How can I restore a folder in SM35 - Very Urgent

Hi All,
How can I restore a folder in SM35 ?, because I created a folder in transaction AFAB and this transaction just process in background (under folder - SM35) and then I deleted this folder wrongly.... I tryed to execute again the transaction AFAB but it didn´t work, it means no folder was created...., the mesage is AA729.....
Edited by: Sandra Mota on Mar 7, 2008 8:26 PM

Once you delete the session in SM35, it is not possibel to restore it back.
Check if you have also deleted the logs? Logs can exists after deleting the Session, provide you have not deleted the logs too.
It is not possible to create one more session using AFAB.
still if you want to do it, then in the selection screen at least change one of the parameter (Company code, Fiscal year, Posting period).
IF you still do not want to change the above input parameters, then there is another option, i.e. create a new assest and then run the AFAB with the radio button in REPEAT RUN.
Hope this is clear

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    You should probably contact the "official" Apple customer support.  This is a user discussion forum.  You can use the "Contact Us" link at the bottom right corner of this web page.

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    Don't you just love changes in interfaces?
    I found the answer to my question.
    When you attach a device (iPhone, iPad) to your Mac, in iTunes 12 in appears as a tiny icon in the second "row" of the iTunes display. Click the icon and the familiar iTunes display for the device appears. From there, on the Summary screen, you can see the dates of the backups of the device (iCloud and backup to the computer). You can also use the button to backup to the computer.

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    Thanks for prompt reply, yes we have tried that but have now closed down the browser we where the photos were.
    We haven't sent up time machine, do you know whether there is any roll-back function on a Mac?

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    oops.  typo:  "I went ahead and befored the restore."  should be... I went ahead and performed the restore.

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    Do you have Time Machine enabled.   If so, go back through your previous months until it features in your Application folder.   Then restore.

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    Did you ever run chkdsk on a volume? If so, it could reset security descriptors and set NTFS permissions back to default.
    You could install the hotfixs below to check results:
    An update is available that lets the Chkdsk.exe tool compact the NTFS security descriptor stream in Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 2;EN-US;919241
    Error message when you run the Chkdsk.exe utility to fix a corrupted volume on a Windows Server 2003-based computer: "Stop 0x00000024";EN-US;959608
    You could also refer to the thread below to troubleshoot the issue:
    Permissions Disappearing from Folders
    are trying to better understand customer views on social support experience, so your participation in this
    interview project would be greatly appreciated if you have time.
    Thanks for helping make community forums a great place.

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    Immediately backup the profiles on both machines. Keep the profile backup files and folders somewhere safe outside the Firefox program and profile paths. The Windows Desktop would be a suitable location.
    * see [[Back up and restore information in Firefox profiles]]
    * also note the information on bookmarks [[Restore bookmarks from backup or move them to another computer]]
    Do you use Firefox sync ?
    *[[Firefox Sync - Take your bookmarks, tabs and personal information with you]]
    that is not itself a backup, but you may consider the synced second device to be a backup
    Restored bookmarks overwrite the existing bookmarks. You may still have some left, but unfortunately you could have overwritten most or all of them with corrupt copies. If you backup the profile at least you have access to copies of whatever automatic backups were made. Note in future that it is good practice to periodically make backups.
    Post back again once you have backed up the profiles, and read the linked articles.

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    Your question is not clear
    Rerairing or rebuilding the iPhoto library never involves using Time Machine in any way
    TM is a totally seperate program and you can "restore" a file (including the iPhoto library) from the past using TM - you launch TM and go back to the time you want and select the file (or folder or package) you want and click restore - it probably is best to keep the current one until you are sure everything is good

  • How can I restore a single image from an aperture time machine backup, do I have to restore the entire library? that does not make sense

    I hope there has been found a more efficiant solution for this,  how can I restore a single image from an aperture time machine backup, I really hope I don't have to restore the entire library? that does not make sense
    any suggestions?

    Did you try browsing your backups in the Finder ?  That is, do not go and "Enter Time Machine".  Instead, navigate to your Time Machine backup via Finder and then manually go to the time period (by folder name) you are looking for ... when you find your Aperture library you can then "Show Package Contents" and find the Master you are looking for.

  • How can I restore my e-mail

    Dear all,
    I totally reinstalled my Powerbook G4.
    Before I backup my mail by copying the content of
    Library -> Mail -> [email protected] -> INBOX.mbx -> Messages
    After the reinstallation, I opened Mail and I created my accounts.
    Then I copyed my backup into the same path of my Mac.
    But all pasted Messages (xx.emlx) are not displayed in the Inbox when I reopened Mail.
    How can I restore those e-mails?
    Many thank

    Hi Pierrot10,
    Insert your backup disc (or plug your external hd), then open Mail.
    In the File menu, click *Import Mailboxes* and follow the steps for a *Mail for Mac OS X* transfer.
    Navigate to your CD/DVD's or external HD's backup and hit "OK".
    This should create a new "Imported" folder in Mail with all your old messages in it, that you can then rearrange as you wish, creating new mailboxes etc.

  • How can I restore saved e-mail from time machine in 10.7.2?

    My saved e-mails just vanished. I have dire need to restore them. They contain vital information. Where are they in Time Machine and exactly how can I restore them? Thanks in advance for any help.

    Hi James,
    sorry for my delay.
    You mean that you found the folders in your Library/Mail/etc...  ??
    Strange that you have the messages there and not in your Mail program. It is clear a matter of a database corrupted.  Inside Mail there is a command Rebuild. this should do the job but there is a risk of a demage to the present Mail.  Of course you can explore each single file in the librari folder but you see they are down in a comples structure and you may not find everithing.
    I am not so expert to give you a safe suggetion.
    Before tryoing a rebuilt I would do as follows to be more safe about the possible result.
    Create a new user Account in your Mac and copy your complete Mail folder into the Library of the new account.
    Then try the rebuild option in the new user account and see what happens. You today mail system will not be affected and you can decide what to do.
    To postpone a rebuilt can be an option but if you have a demaged database and you se you can live with the result of a rebuild in the "test" account I would rebuild also your.
    For some reason before doing any action I wouyld repair the permission and also check the HD to be sure you do not have any write-read problem.
    Let me know if it works.

  • I have more than 300 CDs I downloaded into my computer which went to my iTunes library and have purchased hundreds of songs through iTunes store and can no longer access these songs. How can I restore my music so I can play it?

    I have more than 300 CDs that I have downloaded to my computer and have purchased hundreds of songs from the iTunes store on my Mac. I cannot play any of this music now. How can I restore my iTunes library? I can see the music files, but they will not play. The message I get is that the file cannot be found. I have stopped purchasing any music from iTunes, and will not do so in the future unless this can be resolved. Why buy music if in the future you can't play it? I have not connected my ipod to my computer for months because of concerns that my music will disappear from there too.

    What you see in iTunes is not the music but a pointer to the file that contains the music.  Somehow these pointers have become broken. You may have accidentally deleted the file, or moved a folder, or moved a file, or renamed a folder, or renamed a file, or...  iTunes is very unforgiving of you doing things to the iTunes folder unless you have it set so iTunes does not manage your music for you (in which case you really need to know how iTunes works)
    If all your links are broken, or a large number are, then there are various options, none of them easy (unless you're lucky).  One is when it asks you if you want to find the file that you say yes and then guide it to the file (which will probably be in a folder by artist, and then a folder by album name). Gets old fast if you have 300 CDs.  Another is to undo what may have caused the links to become broken, if you can remember what it was that you might have done such as renaming a folder.  Another is to just forget about your old library, ratings, and playlists, etc. and start afresh. Trash the library file in your iTunes folder, start iTunes with a blank library, then drag all your files to the new library.   Another is to restore itunes from a backup you may have made before this happened.
    Do you keep just media on an external drive?  If you start iTunes without the external being switched on then it thinks the links are bad.  Quit iTunes and start the external before restarting iTunes.  You may have to scroll down through the tracks to "tickle" them into re-reading the link.
    How do you have itunes set in preferences to manage your music?  Have you done any changes to preferences recently, or moving folders, files, etc?  Do you keep iTunes on an internal drive, or external?
    In the many years of people complaining about broken links I don't think any way has been developed to mend them automatically.  I saw one attempt to use Spotlight, but it didn't really work.
    None of us work for Apple so it's up to you if you won't buy from them until it is fixed. We will try to help you fix it, because we're nice. 

  • How can i restore my backup from hard drive, it says files modified by OSX

    Before i update my mac i backup all my files to the external hard drive after i update it to OSX (10.9)i can not restore them, due to new update i had to change my hard drive thats how i lost all my files
    please guid me how can i restore my files

    Not familiar with the Mac file structure either but you can transfer the entire content of your Firefox profile replacing entire content of a firefox profile you created on new HD. For me copying over a few files was out of the question all of the files are updated and I wasn't about to reinstall 150+ extensions and set up configurations for everything and to do that for that 20 profiles and .ini file. Except for 3 most didn't have a lot of extensions but it would be rather impossible.
    I copied everything from the Mozilla folder down in the user libraries so all my profiles were set, it did something similar for application libraries.

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