How can I input data from a Frontend site into a Backend SWF, pull data, then send back to Front?

So here's what I'm trying to figure out...
I have a site with an SWF that I can put some metrics into, such as ZIP Code, Weight, etc..    then, it takes that info and gives me shipping rates.
I need to build a front-end site that I can have a forms page that will push data to the backend SWF, and then return the data back from the SWF to the front end.
Any ideas how to do that?
Front-end -> SWF (Zip Code, Weight, Size) -> *Calculates* -> Front-End
That should be the flow..     So I need to send data to the backend, GET the data that it calculated, and return the results to my front-end.
Thanks Much..  any questions, please ask..

Depending on what the data looks like coming from the Flash movie, you can use the get or send method to output data from the Flash movie using URLRequest. You can look at the online help example for the URLVariables class. You will still need to use or create a server side script to read in the data, make the changes and send the modified data back. That will be a perl or PHP script and is outside the scope of this forum.

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    I hope this helps you achieve what you want.

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    Save the file from Gmail onto your computer and add it to iTunes.  How you save from Gmail is a Gmail question (their own support pages), not an iTunes question.

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    Since I also have this data on a VHS tape, I tried to recode it through an ADS Tech Pyro A/V Link converter to enter it into iMovie. In the past this was a simple procedure--connect a VCR player to the converter, connect the converter to the firewire port on the iMac, the system profiler automatically recognizes the converter, start iMovie, then Play on the VCR, and press Import on the File menu. That starts the recording in the past. Now I get another drop down window with an "open" button. However, since there is no software for the Mac with the Pyro A/V, there is nothing to open. Has iMovie 6 made these procedures obsolete?? They have worked in the past.

    Hi LesToile - welcome to the forum!
    It is not possible to directly import material from a DVD as you are attempting. DVD is MPEG format - iMovie is incompatible with this. In order to use it, you must firstly convert it to DV format. Have a look here:
    I have no knowledge of your A/V Link Converter, but if you have a vidcam you can use it to record from VHS to DV tape, and thence into iMovie (there are now problems with the alternative 'pass-through' method using the camera).

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    'Macintosh HD:Users:gabriel:Documents:Pessoal:2013:[Home 2013.xlsx]Janeiro'!$D$374'
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    Hi Gabriel,
    I suppose you could cut and paste formula results to a tab in our new spreadsheet document if the vlues you want are contained there. There are some people who have written scripts to import data from different docs. But no, Numbers does not support links between docs.

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    If you have a Samsung phone why are you asking in an Apple iPhone forum?

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    06/2014 ChrisCA post: Restore iTunes library from Time Machine backup -

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    i'm running firefox under windows 7. i'm unable to copy text from web pages to the clipboard as rtf formatted data. tried pasting into ms wordpad and open office 3.3 writer. ie allows pasting as rtf text, but i'd prefer using firefox. why is rtf not an available format?

    Curnow 1 wrote the following:  "you should do a tap wait a sec and 1 more tap in the same place and hold the Second tap ;" Curnow1, this actually worked! Holy Cow, who'da thought?!!Thank you. I gave you a kudo and I marked this as a solution. Thanks again!PS - I'm amazed at how long it takes me to accomplish seemingly simple things with a smart phone. This is my first smart phone ever. I am a former computer programmer and am very PC literate. Still, sometimes I pull my hair out. Thanks again! 

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    Thanks for the excellent advice, all! I started with BitPim, and have hit a bit of a deadend with the application not being able to detect the phone - I can manually set the port location to the phone (and it shows up as an LG device), but then get a "false" and no connection. So I suspect that's something on the phone end blocking access from a computer via USB... I'll dig around on that a bit.
    Thanks, also, for the suggestion to buy a BlueTooth adapter - that's my next step in this... although after reading the link/review about Verizon's attitude toward open file transfer, I may be severing my ties with them. I've been happy with the phone service, but this is really annoying.
    This is what happens when you assume that Mac people exist in the rest of the corporate sphere..! To think that I would assume that a phone/camera with a USB cable would actually be capable of connecting to a computer and transferring files!
    Thanks, again!

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    Hi Bobby, once you have connected your phone, it should show as a drive.
    Open PSE 10 Organizer and go to File >>Get Photos and Videos >>From Files and Folders
    There you can choose your phone drive and locate your folder that contain your images.

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    120norange wrote:
    I am trying to move pages from one Muse sitemap page to another Muse sitemap. This is so I can have multiple people working on creating hundreds of project profile pages and then transfer them into the master file that will be the final site.
    In this case your best bet would be to have the other people just provide content without the template and then you can just plug content in rather than doing a select all.
    You can open up both your site and their site at the same time in Muse to help the copying process.
    jkijki wrote:
    You have stuck your nose into my discussions with your useless answers before In the future do not reply to anything I write
    Technically, you jumped into the thread after Parikshit ..... and being rude is a quick way to not get help in the future. No need to be rude and disrespectful. Just saying .......

  • How can i prevent itunes from splitting individual albums into multiple albums?

    How do prevent itunes from splitting albums with various artists into multiple albums? 
    Thanks for your help!

    It's probably better to put Various Artists into the Album Artist box rather than just "various". Make sure it's the Album Artist field though. In addition, you need to mark the album as a compilation. When setting the complete album, the Part of a compilation is on a drop-down menu on the File/Get Info/Options tab:
    but if changing just one song, it's a tick-box on the Info tab:
    and needless to say, the album name must be exactly the same for each track.

  • How can i download pictures from a social site? i cant download here.

    when right clicking a picture from the album in facebook, i can't download it in jpg format. fot it is always the html format that is saved. is there anything about it that i can do?

    Drag and drop is pretty fast. You could get the pictures that way.

  • How Can I extract pages from a PDF document into a separate document by clicking a link?

    I have created a large PDF document with several pages, I have a link symbol on the contents page of the document that relates to several services on different pages within the document. Currently they are identified by having the same link symbol on every page that relates to that particular service. I was wondering if there was any way in which I can create a interactive pdf, when I click the initial symbol link on the contents, it collates all the relevant linked service pages into a single document or guides the viewer to all the pages without having to create a separate pdf document for each service?
    Many thanks

    Simple answer - no. PDF files cannot reassemble themselves into new documents, nor can you hide pages.

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