunting for files by name often will not work and may make the problem worse. The same goes for "utilities" that purport to remove software.

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    You can install the AdblockPlus add-on, and subscribe to a filter list.

  • How can I get rid of some applications that I don't want anymore?

    How can I get rid of some applications which I don't want anymore?

    Hold the app icon until it wiggles then tap the "X"
    Settings > General > Usage > select the app > Delete App
    iOS stock apps can not be removed.
    If you do not want them to show up on your devices anymore you can hide the:
    iTunes Store: Hiding and unhiding purchases

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    whatever I do online on my computer is always a small "download" popup in my way. How can I get rid of it? I have no idea where it comes from.

    If there are problems with updating or with the permissions then best is to download the full version and trash the currently installed version to do a clean install of the new version.
    Download a new copy of the Firefox application and save the disk image file to the desktop
    *Firefox 27.0:
    *Trash the current Firefox application (open the Applications folder in the Finder and drag the Firefox application to the Trash) to do a clean (re-)install
    *Install the new version that you have downloaded
    Your personal data is stored elsewhere in the Firefox profile folder, so you won't lose your bookmarks and other personal data when you uninstall and (re)install Firefox.

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    The keyboard has been white since iOS 7 first came out.  Now at least with 7.1, the letters are much better looking.  And you can reduce the white a little. You can't get another keyboard and you can't go back to a previous version.
    You can do the following in Settings > General > Accessibility Bold Text - Increase Contrast - Darken Colors - Reduce White Point
    That should help you with the keyboard.

  • How can I get rid of McAfee SiteAdvisor that has installed itself on my Firefox browser screen?

    An uninvited McAfee message flashed up on my screen when I was on the net and I mistakenly clicked a button that installed the McAfee SiteAdvisor on my browser screen. I have tried to uninstall the McAfee program and to delete the files that McAfee has stored on my computer, but when I try to delete those files a box comes up saying that they cannot be deleted because they are either write protected or in use by another program.
    I do not want to have to read a McAfee SiteAdvisor bright green notice on the bottom corner of my computer screen every time I use Firefox. Does anyone know how to get rid of the files McAfee has stored on my computer? Thank you.

    I used to have McAfee site advisor on one machine last year. I do not remember major problems un-installing it presumably it uninstalled easily from the Windows XP control panel -> remove programs.
    I also seem to recall it created a long list of files possibly totalling in the GB range of memory use, if I remember correctly I had no problems in removing them.
    If you have McAfee security products on your computer you may need to be careful about what is uninstalled.

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    It is so compliv=cated. U had yo find in troubleshootung sime ways. Then i found so many files in the profile menu that have been filed .I had to open every one to choose the right one that never found Then nothing could be done No way to revert.I had decide to uninstall the firefox Then i ttried the restore system way and it worked.
    In any case these add ons of persona are comletely silly.So many unfitting colors and no way to revert.Only to choose a different stupi d icon.Too silly for my sense of style

  • How can i get rid of In-Box:don't want it - won't use it - don't like it and most unprofessional to take-over a past wonderful site.

    got home from out of town and when computer went on up comes this In-Box thing. I did not order it, Don't Want it and WILL NOT USE IT and it has a lousy "google finder" in other words IT STINKS. I want to get rid of it and have Firefox open with Google
    on the page in the center which is the only way I want it.
    Your help will be most appreciated. Thank you for your fine service. Until now with In-Box....

    Go to settings pick General and scroll to pass code lock.

  • How Can I get rid of a download, it won't stop processing? Even after I have deleted image from videos?

    How do I delete a download as it won't stop processing? I have even deleted the image from videos but it is still in my download saying processing. Help?

    Hi Sanjampet,
    Yes, it was a folder from a website. It was a backup of a website (the website was hacked into at one point if that matters). I kept the backups in a folder on my laptop. I was able to delete the other backups, but this one was giving me an issue for some reason. The other day when I was having this issue and you were trying to help me solve it, it was showing that I only had (about) 158 GB of memory left on my computer, but when I was finally able to delete the folder and all of its content it was showing that I had over 250 GB of memory left. I don't understand how a website's backup folder can be that large :S Was that why I was having so much trouble doing anything with it?
    I could drag the entire folder into the trash can, but if I tried to empty the trash it would just do what was showing in the picture from my original post
    Thank you so much!

  • How do I get rid of a sidebar that pop ups no matter what webpage I am searching?

    I have a sidebar that pop up on the left hand side of my screen whenever I am on the internet. It does contains a X and will close with you press that, but reopens as soon as I click on something else. It is very annoying and gets in the way of looking at pages. I've accidentally clicked on it and it takes me to weird websites. It is not listed in my toolbars or sidebars as an option to turn off. My virus detector hasn't detected any viruses.
    I have Firefox version 23 and Windows 7
    I have a copy of the screenshot, but not sure how to post it in this question. Any suggestions will help.
    Thank you,

    Here is a image of what the sidebar looks like:

  • How can I get rid of and prevent further duplicate contacts when syncing?

    I have checked preventing automatic syncing and any other places that seemed to give me some limiting conrol. But I noted the tiny print today that says when syncing by connection with Itunes, mobile me is also in contact wirelessly. I can't see any place mobile me gives me a choice to prevent syncing contacts. I have already spent hours cleaning up the contacts of my iphone 4 and will now have to do it again. Is the only way not to connect to I tunes? How then can you ever get music and other info into this smart phone?

    Did you check this article? iPhone/iPod touch: Resolving duplicates and removing all contacts/calendars/bookmarks with MobileMe
    This thread may also help:

  • I have set my home page but the "drag this icon to the home symbol to set your home page" box will NOT go away each time I use Firefox. How can I get rid of it now that I've done what it wanted?

    This little box near the top right started showing up recently, and after a few times I realized I did want to change my home page to my most frequently used web page, so I followed the instructions and it works, but that @W#$ popup box continues to show up each and every time I start, every time I log out of the web page, and so on. Since I've fulfilled its requirements, I'd like to get it to STAY GONE and not get in my way.

    Start Firefox in <u>[[Safe Mode]]</u> to check if one of the extensions is causing the problem (switch to the DEFAULT theme: Firefox (Tools) > Add-ons > Appearance/Themes).
    *Don't make any changes on the Safe mode start window.

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