How can I record my voice?

A few months ago I upgraded from my faithful PowerMac G4 to a snazzy flat white iMac G5 with Tiger. I'm finding that there are lots of things I can no longer do and one of them is recording new alert sounds, welcome messages and so on. In Sound there doesn't seem to be a 'record new' option. I have the internal mike of course and headphones with a mouth mike that i use with Skype.

Your iMac came with GarageBand. It can record. I know it has problems recording from iSight microphones so I don't know how the iMac's internal microphone will work.
To add alert sounds, save your sounds in AIFF format and then follow this tip:

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  • HT2508 How can I record my voice through my Mac?

    How can I record my voice to my Mac?

    Use GarageBand.
    In GarageBand, go to the Track menu and add a New Track to your project. When the box comes up, click "real instrument", then "create". Unless you have external audio hardware connected, the default audio input for the track should be the internal microphone of the computer.
    Or use QuickTime. Open QuickTime, go to File>New Audio Recording.

  • How can I record my voice on iMovie without needing to place a photo or video in?

    I'm trying to make an anime review. But before placing photos in it, I wanted to record my voice first before adding pictures in it. So I was wondering what do I do to actually get my voice in it without it being cut because there were no photos or videos placed in? (I use a macbook)

    You could insert a bunch of placeholders in the timeline before doing the voiceover.
    You can find a range of placeholders (they are actually templates used in iMovie Trailers) in the Maps, Backgrounds & Animatics browser. This is the last browser at the end of the centre toolbar, after the Titles and Transitions browsers. Click on it and scroll down to see all the animatics (aka placholders or templates). Drag a number of these into your project timeline - as many as you think you need to cover your audio.
    When you've finished the voiceover, drag photos directly onto the animatics and select Replace from the pop-up menu. Adjust the timing by using the Inspector (double-click a photo to open the Inspector, then change the duration).
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  • How can I record my voice in my MBP

    I am a new Mac user and I was wondering if I could record my voice in my MBP?
    I didn't buy any additional software but the one that comes with the Leopard.

    I don't know what "came with your Leopard" but if Garageband "came with your Leopard" you will be able to record your voice in that. You can also try Audacity which is a free recording/editing program for Audio.
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  • How can I record EAX voice effect

    I have a SB 5. board in my machine and in EAX Control Panel I've beeing joking a lot with some voice effects like Zeus or Chipmunk.
    But when I try to record my Microphone sound using any kind of program, those effects are not recorded, only my normal voice. For voice chats, the result is the same: I can hear my voice modified but other people don't.
    So, how should I proceed to record those effects and/or make then 'hearable' for other people thru voiced chats like MSN or SKYPE ?
    Thank you,

    See User's Manual page 3-3.
    If you do not have a manual you find it here from
    If your card is Bulk then you find the manual from here.
    If you do not have the Creative Surround Mixer -software then install it first
    (bundled with your card (CD)).
    The rec level is the red (left most) slider and the source selector is above the
    slider. Select there "What U hear".

  • How can I record a voice over and save as MP3?

    Good morning! I do voice overs. In my studio I STILL have a PC and use adobe audition. For my day to day business I know have a MAC BOOK PRO. I am going on vacation and need to record on my MacBook Pro with Garage Band.
    I have successfully set up my Mic(studio Projects C1) and my travel PreAmp (MAudioDuo) to record in Garage Band. All I need is dry voice. I have recorded a track but need to save is as an MP3. The test track I recorded is about 15 seconds long but yet plays for 30 seconds...I have deleted everything after the voice but it still seems like the track is longer. I have to put in MP3 format. How do I do this? This is a nice program but looks like it is too much for what I need it to do. So, any other recommendations on more appropriate software is appreciated if needed.
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    yet plays for 30 seconds.
    move the end of project marker to the 15 second mark:
    I have to put in MP3 format.
    when you "share" it, tick the Compress checkBox
    any other recommendations on more appropriate software
    any audio editor could be used as well:

  • How can I record a guitar and my voice (only voice with mic) at the same time ?, how can I record a guitar and my voice (only voice with mic) at the same time ?

    how can I record a guitar and my voice (only voice with mic) at the same time ? I have one interface with Input 1 mic, Input 2 guitar, everything is working correct, but how can I activate multi recording or something like that... thanks

    Set your inputs on your channel strips and make sure you have one set to input 1 and the other input 2.  Arm the 2 audio tracks(the "R" in the track header. They will turn red and flash), then hit the record button. 

  • How many min. can i record with voice record with MuVo V200 1

    I'm going to buy the Creative MuVo V200 GB.
    Now my questions about this player.
    How many minutes can i record over voice recording.
    Maybe someone can tell me how much Megabytes minute of recording will take.
    Are there different quality levels of recording?
    In which format does the player save the recordings?
    I will use the player to record lectures at the uni'versity.
    Did anyone have done this?

  • How can I record an audio sound and convert it to a ringtone?

    How can I record an audio sound and convert it to a ringtone?

    Record your voice using iPhone (for ringtone only 35 secs or under are valid), sync iPhone with iTunes.
    In iTunes the recorded voice is listed under Music as some_numbers.m4a.
    Right click on the item and choose Create AAC version.
    Drag the converted voice onto the desktop.
    Delete the voice copy in iTunes. (important step)
    On desktop, rename the some_number.m4a to something_more_intelligent.m4r
    Drag it back to iTunes and you will find it under Tones.
    Now select it (for sync) and connect your iPhone, do a sync.
    If everything works out, it will be in Settings > Sounds > Ringtone.
    Now choose a contact you want to assign this ringtone, tap Edit and add the ringtone.
    Hope this helps.

  • How can i download my voice call conversation

    Could someone please tell me, how can i download my voice call conversations. Its very importantn for me to get this download. Please reply me asap or could someone give me the skype customer support contact number so that i can talk to them and request to send those files.

    Hi, VoiceCallConv, and welcome to the Community,
    If you mean transcriptions of your calls or the recordings, Skype does not record any calls.  Only third-party add-on software such as can be found in the Skype App directory could do this.
    If you are referring to lists of calls, and the information provided in your account is not sufficient (check your My Usage, where you can export the call history), again check the Skype App directory under the Chat Management sub-heading.  The Super Users tend to recommend a freeware product offered by NirSoft.  My favorite is RecollX.
    Here is a link to the Skype App Directory:
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  • How can i record call when i use handfree

    How can i record call when i use handfree

    Define hands-free, are you using a headset/Bluetooth?
    To note, Recording is not a natively supported function of the iPhone. There are laws regarding this... and in America, both parties have to be notified/in-knowledge of being recorded.
    Where are you from? If outside the USA, Google Voice won't work.
    Have you looked into a VoIP provider that supports what you wish to do?

  • HT4515 How can I record a conversation on my iPhone4?

    How can I record a conversation on my iPhone 4?

    Not supported natively on any iPhone. Google voice permits recording of phone calls, but only inbound.

  • How can I record an audio file directly from a digital recording device directly to the iMac?

    How can I record audio directly to my iMac from a digital recoding device?

    What digital recording device?

  • How can I record an Audio Instrument (saxophone) and listen to a reference track at the same time?

    How can I record an Audio Instrument, and listen to a reference track at the same time?

    Are you using an external audio controller or the line-in and headphone jacks on the side of your computer? You shouldn't have an issue using headphones when you're recording through the line-in but you may want to make sure you have monitoring on and it's going to the right place.
    If you're using an external audio controller, try making an aggregate device combining the controller and the "built-in output" into the same device. Go to Applications/Utilities/Audio MIDI Setup, click the "+" sign at the bottom left to make a new device and check the "use" boxes to the left of the physical devices you want to use as part of that aggregate device. That is how I use the computer's speakers or headphones to monitor my input as opposed to only being able to use the output on my audio controller.
    Now that I see some of the questions on the side of this page I realize that the 13" MBPs seem to have only one combined input/output jack... That is an incredibly stupid feature. What on Earth could possibly justify that design decision? I suppose if that's the problem you're having you'll have to buy some sort of splitter (if they even make them) or get an external audio controller like an Apogee Duet or something along those lines. I would be furious if they combined those two jacks on all of the MBPs.

  • How can I record a video with LAbview?

    I have a question: How can I record a video with labview?
    I have a camera (AXIS 221) connected via rj45 on PC. I see the video of the camera in a browser.
    And I would to acquire the video in labview.
    Could someone help me?

    Unfortunately I haven't any experience with this camera. Iguess, you should install API, then crete new VI, place ActiveX container (palette Container->ActiveX) on the Front Panel, then right mouse click, then choose Insert ActiveX object..., then found you camera object and select it and press OK. Then you probably can see image from the on the front panel. Also probably you will be able to get image data in array (how easy is it - depends from the camera API).
    If you able to see image from camera in the Internet Explorer, then another method - you can put Microsoft Web Browser as ActiveX object, then you should also see the image. Disadvantage of this method - you will be not able to get image data.

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