How can I get (using API) the current sort column for some report

How can I get (using API) the current sort column for some report ? For example something like "fsp_sort_1_desc" - if the user sorts by the first column ?
I cannot use the :REQUEST for this, sometimes the current sort column is not in the :REQUEST, but it is still active.
I thought it was posssible by using
function, but I don't really know which preference should I pass as parameter.
looking in WWV_FLOW_PREFERENCES$, i saw preferences_names like FSP4000_P527_R6281510839654570_SORT , I'm not sure how this name is formed.
I'm using generic columns for that complex report (which has a flexible number of columns shown), and the idea is that sometimes I have to overwrite that sort column, in case the user chose the version of the report with fewer columns than the previous one.
Can I get (using API) a list of all preferences set for some user ?
Thank you,

seems that it is FSP<app_number>P<pagenumber>R<regionnumber>_SORT.
is there anyplace where I can get these kind of things documented ?
Thank you.

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