How can I set a third party application to access my organizations intranet through my organizations network

how can I set a third party application to access my organizations intranet through my organizations network  . I am using blackberry bold 9700 OS 6

Hi deepajithesh
This feature is not available. Applications access the BlackBerry Network using the connection to BIS.
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  • How can I configure a third party VME board with A24 address space using a VME-MXI-2?

    We are trying to establish communications to a Galil Motion controller with a VME interface. Galil states that they are using a A24 address scheme with A16 data space for their board.
    I am confused how to configure that board in the VME chassis properly.
    The base address provided by Galil is 91Fxxx, I am assuming that the lower three nibbles are the registers that I can talk to?!
    How do I set the address range under the resource setting for that board?
    Also, I noticed in MAX that one board shows up with a slot number unknown, one with slot #0 and this board I have set to slot #1. I assume that the unknown part is for the PCI card that makes up for the 1/2 of the PCI to VME bridge?
    The VISA VIs (Register based access) returns either a bus error, an invalid offset specified or data. However, we are completely in the dark when it does return data, since the expected offset we are typing in causes one of the two errors.
    Our assumption of the problem is that we do not understand how to properly configure that third party board as a resource. It has also happened that the resource manager is hanging up the PC completely. Not even CTRL-ALT-DEL works and the MXI activity LED on the NI-VME-MXI-2 board stays on during the hand up.
    We would appreciate, if somebody could walk us through the configuration process, step-by-step. Specifically, please explain how to setup the base address and how the offsets relate to this on a A24 address scheme. We are completely new to the VME bus interface, so even trivial things may be unkown to us.
    We have browsed NI's page and manuals for explanations, however, we could not find any answers to our questions.
    We noticed a formula for an A16 board that takes the base address and adds the logical address to it plus 40hex. Do we have to do the same or something similar to the A24 board????
    We also came accross an option that would allow the board (NI VME controller) to share its memory with A24 or A32 space? Do we need to enable that? What is the purpose for that?
    Markus Tarin - Custom Imaging Solutions - Advanced Thermography Solutions

    When I did not get a response here, I had to open a ticket with support.  The short answer is that you cannot customize the SAML response when using Azure AD as an IdP.
    Response from support:
    I discussed the issue with senior engineers to get action plan for this issue. After doing research Senior engineers updated me that we cannot add a custom attribute to the default
    SAML response of Azure AD.
    Below is the link to get the list of available attributes
    As default SAML response from Azure AD , we have email address of the user sent out as attribute value for the Attribute " NAME ".
    They suggested me to configure the application we are trying to integrate with Azure AD in such a way that it transforms the Attribute  " NAME " into " EMAIL
    This was not particularly helpful in my case as I did not have any control over the 3rd party which specifically documented that they would not extract the email address from the name attribute.

  • I can't open every third-party applications on my iPhone 4S, please help!!

    Hello everyone,
    Here's my problem:
    I can't open every applications except all the built-in appplcations (Calendar, Clock etc.), in other words, all third-party applications are crashed when I open them.
    I use two accounts (A & B) to download apps, after I change my current account A to another one B, the applications which belongs to B are working, and I try to download a new app it's working too.
    When I change account B back to A, B's apps are still working, however all A's applications still crashed. But I downloaded a new app using account A, it's working...
    So what can I do about all my existing account A's applications?? please help me thx...
    iPhone 4S 16G (unjailbroken)
    iOS 5.1.1

    Why are you using two accounts? That is most likely creating the conflict. Try picking ONE ID, then try downloading a new app from the App Store on that ID and see if your other apps work.

  • How can I remove a third party widget

    I downloaded a noisy third party Homer widget (on leopard) and now can't remove it.
    The finder search instructions say use f12 (but for me that is the volume control), I used f4 to open widgets but can't see anything for managing or removing widgets. The finder instructions say open with + but I can't see a plus or a manage widgets command.

    Open up Dashboard, then click the + in the lower left corner and add the widget called "Widgets". With this widget you can manage your widgets. If you want to get completely rid of a widget you need to delete it in the Finder. Go to /Library/Widgets or ~/Library/Widgets and delete the corresponding .wdgt file from there.

  • How can I get my third party plugins to work with PSCC?

    I use third party plug-ins from two different companies and they all worked during my PSCC trail period, but now PS won't recognize any of them. I've tried re-installing them using the custom install process, but they still don't work. Tech support has been useless, and I'm getting very frustrated. Can anyone here help?

    Are you saying your trial expired but you liked CC so you are now subscribing? Or are you saying you went back to CS6 or another previous version.
    What plugins are they?
    Did they work on the before on that build before you tried CC?
    I am just wondering if you are only allowed to use them once thats all, which in itself is a little wierd.
    Usually when people have plugin issues its to do with 32 / 64 bit ones, as they don't interplay with each other. Eg you trialled a 32bit bit cc and used the 32bit plugins, but actually subscribed to 64bit cc
    When you say tech support is useless, are you reffering to the plugin tech support or Adobe? Assuming you mean adobe did you try the plugin supplier?

  • Root CA-How can I set my server the single CA in my own intranet?

    I have some confidential network(without any internet connection).
    How can I generate FULL certificate chain with my own CA (without requesting any external certificate)? Software is Solaris 9 (Sparc) & SunONE Portal Server.
    Yurry A. Buharkin

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?>
    <!DOCTYPE web-app
    PUBLIC "-//Sun Microsystems, Inc.//DTD Web Application 2.2//EN"
    please see the above.
    i have saved my jsp files in the root dir of webapps. in c:/tomcat/webapps/root/web_inf/web.xml , the content of this web.xml is as shown above.... but it still dont work .... how i can i rectify this problem.
    really thanks a lot

  • Verizon is my internet provider and also my email software. How can I set Verizon in Firefox Applications under Options/Tools? I don't use any other software.

    Whenever I want to send a message when at a website, I am forced to use outlook or the other options listed in applications in Tools.
    How do I get Verizon listed?

    No, forget the "mailto > use other". Sorry !
    Once you have a Mail Client(like Thunderbird) installed & configured as your default for Mail in the '''CUSTOM''' section of Set Program Access and Computer Defaults, you can click on a Send To or MailTo link on a webpage and a New Message window will open with your default email account's address (i.e.
    thanks and sorry again

  • How can I set value for vc application's form

    there is a running vc application,and the vc application has form.the form's parameters can input from keyboard.but I want use java application to realize the function that input parameter instead of mannual input.
    can you give me some advices,thank you very much.

    This may help:

  • Can I set a third party app to open PDFs in my iPad 4?

    Is it possible to replace the default PDF viewer with a third part app on an iPad?  When I click on a PDF link in Safari, for example, the default viewer displays the PDF, instead of thr third part PDF app I've purchased.  The app I'm using is PDF Expert, but my question is more general.

    No way to change the viewer in Safari, however you should get an "Open in" button at the top left of the PDF once its open.  Tap it and you'll get a list of Apps that can open the PDF so you can transfer it to them.

  • How to automatically activate a third party application upon MAC startup on OSX 10.9.5?

    I am trying to automatically activate a downloaded application upon the startup of the computer.  This particular app is one that works in the background.
    Thanks for the help

    1) Open System Preferences -> Users & Groups, then select your account.
    2) Select "Login items" and click "+" button to select application.
    3) Check out "Hide" checkbox.

  • How can I set the time in Time-based Access control ??

    I live in Denmark, where we use the 24 hour system.
    So I want to set the time-based access control to from 7.00 in the morning to 2.00 at night, but every time the Timecapsule says wrong time format, I can use the night time 23.59, but thats not late enough.

    Set two controls.. 7 to 23.59 and 00.01 to 00.20
    This is common as the control cannot handle times longer than 1day.

  • How can i set my ipod up without internet connection? Every-time I put my network in it say "Could not find network".

    My I-pod wont connect with the network, so I reset my I-pod to see if that was the problem
    and now I cant set my I-pod up because my I-pod cant find the network. I cant download I-tunes
    on my laptop because I have to have a password that I don't know.

    Try either:
    - On a computer that has iTunes and an internet connection
    - Go to a different location and try connecting to another wifi network

  • Third party application for C7 images

    How can i use a third party application to read the exif data of a C7 image stored on my computer? How to get the suitable third party application in the first place?

    You can access EXIF data upon your C7-00 using Resco Photo Viewer, which is not however what you were asking for.
    Happy to have helped forum in a small way with a Support Ratio = 37.0

  • Integration of third party application on Weblogic Portal 10.3

    Need help on how can we integrate a third party application running on HTTP with weblogic portal application.
    we have a separate linux box running an application using PHP, MySQL & Apache.
    We want to render this on portal using CPP (Content Presenter Portlets) or HTML/JSP portlets.
    One way I can think of is to use IFrame in HTML/JSP portlets & involve the URL of this application.
    Is there anyway to use WSRP?
    I read the documentation on WSRP - It says that even a non-portal application can be integrated but that application should be having portlets running.
    But this 3rd party doesn't have any portlets running.
    Can anyone help on the same?

    Iframe portlets are certainly possible and the simplest approach. You can also look at using Clipper portlets:

  • Third-Party Application for Historical Reporting

    As we migrate from our current version of UCCX Premium 7.0(1)SR05ES06_Build063 to version 8.5.  We will be migrating the data over to new hardware.  We are concerned about reporting.  We currently have a lot of custom reports and we are uncertain how those will work after we migrate to the new database platform.  Can anyone recommend some third party applications that could give us more functionality that what the current and new versions have to offer?

    Hi Tracy
    I can't really comment on third party products, as I'm not familiar enough with any in particular.
    However - I have done a lot of migrations from Windows to Linux including custom reporting. The database schema is mostly identical, so migrating any of your reports should be possible. It's a little tricky as you have to know both MS SQL and Informix...  The Crystal templates themselves generally just work once you have done the SQL stuff and modified the XML report definitions.
    Aaron HarrisonPrincipal Engineer at Logicalis UK
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    hi , In some FI doc for inventory g/l account in which direct posting is not allowed does not display business area  however we can able to see business area in corresponding  migo document . how to avoid this . Thanks and Regards , Shikha

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    I used the record button and tracked text with a object on the video. When the text moves across the canvas it is jittery because of so many keyframes. How do I fix that? Also how do I select a bunch of keyframes at once on the canvas? Every time I t

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