How can i use Button in BEx  7.0

Dear Folks,
Could you help me please ..
In BI 7.0, for BEx analyzer i see we can use button, combo box, analysis grid.
If i have a requirement like this:
1. I have sales report, where it has information about sales person.
2. And i want to filter that report with the sales person that i choose from combo box.
For that requirement, i tried to :
1. I Create a query to Sales info-provider for displaying sales.
2. I Create a query to either to MD Sales person / Sales info-provider in order to get Sales persons data.
3. I assign point no 1 to Analysis Grid.
4. I assign point no 2 to Combo box.
My questions are:
a. Is my techniques correct ??
b. How can i use button to execute filter into the corresponding report ???
c. Is there any tutorial regarding this ?? Could you share it to me please ..
Really need your guidances..

Hi Niel,
You can use the method you specified.
In Bex Analyzer you have design mode where you can have the following items Button, Analysis Grid and Combo box.
To work with the button you need to use the Command Wizard which consists of pre-defined functions, out of those select the one which suits your requirement and supply the parameters. As it is done thorugh a Wizard it would be easy to do.
The Button Name displays the name of the button, which is generated automatically and is unique. This name is used on the BEx Analyzer Design Toolbar menu to refer to a particular instance of the button.
· Range u2013 Manipulate coordinates for a cell or cells in this field to move or resize the button.
· Button Text - The text (caption) you want to display on the button. You can use this to describe the command the button executes.
· Command Range (optional) - Specify a three-column range of cells in the worksheet that contains command parameters. In these cells, you provide the same parameters (Name, Index, and Value) as in the Static Parameters, but in the worksheet these can be variable, changing during
navigation based on query results or on a value you manually specify.
Button in Bex analyzer
Neelesh Jain.

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      lo_api_component  = wd_comp_controller->wd_get_api( ).
      lo_window_manager = lo_api_component->get_window_manager( ).
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    I've had an iPad for almost two years. When I purchased an iPhone last fall I set it up to use the same Apple ID as my iPhone. I've had no problems doing this. Try resetting each device and see what happens.
    First thing to try is to reset your device. Press and hold the Home and Sleep buttons simultaneously ignoring the red slider should one appear until the Apple logo appears. Let go of the buttons and let the device restart. See if that fixes your problem.

  • How can i use my smart TV as a second monitor for my Power mac (2010) via HDMI cable? i've made the connection but no options show in system prefs display.

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    The Mac uses a highly-parameterized universal Driver for every display. The parameters are set at certain times when a query is sent to your display. The display MUST answer with its name and capabilities, or the screen stays dark. A TV set that is off or "not paying attention" because it is set to a different port when the query occurs will rarely answer, and so will often remain dark.
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    • at wake from sleep
    • when the Mac-end of the cable is inserted
    • when using the Option ( Detect Displays ) button in displays preferences

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    Do you own a copy of Aperture, perhaps bought for another Mac?
    If you have not bought Aperture, you need to buy it from the AppStore.
    But if you own Aperture and have it bought from the AppStore on another Mac, sign into theAppStore on your new iMac with the same AppleID you used to buy Aperure on your other Mac.  Then look at the "Purchased" tab of he AppStore. It show Aperture, with the "Install" button to the right. Simply press the "Install" button and download it to your new iMac.  Or if you have bought Aperture on a CD/DVD, run the installer from the CD/DVD on your new mac and immediately run software update to upgrade the Aperture 3. version to version that will run with Mavericks.

  • How can I use the built-in Isight camera with an external camera (usb/firewire) at the same time?

    How can I use the built-in Isight camera and an external video camera at the same time?
    I'm wanting to stream over Oovoo/Skype/etc. using 2 cameras.

    Simple question with a not so simple answer.
    (a) If you mean that you want to run multiple apps simultaneously using a different camera with each app, you may encounter computing power limitations.  Digital video is processor intensive.  The only way to know if your Mac can do this it to try it.  If the video does not work together but each app works when it it the only app running, you are likely overloading your Mac's ability to process and/or move all the required data in your data bus.  You can get a better indication of whether this is the case by watching your Activity Monitor utility while running the apps you want to use.
    (b) If you mean that you want to have more than one compatible camera connected to your Mac simultaneously for ease of changing between video sources, some, but not necessarily all, apps you are using to operate your camera(s) allow you to select between your cameras.
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    This particular choices bar solution applies ONLY to iChat. Most other applications also have settings that allow you to choose which camera to use. However, they do not all work the same way.
    (2) For instance, iMovie HD's camera choice is NOT set via Preferences. When you have more than one compatible camera connected, iMovie6 HD uses a drop-down menu choice something like this (depending on which version of iMovie you use):
    Note: Because I had no built-in iSight connected when I made this example, and because my external iSight was not connected, the drop-down menu showed only "Time Lapse." Because your Mac has a built-in iSight, your built-in iSight would show in the drop-down menu even when no other camera is connected. Connecting an additional Mac compatible webcam should allow you to choose either camera.
    Other iMovie versions work slightly differently.
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    iMovie 8 (from iLife '09) is slightly different as explained in this article:
    In general, you can use your Mac's help for the application in use to find out how to select among more than one connected camera.
    (3) Photo Booth in Snow Leopard 10.6.x and later uses the Photo Booth > Camera menu command to select which camera to use.
    Note for readers with older Mac OS X: The previous version of Photo Booth that came with Tiger (10.4.x) is such a simple, basic app that it offers no menu selectable choice. Unless your built-in iSight is already occupied as the camera being used by some open application before you launch Photo Booth, Photo Booth will use ONLY your built-in iSight.
    However, you can use the trick from ¶ 4 of to let Photo Booth use an external camera.
    (If you have an external Firewire camera connected, it may be used in preference to any USB webcam. If that is a problem for you, merely disconnect the problem Firewire device.)
    (4) For FaceTime, launch the app and click the Video menu item.
    If your Mac recognizes more than one connected compatible camera, a "Camera" section listing the cameras from which you can choose will appear there. Clicking on the desired camera name will let you select the one you want as shown in this image from my Mac Pro and LED Cinema Display:
    If your Mac recognizes only one compatible camera, the "Camera" section will not appear in the Video menu, but FaceTime will automatically use the connected camera that is recognized by OS X.
    (5) I do not use Skype oir Oovoo.  For those or other apps, see Help for each app for info on how to select your desired camera.
    Message was edited by: EZ Jim

  • How can I use my iPod as source for reinstalled iTunes?

    Hello @ all.
    Unfortunately I had to completely reinstall my system (WinXP Pro PC) and lost my media library!
    How can I use my iPod as a source to copy all my songs and settings (incl. covers, aso) to iTunes?
    iPod: 30GBs Video iPod
    iTunes Version:
    can u guys help me with that?
    Thanks very much!

    The transfer of purchased content to authorised computers has been introduced with iTunes 7. A paragraph on it has been added to this article: Transfer iTunes Store purchases using iPod
    The transfer of non iTMS content is designed by default to be one way from iTunes to iPod. However there is a manual method of accessing the iPod's hard drive and copying songs back to iTunes on Windows posted in this thread: MacMuse - iPod to iTunes
    If you prefer something more automated then there are a number of third party utilities that you can use to retrieve the music files and playlists from your iPod, this is just a selection. Have a look at the web pages and documentation for these, they are generally quite straightforward. You can read reviews of some of them here: Wired News - Rescue Your Stranded Tunes
    YamiPod Mac and Windows Versions
    iGadget Windows Only
    iPodCopy Mac and Windows Versions
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    PodUtil Mac and Windows Versions
    iPodCopy Mac and Windows Versions
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    If your iPod is set to update automatically take care when connecting back to your computer and an empty iTunes. You will get a message that your iPod is linked to a different library and asking if you want to link to this one and replace all your songs etc, press "Cancel". Pressing "Erase and Sync" will irretrievably remove all songs from your iPod. Your iPod should appear in the iTunes source list from where you can change the update setting to manual and use your iPod without the risk of accidentally erasing it. Check the "manually manage music and videos" box in Summary then press the Apply button. Don't uncheck Sync Music it will be unchecked by default when you choose the manual setting: Managing content manually on iPod
    Whichever of these retrieval methods you choose, keep your iPod in manual mode until you have reloaded your iTunes and you are happy with your playlists etc then it will be safe to return it auto-sync again. I would also advise that you get yourself an external hard drive and back your stuff up in case you have problems again. External drives are comparatively inexpensive these days and you can get loads of storage for a reasonable outlay.

  • How can i use the same cursor in a loop fro multipletimes.

    I am using two cursors.One to fetch sites and the other to fetch participants under each site.I am performing some job with that participants data.Now the problem is i am using the 2nd cursor in a loop.So it fetches the data of participants falling under one state.But when it comes to the second state,as the second cursor is already open it is unable to fetch the records.Please help me .How can i use the same cursor in a loop fro multipletimes.
    I am sending the code which i have written in When-Button-Pressed-Trigger...
         sid number;
         pid number;
    cursor csid is select distinct(site_id) from cyber_ppt;
    cursor cpid is select pc_id,st_dt,ed_dt from cyber_ppt where site_id = sid;
         stdt varchar2(10);
         eddt varchar2(10);
         nom number;
         stmonth varchar2(10);
         edmonth varchar2(10);
         cjan number:=0;
         cfeb number:=0;
         cmar number:=0;
         capr number:=0;
         cmay number:=0;
         cjun number:=0;
         cjul number:=0;
         caug number:=0;
         csep number:=0;
         coct number:=0;
         cnov number:=0;
         cdec number:=0;
         i number:=1;
         open csid ;
         fetch csid into sid;
              exit when csid %notfound;
         open cpid;
         fetch cpid into pid,stdt,eddt ;
         exit when cpid %notfound;
         nom:= months_between(eddt,stdt);
    while i <= round(nom)
    if stmonth='JAN' then
    elsif stmonth='FEB' then
    elsif stmonth='MAR' then
    elsif stmonth='APR' then
    elsif stmonth='MAY' then
    elsif stmonth='JUN' then
    elsif stmonth ='JUL' then
    elsif stmonth ='AUG' then
    elsif stmonth ='SEP' then
    elsif stmonth ='OCT' then
    elsif stmonth ='NOV' then
    elsif stmonth ='DEC' then
    end if;
         end loop;
         end loop;
         end loop;

    try this /* untested */
    sid           NUMBER;
    pid           NUMBER;
    CURSOR csid IS SELECT DISTINCT(site_id) FROM cyber_ppt;
    CURSOR cpid(nSid NUMBER) is SELECT pc_id,st_dt,ed_dt FROM cyber_ppt WHERE site_id = nSid;
    stdt        VARCHAR2(10);
    eddt        VARCHAR2(10);
    nom         NUMBER;
    stmonth     VARCHAR2(10);
    edmonth     VARCHAR2(10);
    cjan         NUMBER:=0;
    cfeb         NUMBER:=0;
    cmar         NUMBER:=0;
    capr         NUMBER:=0;
    cmay         NUMBER:=0;
    cjun         NUMBER:=0;
    cjul         NUMBER:=0;
    caug         NUMBER:=0;
    csep         NUMBER:=0;
    coct         NUMBER:=0;
    cnov         NUMBER:=0;
    cdec         NUMBER:=0;
    i            NUMBER:=1;
    FOR rec IN csid
                      sid := rec.csid;
    FOR cRec IN cpid(sid)
                     pid := cRec.pc_id;
                     stdt := cRec.st_dt;
                     eddt := cRec.ed_dt;
    stmonth:=  SUBSTR(stdt,4,3);
    edmonth:= SUBSTR(eddt,4,3);
    nom:= months_between(eddt,stdt);
    WHILE i <= round(nom)
              stmonth := SUBSTR(stdt,4,3);
    IF stmonth='JAN'
    ELSIF stmonth='FEB' THEN
    ELSIF stmonth='MAR' THEN
    ELSIF stmonth='APR' THEN
    ELSIF stmonth='MAY' THEN
    ELSIF stmonth='JUN' THEN
    ELSIF stmonth ='JUL' THEN
    ELSIF stmonth ='AUG' THEN
    ELSIF stmonth ='SEP' THEN
    ELSIF stmonth ='OCT' THEN
    ELSIF stmonth ='NOV' THEN
    ELSIF stmonth ='DEC' THEN
    END IF;

  • How can i use my tv as the 2nd monitor

    hi, how can i use my tv as the 2nd monitor, for example pull a video from desktop to tv for windows7, the computer is hp omni 120 all in one. because i have a cable for it that connects to the tv but i dont know how to connect the pc to the tv. i tried to go on the 'change screen resolutions' but that didnt help. thanks

    Here is it specs:
    You can only see:
    1 - Screen area
    2 - Microphone array
    3 - Webcam camera
    4 - Stand
    5 - Speakers
    1 - Optical disk drive (actually right)
    2 - Stand
    3 - Kensington lock slot
    4 - Power button
    5 - Memory card reader and other I/O on left side
    6 - Motherboard back I/Os (specific I/Os are model dependent)
    7 - Activity indicator
    8 - Power connector
    9 - LAN (ethernet)
    10 - Four USB 2.0 ports
    11- Audio port (actually left side)
    1 - Hard drive activity indicator
    2 - Memory card reader activity indicator
    3 - Memory card reader
    4 - Two USB 2.0 ports
    5 - Microphone jack
    6 - Audio port
    1 - Optical disc drive
    The only hope is "6 - Motherboard back I/Os (specific I/Os are model dependent)" area:
    Please check area 6 above. As mentioned in my previous reply: Most likely your machine has no video out port.
    **Click the KUDOS thumb up on the left to say 'Thanks'**
    Make it easier for other people to find solutions by marking a Reply 'Accept as Solution' if it solves your problem.

  • How can I use jbo:InputSelect for a char type filed?

    How can I use <jbo:InputSelect for a char type filed?
    I have two tables. One is room (primary key is room(type is char)), another table is responsibility (foreign ker is room(type is char)). Both tables have same length for room column.
    There is a problem:
    If I use (in the "DataEditComponent.jsp" file)
    <jbo:InputSelect multiple="false" datasource="dsEdit" displaydatasource="roomData" displaydataitem="ROOM" displayvaluedataitem="ROOM" ></jbo:InputSelect>
    to get the room input for responsibility from combobox(Datasource roomData is from room table). In the form the room field cannot bind the data in combobox, alway select the first item. And if I select one item and click the update button.There is an error message:
    Error Message: JBO-27010: Attribute set with value H409 for Room in Responsibility has invalid precision/scale
    I found If I changed the field type from char to varchar2 in database also change the entity objects, it works well. I wonder if there are any diffrence using <jbo:InputSelect tag in char and varchar2 type. How can I use <jbo:InputSelect for a char type filed as i don't want to change my datatype in database at this stage.
    I try this in JDeveloper 9.03, 9.034, 9.04. The result is the same.

    If I were in your shoes, here's how I would do it:
    <%-- Assuming you have dsRoom and dsResponsibility --%>
    <%-- Select is an HTML tag --%>
    <select name="ROOM" size="1">
    <% char roomID =""; // Init your character var
    // Open a rowsetIterator to get the records and add them to the LOV
    <jbo:RowsetIterate datasource="dsResponsibility" changecurrentrow="true" >
    <% roomID = (char)dsResponsibility.getRowSet().getCurrentRow().getAttribute("ROOM"); // Grab the char value
    // add the value to the LOV
    <option value="<%=roomID%>"><%=roomID%></option>
    If you are using this as part of an edit page you may want to utilize the "selected" option of the <option> tag. In one instance I am doing this on an edit page because the use may open an existing record. If I don't account for it, then it will change the DB to contain the first value from the list! You can do a simple check like:
    //Set the current record's char
    char curRecord = (char)rowEdit.getAttribute("ROOM");
    // inside the iterate:
    if (curRecord == roomID) {
    <option value="<%=roomID%>" selected><%=roomID%></option>
    } else {
    <option value="<%=roomID%>" ><%=roomID%></option>
    Hope that helps!

  • Cloud storage - how can I use my .png file shared in "public mode" like a hosted file ?

    Hi every body,
    I am french and new on the forum so please be indulgent ! (for my english and my questions).
    I am working on HTML signature for my company and I have a little problem.
    to be viewed, my .png files needs to be on a server. So I remember that adobe gave me a 100giga storage for me to use.
    Cool !
    But the problem is that the link only send me to a special view of my file... a jpeg one. So when I try to copy the url I can only use the .jpg
    I want my file !
    So my question is : is it possible that the cloud storage isn't supposed to share any thing else than a miniature of my file and a download button ?
    How can I use it for my signature if I can't acess it but only download it?
    Thank you very much for your time

    Hi Morgan,
    You are correct.  Public link sharing works as follows:
    -  you can share a public URL to your PNG file on Creative Cloud.  The recipient of the URL can view a preview of the file and download the file in the original PNG format or JPG format.
    -  it is not possible to give other users direct access to the original file in Creative Cloud.
    For more info on sharing and collaboration options:

Maybe you are looking for

  • What is wrong with the ipod touch 4th gen battery?

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  • Can't create folders anymore

    I can't create new folders on 2 of my volumes anymore. I am using OSX Leopard 10.5.2 on an iMAC. The blue New Folder icon in Finder is greyed out and the disk icon is showing a little lock, so the volume seems to be locked for some reason. I still ca

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