How can I hide or delete updates from the App Store I am not interested in using?

How can I hide or delete updates from the App Store I am not interested in using?

This works for apps you've acquired, but does not work for built-in features.  I am regularly nagged to update Digital Camera RAW Compatibility (currently I'm being nagged about Update 6.03).  I've tried the method described above - the steps are available, but they appear to have no effect.  I think this is perhaps because RAW compatibility is an element of OSX rather than a separate app.  I don't use RAW format with cameras, and have no need for this feature.  Even if I did, I have none of the 13 camera models listed in this update. 
It is just a nuisance, but if anyone knows how to suppress this I would appreciate instructions. 
I would also be curious if anyone can explain why on earth Apple would incorporate RAW camera format compatibility into the core of its operating system.  It shakes my confidence in their operating system design.

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  • How do I remove an unwanted update from the App Store?

    So I open the App Store and there's a update awaiting me. Some App called CodeBox by one Vadim Shpakovski version 1.6 Released 7 April 2012
    So I check it over, check the app out and what it's all about. The App costs £6.99 and it's designed for developers. Simply I don't want the **** thing and I never applied or activated the app for purchase.
    I've looked everywhere and there's no delete update or remove update.
    Can anyone enlighten me as to how to remove the unwanted update?
    Thanks All.
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    You installed a hacked app, originally from the Mac App Store. It contains the receipt for a different app, downloaded using an account that you don't control. You need to identify and remove the hacked app.
    Important: The app you need to remove is not necessarily the one named in the App Store alert. For example, if the App Store says you need to update "Twitter," the hacked app may be "Angry Birds" or something else entirely. Don't make any assumptions about which app you're looking for. To find it, you have to carry out a systematic search.
    Triple-click anywhere in the line of text below on this page to select it:
    Copy the selected text to the Clipboard by pressing the key combination command-C.
    In the Finder, press command-F to open a search window, or select
    File ▹ Find
    from the menu bar. In the search window, select
    Search: This Mac
    from the row of tokens below the toolbar. Below that is a popup menu initially showing Kind. From that menu, select  Other...
    A sheet will drop down. In that sheet, select Raw Query and click OK or press return.
    Now there will be a text box to the right of popup menu. Click in that box and paste (command-V).
    The search window will show all the App Store products you've installed. Compare those search results with the list of your purchases from the App Store. To see the complete list, you may need to unhide hidden purchases. If any apps were download from the App Store using other Apple ID accounts that you control, sign in to the store under each of those ID's and check the purchases.
    At least one of the items listed in the search window is not among your purchases in the App Store. Move each such item to the Trash. You may be prompted for your administrator password. Empty the Trash.
    Log out and log back in. Test.

  • How can I remove my debit account from the App Store

    I am having trouble with downloading from the app store and  it keep telling me that I need to log in a different debit card number

    Accepted form of payment

  • How can I change my apple ID from the APP store so I can update my  app? my computer is stuck with an old email and won't let me change it..

            Hello, Im trying to upgrade Imovie and whatever app are about to update in the future, the problem is the my Imac is stuck with an old email on the APP store. I try to change it and nothing happen, when I put my apple ID it send me to change the password and what Im trying to do is to put my new email in the system so would be able to update my computer. You know when you press the update button a little box drop with your email and all you have to put is your password thats where my old email is stuck pls someone help me with that little problem i'll appreciate it... thanks

    An Apple ID isn't necessarily "linked" with your email other than for recovery reasons. So, as long as you know the Apple ID password, an old email isn't catastrophic. Apple ID != e-mail.
    Now, if it's really bugging you and you really want to change it, if you log in to and change your primary email address, this should update your Apple ID. There will be a couple hoops involved with this (i.e. verification of email change by sending email to rescue/alternate email. Alternate email can't be the same as the new primary. The new primary can't have ever been used as/with an Apple ID. etc...).

  • For some reason I am unable to load the updates from the App Store for ever notes. When I try to, I am told I am already on a new version, which in fact is not the case. Anyone else with exposure to this? I have also written to Evernote and App Store

    Similar configuration and circumstances incuding unexplaining lag time in keyboard and mouse both just s
    Check your purchase history and see what shows?  Check to see if your Apple ID has had any pw changes recently and if it is still registered as before.  I found some unsual anomolies is this area where and Apple ID fail off the radar screen apparently and then reappeared and that was for I Tunes.  I am having the same problem with App Store as I did a recent wipe of my Mac OSX hard drive and I Pad 2.  Initially it appeared  a gap in records, so where are the other apps i know i purchased, then with I Tunes, restrictions around ability to download music on my Mac, which I had been doing all year, and transfer to I Pad 2 or I Phone, which i had been doing all year long as wll.  The I Tunes matter has gotten better, but I've engaged Express Support, Contacted Store, and others, have not received a definte explanation yet
    From an App Store perspective, I noticed at least 50% discrepancy verus what I have bought and what they had showing. Again, some i think will be linked to the disappearing and reappearing Apple ID  which i can only assume is a sporadic database issue, but quite stratling and problematic if you need your apps restored quicly.
    I have a similar configuration, plus had Lion Server, have not reinstalled server yet, awaiting stabiliztion of OSX, but i think that may have some relevance to the location of a variety of the elusive content, but only a hunch at this point.
    There are a number of virus elements which have not been picked up consistently. Some operating as bots within a platform where they actually take charge of certain activites and it becomes a struggle to rid them. I am using  Kaspersaky Universal One which has helped some we had over 17 threats in 1 hour yesterday, but they diffused them.  I've got so many odd issues happening now like downloads directed to the wrong folders for major loads to typing locking up  on both blue tooth and usb but i notice a quick switch makes a difference.  Hint Hint, so i feel like I am in the Bermuda Triangle right now with so many strange things happeining including the post below about Evernote, same here.  Pay close attention to Virus, Malware, and check your log files for unusual activities and and also watch your key chains closley for any attacks. Some of the problems i have encountered actually involve activities taking place within sttps: sessions, so I think a number of things are going on that require an intense focus from the user, Apple Tech and Security and outside resources, because it is becoming more widespread and even though I believe some can be explained relative to user error and lack of familierity, some cannot as the timing and acceleration is to coincendental in my humble opionion.  Hope these areas to look for offer some resolution for you as well as some insight into other areas that could be problematic if not closley monitored.

    I think not the question, but "What is your issue"?  Afraid to learn the truth of today's reality of Cyber threats and to give other community users the the benefits of such or too just mimize my response as a "wandering rant" ?
    I'm actually going to take the high road on this one "for the most part" in contrast to the response you provided to me which reflects your seemingly low road mentallity and lack of appreciation for a new member simply trying to add some value based on recent and current real world experience:
    1) I am a new community member and inadvertently may have submitted a response to a problem i saw versus submitting a question; however, i quickly noted that point.
    2) I selected Mac OSX 10.7.3 Lion, Lion Server and other products ( that's right, i do own Apple products) for their resiliency to virus, malware, and for their peformance, design and reputation. I still believe I made the right decison.
    However, I take exception to your inherent criticism and vailed insults on behalf of myself and the large number of excellent Apple Support representatives, many Sr. Advisors, and External Virus/Malware experts engaged, at the suggestion of Apple and others to help resolve my system issues.
    Downloading of Apps from AppStore, I Tunes, and Evernotes were in one way or another impacted by these virus, malware and hacker activites.  To the credit of Apple, i have not found a single fradulent transaction, however the trouble makers had broader objectives which have caused problems and easily could many others both consumer and enterprise class. Given ongoing criminal investigation, l'll keep those particlualrs confined
    If you actually took time to read my "rant" versus simply belittiling and criticizing my sincere efforts to help somone else you would see there are some meaningful points to take into consideration. You want the post removed, feel free, it only shows to further reflect your naivety and lack of consideration for others unless it suits your myopic and narrow minded perspective to the real cyber threats we all "can" face. Even selecting Mac arguably one of the very best platforms, still does not afford you the flexibiity to assume you or your company, as in my case, is immune.
    If i told you the specifics, of course, it would clearly be beyond your comprehension as your mind is obviously too closed to even consider the thought let alone understand the intricacies of their tools and tactics. Write to the Wall Street, NY Times, you suggest; please, you simply bury your self further in the sand by haphazardly suggesting such a foolish idea. Just another petty attempt to diminish the threat and again show your lack of respect for a quality company and organizaton as Apple who is aggressively working to address my concerns and plan for the next product release without giving up IP and wasting time answering to the media when there is real work to be done industry wide.
    In contrast, I will let Apple to what Apple does best...get it or still not ??  See, they have seen for a long time what you clearly don't, and that is that no system is ever perfect. That is why Mountain Lion will have a NextGen Firewall & associated tools a.k.a Cyber Castle, which has been under  development for sometime and reviewed by industry experts before release so as usual Apple will do their very best to get it right and will again be advanced in many ways ahead of the pack.
    So, i've wasted too much important time trying to open your eyes to reallity. When you wake up in the morning, remove your head from the sand and wipe the grains from your eyes, have a read of this....oh, and don't bother responding or apologizing.  As you said, it's not worth your time to hear from me; in contrast, I felt it was worth my time to keep you from misleading others by your lack of respect for the real Cyber threats we face and that any system designed can be penetrated if the bad guys want in bad enough.  Time to get real Sand-man.....

  • How can I remove my card information from the App Store??


    On the featured tab of the App Store > Select Account.
    Log in > On the Account Information Page, in line with Payment Type, click Edit  >
    Under Payment Type Select None.
    Hope that helps,

  • How can I remove or delete magazines from newstand app?

    How can I remove or delete magazines from newstand app?

    Thanks Rysz, that took care of it. Appreciate the quick advice..

  • How do I remove unwanted updates from the App Store?

    How do I remove unwanted updates from the App Store? So you understand better what I'm referring to:
    I have the App Store icon in the Dock. When there's an update a red number appears on said icon. Well, I went to check on the updates and it's for 4 different applications I either no longer have or use. One of them is an update for Lion OS users. I'm still on Snow Leopard, so it doesn't even apply to me.
    So there they sit... I'm not going to download the updates... so how do I get rid of them?

    Hi Andy ..
    no longer have or use
    If there are updates available for apps you have deleted, try this.
    Go to ~/Library/Caches/
    Move the Cache.db and Updates files from the folder to the Trash.
    Empty the Trash, restart your Mac.
    For any apps you still have installed but do not use, the updates will still be available from the Updates top of the App Store window and show on the red badge on the App Store icon in the Dock.
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  • How can I edit my apple ID in the app store the enable update some applications because it not my own that is showing

    How can I edit my apple ID in the app store the enable update some applications because it not my own that is showing

    It sounds like some apps were purchased using another Apple ID.
    ALL purchases are permanently associated with whatever Apple ID was used to originally obtain them.  Apps can not be updated without knowledge of that ID and, more importantly, its password.  Apple IDs can not be merged and purchases can not be transferred from one ID to another.

  • How do I remove an old username from the app store when using the update function

    How do I remove an old username from the app store when using the update function.
    I purchased my Mac used.  The former owners username prepopulates when I try to perform the updated function on the app store.  It does not allow me to use a different user name.    I have created my own username and password.  I have even been able to purchase items from the app store, it's just when I use the update function it does populate with my username.  Any help is appreciated.

    The first thing to do with a second-hand computer is to erase the internal drive and install a clean copy of OS X. You — not the previous owner — must do that. How you do it depends on the model, and on whether you already own another Mac. If you're not sure of the model, enter the serial number on this page. Then find the model on this page to see what OS version was originally installed.
    1. You don't own another Mac.
    If the machine shipped with OS X 10.4 or 10.5, you need a boxed and shrink-wrapped retail Snow Leopard (OS X 10.6) installation disc from the Apple Store or a reputable reseller — not from eBay or anything of the kind. If the machine has less than 1 GB of memory, you'll need to add more in order to install 10.6. Preferably, install as much memory as it can take, according to the technical specifications.
    If the machine shipped with OS X 10.6, you need the installation media that came with it: gray installation discs, or a USB flash drive for some MacBook Air models. For early MBA models, you may need a USB optical drive or Remote Disc. You should have received the media from the previous owner, but if you didn't, order replacements from Apple. A retail disc, or the gray discs from another model, will not work.
    To boot from an optical disc or a flash drive, insert it, then reboot and hold down the C key at the startup chime. Release the key when you see the gray Apple logo on the screen.
    If the machine shipped with OS X 10.7 or later, you don't need media. It should boot into Internet Recovery mode when you hold down the key combination option-command-R at the startup chime. Release the keys when you see a spinning globe.
    2. You do own another Mac.
    If you already own another Mac that was upgraded in the App Store to the version of OS X that you want to install, and if the new Mac is compatible with it, then you can install it. Use Recovery Disk Assistant to create a bootable USB device and boot the new Mac from it by holding down the C key at the startup chime. Alternatively, if you have a Time Machine backup of OS X 10.7.3 or later on an external hard drive (not a Time Capsule or other network device), you can boot from that by holding down the option key and selecting it from the row of icons that appears. Note that if your other Mac was never upgraded in the App Store, you can't use this method.
    Once booted in Recovery, launch Disk Utility and select the icon of the internal drive — not any of the volume icons nested beneath it. In the Partition tab, select the default options: a GUID partition table with one data volume in Mac OS Extended (Journaled) format. This operation will permanently remove all existing data on the drive.
    After partitioning, quit Disk Utility and run the OS X Installer. You will need the Apple ID and password that you used to upgrade. When the installation is done, the system will automatically reboot into the Setup Assistant, which will prompt you to transfer the data from another Mac, its backups, or from a Windows computer. If you have any data to transfer, this is usually the best time to do it.
    Then run Software Update and install all available system updates from Apple. To upgrade to a major version of OS X newer than 10.6, get it from the Mac App Store. Note that you can't keep an upgraded version that was installed by the previous owner. He or she can't legally transfer it to you, and without the Apple ID you won't be able to update it in Software Update or reinstall, if that becomes necessary. The same goes for any App Store products that the previous owner installed — you have to repurchase them.
    If the previous owner "accepted" the bundled iLife applications (iPhoto, iMovie, and Garage Band) in the App Store so that he or she could update them, then they're linked to that Apple ID and you won't be able to download them without buying them. Reportedly, Apple customer service has sometimes issued redemption codes for these apps to second owners who asked.
    If the previous owner didn't deauthorize the computer in the iTunes Store under his Apple ID, you wont be able to  authorize it immediately under your ID. In that case, you'll either have to wait up to 90 days or contact iTunes Support.

  • HT1391 Hi can anyone tell me how to find out what and when my last purchases were made from the App Store ? I think my kids used all my credit

    Hi can anyone tell me how to find out what and when my last purchases were made from the App Store ? I think my kids used all my credit

    .from iTunes, go to View > Show sidebar
    From sidebar > Itunes Store > Click top left on your Apple ID email address > Account > ...scroll down > Purchase History > View All

  • I have recently update my Final Cut Pro X to Final Cut Pro X 10.1. I downloaded the update from the app store. Now every time I open Final Cut it crashes almost instantly. What can I do

    I have recently update my Final Cut Pro X to Final Cut Pro X 10.1. I downloaded the update from the app store. Now every time I open Final Cut it crashes almost instantly. What can I do?- I really need help!

    It sounds as though you have a corrupt project - or possibly a file within an event that is causing the application to crash.
    Quit FCP X, then move your projects and events (if you have any) to new folders so that FCP X doesn't find them, then relaunch the application. If it launches OK, there's a very good chance one of your projects or events is causing the problem.
    Quit the app again, then move one event or project at a time back to the original folder and launch FCP X again - keep going until you find the cause.

  • I can not update my installed apps from the App Store Update page.  I can individually update from the App Store Purchased page.  I tried a soft reset but still unable.  Any suggestions?

    I can not update my installed apps from the App Store Update page.  I can individually update from the App Store Purchased page.  I tried a soft reset but still unable.  Any suggestions?

    You are doing all that you cn do right now other than to update the apps in iTunes on your computer and sync them to the iPad.
    There has been a problem with the App Store updates tab for a few days now and we are all waiting for Apple to fix it.
    Look at all of the discussions on the iPad forum that are talking about this right now.

  • How do you clear completed updates from the app store after downloading is complete?

    How do you clear completed updates from the app store after downloading is complete on iOS 7.0.2?

    You don't. It's how things are done now, likely to accommodate those that have auto update turned on.  IT's been said that the updates will just drop off after a period of time but  time will tell on that.

  • How do you remove a badge number from the app store without downloading...

    HOw do you remove the badge number icon for a program that you do not want to update from the app store.
    I have an app that is updated but i don't want the update (new ugly artwork and I am content with what the present artwork and app does)...I don't want the update. How do I remove/refuse the update and remove the number badge?

    so you have an app on your phone that you do not want to update?
    But you want to get rid of that annoying badge from the appstore?
    There is a fix for this!
    Created by Elit3!
    if you post this anywhere else please acknowledge my find! thank you.
    new directions:
    1. go to itunes
    2. click applications
    3. right click on the application you want to use
    4. press show in windows explorer
    5. Copy the ipa to desktop
    6. right click and press open with
    7. open file with winrar, winzip, what ever, something so you can see all the files
    8. open iTunesMetadata.plist with PLIST EDITOR
    9. search for "itemId"
    10. Delete the number under "itemId" in between </integer>
    11. leave One number remaining. (any number)
    12. save.
    13. double click your new ipa
    14. sync
    15. No more update badge
    remember to backup everything you change. just in case.

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