How can I remove a mailbox address from the "From" drop down box in a new e-mail my old e-mail address continue to populate as the sender address

How can I remove a mailbox address from the "From" drop down box in a new e-mail my old e-mail address continue to populate as the sender address

Try Mail>Preferences>Accounts icon>Account Information tab>Click on the Outgoing SMTP server drop down, choose edit Server list, highlight the old one & click Remove.
(Such convolution is worthy of Windows® in my estimation)

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  • How can I remove all my preferences and settings from mail and do a clean install of mail app?

    How can I remove all my preferences and settings from mail and do a clean install of mail app?

    Open mail > Preferences > Accounts
    Select the account and click the minus button at the bottom of the column.
    Quit mail
    ~/Library/Preferences/ move this file to the trash and empty it.
    ~/Library/Mail/ and move all of the items in that folder to the trash and then empty it.

  • How can i programmatically add a text in a combobox drop down menu ?

    How can i programmatically add a text in a combobox drop down menu ? Can it be possible using any property node?

    You've posted to the wrong forum. Please post to the LabVIEW board.

  • Since upgrading to Firefox 4 I've been unable to select search items from the google drop down box in the toolbar. Instead, I have to retype my search item completely as I also unable to select 'auto-complete' items as they appear.

    Since upgrading to Firefox 4 I've been unable to select search items from the google drop down box in the toolbar. Instead, I have to retype my search item completely as I also unable to select 'auto-complete' items as they appear.

    Known problem with the Google Toolbar extension. <br />

  • How can I remove photos added to my iPad from my PC and laptop?

    How can I remove or edit photos added to my iPad from my PC and laptop?  New iPad.   Thanks!

    You use the same process that you used to get the photos on the iPad to begin with. Photos that were synced from your computer using iTunes can only be deleted by de-selecting them from the folder from where they were synced -  and then re-syncing.
    So that means that you have to connect your iPd to your computer, launch iTunes, select your iPad under the devices heading in the sidebar, click on the Photos Tab on the right and then uncheck the folder of photos that you synced to the iPad and then click on Apply in the lower right corner of iTunes.
    If you want to remove all of the photos, uncheck the Sync Photos From Heading and then click on Apply.

  • How can I remove a Creative Cloud Free membership from my account?

    Thanks in advance for any help.
    I have Creative Suite 6 installed.
    I started to use CC and decided I didn't want it anymore, so I let the account lapse this month.
    The computer automatically switched now to a Creative Cloud Free membership, but how can I remove this?
    Now when I launch Acrobat, for example, it asks me to renew my subscription. Well, I don't want to!

    You MAY need to uninstall the Cloud and run the Cleaner
    - (and uninstall)
    You MAY also need to deactivate your old software and reinstall and activate again
    -Cloud takes over

  • How can i remove manually oracle 10g express edition from vista

    i use windows vista
    how can i remove manually oracle 10 g express edition
    please help

    1. Uninstall all Oracle components using the Oracle Universal Installer (OUI).
    2. Delete the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SOFTWARE/ORACLE key which contains registry entries for all Oracle products by using regedit.
    3. Delete any references to Oracle services/components in the following registry location: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SYSTEM/CurrentControlSet/Services/. Looks for key entries that starts with “Ora” which are obviously related to Oracle.
    4. Reboot the workstation.
    5. Delete the ORACLE_BASE directory. (i.e C:\Oracle)
    6. Delete the C:\Program Files\Oracle directory.
    7. Empty the temp directory.
    8. Empty the recycle bin.
    have you done this?

  • How to get values from a multiple drop-down box.

    On my first page, I have a multiple drop-down box as the following code.
    <select name="selInterMethod" class="textbox" multiple>
    <option selected value="CH">Chicago</option>
    <option value="NY">New York</option>
    <option value="SF">San Francisco</option>
    On my second transaction page, I need to save "CH-NY" into my Database column: city if the user selected Chicago and New York.
    How can I accomplish this in JSP?
    Thanks for your help.

    I figured out the solution. Here it is. FYI
    String inter_method = "";
    String Inter_Method[]=request.getParameterValues("selInterMethod");
         if( Inter_Method.length > 0 ) {
              for (int i = 0; i < Inter_Method.length; i++) {
                   inter_method = inter_method + '-' +Inter_Method;
              inter_method = inter_method.substring(1,inter_method.length());
              System.out.println("trx inter_method = " + inter_method);

  • How can I add a blank value in a standard drop down list

    I have a requirement to add a blank value into the standard drop down list of for i.e. the search criteria
    "created on" -> (values are: yesterday/today/last week etc).
    The problem is, that this field has always the default value "yesterday" but our customer wants to have a blank field as default.
    Can anybody provide me steps how can I add this blank value ?
    Many thanks in advance

    Hi Bernard,
    thanks for your reply.
    Its for quotation.
    Could you give me still some further detail steps, please ?
    Many thanks

  • From database to drop down box

    Hi all,
    Suppose I have the following
    String query ="Select name, number from Person";
    I want to put all the "names" in a drop down box and all the "numbers" in a separate drop down box. When I do this:
    <select="person" onchange="showSelection">
    <option value="<%=rs.getString("name")%>"><%=rs.getString("name")%></option></select>
    I only get the value of the first name in my table. Can anyone help me?

    I think you need to do some order. my suggestion is to create an Object that contains name and number like this:public class MyClass {
         String name;
         int number;
         public MyClass(String n,int num){
         //set and get methods for the data members...
    }next, roll over the ResultSet and create MyClass object each time and add it to a Vector or something like that. usually a drop down box displays many times and it will be very bad if you will query the data base each time you want to display it, thats why i suggest you to save this Vector in a bean or somewhere else (of course, if the data is static).
    than display the vector content like this:<select name="person" onchange="showSelection">
    <%     Enumeration e=vec.elements();
              MyClass m=(MyClass)e.nextElement();
    %>          <option value="<%=m.getName();%>"><%=m.getName();%></option>
    <%     }%>
    <%     e=vec.elements();
    %><select name="number" onchange="showSelection">
    <%     while(vec.hasNext()){
              MyClass m=(MyClass);
    %>          <option value="<%=m.getNumber();%>"><%=m.getNumber();%></option>
    <%     }%>
    </select>pay attention on how you wrote the select tag: <select="person"...
    and not: <select name="person"...
    hope it helps
    think of using struts and custom tags in jsp it will much easier to do this!!!

  • How can i remove a user name or account from the ipad?

    I purchased the iPad from a friend who never used it but entered a user name and profile.  When I try to load something from eBooks, it automatically defaults to the other user name and not mine and I don't know how to change it to my user name (email address).  How can I completely remove anything related to that other user name and info?

    Attach your iPad to your iMac and then in iTunes on the Mac use iTunes > File > Devices > Transfer Purchases

  • How can i remove a key and its value from properties file

    hi all,
    i want remove a particular key and associated value from the
    properties file. is their any standard way of doing?
    thanks inadvance

    i am able to remove the key,
    one more question how can avoid storing date and time
    in properties file.

  • How can I remove a non=working windows partition from my mac?

    Alright so when I got my computer around 3 years ago my mom installed Windows on it. Sadly it didn't work and there was an uninstall so it uninstalled it, but now I have this 10 GB windows partition that's still there but I can't boot up on it and it's wasting 10 GB of my space. HOw can I get rid of it without risking of personal data (on my mac partition)

    Hi Midnight Pharaoh;
    Seeing as how I don't allow anything from Microsloth into my house I am not able to answer your question from personal experience but I believe that Boot Camp can in addition to creating a partition for Winders also delete said partition. If you need more details you might try reposting in the Boot Camp forum instead of the Snow Leopard forum.

  • How can I remove a computer that I sold from iCloud?

    When I open ICloud I see my PC, my Iphone and an old Macbook Pro that I sold a while ago.
    How can I delete it?

    Hi jeffrey sg,
    When you convert a file, it's automatically stored in your online account. You can download your files by following these steps:
    Log in to your account at
    Select the file or files that you want to download.
    Click Download at the top of the Files list. Your files will be downloaded to the Downloads folder on your computer.
    Please let us know how it goes.

  • HT4236 how can i remove pics in my iphone labeled "from my Computer"?

    My iphone is pretty full; i noticed that i have an abundance of pics from my PC that uploaded to my iphone.  i have tried different ways to remove these photos but no luck

    You have to sync them off using iTunes.  Connect your phone to your computer, open iTunes, click on the name of your phone in iTunes, go to the Photos tab of your iTunes sync settings and uncheck the photos you no longer want on your phone (or uncheck Sync Photos to remove them all).  Then click Apply at the bottom to sync your phone.

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    Does anyone know if it is possible for BI Publisher to hook into Business Objects Universes data? JDBC drivers? We would like to import all our Crystal Reports into BI Publisher but a lot of them are written across the "Business Objects" BI database.


    Would I be able to use the Oracle Content Management SDK to build my own version of Oracle Files/Files Online/iFiles application but enforce security at the DB level (assuming all my content was labeled) instead of at the application level, using OLS