How can I read email from my aol account from my iphone and keep it as uread on my computer at home.  It automatically goes to read mail on my computer.  On my computer if I want to keep an email to answer later I can mark it "Keep as New".

How can I read my email from my aol account from my iphone and keep it as "unread" on my computer at home?  At home I can read an email and if I want to get back to it at a later date I can mark it as "keep as new".  I tend to forget it if it goes to "read" mail.   Right now, when I read an email from my phone it goes automatically to "read" mail.

On the iPad, using the mail app, there is no way to do what you are asking without tapping the flag icon and marking the item as unread. Have you tried the OWA app for the iPad? It may have that functionality, but I haven't tested it as you need an Office 365 subscription with Exchange support to use the app.

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