How can I resize a pdf page content with annotations and highlights in Acrobat Pro?

How can I resize a pdf page content with annotations and highlights in Acrobat Pro while maintaining page size and annotation/highlight interactivity? I've tried to use the crop tool in Acrobat Pro (9) and the page does resize, but the highlights and annotations go all over the place. I specifically need to scale the page content smaller (83%) but maintain page size and annotation/highlight to content connection and interactivity.

An old trick (not recommended) would be to print to a new PDF with the page size selected but a scaling of the content. Only print the document, not the markup, to a new PDF. Close that PDF when done and reopen the old one (or maybe a copy of the old one for safety) and use Document Replace pages and select the new document to replace your current pages. You will then have to go back through the markup to locate it all correctly. There may be a more elegant way, but this may be the fastest.

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    So you picked a template in A4 format, and now you need letter. The printer can scale the PDF to 11" and it will get even narrower, leaving large margins. Does it have bleeds? That woudl be a disaster.
    Frankly, the best thing is to start over using the correct page size, but you can go to File > Document Setup... in ID and change the shape of the exisiting file. Expect to do a lot of work moving and resizing objects and refitting the type.

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    same issue, looks like nobody answered you from last JULY....

  • I cannot convert a pdf to work with my newly purchased adobe acrobat pro XI

    i cannot convert a pdf to work with my newly purchased adobe acrobat pro XI

    Sorry I cannot convert pdf to Word document (typo)
    Richard Gabai
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    UnionPay International
    208 Plaza 10, Harborside Financial Center, Jersey City, NJ 07311
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    I am putting together a catalog which consists of over 400 pages. We had the products on our website exported into a PDF format and I need to add a header and footer to each page via a master page in ID. I don't need to edit the actual PDF but I need to create a layer on top of what was exported. How can I import the 400 pages to be independent of each other without manually placing them?

    Depending upon what you want in the header or footer, you do it in
    Acrobat...Document>Header and Footer>Add.
    There's a multipage PDF place script that ships with the
    scripts panel and it should be there.

  • How can you combine multiple PDF pages into one searchable PDF page?

    I have scanned multiple business cards and now have a PDF  file with over 500 pages (or cards). I would like to be able and create a  page with 8 cards to a page and is still searchable for text. Right now, the text is searchable. Basically have 63 pages and not 500.
    If I wanted to find Joe Smith's card, I could search for  "Joe Smith" and it would search all of the text and bring me to the  page(s). Right now, it will bring me to that page. Is there a way to create  a page where I can have multiple cards and the text is still searchable?
    I tried to create a page in Photoshop, made 8 different layers with 8  different cards, but when saved, not only was the file way too large, but no text, or font, was detected  and there was nothing to  search for.
    Is there an option to create a page in Acrobat Professional and put 8 cards to a page?
    I have InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop and Acrobat Professional Pro.

    That sounds great, but I'm lost.
    I followed these steps:
    1) Open your PDF (in Adobe Acrobat Pro)
    2) Chose print
    The print/printer options pop-up will show.
    3) In the printer section, do not use your normal printer, a printer named Adobe PDF should be an option. Chose it.
    4) Under the "Page handling" section, change the Page Scaling drop-down menu to "Multiple pages per sheet".
    It works fine, but it looses all of the font information and the search no longer works. How can you do it and save the font info, so the search tool continues to operate.
    Am I missing anything?

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    I have a PDF arquive with 107 pages and I want to inclue a new page to replace the page number 3.
    How can I do this?

    You can't with Adobe Reader. You need Acrobat for that.

  • How can I find a missing pages document with no title created on Ipad

    I created a very important pages document on ipad that i didn't save with a title. It vanished when an inapp notification appeared while working with the document. It is not in cloud nor anywhere in my pages library. How can this happen? Please tell me there is a way to recover this file? At the time of the incident I was running the latest version of IOS (7.1.1) and pages (2.2 -1259)
    Please help!
    Thank you

    Have you checked to see if there are any file recovery apps available? either in the App Store or elsewhere.

  • How can I prevent my screen getting covered with black and white lines while working on the internet which only happens with firefox and only go when I 'go back' or go down a page?

    It happens as I surf - horizontal black and white lines particularly when I scroll down and only goes if I can go to a new page or go back a page. It is driving me crazy and only happens with firefox. I have disabled all plug ins but it still happens.

    Try to disable hardware acceleration.
    *Tools > Options > Advanced > General > Browsing: "Use hardware acceleration when available"
    If disabling hardware acceleration works then check if there is an update available for your graphics display driver.

  • How to export or print PDF from Illustrator with crop and reg marks?

    Hi all,
    I realise this is probably a very obvious question, but I've just upgraded from CS3 to CS5.5, and I'm tearing my hair out with the loss of Adobe PDF printer driver. I've looked on forums and can't find this question - prob. so obvious that no one else has asked it.
    Can't seem to export as PDF from Illustrator ,only 'save as'. This doesn't give me my crop marks. I've tried putting in crop marks - Effects/Crop Marks - but this places the marks outside my trim, at the edges of my background image, which comes out 2mm all round for bleed purposes.
    How can I set crop marks to denote the dimensions of the page size, regardless of how much crap I've got spilling out over the edges for bleed?
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    PS: Bring back the PDF Printer Driver pleeeease!

    You can turn on crop & trim marsk when doing a save as to PDF. But turn on some bleed values greater than 0 (not  as in my screenshot) or you will not get any bleed of your artwork, just the marks then.

  • How can one store hd video for use with ipad and apple tv?

    I'm looking for solutions. I don't have a computer. Not interested in renting what i really like or collecting blu rays.
    Buy enough hd video films from the store and the iPad runs out of hard drive. I could buy more storage from the iCloud. What else could I do? The new apple tvs don't have a hard drive for storage. has a hyperdrive external drive for the iPad, but 720P, is that full HD? They also have a new kickstarter funded product cloudFTP which connects hard drives etc to the iPad wirelessly. Not sure if this would work ok.
    Any other ideas?

    There are some cables you can use. Depends on what model iPad you have and what interface is on the projector. You could also get a router to take with you and set up your wifi connection. There's some portable routers.
    You can connect via a cable or wireless using an Apple TV.
    Connect an iPad to a Television or Projector levision-projector.html levision-projector.html
    Connecting iPad iPhone or iPod to TV or Projector
    iPad Accessories: Connections for a TV or Projector rojector.html rojector.html
    You may be interested in AirPlay on the Apple TV:
    Alternately, there are Apple Digital AV Adapters for hardwired connections:
    Portable routers
     Cheers, Tom

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    I have a multimedia PC in my living room hooked up to my TV and I am planning to use it as a PVR, MP3 jukebox, DVD player and photo album.
    I build this machine in a small aluminium case, with the minimum components. I chose the nForce as the platform for this machine to minimise the number of components (and noise/heat).
    I'm running Windows XP with NTFS and there is no floppy drive in this system. Do you guys have an idea about how I can upgrade the bios from 2.0 to 2.4 (or 2.6?)?
    Thanks in advance

    Well, if you have any kind of internet connection on the computer, then MSI LiveUpdate is the way to go.  I had the same problem after I didn't quite plug in my floppy right the other day -- the burning smell was exhilirating but my computer was fine.  I have only NTFS partitions too and no floppy, but with an Internet connection it was easy to update the bios.
    For some reason LiveUpdate wanted to tell me that the latest BIOS is 2.4, so if you navigate to C:\Program Files\Setup Files\MS6373v240 and replace the BIOS image files there with the 2.6 ones you downloaded, and run Winflash.exe, it will flash you to 2.6.
    Alternately you could just download all that stuff on another computer and burn a CD with it.  You could make that CD bootable or you could boot off a Win98 startup CD or something and put your CD in after the computer boots up...not really sure how well that would work.
    Winflash has worked fine for me the three times I've used it (from 2.4 to 2.5, then back to 2.4, and now to 2.6).

  • How can I export a PDF photo portfolio with a clean cover page?

    I have compiled a photo portfolio in Bridge and wish to have a clean cover page that does not have the contact info, copyright, etc., that exists on the photo pages.  The cover page was created in Ps and imported into Bridge.
    From what I can see, Bridge does not allow you to add info to certain pages, it's either none or all of them - which unfortunately includes the cover page.
    Any thoughts?  I do like how Bridge lays out the portfolio with size of image related to size of file.

    Sorry for the long delay in getting back to you! I must have missed your original post.
    Unfortunately our ExportPDF service doesn't support Hebrew text.  You can vote for this feature in here:  We use the Ideas section to help prioritize features.

  • How can I convert a .pdf to a single file HTML file in Acrobat 9 Pro?

    I need to convert a .pdf with active links to a single file HTML file.  Any advice?

    LGINSB wrote:
    Yes, but it's saving it with files associated.  I need it to be a single file version.  Thanks for the reply.
    Of course it is. It sounds like what you want would be just a .jpg. Web pages are seldom ever just one file unless they are strictly text. More than likely you have some images (maybe even images of text) involved so you could never get one file.

Maybe you are looking for

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