How can I settle just 1 line item using MRKO (consignment settlement)?

Hi All,
In consignment settlement, if for a given company code, say material document 41234552 has 3 unsettled line items, say 1 2 3.
Is there a way I settle just line item 1 and 3 and not settle line item 2 for the material document 41234552?

This is not possible. Have to clear the entire doc. Hence, closing this thread.

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    Hi all,
    How can I add a line item in a delivery without using BDC?

    I have tried
    and this only allows you to change existing lines not add lines.
    Since its outboud delivery that I'm interested in I will not look at the inbound that you suggested.
    Any other suggestions would be appreciated.

  • How can find number of line item?

    HI All.
    I have one internal table it has PO number ,line item and quantity.
    Each PO number have number of Line item ,
    now i want find how many line item per Po number .I need find for line item for all Po number.please help me

    see the below code and i tested and it is working well.
    data : begin of i_ekpo occurs 0,
           ebeln like ekpo-ebeln,
           ebelp like ekpo-ebelp,
           end of i_ekpo.
    data v_count type i.
    select ebeln ebelp from ekpo into table i_ekpo.
    loop at i_ekpo.
    v_count = v_count + 1.
    at end of ebeln.
    write:/ i_ekpo-ebeln,v_count.
    clear : v_count.
    Reward points if it is helpful

  • Indesign Scripting: How can I move a placed item using Javascript?

    Hey all,
    I have been trying to write a script that places a slug object from an indesign library on to a document and then moves it to my slug area. It all seems to work except the move command. I think the problem is that I haven't selected my placed asset correctly.
    Please help!
    This is what I have so far:
    //Create new document
    var doc = app.documents.add();
    // Get page size values
    var w = doc.documentPreferences.pageWidth;
    var h = doc.documentPreferences.pageHeight;
    //Create layer called SLUG
    var slugLayer = doc.layers.add({name:"SLUG"});
    //Set document slug area size
    doc.documentPreferences.documentSlugUniformSize = false;
    doc.documentPreferences.slugBottomOffset = "20 mm";
    //Open InDesign library file that contains the slug file
    var slugLibrary ="/Users/Shared/Slug.indl"));
    //Place slug script to go here
    var myPlacedAsset = slugLibrary.assets.item("Slug");
    var mySlug = myPlacedAsset.placeAsset(doc);
    //Close the slug library
    // Move slug object to slug area
    //Lock SLUG layer
    slugLayer.locked = true;

    placeAsset is an array so this line :  mySlug.move([0,0]);
    should be changed to: mySlug[0].move([0,0]);

  • How to add new line item using BAPI BAPI_CONTRACT_CHANGE for contract-ME32K

    HI Experts,
    how to add new line item using BAPI: BAPI_CONTRACT_CHANGE for existing contract.
    Already the contract having two line items using ME31K.
    Custom program has to add new line items in existing contract.

    I got the solution:
    We can do like this:
    1. Get all details using details, BAPI_CONTRACT_GETDETAIL.
    2. After getting results, append new line item. Then use your BAPI.
    Check this posting program.. where this bapi is used, use the same coding technique.

  • When using large text my lines overpal, how can I increase the line spacing?

    When using large text my lines overpal, how can I increase the line spacing?

    Press 'Ctrl + Enter' after the numbered item to insert blank space below it. If you press 'Enter', the next line will start with the next number. As long as you want to type lines without a numbering, press 'Ctrl + Enter' and type the line.

  • How can I make the background one solid color?  It is too difficult and noticeable when I use the retouch button and try to erase all the creases in my backdrop.  So, how can I have just a solid white background?

    How can I make the background one solid color?  It is too difficult and noticeable when I use the retouch button and try to erase all the creases in my backdrop.  So, how can I have just a solid white background?

    When talking about a specific image posting the image may be useful.
    One can use a Layer Mask and add a white Layer underneath.

  • How can I burn just a few photos to a cd using Photoshop Elements 11 on a windows 7 computer?

    As a fairly new user of Photoshop Elements 11 I would like to burn just a few photos to a cd, not he whole catalogue. Please can somebody suggest an answer to this problem.

    Thanks for your help, much appreciated.
    Original message----
    From : [email protected]
    Date : 15/09/2014 - 14:21 (GMTST)
    To : [email protected]
    Subject :  How can I burn just a few photos to a cd using Photoshop Elements 11 on a windows 7 computer?
        How can I burn just a few photos to a cd using Photoshop Elements 11 on a windows 7 computer?
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  • How can i plot a histogram with using the results of Line Length

    PLS HELP.How can i prepare a histogram with using the results of line length code(It is somewhere in the middle).
    This is a final exam take-home question. I would appreciate if you can help?
    import java.awt.*;
    import java.awt.event.*;
    import javax.swing.*;
    import java.text.*;
    public class WordAnalyser extends JFrame implements ActionListener
    private JMenuItem jmiAc, jmiSil, jmiCikis, jmiAnaliz, jmiHakkinda, jmiKullanim;
    private JTextArea jta1, jta2;
    private JFileChooser jFileChooser = new JFileChooser();
    File hafizada;
    File aktarilan = new File("Sonuc.txt");
    // Main method
    public static void main(String[] args)
    WordAnalyser frame = new WordAnalyser(); /* Ana ekran olusturulur */
    frame.setSize(400, 300); /* Degerleri belirlenir */
    frame.setVisible(true); /* Gorunebilirligi ayarlanir */
    public WordAnalyser()
    setTitle("Serkan Ozgen Dosya Inceleme Programina Hos Geldiniz");
    JMenuBar mb = new JMenuBar();
    JMenu fileMenu = new JMenu("Dosya");
    JMenu helpMenu = new JMenu("Degerlendirme");
    JMenu kullanimMenu = new JMenu("Kullanim Kilavuzu");
    fileMenu.add(jmiAc = new JMenuItem("Ac", 'A'));
    fileMenu.add(jmiSil = new JMenuItem("Sil", 'S'));
    fileMenu.add(jmiCikis = new JMenuItem("Cikis", 'C'));
    helpMenu.add(jmiAnaliz = new JMenuItem("Analiz", 'D'));
    helpMenu.add(jmiHakkinda = new JMenuItem("Hakkinda", 'H'));
    kullanimMenu.add(jmiKullanim = new JMenuItem("Kullanim"));     
    getContentPane().add(new JScrollPane(jta1 = new JTextArea()), BorderLayout.CENTER);
    getContentPane().add(jta2 = new JTextArea(), BorderLayout.SOUTH);
    public void actionPerformed(ActionEvent e)
    String actionCommand = e.getActionCommand();
    if (e.getSource() instanceof JMenuItem)
    if ("Ac".equals(actionCommand))
    else if ("Sil".equals(actionCommand))
    else if ("Cikis".equals(actionCommand))
    else if ("Analiz".equals(actionCommand))
    else if ("Hakkinda".equals(actionCommand))
    "!!!! Bu program text analizi gerceklestirir. Her hakki saklidir SERKAN OZGEN!!!!",
    "Bu program hakkinda",
    else if ("Kullanim".equals(actionCommand))
         " Ilk once dosya menusunden Ac i tiklayarak analiz etmek istediginiz Dosyayi seciniz (Lutfen uzantisi *.txt \nveya *.log olsun). Daha sonra Degerlendirme menusunden analizi tiklarsaniz dosyanizda kac adet rakam, harf, \ncumle ve kelime oldugunu gorebilirsiniz. Simdiden kolay gelsin",
         "Programin kullanim detaylari",
    private void Ac()
    if (jFileChooser.showOpenDialog(this) == JFileChooser.APPROVE_OPTION)
    hafizada = jFileChooser.getSelectedFile();
    // Acilan Dosyayi ana ekranda gostermeye yariyan bir method
    private void Ac(File file)
    // Acilan dosyayi okuma ve ana ekranda gosterme
    BufferedInputStream in = new BufferedInputStream(new FileInputStream(file));
    byte[] b = new byte[in.available()];, 0, b.length);
    jta1.append(new String(b, 0, b.length));
    catch (IOException ex)
    // Temizle tusunun hangi ekranlara etki edecegini secme
    private void Sil()
    private void sayim()
    int buff;
    int sayac = 0;
    int Cumleler = 0;
    int Kelimeler = 0;
    int Karakterler = 0;
    int Satirlar = 0;
    int Rakamlar = 0;     
    boolean start = true;
    int linenum = 0;     
    FileInputStream instream = new FileInputStream(hafizada);
    FileOutputStream outstream = new FileOutputStream(aktarilan);
         BufferedReader infile = new BufferedReader(new InputStreamReader(new FileInputStream(hafizada)));
    PrintStream out = new PrintStream(outstream);
         out.println("---Kelime Avcisinin Sonuclari---");
         String line = infile.readLine();
         while (line != null){
         int len = line.length();
         line = infile.readLine();
         out.println("Line Length :"     + linenum + "\t" +len);
    while (( != -1)
    case '?': case '.': case '!': /* Eger "?", "." veya "!" gorurse program cumleleri ve kelimeleri arttirir*/
    if (start == false)
    start = true;
    case ' ': case '\t': case ',': case ';': case ':': case'\"': case'\'': /* Eger /t,;:\ ve \" bu isarteleri goruruse program kelimeleri arttirir */
    if (start == false)
    start = true;
              case 'n': case '\n': /* Eger \n gorurse satirlari arttirir */
              if (start == false)
                   start = true;
    if (((char)buff >= 'a' && (char)buff<='z')|| /*a-z, A-Z veya - degerlerini gorurse karakterler arttirilir */
    ((char)buff >= 'A' && (char)buff<='Z')||
    ((char)buff == '-'))
    if ((Kelimeler % 50) == 49)
    if (start == true)
    out.print((Kelimeler+1) + " ");
    start = false;
              if ((char)buff >='0' && (char)buff <='9') {  /* 0-9 gorurse rakamlari arttiri */
                   Rakamlar++; }
    }// switch
    out.println("Karakter sayisi: " + Karakterler);
         out.println("Kelime sayisi: " + Kelimeler);
    out.println("Cumle sayisi: " + Cumleler);
         out.println("Satir sayisi: "+ Satirlar);
         out.println("Rakam sayisi: "+ Rakamlar);
    BufferedInputStream in = new BufferedInputStream(new FileInputStream(aktarilan));
    byte[] b = new byte[in.available()];, 0, b.length);
    jta2.append(new String(b, 0, b.length));
    catch (IOException ex)
    catch (Exception e)

    Why is it that you're not interested in IOExceptions?
    catch (IOException ex)
    } Empty catch blocks is a hallmark of foolish Java code. At least print out the stack trace.

  • How can I open a new page (using "Pages") when I already have another page open?  It just keeps reverting to the page I have opened already and won't let me open another one?

    How can I open a new page (using "Pages") when I already have another page open?  It just keeps reverting to the page I have opened already and won't let me open another one?

    To make a new document, go to File > New From Template chooser and choose the type of document you wish to create.
    To add a new page to an existing document go to Insert > Sections > Blank.

  • How can i print just one page of photo book without printing the entire book

    how can i print just one page of photo book without printing the entire book

    Take heart.  We can help.
    First turn on page view so you can see how the content of your sheet fits on the page(s).  A Numbers document contains sheets (listed on the left) which in turn contain tables, charts, text, and graphics.  Select the sheet you want to print on the left, then enable page view by selecting the menu item:
    "View > Show Print View":
    Now you should see your content and how it fits on one, or more, pages.  If thie content is too big for one page use the controls and the bottom left of the window to expose the sheet controls:
    Here a table is too big to fit on one page:
    slide the "Content Scale" slider so the content fits:

  • How can i remove a line from an ordinary text file?

    It is easy to remove a line from a file by rewriting the file. how can i remove a line without rewriting ? Also, do not use whitespaces to overwrite the line. I expect a perfect line deletion code .....

    gimbal2 wrote:
    hsc71 wrote:
    It's the way you communicate. Try to be carefull with the words you use in your post. It's easy to insult people just by choosing the wrong words. Bold text and capitals is equal to shouting.
    shock. You said "wrong words". I am seriously offended by that!
    Seriously, would you care that I am offended? I really hope not... Say what you want, people will find reasons to take offense one way or the other.Hehe, maybe you're right, but the OP still has no answer.............and in the end that's what he/she is looking for.

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    go throught the link, you will get a clear idea.

  • Adding a new schedule line for a line item using bapi_po_change

    hi experts,
    can i know how to add a new schedule line for a line item using<u> bapi_po_change</u>. what are the parameters that need to be filed. i filled poitem with total quantities and poschedule table with 2 different schedule lines and passing as the parameter.but then i get the error saying item 0000 doesnt exist

    Please check if you have properly populated the following fields in POSCHEDULE:
    and the other fields required for your schedule line such as delivery date and quantity, etc.
    After that, make sure to properly populate fields in POSCHEDULEX:
    PO_ITEM -> same value as found in POSCHEDULE
    SCHED_LINE -> same value as found in POSCHEDULE
    All other values populated in POSCHEDULE should be ticked as 'X' in POSCHEDULEX.
    Kind Regards,
    Kind Regards,

  • WBS Settlement by Line Item

    Hi gurus,
    Can anyone please help me figure out how I can trigger the WBS settlement process to settle by line item and not in summary by assigned cost element?
    please help

    Did you ever get this quesiton resolved?  I'd like the answer if you did.

Maybe you are looking for

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    Hello, I am trying to transfer an asset under construction to following asset class: 'low value assets' with ABUMN It get the error message: 'Transaction type not possible (no affiliated company specified)'. I could go to AO76 to mark the 'post to af

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    Hi all I need some help, I run a Vista 32 bit PC, Adobe updater has tried to update the reader from version 8.1.2 to 9, it downloads new files successfully, activates the installer almost completes to 99.9% then stops with an error! See the alert box

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    I am using MS Access as source table. I am populating this data into oracle target table. when i execute the interface I get the following error in in the LKM. java.lang.NullPointerException      at sun.jdbc.odbc.JdbcOdbcDriver.initialize(JdbcOdbcDri

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    I create documents for my boss, sometimes 50 at a time that started as Word documents on a PC. My PC died and I bought a Mac. I can create the documents fine, but when I email them to my boss, they show up in his email as Zip files and he has to open