How can I permanently disable the "fn" key?

Hi.  My subject says it all.  How can I permanently disable the "fn" key?
At first I thought I had a virus or something because when I typed only weird symbols came out.  Then I reset the computer.  Then I couldn't even log in.  I tried Time Machine etc.
Then I realized that the "fn" key wasn't working right.  It seems to be working backwards.  It acts like it's being pushed when it's not, and when I do push it it acts like it's not being used.
So it's kind of a simple problem but it's really annoying.
Is there a way I can just disable it permanently?  Even physical force if necessary.  I tried to break it but it wouldn't break.  I don't really use the key anyway so it doesn't really matter.  I don't want to pay a bunch of money to replace a key I don't even use.
Thanks.  I hope someone knows.

That's the best answer.  Yeah usually if you press "fn" or "option" you can get it to work for awhile.
Yeah I have considered some kind of external keyboard also.  It will make a laptop less laptopish.  But it could do the job for awhile.
It's sad because I don't even care about the "fn" or "option" keys.
But anyway it's not catastrophic at least.
And yeah maybe we can get a new computer later or something.  I like mine though.  It's customized and is how I like it right now.
Anyway thanks for the reply.

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    Best regards,
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    TechNet Community Support

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    Hello, windypinesands.  
    Thank you for visiting Apple Support Communities.  
    If your friend is concerned with the security of his Apple ID or iCloud account, I would recommend reaching out to our Apple ID Account Security team to assist him with this issue. 
    Apple ID: Contacting Apple for help with Apple ID account security
    Jason H.

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    I have also this problem before:
    systemd-tmpfiles[154]: chmod(/proc/sys/kernel/nmi_watchdog) failed: Operation not permitted
    but don't know what it means.
    However, it seems that something (maybe systemd) re-enables nmi_watchdog, even if I disable it from kernel parameter!
    I can disable it manually after boot with:
    echo 0 > /proc/sys/kernel/nmi_watchdog
    but I want an automatic thing for that, I can't do it manually everytime start Arch.
    Which thing does re-enable nmi_watchdog? And how can I prevent this behavior?
    Please help, thanks.
    Last edited by digitalone (2013-03-18 14:36:28)

    mich41 wrote:Yet another reason to stay with sysvinit, I guess
    Yeah. sysvinit was slower, but you knew what to expect from it...
    mich41 wrote:I'd run systemctl to check if there is some "service" which enables it.
    If not, search their website - maybe it's a documented behavior and maybe even configurable.
    I gave up...
    hadrons123 wrote:
    Did you by anychance change /etc/systemd/system.conf paramater
    No, I have #RuntimeWatchdogSec=0 in my config.
    n3os wrote:
    nmi_watchdog not nmi_watchdod
    i'm trying APPEND root=/dev/sda2 ro nmi_watchdog=0 quiet and it works
    I didn't make the same mistake in boot parameter.
    There's something that enables it. There's always kernel: NMI watchdog: enabled on all CPUs, permanently consumes one hw-PMU counter in journalctl log.
    I use pm-utils, laptop_mode.service and cpupower for trying to save energy on my laptop.
    Could be one of them?
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    I'm guessing that x-marks will be most people's prime suspect. I just want to make sure that firefox isn't recreating the items as a default behavior.
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    Does it still happen if you temporarily disable Xmarks?
    Doesn't it work if you hide the Bookmarks Toolbar?
    You can check:

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    I've turned on the Develop menu and selected 'Disable Caches'. However, this option does not 'stick', as after a few subsequent minutes of surfing, the option will turn itself off and re-enable caches on its own. How can I stop Safari from doing that?
    I have tried the old trick for disabling caches (i.e. deleting the cache folders and using the 'touch' command to create empty files with the same names as those folders), but this will cause Safari to crash when the 'Warn when visiting fraudulent websites' option is turned on. So that's out.

    From the Finder type shift-command-G or Go->Go to folder...
    /var/folders/IZ is the path. Within the IZ folder you will see another folder with a very long, random character name. Open that folder and you will a folder named -Caches-. Within the -Caches- folder you find the folder Inside the folder are the files Cache.db and SafeBrowsing.db. These are Safari's actual caches in Leopard. This is also the reason some people are having trouble with Safari 3.2. If they have disabled Safari's cache using the terminal or a utility like Onyx, Cocktail, or any of the other Safari utilities that disable the cache then Safari 3.2 can't access the SafeBrowsing.db and apparently crashes. This is also why turning off the fraudulent website preference causes some user's Safari to start working again. And of course, a whole lot of people were obsessed with speeding up Safari and took bad advice to disable the cache, then promptly forgot they did so. Then when Safari 3.2 blew up in their faces they had no clue. Combine that with all the third-party add-ons and, well, you get the picture.
    Trashing the Cache.db and the SafeBrowsing.db files may also be a good troubleshooting tool. But remember, we're talking Leopard only, not Tiger.

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    I use the CAN in LV 8.5, I want to enable or disable the
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    It's important I don't want to stop my VI that
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    bus...(I would command it with a boolean for example).
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    Hi there
    I'm not familiar with NI-CAN, but take a look at
    Can be found in the CAN\Frame API\Advanced palette.
    Start Transitions the CAN object from stopped (idle) state to started (running) state. If the CAN object is already started, this operation has no effect.
    Stop Stops the CAN Object. For example, if the CAN Object is configured to transmit data frames periodically, this action stops the periodic transmissions. This action will also clear all entries from the read queue.
    Best regards
    CL(A)Dly bending G-Force with LabVIEW
    famous last words: "oh my god, it is full of stars!"

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