How can I take check box in particular cell of the table in smartforms??

Hi experts,
   pls tell me how can I take check box in particular cell of the table in smartforms??
It is not interactive form.
I hv taken small windows as check boxes.but i think it is not a proper solution....give me another solution...

first create text for a particular cell.
In that we have a  text editor  in that text editor we have symbols in include menu.
whatever the symboll u want to put to ur cell . just assign it.
please check it. if it helpful reward points.

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    There is no quick and easy way to do this.
    Although the OA Framework / PL/SQL document approach to a dynamic notification is only intended to be read only rather than bi-directional, it can be used to provide this kind of functionality.
    Once the fields have been completed, you would need to include a custom mechanism to respond to the notification (by calling WF_NOTIFICATION.respond), rather than having the users use the standard buttons.
    I've done similar with PL/SQL documents in the past - rendering the contents how we needed them to, and then essentially having an HTML form submit which invokes a PL/SQL procedure passing the values selected as parameters. The code then does whatever it needs to do, and responds to the notification by calling the appopriate API.
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    It is not possible to accomplish this with the Muse's Form Widgets. You may need to look for other online solutions and fetch the source code and add to the Muse page using the Insert HTML feature.

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    You should find the forum for whichever product this concerns and post your question(s) there.
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  • How can I restrict more then one user to access the table?

    Hi !
    I have a problem and two solutions and I am a bit confused as to
    which one is the best one and/or can there be any better way of
    handling the problem ?
    Problem : I have to update a key field of a table when I update
    it in the form 5.0 screen. I am basically doing a maintenance of
    a table and if a certain field is updated then the change has to
    be reflected in two more tables. But the issue is that the field
    is a part of the key in those two tables. So all I can think of
    is that I need to insert new set or rows for that new value of
    the field and delete the old set of records for old values of
    the field.
    There are two ways of doing it;
    1.One option can be to explicitely define two cursors separately
    and fetch the values in them one by one and then insert the new
    records and then delete the old records in both the tables. This
    I feel will be a cumbersome process both in terms of processing
    time and the coding.
    2.Second option I was thinking can be to create two flat tables
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    changed field there and then insert the rows in the respective
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    Any comments on these ?
    In both the cases I was thinking of making some provision so
    that more then one person can't update the table simultaneously.
    Since if there are more then one persons doing the processing
    then some inconsistency might creep into the whole process.
    This is easier to do in the second process as if I check the
    data in the flat tables and if there is some data then I can
    presume that some one is doing the processing and I can ask the
    other person to hold for a while. But in this case how can I
    stop more then two people to simultaneously check for the empty
    table and start inserting the record ?
    I was just thinking of having a sepatare table having only one
    field and this will be a key field and as the process begins the
    process will insert a fix value say 'Y' in the key field and at
    the end of the process the record will be deleted and this way
    we can restrict the user to access the process more then one at
    a time..? Since you can't have same value of the key in a table
    more then once.
    Any better way of handling it will be deeply appreciated.
    How about locking the table at the begining and releasing the
    lock at the end ? Will there be any issue in that? since I am
    inserting and deleting the rows in the same transaction.
    Comments welcome,

    How about performing the update IN the database using a stored
    By using non-database fields on your form to get the
    information, you can then call the procedure in the database to
    perform the updates. If an error occurs in the procedure you
    rollback, if necessary, and send a message or status back to the
    form. If it succeeds you might wish to commit and then re-
    execute the form's query -- using either the original key values
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  • How make Invisible a particular Cell in the TAble Control.

    Dear Freinds,
           I have requirement where in on a particular conditon i have to close one of the fields in the TAble contorl . That is i have to make it as invisible ....iam able only to make only display (greyed out) only iam not able to make invisible.
    Please could any one let me know how can we make invisible a particular field.

    Try this it works,
    LOOP AT tc_release_ord-cols INTO wa_cols.   "tc_release_ord-----> table control
          CASE wa_cols-screen-name.
              IF spots1 = ' '.                                            > use your condition here
                wa_cols-invisible = 'X'.                           > set property to invisible
                MODIFY tc_release_ord-cols FROM wa_cols.  >modify table control
              IF spots2 = ' '.
                wa_cols-invisible = 'X'.
                MODIFY tc_release_ord-cols FROM wa_cols.
              IF spots3 = ' '.
                wa_cols-invisible = 'X'.
                MODIFY tc_release_ord-cols FROM wa_cols.
    Hope it helps you,
    Abhijit G. Borkar

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    Thanks in advance for any help with this!

    I want additional questions to display if a certain checkbox, let's say a checkbox next to "Yes" response, is selected. Different questions, or no questions might display if "No" checkbox was selected.  Is this possible? If so, how is it done?
    Thanks in advance for any help with this!

  • How to apply hyper link for a particular cell in the column?

    I wanna apply Hyper link for 2001 only! How to achieve this?
    Can we apply no. of hyper links for a column?

    You have to create a conditional variable.
    For eg. create a variable with hyperlink in the syntax for Year.
    Now if else logic, so if YEAR=2001, return hyperlink else YEAR object.
    Hope you understood.

  • How to make a particular cell of the table font different?

    hi friends,
    i have a table. i wanted the (only)last row data to be displayed in the bold font.
    is it possible?
    help needed urgently
    Deepa Raghuraman

    class BoldTableCellRenderer extends DefaultTableCellRenderer {
      public Component getTableCellRendererComponent(JTable table,Object value,boolean isSelected,boolean hasFocus,int row,int column) {
        Component c = super.getTableCellRendererComponent(table,value,isSelected,hasFocus,row,column);
        if (row == table.getRowCount() -1) {
          Font f = UIManager.getFont("Table.font");
          c.setFont(new Font(f.getFontName(),Font.BOLD,f.getSize()));
        } else {
        return c;
    }and then set this Renderer as your table renderer by
    table.setDefaultRenderer(Object.class,new BoldTableCellRenderer());Its untested and may have syntax errors (I haven't compiled it), but I hope it gives you an idea.

  • Is there a way to automatically align and make same size of check boxes/ radio-buttons like in the image below?

    I create PDF forms on daily basis for multiple people around but still, I create a table in Word and then manually convert it to PDF. I'm using Acrobat X and then I manually create radio buttons or check boxes in each cell of the table so aligning those buttons or check-boxes in the same line is a problem. I know there would be some solution to this but can anyone guide me to that? Also, making the same size of the radio-buttons of check boxes likewise ? ? ?
    Please see the image above and advise how to align them in the same line and how to make them same size using Acrobat X?
    Your help appreciated.

    You should create these fields using the Place Multiple Fields command, so that they are aligned properly and all the same size. Read about it here: l
    Read how to align and distribute fields here: l

  • How to enable a check box using the table LVC_S_FCAT

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    Hi Preethi,
    try to set default the check-box with the
    value '0', '1', '-', ' ' and 'X' (0/1 -> only display,
    '-' field is not shown, ' ' and 'X' is normal)
    and see the differences.
    Hope it helps.
    Regards, Dieter
    Sorry, i thought you meen enable not editable.
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    It settles down after a while but can occur at any moment.

    Different menu boxes attach themselves to the cursor and I end up with multiple menu boxes of various kind and it's really easy to accidently perform one of the functions related to a menu. Once I involuntarily increased the size of all of the desktop icons.

  • Create a check box in excel cell  using sap abap

    Dear Sap Master's,
    Please give me some idea on  how to create a check box in excel cell using abap program..
    (OLE concept).
    Moderator message: please search for available information first.
    Edited by: Thomas Zloch on Jan 12, 2012

    select the cell then open the cell formatter:
    process should be similar in the iOS version.  I do not have any iOS devices with Numbers so I cannot check.  I did find this link that may help:

  • How to create a check box that can be unchecked

    How do I create check boxes that can be checked and the unchecked in Forms Central?
    For example, if you accidentally check a box - you want to uncheck it. Right now it doesn't allow you to do that.
    please help.

    Are you sure you're not using radio buttons? Check boxes behave the way you'd expect for me with a form generated by FormsCentral.
    I'm going to move this to the FormsCentral form since the team there may want to take a look at the form.

Maybe you are looking for

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