How can I run sequentially each SequenceCall that is present within a sequence file in NI teststand

I have a sequence file which tests a number of DUT's. Each DUT has its own SequenceCall within the Sequence File.
I have set up each SequenceCall to create a New Execution and run in Single Pass to create a separate report for each DUT.
My problem is that when the Sequence File executes, it Calls all SequenceCall's and they begin to run in parallel, I want them to run in sequence. I tried using the PreCondition and Evaluate Precondition option of each SequenceCall to make sure the first/previous SequenceCall had completed but this did not work, the Sequence File still called each SequenCall at same time. 

Why are you spawning a new execution each time?
Next to the Exeuction Options there is a button with a hammer and a wrench on it.  When you click on that you get the Sequence Call Advanced Settings.  Change the Wait for Execution to Complete: to Before executing next step.
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    Duh... found my error... I was attempting to access the data by referencing the created "root" element.  Since <test> is the very first element tag, it's setup as the root element, which you don't need to reference.  Changing the alert to alert(; fixed it.
    Now I just feel dumb, lol...

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    I would like to run the report parallel for ALL the input values and I should be able to see the ALL outputs with in 15 or 16 minutes.
    In my shell script, I added & symbol at the end of the report call to start/run the job in the background. Due to this the control passed to the next step after the report call. At this place I have an ftp command to send the output file to a different server and it is giving error some thing like “o/p file is not available/created yet". This is due to the fact that report writer is NOT yet completely started/initiated or it is NOT completed the spooling.
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    Increase the number of server engines running right now it seems there is only one engine running ,increase it to 4 or 6
    and then atleast 4 or 6 reports will run simultaneously.
    For FTPing the output add to your sript to check whether it is locked and if not then only try to ftp .
    Also for more better functionality read the document (chapter 15 ) for 10g reports for its new fuinctionality.

  • How can I run a SubVi in background when a sequence is running in the main VI

    What I want to do is this
    When I push a button on the main VI, a SubVI (#1) must run and take data.
    At the same time, a sequence, in which there are other subVIs must run.
    My problem is that the subVI #1 does not run when I push the button. The sequence is running well. How can I run both the sequence and the subVI at the simultaneously?
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    Hey Hugo,
    Sounds like you'll just want to do some parallel loops. I'll attach a screenshot of a VI that has a sequence where the counter goes up to 3, then restarts, each time it reads the iteration count from the subVI above. (The subVI is just a while loop with the iteration count attached to the global)
    Each iteration of the sequence shows an increased count from the subVI via a global variable.
    Is this what you are looking for?
    Keep in mind that I just threw this together to show functionality, its got a lot of rough edges to it.
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    Chris Van Horn
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  • How do I run a database procedure that inserts data into a table from withi

    How do I run a database procedure that inserts data into a table from within a Crystal report?
    I'm using CR 2008 with an Oracle 10i database containing a number of database tables, procedures and packages that provide the data for the reports I'm developing for my department.  However, I'd like to know when a particular report is run and by whom.  To do this I have created a database table called Report_Log and an associated procedure called prc_Insert_Entry that inserts a new line in the table each time it's called.  The procedure has 2 imput parameters (Report_Name & Username), the report name is just text and I'd like the username to be the account name of the person logged onto the PC.  How can I call this procedure from within a report when it's run and provide it with the 2 parameters?  I know the procedure works, I just can't figure out how to call it from with a report.
    I'd be grateful for any help.

    Hi Colin, 
    Just so I'm clear about what you want: 
    You have a Stored procedure in your report.  When the report runs, you want that same procedure to write to a table called Report_Log. 
    If this is what you want the simple answer is cannot be done.  Crystal's fundamental prupose is to read only, not write.  That being said, there are ways around this. 
    One way is to have a trigger in your database that updates the Report_Log table when the Stored Procedure is executed.  This would be the most efficient.
    The other way would be to have an application run the report and manage the entry. 
    Good luck,

  • How can I run Runtime.exec command in Java To invoke several other javas?

    Dear Friends:
    I met a problem when I want to use a Java program to run other java processes by Runtime.exec command,
    How can I run Runtime.exec command in Java To invoke several other java processes??
    see code below,
    I want to use HelloHappyCall to call both and,
    [1]. main program,
    package abc;
    import java.util.*;
    class HelloHappyCall
         public static void main(String[] args){
                   Runtime.getRuntime().exec("java  -version");
                   Runtime.getRuntime().exec("cmd /c java  HelloWorld "); // here start will create a new process..
                   System.out.println("Never mind abt the bach file execution...");
              catch(Exception ex)
                   System.out.println("Exception occured: " + ex);
    } [2]. sub 1 program
    package abc;
    import java.util.*;
    class HelloWorld
         public static void main(String[] args){
         System.out.println("Hellow World");
    } [3]. Sub 2 program:
    package abc;
    import java.util.*;
    class HappyHoliday
         public static void main(String[] args){
         System.out.println("Happy Holiday!!");
    } When I run, I got following:
    Never mind abt the bach file execution...
    I cannot see both Java version and Hellow World print, what is wrong??
    I use eclipse3.2
    Thanks a lot..

    sunnymanman wrote:
    But How can I see both programs printout
    "Happy Holiday"
    "Hello World"
    ??First of all, you're not even calling the Happy Holiday one. If you want it to do something, you have to invoke it.
    And by the way, in your comments, you mention that in one case, a new process is created. Actually, new processes are created each time you call Runtime.exec.
    Anyway, if you want the output from the processes, you read it using getInputStream from the Process class. In fact, you really should read that stream anyway (read that URL I sent you to find out why).
    If you want to print that output to the screen, then do so as you'd print anything to the screen.
    in notepad, I can see it is opened,
    but in Java, not.I have no idea what you're saying here. It's not relevant whether a source code file is opened in Notepad, when running a program.

  • How can I run two DML in one FORALL statement?

    How can I run 1) select 2) update in one FORALL for each item as below?
            FETCH FXCUR BULK COLLECT INTO v_ims_trde_oids LIMIT 1000;
            EXIT  WHEN v_ims_trde_oids.COUNT() = 0;
         FORALL i IN v_ims_trde_oids.FIRST .. v_ims_trde_oids.LAST     
              SELECT EXTRACTVALUE(XMLTYPE(CNTNT),'/InboundGTMXML/ProcessingIndicators/ClientCLSEligibleIndicator')        INTO v_cls_ind
              FROM IMS_TOMS_MSGE  WHERE ims_trde_oid = v_ims_trde_oids(i);
             IF v_cls_ind      IS NOT NULL THEN
                      v_cls_ind       := '~2136|S|'||v_cls_ind||'|';
             UPDATE ims_alctn_hstry  SET CHNGE_DATA_1   =concat(CHNGE_DATA_1,v_cls_ind)
             WHERE ims_trde_hstry_id = (select max(ims_trde_hstry_id) from ims_alctn_hstry where ims_trde_oid=v_ims_trde_oids(i));
             DBMS_OUTPUT.PUT_LINE('Trade oid: '||v_ims_trde_oids(i)||'   CLS Eligible Indicator: '||v_cls_ind);
          END IF;
      END LOOP;
      CLOSE FXCUR;Your help will be appreciated.
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    I came through this forum while googling on the issue of 'using two DML's in one FORALL statement.
    Thanks for all the useful information guys.
    I need to extend this functionality a bit.
    My present scenario is as follows:
    FOR I in 1..collection1.count Loop
              insert into tab1(col1)
              values collection1(I) ;
              WHEN OTHERS THEN
              RAISE_APPLICATION_ERROR('ERROR AT'||collection1(I));
              UPDATE tab2
              SET col1 = collection1(I);
              WHEN OTHERS THEN
              RAISE_APPLICATION_ERROR('ERROR AT'||collection1(I));
    I need to use the FORALL functionality in this scenario, but without using the SAVE EXCEPTIONS clause keeping in mind that I also need to get value in the
    collection that led to the error.Also, the each INSERT statement has to be followed by an UPDATE and then the cycle goes on(Hence I cannot use 2 FORALL statements for INSERT and UPDATE coz then all the INSERT will be performed at once and similarly the UPDATEs). So I created something like this:
    l_stmt varchar2(1000);
    l_stmt := 'BEGIN '||
              'insert into tab1(col1) '||
              'values collection1(I) ; '||
         'EXCEPTION '||
              'WHEN OTHERS THEN '||
              'RAISE_APPLICATION_ERROR(''ERROR AT''|| :1); '||
         'END; '||
         'BEGIN '||
              'UPDATE tab2 '||
              'SET col1 = :1; '||
         'EXCEPTION '||
              'WHEN OTHERS THEN '||
              'RAISE_APPLICATION_ERROR(''ERROR AT''|| :1); '||
    FORALL I in 1..collection1.count
    Will this approach work? Or is there any better aproach to this? I am trying to avoid the traditional FOR ..LOOP to achieve better performance of query

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    so please kindly help me, how can I run the tasks sequential?

    As Sorna already wrote, connect the Tasks with a precedence constraint = green arrow, then they will be executed one by one.
    Olaf Helper
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  • How can I run 2 differeny Firefox versions

    I have Win 7 x64 operating system.
    How can I run two different FireFox versions?
    I want to be able to run FF3.6 and FF10
    But it seems its set up the way that I can only install one of them.

    Do a custom install and install each version in its own program folder to use multiple Firefox versions.
    Create a new profile exclusively for each Firefox version.
    Create a desktop shortcut with -P "profile" appended to the target to launch each Firefox version with its own profile.
    See these mozillaZine KB articles for information:

  • How can I run 2 keynote presentations on 2 different macs with only one keyboard?

    How can I have 2 different keynote presentations that I want to run simultaneously through 2 different projectors, but I'd like to try and avoid using 2 keyboards - and use a hardware solution, rather than relying on my 2 fingers!! (it's a long conference!!!) thanks for any help.

    Open the CSS in DW, and use F10 to open the Code Inspector.
    Place the
    latter as needed.
    Murray --- ICQ 71997575
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    > How can I run 2 Dreamweaver windows at the same time on
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    one to another with
    > in a
    > split second instead of taking that extra time to switch
    back and forth
    > using
    > the tabs at the top, I know I should probably invest
    into a mac so i can
    > work
    > out side of the Dreamweaver application window and I
    will in the future
    > but is
    > there any way i can do this on my windows XP pro PC?
    > Thank you
    > Maurice

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    How can I run a vga monitor and projector together on my Mac Pro OSX 15"?

    You can upgrade to Snow Leopard, Lion or Mountain Lion (coming next month), but you need Snow Leopard to upgrade to Lion or Mountain Lion. Check this web to know how to add memory to your computer and the memory that it supports (probably, 3 GB).

  • How can I sync my ipod to the i tunes library in my computer? and how can I make sure each Cd I play automatically is saved onto the Ipod?

    How can I sync my ipod to the i tunes library in my computer? and how can I make sure each Cd I play is automatically saved onto the Ipod?
    My problem is that if I open I tunes, the Sync ipod option in the menue is grayed out, and so not available.
    This is starting to irritate me, so any help would be much appreciated.

    I have the same problem. The Sync ipod option in the menue is grayed out, and so not available. HELP!

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