How can I install Snow Leopard on my 15" MacBook Pro without using its DVD drive?

How can I install Snow Leopard on my 15" MacBook Pro without using its DVD drive?

I'm assuming your dvd drive is broken? if you have a thumb drive large enough (8GB or better), you can use another computer to make a bootable image from the install dvd to the thumb drive. then you can install from the the thumb drive.
that's a step by step walkthrough.

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  • Can i install snow leopard on my new macbook pro

    I'm looking at a new laptop but I understand Adobe CS4 won't work on Lion, so I'd rather install Snow Leopard on the new macbook. Is this possible?

    Difficult, and even reported "success" is likely not consistent enough for your *need* for Adobe CS4.
    You can try for a unit off the refurbished list ( > Store, bottom of the left hand margin is the link).  Units from pre-July and last year can be found, and come with warranties just like brand new.

  • Can I install Snow Leopard on the latest Macbook Pros? (the ones pre-loaded with Lion)

    The problem and solution is pretty simple, I just want to know if anyone has tried this before. I have a brand new Macbook Pro that I bought more or less for the sole purpose of having a more powerful machine to run AVID Media Composer on. AVID is only compatible up to OS version 10.6.7 at the moment, and the machine I got was pre-loaded with Lion, 10.7....So I look at the support documentation Apple provides, and notice that in the nifty little chart they have, the latest line of Macbook Pros out there (early 2011) originally had version 10.6.6, so I'm assuming that's the previous version I can't downgrade past.
    To revert back to Snow Leopard, however, I need to install it from the DVD which has version 10.6.3 on it, and then upgrade to any version between Snow Leopard 10.6.6 and Lion 10.7. In theory this could work, the only problem being that for a brief time between installing Snow Leopard and updating to the version of it that I need, the computer will have version 10.6.3 on it.
    Now I'm pretty sure if the only thing I do on the computer is immediately update to a safe-to-use version, there will be no problems. However, if the machine's hardware is so terribly non-backwards compatible with the Snow Leopard OS, I may do all this backing up and reverting and not even be able to start the computer once I get the old install on it. Before I just go ahead and try this for myself, I was wondering if anyone else has, and more importantly, have you had any success?

    Hi r,
    EDIT: disregard my post. Waiting for that disc is a far better option.
    I hope w won't mind if I add a thought here:
    rmo348 wrote:
    Now I don't mind if some drivers are messed up and resolution is all funky when I install 10.6.3 on it, I just need to know if it'll be functional to the point where I can run the 10.6.6 update dmg. Once I update to 10.6.6 everything should work fine.
    Or could I install 10.6.3, have the 10.6.6 update burned to a disc, and boot straight from that? This is my first Mac so I'm not sure what little tricks work or not.
    Your first idea may work; the only way to know for sure is to try it. If you do, make sure you download and run the Combo update for 10.6.7 or 10.6.8. There can be different versions of a point update, those which are available for download, and those which ship on Macs, so you want to install one beyond that which shipped with some of the new MBPs.
    If the MBP won't boot to 10.6.3, something else to try is installing it to an external HD, then installing the 10.6.7 update on it, clone it to the MPB's internal HD, and run the 10.6.7 or 10.6.8 Combo update on it.

  • Can i install snow leopard on my new macbook pro which came loaded with Lion?

    My new MBP came loaded with Lion. Can i install S.L. on it?

    Don't install a version of Mac OS X earlier than what came with your Mac

  • How can i install snow leopard on my mac G5 using a command line and booting from an external usb rom, since my disk i have is not a bootable media

    How can i install snow leopard on my mac G5 using a command line and booting from an external usb rom, since my disk i have is not a bootable media

    You simply can't. Snow Leopard is compiled in Intel binary only.
    Good Luck.

  • How can i install snow leopard together with lion, on a Lion based MacBook Pro ultimo 2011

    How can I install Snow Leopard on a Lion Based MacBook Pro ultimo 2001. I will both have installed Snow Leopard and Lion on my computer, but how can i do that?
    I have purchaded Snow Leopard, but I can installed it
    Pls can anyone help me
    Best regards and merry christmas

    Apple figures that having supported PowerPC code for the last 6 years is enough so they dropped it.
    Why should they have to support some that old forever? It doesn't make good business sense to support some that so few will use.
    If you must play those games, my suggestion is to get an older Mac that will support PowerPC. It is going to be a difficult task to get Snow Leopard to run on a new Mac.

  • While installing snow leopard 10.6 on macbook pro, install begins then disc is ejected after a few minutes?

    While installing snow leopard 10.6 on macbook pro, install begins then disc is ejected after a few minutes?

    Does the disc look like this DVD?

  • My 2006 iMac running Snow Leopard won't boot even after erasing and re-installing Snow Leopard (via my MacBookPro), either from the HD or DVD drive.  Can't get it to run Hardware Test.  Disk Utility says disk OK - files are there. What can I do?

    My 2006 iMac running Snow Leopard won't boot even after erasing and re-installing Snow Leopard.   I erased and re-installed by putting the iMac in Target Disk mode and usin my MacBookPro as the host.  But after numerous attempts I still can't get it to boot either from the HD or DVD drive. I just get the white screen after the wheel stops spinning.  I can't get it to run Hardware Test - just get the white screen.  If I use Disk Utility via my MBP it says the disk appears OK. All the Snow Leopad files appear to have been installed. What can I do?

    Hi-NRG Bwoy wrote:
    I erased and re-installed by putting the iMac in Target Disk mode and using my MacBookPro as the host.
    Reet the SMC and the PRAM
     Cheat sheet to help diagnose and fix your Mac
    Perhaps you installed the wrong version OS X onto the iMac, you can't use the disk from another Mac.
    clean the disk.
    If it's not working then use this method to create a bootable 10.6 USB from the iMac machine specific 10.6 disk or the 10.6.3 retail disk on your other Mac, use it to boot the iMac with.
    How to erase and install Snow Leopard 10.6

  • Can I install snow leopard twice on the same computer but with different hard drives, using the individual license?

    I want to install snow leopard in my macbook (late 2006), but Im going to change my hard drive in two months. So i dont know if I have to wait for my new hard drive or not.

    You're not breaching the licence (if I read your question correctly) as the OS will only be residing on one computer at once. Re-installing after changing the HD is a normal procedure.
    Although the easiest way to do that is to put the new HD in an external enclosure, format it for Mac and clone the existing drive to it using the Restore function in Disk Utility or one of the backup cloning applications like CarbonCopyCloner or SuperDuper.
    Then swap the drives and you're up and running instantly.

  • Anyone install Snow Leopard on a 13" MacBook Pro and have any issues?

    Just wondering if anyone is this forum installed Snow Leopard on a MacBook Pro 13" and what occured if any?
    just want to know to really think before i upgrade.... getting really tense about this after seeing all these problems that are not only happening to third party apps but to the acctual system and native apps (safari, itunes, etc) Kinda Scared... i know Apple is a great company and does great things never imagined and im a big fan for 6 years when i was little, so i was surprised to see so many problems after release...

    I am having a similar issue. I have upgraded my Mac Pro without any issues. However, my MB Pro has told me that the install was successful and was to restart. Upon restart the machine passes the initial boot (Apple Logo and Spinner) then it presents a black screen and will not complete the boot to the login screen. The fan is running, if I close the lid it tries to sleep, but does not appear to sleep. It is on and the light is solid (no pulsing for sleep).
    I booted in verbose and the messages all looked good and then it posted the last messages to fast to see and it went to black screen.
    Very Frustrating....

  • Trying to re-install Snow Leopard over Lion and Macbook Pro is beeping like a memory failure

    I installed Lion on my work 15" MacBook Pro i7 to give it a go, and it's not working with the system we use for Active Directory login, so I need to roll back to Snow Leopard.
    I don't have a Time Machine backup, but I have pulled all the data I need from the machine, and have wiped the hard disk ready to reinstall Snow Leopard.
    I have a retail copy of Snow Leopard that I've recently used successfully for fresh installs on other machines, but now once I insert the DVD into this machine that's had Lion on it, it's not responding and just making alarming BEEP BEEP BEEP noises.
    I googled that and it might be bad RAM (possible, but unlikely? the machine has been running very well up until now)
    I've wiped the PRAM, but the instructions for wiping the SMC are a bit cryptic for these machines ...
    Does anyone have any clues as to what might be causing this? A firmware issue of some sort?
    Maybe the hidden EFI partition on the drive won't let you install Snow Leopard over a disk that's had Lion?

    Might be some useful info here:
    " I used target disk mode to install Snow Leopard on its partition. I used a friends Macbook Pro, but I put my machine into target disk mode and ran the installer from his user account and optical drive. From a couple things I read online, it seems that Apple recommends putting the other machine in target disk mode and doing it the other way around. I guess some critical files might not have been installed? I also used a retail copy of Snow Leopard instead of my grey recovery disk, so that might be it too. "
    "Your machine is newer than the retail copy of Snow Leopard. Use the restore disks it came with.
    The installation will need to be done from your machine. You may need to do a net install, so look at "Remote Install Mac OS X" in Utilities."
    I'm currently installing from the macbook firewired to the other machine as recommended so hopefully that might help

  • How do I reinstall the operating system on my MacBook Pro without using my apple id?

    I'm selling my computer. Everything has been erased. Now the operating system, Lion, needs to be installed. I believe the computer did not come with a cd so reinstalling is done through wifi.

    Katacali wrote:
    We bought it in January 2010. I'm not sure what OS it came with but when I look at the dates of each OS on wikipedia it looks like it came with Snow Leopard. The only disk I happen to have is Leopard.
    Let's drop back a minute and go through what you can and cannot do with this machine.
    1.  If the machine came with Leopard, you can install Leopard and then go to Snow Leopard and up the line of the on-line Mac OS X versions, that is, Lion, and Mountain Lion and Mavericks as compatible.  If the disk for Leopard that you have is a grey face disk, that is a machine-specific disk and will only work if it is the disk that came with your MacBook Pro.  If it is a panted face (black) with a large silver X it is a retail version and will install IF your machine came with Leopard.
    2.  If your MacBook Pro came with Snow Leopard, it will not install Leopard.  If it came with Snow Leopard and is a 2010 machine, it will not install the retail version of Snow Leopard since that is 10.6.3 and the 2010 and later machines came with 10.6.6 preinstalled.  You must call Apple Customer Support and have them send you the machine-specific install disk for that machine.  There is a fee of something like $20 in the US for doing that.
    3.  If your machine came with Snow Leopard, you need to reinstall Snow Leopard and then move to the on-line Mac OS X versions, you cannot download a version with your Apple ID associated with the version currently on the machine.  The starting point HAS to be Snow Leopard for the new owner to do an on-line Mac OS X download.
    4.  With Snow Leopard installed and on-line software updated to 10.6.8, the new owner can then move up to Lion or above depending on the compatibility of the hardware.  To move to Lion or above the machine must have an Intel Core 2 Duo processor.  To move to Mountain Lion or Mavericks the machine must meet the requirements in 
    At any rate, the new owner must install Snow Leopard on that machine before any move to one of the Mac App Store versions of Mac OS X.

  • How can I install snow leopard on 2010 MacBook Pro that has no os?

    I purchased a 2010 MacBook Pro on eBay and it was delivered with no operating system. It has disk utility recovery, but the choices listed don't apply. I don't have an time machine backup, nor can I restore Mavericks.  I bought a copy of Snow Leopard to install, but can't figure out how to do it.  Hoping someone out there has some suggestions.

    In his usual diplomatic, understated way, Ogelthorpe has told you the truth.
    MacBook Pro
    Date introduced
    Original Mac OS X included
    (see Tips 1 and 3)
    Later Mac OS X included
    (see Tip 1)
    Mac OS X Build(s)
    (see Tip 2)
    MacBook Pro (15-inch, Mid 2010)
    Apr 2010
    10D2063a, 10D2094, 10D2101a, 10F2108
    The version on the "Full Retail" 10.6.3 DVD is likely to be build 10D575, which is too early to Install and run on that MacBook, which shipped with one of the custom versions listed in the box above.

  • New MacBook Pro - How Can I install Snow Leopard?

    I have a brand new MPB from Apple that comes with Lion pre-installed. I didn't ask for this, even though I ordered the computer a few days before Lion came out.
    Lion has been a disaster, from random crashes, to breaking software (including Apple's own Motion and Cinema Tools), to draining the battery after 3 hours or less. Does anyone know of any way possible to put Snow Leopard on this computer? I have the SL install disc (10.6.3), but I get an error message that it cannot be installed. If I try to start from he disc, I get a kernel crash.
    Thanks for any suggestions.

    I am not sure if you will be able to go back to a lower OS if could be built into the firmware to not let this install happen.  You can give this a try, You will need to start the system with your Mac OS X 10.6 snow leopard dvd then format the drive with disk utility, then do the install.

  • How Can I Install Snow Leopard with Only 4GB HD?

    My MacBook needs an upgrade so that I can install the new Adobe Creative Suites, which require Snow Leopard 10.63 or higher.  The problem is that the machine only has a 4GB HD and Snow Leopard requires at least 5GB free space to install.  Is there anything that I can I do?

    Additionally, you should maintain an absolute minimum of 10 - 15 GB of empty hard drive space at all times for the OS to function properly. In this case, that appears to translate to you having to delete or move (to an external drive) about 20 GB of files. You can move your iPhoto and iMovie libraries to an external drive permanently which would most likely create enough space.

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