How can I open Microsoft doc attached to my iPad email

How can I open Microsoft doc attached to my iPad email

The document should open as an email attachment in the mail app. Did you tap on the icon in order to open the file?
However, if you want to save or edit the document, then you will need a Word compatible app on the iPad. pages, Documents To Go, quick Office Pro ... And others are available in the app store.
But you can open and read it right from the mail app as an attachment.

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  • How can I open a .wps attachment in Entourage?

    How can I open a .wps attachment in Entourage?

    That is a dedicated Windows format for Microsft Works ( now obsolete) and there is no direct conversion on the Mac side. There are workabouts:
    The best thing is to encourage those who send such files to use "Save as..." from Works to save the file in another format. I believe Works allows the .rtf format that will open in TextEdit on the Mac. If they have the .doc option, you can open the file with Apple's Pages, Word for Mac, or any of the free productivity suites like LibreOffice.
    I received .wps files on a Win computer that did not have Works and it did not get very far either. Sounds like someone is not very accustomed to sharing files online.
    Can you tell us what model iMac you have and what Mac OS version it is running? "iOS" is not a Mac computer OS; runs only on iDevices.

  • How can I open Microsoft Word files on my iMac?

    How can I open Microsoft Word files on my iMac?

    You can even use the Pages app that is installed on your computer. Finally you can buy a license of Office for Mac and have Word, Excel, PowerPoint and if you want Outlook too.

  • How can i open a DOC or TXT file and insert the data into table?

    How can i open a DOC or TXT file and insert the data into table?
    I have a doc file . the doc include some columns and some rows.(for example 'ID,Name,Date,...').
    I'd like open DOC file and I'd like insert them into the table with same columns.

    Use the SQL*Loader utility or the UTL_FILE package.

  • How can I open Microsoft Publisher files

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    Look in the box "More like this" here on right side of the page.
    There are many answers.

  • How can i open microsoft office word documents on my ipad 4 and edit it.

    How can i open microsoft office word documents on my ipad 4 and edit it. How to transfer my scaned documents on it

    There are a number of apps that are compatible with Office documents. Apple makes iOS versions of their own iWork apps (Pages, Keynote, Numbers) that are available free if you purchase a new iOS device and that can be purchased separately for older devices. There are also 3rd party combined suites that cost less than the separate Apple apps. Ones often recommended include Documents 2 Go,  Quickoffice and Office2 HD.
    If you can accept needing a network connection whenever you want to use the apps and have an Office 365 subscription, Microsoft has just released their Office Mobile app, though it has significant limitations. Or a server-based solution such as CloudOn might be an option for you.

  • How can I open a pdf attachment in Mozilla Thunderbird?

    In my Thunderbird email account, I checked a box for MSWord to open all attachments, but I would like to reverse that decision since I got a pdf attachment, and MSWord doesn't open that. How do I change it back to the way it was so the pdf attachment can be opened with adobe?

    Tools > Options > Attachments > Incoming tab
    * in the 'Content Type' column:
    * look for: Microsoft Office Word document
    * then look at the 'Action' for it
    * click on the current Action and select 'use Microsoft Office Word'
    If this is already setup ok then leave alone and do the next step.
    Is there a 'Content type' for Adobe Acrobat Document' ?
    If yes,
    * click on the Action and select 'Use Adobe Acrobat' or 'Adobe Reader'
    * click on OK
    If there is no 'Content type' for Adobe Acrobat Document'
    then click on OK and do the next step below.
    * Locate email with pdf attachment
    * right click on attachment and choose Open
    * select 'Open with' and choose 'Adobe Reader'
    * select 'do this automatically for files like this from now on.'
    * click on OK

  • TS1347 ios 7: how can i open a mime-attachment.ics file?

    since i installed ios7 on my iphone i can not open mime-attachment.ics (invitation sent from an outlook email) files in my calendar. does anyone know what i can do to open these files in my calendar?

    All email attachments are encoded before being sent are encoded with MIME.
    If your receive an email attachment that is not recognized by the computer or mobile device, that usually means there is not an application available on the computer or mobile device that is compatible with the attachment type.
    For the iPhone's email client:
    Viewable document types
    .jpg, .tiff, .gif (images); .doc and .docx (Microsoft Word); .htm and .html (web pages); .key (Keynote); .numbers (Numbers); .pages (Pages); .pdf (Preview and Adobe Acrobat); .ppt and .pptx (Microsoft PowerPoint); .txt (text); .rtf (rich text format); .vcf (contact information); .xls and .xlsx (Microsoft Excel); .zip; .ics

  • How can I open Word docs with Pages?

    I just installed the iWorks software because it said it would open Word docs. Now I can't seem to open any Word .doc files I had archived onto CDs, after abandoning my PC.
    I've made Pages my default application for opening text, and that didn't help. I just keep getting the error message "The document "X.doc" couldn't be opened." Any ideas?
    IMAC   Mac OS X (10.4.8)  

    Welcome to Apple Discussions Paul
    Pages - the word processing/page layout application in iWork (no "s") - usually doesn't have any problems with opening Word files, but I do believe it can't open any Word files older than version 6. It is also highly unlikely that it would be able to open any from the new 2007 version. If your documents are from a version in between those, they should open.
    How are you trying to open them? There are at least three common methods, but, since you say the documents are on a CD, I suggest copying them from the CD to your hard drive first. To open one at a time you can use File > Open (where > means following menu commands with your cursor). To open more than one at a time, select the ones you want by Command- (⌘) clicking the files & then dragging them onto the Pages icon in the Dock or a Finder window or Control- or right-click & choose Pages from Open with in the contextual menu that appears.

  • How can I open a PDF attachment?

    I work for FEMA and receive a daily briefing.  The email comes with a PDF attachment.  As of Monday, when I clicked on the link the PDF would not open.  I updated my Adobe Reader, thinking that would resolve the issue but it still will not open.

    If you save the attachment to your desktop, can you open it using File>Open in Reader?
    If not, what exactly happens? What version of Reader are you using?

  • How can Tiger open Microsoft Word documents sent by e-mail?

    I recently upgraded to Tiger and use Appleworks 6, which is unable to read the Microsoft Word documents I frequently receive by e-mail. Is there any way I could read such documents, or should I get Microsoft Word? If so, which number/level would you advise? (I'm happy with Appleworks.)

    Do the problematic Word attachments end in ".doc" or in ".docx"?
    Neither AppleWorks 6 nor TextEdit will handle Microsoft's marketing-driven "improved" file format used in Mac Office 2008 / Windows Office 2007 (which is almost-but-not-really based on XML). There's a backwards-compatible option in those versions of Word to "Save As" Word 97 -2004 format (.doc). The practical solution where I work is to track down anyone sending .docx and threaten them with grievous bodily harm unless they resend as .doc and swear to never use .docx again.
    Microsoft has a converter that (allegedly) converts the new format to the vastly more common one, but that requires a previous copy of Office (Office 2004 or Office X).
    You can try the Mac OS X Dashboard widget DocX Converter instead.

  • How can I open Word doc. on iPad mini?

    I'm trying to open up a word document created on my macbook pro on my iPad through mail. I'd rather take my iPad to class then haul my 15 inch macbook
    I have tried emailing myself document as an attachment, and opening on my iPad but it won't come up. I attempt to click on the attachment and the option for "mail" pops up and it creates a reply with the attachment in it.
    I downloaded Documents and opened through there but my document shows up as blank multiple times. any other suggestions on what I can do, besides emailing myself the plain text not as an attachment? broke college student so I'd rather find a possible free way than purchase Pages

    Hi Garzas93,
    I use Office2HD. Its great for creating/viewing/editing Word, Excel, and Powerpoint. You can also connect Office2HD to work with your Dropbox account to sync across multiple devices...really handy to be able to work on a document at my office desk on my Mac, have it saved to my Dropbox folder, and then automatically see it in Office2HD on my iPad. No need to email it back and forth. It costs $7.99 but well worth it in my opinion. I understand the whole broke college thing... but $7.99 isn't much when you consider it'll last you a few years of college.
    If you only want free and if you have an internet connection in class, you could use Google Drive and create/edit documents there. It doesn't have as many features as Word but its a free cloud word processor.
    Hope this answers your question!

  • How can i open WINMAIL.DAT attached to e-mails ???

    anybody knows how to open attached WINMAIL.DAT in e-mails (Yosemite 10.10.3)

    See the suggestion by thomas_r.
    Get a copy of TNEF

  • How can I open a wiki attachment in a new tab on the iPad (iOS 5.1.1)

    For some reason opening an attachemnt on a lion wiki on an ipad is not working.
    When you try to open the attachemnt in a new tab, this is even not an option.
    Whan you open the attacment just like that and you go back to the page, it crashes.
    Thanx for your help.

    I partially answered your question in another posting but I feel that you´re in the wrong forum for your problem. This is for BSP development and you talk about CRM.

  • How can i open a windows unc link in a email on the ipad?

    I work with my ipad in my enterprise and my exchange is sync on it. Sometime i receive some links for a doc or else on a windows share like \\server\path\example.doc.
    I want to be able to click and open it directly instead using Filebrowser. Sometime the path can be long.
    Thank you.

    Unless you can get an "open in" (or "open with") option when you tap and hold on the URL, then you can't. iOS does not natively support connecting to any file share. You need to use a third-party utility such as FileBrowser, and if the app doesn't register and allow the "open in", then you'll have to copy the URL and paste it into File Browser et. al.

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