How can I get time machine to back up windows partion?

How does that work with bootcamp?

PokemonFan1987 wrote:
winclone is a dmg mac program?
I don't understand the question. Winclone is a mac program for backing up bootcamp partitions.

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  • How can I get Time Machine to back up an external hard drive (iPhotos) that is attached to airport extreme base station. Note: Time machine is usb to macbook pro and external drive with iphotos is usb to airport extreme base station. Help please. Thanks!

    How can I get Time Machine to back up an external hard drive (iPhotos) that is attached to airport extreme base station. Note: Time machine is usb to macbook pro and external drive with iphotos is usb to airport extreme base station. Help please. Thanks!

    Once you have the drive connected to your Mac, click System Preferences (gear icon) on the dock
    Click Time Machine
    Click Options
    Be default, the hard drive will be Excluded from backups. Click the drive to highlight it, then click the "-" (minus) button at the bottom of the list to remove the drive from Excluded items.
    The drive will be backed up on the next Time Machine pass
    Everything above assumes that the hard drive has been formatted in Mac OS Extended (Journaled) as Time Machine will only backup drives in that format.

  • I am trying to update my time machine backup on time capsule, but time machine keeps trying to create an entirely new backup (evidenced by the 200GB backup size). How can I get time machine to modify my old backup rather than create a new one?

    I am trying to update my time machine backup on time capsule, but time machine keeps trying to create an entirely new backup (evidenced by the 200GB backup size). How can I get time machine to modify my old backup rather than create a new one?

    It must have found the old backup corrupt.. so you will more than likely have little choice. You can archive off the old backup if it is still useful.
    You can also verify it. See A5
    He also has some info on this problem. eg C13.

  • How do I get Time Machine to back up my iTunes movies and tv shows?

    How do I get Time Machine to back up my iTunes movies and tv shows?

    They're backed up automatically unless in a folder in the exclusion list of the Time Machine pane of System Preferences.

  • HT201250 how do I get Time Machine to back up files (e.g. iPhoto) stored on an external hard drive?

    Installed a new 3TB external hard drive for Time Machine.  I have 2 other external hard drives attached to my iMac that contain iTunes and iPhoto.  How can I point Time Machine to those external drives to include in the backup?

    What is listed in System Preferences > Time Machine > Options... > Exclude these items from backups:?
    Any attached external disk not listed there should be backed up.

  • Can't get Time Machine to back up server or attached drives

    Tried to use the search on these new discussion forums and was told I'm not authorized to search the server forums so sorry if this has already been asked and answered.
    I'm having a serious issue trying to back up my Mac Mini Server running 10.6.7.  The setup is I've got the main server hard drive running the OS and storing user folders, the second drive is storing all server data (mail, ical, etc).  I have an attached Drobo that is where all our company's job files are stored.  I want to back up mainly the job files to an external USB drive via time machine.  I wouldn't mind having the server and data backed up as well but it's not as essential as the customer files.  I have not been able to get a successful Time Machine Backup of anything.  Time Machine will start backing up and hang after what seems like a random amount of data has been backed up.  This can range anywhere from a few hundred Gigabytes or a few Megabytes.  The last attempt has stalled out at 17MB of 518GB.
    The troubleshooting I've done so far is to try to back up only certain things, so:
    Format the USB Drive then try to back up only the main server hard drive, excluding all else.
    Format the USB Drive then try to back up only the server data hard drive, excluding all else.
    Format the USB Drive then try to back up only our jobs folder on the Drobo, excluding all else.
    The result has been the same every time.  Seemingly random amount of data get's copied and then the backup hangs.  I do not get an error message the Time Machine backup icon on the menu bar just keeps spinning and I have the Time Machine window up that says:
    Time Machine Backup
    Backing up 269,376 Items
    17.3 MB of 518.7 GB
    This current attempt was to backup just our jobs folder and was started yesterday morning so it has been over 24 hours.  Disk Checks on the external USB drive come up with no errors every time I've scanned it.
    Hoping someone has a solution.  One of the main reason's the company owner decided to get a mac server was how well time machine worked on his mac at home and the idea of being able to go back to pervious versions of customer jobs if necessary.

    I agree with Sven.  I use TM to backup my server and have had EXCELLENT success.  I work in a school with many teachers that love to delete files and empty the trash on their user accounts.
    They promptly come-a-runnin' crying about how they've lost that ever important document.  Time machine to the rescue!
    About the hanging problem...  I've see it as well.  I fixed it by finding the document that it was trying to back up.  I copied it to a USB stick and deleted said file from the server.
    I ran the time machine backup again, and it worked!  I kindly asked the teacher to just remake the file in question.  Luckily it wasn't anything important.  I just chalked that one up to a corrupt or unreadable file.
    Another thing to beware of.  DO NOT expect time machine to be able to do a complete system restore on OS X server.  It's great for getting those lost files while the system is up and running, but it will not work when trying to replace your Open Directory.  It might get stuck on MySQL, and Mail as well.  These databases are VERY finicky.  If you need to back up your OD database, open up server admin and select "Open Directory."
    Click the "Archive" button at the top.
    To the far right hand side of the "Archive in" field, click choose. 
    Select the location that you want to save your archive to (the time machine drive will work) and click choose.
    Click "Archive..."  Type the name for your OD backup and type a password if desired.  You don't need to have one. 
    Lastly... Smile on the inside knowing that your OD is nicely backed up and safe!

  • How can I get Time Machine to only backup new and changed files?

    Time machine is backing up more than just new and changed files and is filling up my back up disk too fast.  How can I change it so that it will only back up the new or changed files instead of the whole drive?  I used to have my backups go back months, but now it is backing up only a couple days back, since there is no room left on my back up hard drive.  Each back up is like 400 gigs, instead of just the amount of the changed or new files.
    Thanks for any ideas or help!

    Thank you Eric!  I did go look at this info and tried to do a full reset of TM and I am still getting full backups of my HD instead of just new/changed files.  The weird thing is that I have 9 BU's from over the last 2 days and they all seem to be around 415 gigs and my backup HD is only 750 gigs!  I don't get it.  It shows that I have around 75 gigs of free space on that 750 gig drive.  It doesn't make sense.
    So I am having the same problems even after doing the full reset of TM. I am using Mavericks 10.9.5 which they don't talk about in this info.
    Does anyone have any further ideas on this?  I don't understand how I could possibly have that many full BU's on my HD that is only 750 gigs.
    Thank you,

  • I can not get Time Machine to back up an external WD Passport 2 TB drive!  Has anyone else had this problem?  The drive is new and I was running Snow Leopard and upgraded to Lion and it still won't do it.  Time Machine backs up the internal drive fine.

    I bought 2 2TB WD Passport Drives with the intention of housing my iTunes/iPhoto libraries off my older MacBook.  I have successfully transferred the Libraries to one and am using the other one for Time Machine.  In Snow Leopard I could back up my computer to Time Machine no problem but when I did not exclude the iTunes/iPhoto drive the back up fails.  Both drives have been reformatted, permissions repaired and checked in Disk Utility and one was replaced.  I have been to the Genius Bar now 5 times.  I have tried using USB drive and FireWire.  Both drives are recognized and are working properly otherwise regardless how they are connected.  Finally yesterday the Apple store installed Lion to see if that fixed the issue and it did not.  Time Machine successfully backed up a USB Flash drive, and today I will try an older external drive.  Any ideas on what else to try??? Do I have to resort to third party software like Carbon Copy Cloned to get this done?  Any ideas why this wont work?  I am using a FireWire converter but as I said, both drives are working normally otherwise (libraries working, time machine working for the computer's hard drive.  Any ideas would be appreciated!!?

    Thanks so much but none of that helped.  It was driving me crazy because it would back up another external drive.  I just changed the name of the drive from iPhoto/iTunes Library to Media Libraries and IT WORKED!! I guess for some reason it didn't like the drive being called iPhoto or iTunes ???? I don't understand but I have tried so many solutions and exchanging things out but the name change did it????!!!
    Thank you for your help and replying to this.  Guess I made my own issue!

  • How can I get time machine to use a previous backup db

    I back up my school macbook pro once every few months. I'd like to use the older backup DBs but time machine keeps creating a new one using the computer's name and adding a number to it. For example School Computer (3) 2. Is there a way to get time machine to just use the old DB so I don't run out of room on my external drive.
    Thanks in advance.

    Hi I'd like to jump in here. Your app showed me this:
    Time Machine:
              Skip System Files: NO
              Mobile backups: OFF
              Auto backup: YES
              Volumes being backed up:
                        Macintosh HD: Disk size: 749.3 GB Disk used: 453.81 GB
                        Plastic Wrapper [Local] (Last used)
                        Total size: 999.86 GB
                        Total number of backups: 64
                        Oldest backup: 2013-07-24 23:25:11 +0000
                        Last backup: 2013-11-17 01:40:47 +0000
                        Size of backup disk: Too small
                                  Backup size 999.86 GB < (Disk used 453.81 GB X 3)
              Time Machine details may not be accurate.
              All volumes being backed up may not be listed.
              /sbin excluded from backup!
              /usr excluded from backup!
              /System excluded from backup!
              /bin excluded from backup!
              /private excluded from backup!
              /Library excluded from backup!
              /Applications excluded from backup!
    Aside from the size of my backup drive, which I will increase at some point, I'd really like to have time machine backing up all system folders, especially Applications. How to I reset this hidden exclusions?

  • How can I use time machine to back up and play media?

    I just bought an external hard drive that I wanted to back up some media files onto (music and photos).  I also want to stove videos/movies on the hard drive and play them from there.  A few questions:
    1. Is that the same as backing up with time machine or is it referred to as something else?
    2.  Can I use time machine to add new files, or should I do that manually?
    3. Once the files are on my hard drive, can I remove them from my computer or should I keep them there?
    I know that these questions may seem obvious, but I'm concerned about losing files because I don't understand what time machine actually does.  Please feel free to ask me questions if you need to understand my question better.  Thanks!

    Time Machine makes a backup of your hard drive, which you can restore from, but not use as a repository of data.
    Time Machine automatically makes incremental backups as you change things on the Mac HD.
    Time Machine is not an archive, meaning if you make a backup, and then delete the originals from your Mac, Time Machine will eventually delete the copies it has made.
    However, if you copy the files directly to the external, then you can remove them from the computer. But, those will be your only copies. If that disk dies, they'll be gone. So, that's really not a backup. It's the only source.
    You can back up to Time Machine and also store other files on the same disk.

  • Using snow leopard 10.6 snd can't get time machine  to back up

    Every time I try back up my computer with time machine a error message comes up and says unable to complete backup, an error occurred while creating the backup folder. How do I fix

    See if the late great Pondini's site can help you

  • How can I get Time Machine to eject drive

    Since I installed Mavericks, I can't eject my 1 TB Seagate external Drive that I use for Time Machine. I get a message that it is in use by another program and can't be ejected. I can only eject by "force ejecting". Drive is connected via USB. Time machine appears to be working ok, I just can't easily eject the drive, which makes me a little nervous. If I turn off Time machine and then plug in my drive then it ejects just fine. If I mount the drive with time machine turned on and then turn it off, the disk has to be force ejected. If I have TM turned on when I mount the disk and it is turned on when I try to eject, it has to be force ejected. Any suggestions?

    Why won't Apple deal with this?  It apparently has been going on in other versions as well.  What a pain!

  • How can I get Time Machine to restore a Leopard date on a Snow Leopard Mac?

    I just got a new winter 2011 MacBook Pro. I want to load up the date of May 30th via Time Machine, but I've run into a few errors. The biggest one being that it said Snow Leopard cannot use an older OS Leopard date. Therefore, I used Migration Assistant, which said it was a success after a 2-hour transfer. What do I do after that? It did not load the May 30th OS.

    I think the only way to do what you are asking is to first reinstall Leopard which will involve erasing the disk first before you can install the older version of Leopard. Once you have done that then you should be able to do the restore you are asking about.
    Since that is probably a significant amount work to do the restore, exactly what do you hope to gain by doing this? If you will share with us the problem you are attempting to solve, maybe we can come up with a easier solution for you.

  • How can I get time machine to recognize airport device?

    I keep getting an error saying "Airport utility cannot find airport device"; I changed servers to ATT; I have restarted the computed and unplugged hard drive.  Any suggestions?

    Plug the TC directly into the computer by ethernet and press the reset for about 10sec.. until the LED flashes rapidly. When the TC comes up again it will return to defaults.. set it to bridge and plug it back into the ATT provided router.

  • How can i use time machine with a network drive

    I have a Western Digital Net N900 wireless router with a 2TB internal H/D. How can I get Time Machine to reconize it?

    Relying only on TM to me is iffy but I would bet you have clones in addition to TM like I do.  I agree with everything you said but to the OP question, it is possible.  A time capsule or AEBS+HD are pretty similar but one is officially supported while the later is not.
    Since I'm rambling a bit I will add this.  I only use TM for the times I delete something and then wish I had it back.  All my restores or migrations are done from my clones.  One clone is made weekly and is a snap shot of my system.  One clone I keep remotely located and is updated monthly.
    My system:
    Internal 1TB
    Ext HD1 2TB (1TB data, 1TB clone)
    Ext HD2 2TB time machine backup (internal + HD1 data, not the clone)
    Remote 1TB clone
    I'm fully redudant with my method and it has saved me before.

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