How can I pass values from one node to another

Give a standard and efficient way to pass values from child to parent

hai Prathap
You can use the custom event  for passing values from child to parent

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  • HT201250 how can i pass information from one mac to another mac by using the time capsule

    how can i pass information from one mac to another mac by using the time capsule

    If you want to transfer files, settings, etc., you must open Migration Assistant (Applications > Utilities) in the Mac that you want to transfer the files and follow the instructions

  • How can I pass arguments from one MIDlet to another MIDlet

    Hi everybody !
    Can anybody help me in knowing that how can I pass the parameters from one
    MIDlets to another one in same application.
    I am devloping a application in which I am using more than two MIDlet and I
    want to transfer Parameter from one MIDlet to another one.
    I just explain what I have done....
    I made a MIDlet "A" and "B" in the same project using NetBeans IDE.
    In MIDlet "A" I create the Object of MIDlet "B" so that the constructor of
    MIDlet "B" is called and parameter can be transferred.
    But when I run the program it shows me two MIDlet on the screen, that I
    doesn't need.
    Suggestion are most welcome....
    Thanks in advance

    If you create two MIDlet in a midlet suite, it will display as you mentioned means you can't change the display style.

  • How can I pass information from one portlet to another?

    First, some background...
    I am using Portal 5.0.2 and developing portlets using JSP/Java on a remote server.
    I need to pass information from a portlet on pageA to another portlet on pageB, but I can't do it using the traditional methods, such as query string, session, cookies, etc. due to either portal framework limitations or because of functional constraints (basically, a user will not necessarily be logged in to the portal, but he can view anything available to the GUEST user). Here are the different ways I've considered using to save state and their limitations:
    Query string: can't use this because portlets on remote servers don't have access to it
    Cookies: if user disables cookies, code will not function properly
    Session variables: limited to one user's connection with one portlet (i.e., can't access a session variable set in portletA from portletB)
    Application variables: because the user may not be logged in, I have no way of uniquely naming variables, which is a necessity in order to maintain state for EACH user
    User Settings: again, the user may not be logged in, so I can't use these
    PCC: can't access client-side variables because server-side JSP executes first
    Are my assumptions above correct? Has anyone had any success using one of these methods given the same constraints, or does anyone have an alternative solution? I'd certainly appreciate any help anyone could provide.

    One possibility would be to use a Login PEI to set a unique UserInfo Name/Value for the user. I think in 5.0 each guest session is unique, so would have unique UserInfo. Then you could pass this value to your portlet (by specifying it in the web service) and use it as a key into a Application-scoped hashmap where you store your info. In other words, your Application variables option, but you have a way of uniquely naming your variables via PEI-set UserInfo.

  • How can I pass variables from one project to another using Javascript?

    Hi all, I am trying to do this: let learners take one course and finish a quiz. Then based on their quiz scores, they will be sent to other differenct courses.
    However, I wish keep track on their previous quiz scores as well as many other variables.
    I found this nice widge of upload/download variables by CPguru ( -captivate-5/). However, this widget works by storing variables from one project in local computer and then upload it to another project.
    My targeted learners may not always use the same computer though, so using this widget seems not work.
    All these courses resided in a local-made LMS which I don't have access to their code. Therefore, passing variables to PHP html files seems not work.
    Based on my limited programing knowledge, I assume that using Javascript to pass variables may be the only possible way.
    Can someone instruct me how to do this?
    Thank you very much.

    If you create two MIDlet in a midlet suite, it will display as you mentioned means you can't change the display style.

  • How to get a value from one item into another

    How can i get value from one item into another item.
    Ex: I have a report, in there i have check boxes, and when i have checked some rows, and press submitt, a prosses computates it into a item on another page, and a branche redirects to page 3. Then i'm going to use the value in the item into a PL/SQL script in an report to show the submittet items.
    How can i do this?
    Computation script, pages and all that is fixed. But i dont know which PL/SQL statement to use to get th value from the item.

    Hi Fredr1k,
    Use the V() function from pl/sql.
    e.g. V('P3_MY_ITEM')
    will return the value of that page item.
    As long as the pl/sql is called from within the Apex environment.

  • How we can get the values  from one screen to another screen?

    hi guru's.
         how we can get the values  from one screen to another screen?
              we get values where cusor is placed but in my requirement i want to get to field values from one screen to another screen.

    Just think of dynpros as windows into the global memory of your program... so if you want the value of a field on dynpro 1234 to appear on dynpro 2345, then just pop the value into a global variable (i.e. one defined in your top include), and you will be able to see it in your second dynpro (assuming you make the field formats etc the same on both screens!).

  • How can I pass parameters from one process flow to another process flow?

    How can I pass parameters from one process flow to another process flow (sub process) in warehouse builder? let me know the steps I have to do in warehouse builder.
    Thanks in advance,

    Hi Kishan,
    Please post this question to the Warehouse Builder forum:
    Warehouse Builder
    Thanks, Mark

  • Passing value from one jsp to another?

    how to pass value from one jsp to another? i have a value assigned in the link, i want to pass that value to another jsp page?
    please help with code?

    Instead of the value being passed, i am getting a null value.
    Here is my calendar code:
    <%@page import="java.util.*,java.text.*" %>
    <title>Print a month page.</title>
    <body bgcolor="white">
                  boolean yyok = false;
                  int yy = 0, mm = 0;
                  String yyString = request.getParameter("year");
                  if (yyString != null && yyString.length() > 0)
                          yy = Integer.parseInt(yyString);
                                  yyok = true;
                       catch (NumberFormatException e)
                          out.println("Year " + yyString + " invalid" );
                  Calendar c = Calendar.getInstance( );
                  if (!yyok)yy = c.get(Calendar.YEAR);  
                         mm = c.get(Calendar.MONTH);
                  <table align="center">
                       <form method=post action="calendar.jsp">
                          Enter Year : <select name="year">
                 for(int i= yy;i<=2010;i++)
                  <OPTION VALUE= <%=i%> > <%=i%> </option>
                      <input type=submit value="Display">
    String[] months = {"January","February","March",
                    "October","November", "December"
    int dom[] =     {
                        31, 28, 31, 30,
                        31, 30, 31, 31,
                        30, 31, 30, 31
                int leadGap =0;
    <div id="t1" class="tip"><table border="4" cellpadding=3 cellspacing="3" width="250" align="center" bgcolor="lavender">
    <td halign="centre" colgroup span="7" style="color:#FF0000;">
              GregorianCalendar calendar =null;
              for(int j=0;j<12;j++)
                        calendar = new GregorianCalendar(yy, j, 1);
                  int row = 1 ;
                  row = row + j;
              <colgroup span="7" style="color:#FF0000;">
              <tr align="center">
              <th colspan=7>
                  <%= months[j] %>
                  <%= yy %>
        leadGap = calendar.get(Calendar.DAY_OF_WEEK)-1;
        int daysInMonth = dom[j];
        if ( calendar.isLeapYear( calendar.get(Calendar.YEAR) ) && j == 1)
        out.print(" ");
          for (int h = 0; h < leadGap; h++)
        for (int h = 1; h <= daysInMonth; h++)
          out.print("<a href=desc.jsp>" + h + "</a>" );
        if ((leadGap + h) % 7 == 0)
    if( row%3 != 0)
    </html>I need to pass the value in 'h' to the desc.jsp page.
    my code for desc.jsp is :
    <body bgcolor="lightblue">
    <form method=post action="Calenda.jsp">
    <%= request.getParameter("h") %>
    <h2> Description of the event <INPUT NAME="description" TYPE=TEXT SIZE=20> </h2>
    </html>But i am not able to pass the value. The 'h' value contains all the date. i want to pass only a single date, the user clicks to the other page. please help

  • Is there any way to pass value from one SWF to another ?

    I am doing project using flash, now I cant pass a value from one SWF to another, is there any way to pass value from one SWF to another.

    Just to confirm here do you simply want to communicate between two SWFs without involving Flash Media Server. If this is the case one good way of doing it is to use a local connection. It can be used for direct communication between two separate instances of the flash player. However if you want to involve multiple clients sharing a common variable then you may have to use Shared Object for this. Please let me know what is the actual use case, is it multiple clients sharing a common variable or different player instances communicating between themselves.

  • How can I transfer work from one computer to another?

    How can I transfer work from one computer to another?

    Welcome to the forum.
    I can think of three basic ways to accomplish what you wish to do:
    Use the Project Archiver to archive your Project (and check the box to gather the media files), to an external HDD. Probably the easiest way to do it.
    Copy the Project and ALL media files to an external HDD, but be prepared to relink the media files to the Project, as the drive letter (part of the Absolute Path) will have changed.
    Edit loosely, and Share to an AV file, which will be Imported into a New Project on that second computer. Or, edit VERY tightly, and do the same. I like the first, as removing, replacing Transitions, etc., can be much more difficult, unless that "tight edit" is 100% done.
    Good luck,
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  • How can I transfer information from one ipad to another?

    how can I transfer information from one ipad to another ?

    What kind of information? You can sync things like Contacts and Calendars by using iCloud. You can backup one iPad to iTunes on a computer and then sync the backup to the other iPad. You can configure your iTunes content and sync the same content to both iPads.
    It is based on what you want to do. Or are you looking for a way to send files from one iPad to another wirelessly? There are apps to do things like that, as well as cloud services, such as DropBox.

  • How can I migrate everything from one account to another on same computer?

    How can I migrate everything from one account to another on same computer?

    Transferring files from one User Account to another

  • How can I send stuff from one iPhone to another via Bluetooth?

    How can I send stuff from one iPhone to another via Bluetooth?

    There are some apps that will let you send photos from one iOS device to another over BT.

  • How can i copy apps from one computer to another?

    how can i copy apps from one computer to another?

    You don't mention which operating system you have so it's difficult to provide an answer since the mac and Windows stores the files differently.
    The other thing you can do is just re-download the apps from the iTunes Store. Just login to the iTunes Store on the other computer using the same Apple ID. On the right-hand side of the iTunes Store page you will see a 'Purchased' link. Clicking on that will take you to a page that will list your past purchases which you can re-download to the new computer.

Maybe you are looking for

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    Hi, This may be a simple problem, but I have not been able to solve it.....Is there a way for me to code another search criteria in addition to what the user enters? I'm trying to create a simple search page. Basically, user logs on, i get his acooun

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