How can I merge iPhoto libraries?

How can I merge two iPhoto libraries?

Use Aperture - or iPhoto Library Manager - - 

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  • Can i merge iphoto libraries?

    Can I merge iphoto libraries?

    You can export from one and import into the other or use
    iPhoto Library Manager - -

  • We just got married.  How can we merge accounts/libraries?

    We just got married, and each have a LARGE library of m4p's.  How can we merge accounts/libraries into one family account?

    To merge iTunes libraries, import the content and playlists from one to the other.
    iTunes Store accounts can't be merged.

  • How can I merge iTune libraries?

    I have a MacBook Pro and a Mac Pro tower. Each has iTunes 10. Each computer has its own iTunes music library. There is about 70 % overlap of music. How can I merge the libraries so they are the same on each computer? Many thanks for any help.

    RussKendall wrote:
    How can I merge the libraries
    take a look @ these 3rd party apps:

  • How do you merge iphoto libraries without duplicates and maintaining events?

    I have a few iphoto libraries on my computer that I need to merge, without duplicates, and maintaining the seperate events.  Does anyone know how to do this efficiently?

    "Terence Devlin" does not work for Apple, for the makers of Library Manager and has no beneficial interest in whether or not you use or purchase this or any other app. If "Terence Devlin" did have such an interest the terms of use of the Forum would require that he add such information to the post. No, Aperture cannot merge iPhoto Libraries. Aperture can convert them to Aperture Libraries and merge them, but that would be of no use to an iPhoto user, as iPhoto can't open an Aperture Library.
    And the fact remains that the paid version of Library Manager is the only way to merge Libraries

  • How can I save iPhoto Libraries that are in Trash?

    Hello. I have been having troubles with iPhoto which are basically cured at the moment. However during the process I had to drag two iPhoto Libraries to my Trash.
    My iPhoto is working fine at the moment, but I do not want to delete those two in the Trash for awhile yet. How can I get them out of Trash into a Folder to save them until I am sure I want to trash them? Can I create a Folder in Documents or Movies and save them there or some other place I can create a Folder to save them. I do not want them on my Desktop as they are quite large (15 and 22GB).
    Thanks for any ideas.

    Create a new folder on the desktop. Drag the libraries from the trash into that folder. Then put the folder where ever you want, including your Photos folder.
    The desktop and trash are just like any other folder on your Mac. Their contents are stored on your hard drive, so they are taking up the same space where ever you put them. (You have to empty trash to regain the space the contents of trash take up.)
    Larry posted the same info while I was composing
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  • How do i merge iPhoto libraries

    I have three iphoto libraries, one which just has the beach ball that continues there an easy way to merge the libraries into one and eliminate duplicate photos?

    Hmmm... an easy way.  Easy?   That's a tall request. 
    (Sorry, Luckyjenn, sometimes I just can't help myself.)
    It sounds like the first thing you want to do before you merge libraries is to determine why the beach ball has taken a liking to that particular iPhoto library. If the library has been damaged somehow, you don't want to merge it with other undamaged libraries.
    Start by making sure your data is backed up... then take a look at this... IPhoto 6 and later: Rebuilding the Iphoto Library
    If that stops the beach ball, then you might look at this thread next regarding merging libraries...
    merging libraries in iphoto?
    I hope this is helpful.

  • How do I merge iPhoto Libraries which use different versions of iPhoto?

    I have three Mac computers and would like to merge the 3 iPhoto Libraries and put them in one library on an external hard drive, so that all 3 computers can access the library if possible, although it is a priority for my newest MacBook to access all the photos, including the older photos on my older Macs. Doing it in such way that I preserve metadata and edits would be deirable too--all my photos are jpegs. Right now my iMac is runnning OS 10.6.8 with iPhoto 7.1.5, my older MacBook is also running OS 10.6.8 with iPhoto 7.1.5 and my newest MacBook runs OS 10.7.5 with iPhoto 9.4.3. Is it possible to merge these 3 libraries without upgrading operating systems and iPhoto versions on the older computers? I have read that the best way to merge libraries is to use the paid version of iPhoto Library Manager which I'd like to use, but its latest version requires a newer version of iPhoto than the one on the older computers and I don't see a download for an older version of iPLM that might possibly do what I want. Any suggestions?

    I am still curious if it would be a good second option to export the photos out of the older libraries into the newest one. I know this would convert them as you have said and also lose metadata and edits in the process, which is preferale to me over upgrading the older computers.
    More simple.
    Copy those libraries to the new machine.
    Open them with the newer iPhoto - that will upgrade their libraries. (And leave the originals untouched on the other machines)
    Merge them into the third library. Less work, less dataloss.

  • Can I Merge iPhoto libraries on adjacent networked computers?

    I have over time evolved to two somewhat distinct iPhoto libraries: on a laptop and an iMac. Is there a way for me to merge both libraries into one with losing differences in content?

    Not with iPhoto. 
    Aperture can do it, if you have access to Aperture,  or the paid version of iPhoto Library Manager - 
    download here: iPhoto Library Manager
    But neither program can merge libraries over a network - you will have to move them to a local drive.

  • How can I share iPhoto libraries across more than one computer?

    I am trying to find a solution for multiple users accessing a single iPhoto library.
    I want to have just one "master" library for my family, which we can all access via different computers.
    I also want to apply the same principle of a "master" library for iTunes and iMovie, plus all our files/documents - see the original question here:
    Does anybody have any suggestions?
    Thank you

    iPhoto has never been designed as a shared network database. What you want to do is currently not supported, Jerry, sorry.
    Some things to consider - assuming you are using the most recent iPhoto version:
    iPhoto '11 will not allow to have the library be opened by more than one user at a time. It will lock the iPhoto library, if it is already in use.
    The iPhoto library needs to be on a disk, that is formatted MacOS X Extended (Journaled), otherwise iPhoto will not open it. Most network volumes have a different formatting.
    Network access is considerably slower than the access to a locally connected drive. You will have a noticable decrease in performance when working over the network. Editing the images will be no joy, if each and every access to the databases inside the library needs a network access.
    Since iPhoto is not specified as a network database, there is no built-in protection against network drop-outs and transmission errors when doing database transactions. You will be risking to corrupt your iPhoto library.
    Save sharing options would be:
    Let the iPhoto library be managed by one user, but give read-access to your family members using the "Sharing" preferences. You can share all albums or selected albums on your local network for browsing.
    Put your iPhoto library on a portable drive and let each family member use the drive in turn.
    Use shared Photo Streams to share your photos.
    This is Apple's recommendation on how to share a library:
    iPhoto: Sharing libraries among multiple users

  • How can i merge iphoto albums

    My iPhone photo library has 4272 photos but  iPhoto on my Mac only shows 998... how do I find (and sync) all my photos?

  • After having to replace my hard drive most photos were lost, but luckily were on an external drive. Have copied the iphoto library to computer, but now there are two seperate libraries.  How can I merge them?

    How can I merge two Iphoto Libraries?

    If you have Aperture 3.3 or later and iPhoto 9.3 or later you can merge libraries with Aperture.
    Otherwise the only way to merge Libraries is with the paid ($20) version of iPhoto Library Manager

  • How can I merge libraries

    I have several iPhoto libraries. How can I merge them?

    Thanks, Terence ..when I've a while to spare, and can cope with the trepidation (..will it keep Albums organised? ..will it keep metadata? etc..) I'll have a try with Aperture (on a couple of teeny Libraries) and see what happens.
    For now, iPhoto Library Manager is doing the job PERFECTLY, and even copes gracefully with error messages and alerts from iPhoto - without seizing up, quitting, or giving up. VERY reliable .."I'm impressed.." (as Deckard says in Blade Runner).

  • Merging iPhoto Libraries into Aperture, How?

    I want to merge 6 iPhoto Libraries in my new iMac straight into my newly bought Aperture. All have been opened in Aperture.
    I am assuming that onced merged I can then dip into my large Aperture library wherever I like, quickly and easily.
    Yesterday I merged 3 libraries into Aperture. Today I opened a different iPhoto library and then looked for my merged library.
    I can't find it and assume I'm missing a vital step. Poring over forums has made it no clearer.
    What have I done wrong or missed?

    I am not sure how you have tried to merge your iPhoto Libraries. Have you seen this help text?
    Aperture 3.3: How to use Aperture to merge iPhoto libraries
    basically, you open an Aperture library, and then use the Aperture command "File > Import > Library" to import your iPhoto Libraries,  Simply opening the iPhoto Libraries in Aperture will not consolidate them into one libraray - you have to import them.

  • How can I merge all of my iTunes libraries with my wife and kids so we can all share the music?

    how can I merge all of my iTunes libraries with my wife and kids so we can all share the music?
    There are 3 accounts that I want t o transfer all the music to

    Welcome to the Apple Community.
    You can't merge accounts.
    You can however share or import content from another library/account using homesharing.

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