How can I use microsoft word, power point and those apps in my new iMac ? i bought this iMac yesterday so am new on tho and i would like to know

how can I use microsoft word, power point and those apps in my new iMac ? i bought this iMac yesterday so am new on tho and i would like to know

If you absolutely must have the Microsoft applications, you can purchase and download them from
Free software suites LibreOffice and OpenOffice offer similar functionality (word processing and spreadsheets).
Or you could do worse than look at Apple's Pages, Numbers and Keynote, which should already be installed in your Mac and can export to Microsoft formats if need be.

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  • How can i use microsoft office on the mAC - what app do i purchase? help?!!

    how can i use microsoft office on the mAC - what app do i purchase? help?!!

    What aspect of Microsoft Office? Office is a suite of programs... Word, Excel, Powerpoint, etc.
    You've got several potential options. Libre Office and Open Office (both googleable) are 'open source,' free, downloadable programmes that will open most MS Office programmes and perform many of the functions of MS Office. Might be an idea to have a look round for reviews (etc) first, to see if they sound like they'll match your needs.
    If you're keen to use the App Store, there's Apple's own suite of programmes: Pages, Numbers and Keynote. They're a word processor, spreadsheet programme, and presentation-type programme with similar functions to Word, Excel and Powerpoint respectively. They're pretty good for most functions, and are better integrated with Macs than MS programmes. They're excellent programmes for what they do, and relatively cheap (about £14 each?).
    But if you're heavily reliant on MS, want ALL the bells and whistles of MS, or need to regularly transfer files between MS programmes on other computers and your laptop / desktop computer, then they might not be the best of ideas. Keynote - IME - can have some difficulties in transferring formatting to Powerpoint.
    Finally, there's MS Office Mac 2011. You can't download MS Office from the App Store, but can order the CDs from most online stores (including Apple's own store). It might be worth price hunting - if you're a student, you can usually find the programmes relatively cheap (£38 at the moment on Software4Students, though you'll need to belong to an academic institution / have a UK .ac email address). Apple's own prices on MS software are unlikely to be the best prices out there (though the product will be identical).
    MS Office includes Word, Excel and Powerpoint in the basic version. The slightly more expensive version (which, I think, is the £38 one on S4S) includes Outlook. Which - IME - is far more of a nuisance than Apple's native Mail programme.
    (I should probably add - I'm an academic. I own both Apple's own programmes, and MS Office 2011. I tend to use the MS programmes more, if only because they're the ones that other people tend to use, and transferring between Apple and MS programmes is a minor inconvenience. Pages also lacks Garamond, my favourite work font. The Apple progs are, however, far more beautifully integrated, and would be MORE than good enough for most users...)

  • How can i use microsoft word on ipad 2

    how can i use the microsoft application on my ipad 2?

    The Pages app is also compatible with MS Word. Unlike some of the others mentioned, the document is actually stored on the iPad as opposed to 'the clouds'. Again, most of those mentioned are cut down versions of MS Word.
    Stand back and look at this constructively; do you need to regularly access to the document from more than one computer/device without the need to keep amending your document on your computer and sending it to your iPad? If so, Documente to Go etc may be the best choice.

  • Can you use microsoft word on an ipad 2 for free and how?

    my family and friends tell me I can do my coursework on the ipad2 and use Microsoft word. Is it true and how do I set it up and download it

    You can't use Microsoft Word on the iPad because of the different operating system but you can have a look at the following apps. s=1 s=1

  • How can I open Microsoft Word files on my iMac?

    How can I open Microsoft Word files on my iMac?

    You can even use the Pages app that is installed on your computer. Finally you can buy a license of Office for Mac and have Word, Excel, PowerPoint and if you want Outlook too.

  • TS1702 how do i use microsoft word on my ipad? i cannot use flash on it as well neither do i use it with projector for presentation.

    how can i use microsoft office on my ipad? i can't also use flash to copy and transfer documents into it and neither could i use it with a projector for presentation.

    You can't use MS Office on the iPad as Microsoft haven't made app versions of their programs (you can only use apps that are in the iTunes app store on your computer and the App Store app on the iPad), but there are apps that support word, excel and powerpoint documents. The options include Apple's Pages app for Word documents, Numbers for Excel spreadsheets and Keynote for Powerpoint. And from third-parties apps such as Documents To Go ('premium' version) and QuickOffice Pro HD.
    As to how you then get the file to your chosen app will depend upon what the app supports - different apps will have different ways of copying their content to/from a computer e.g. via the file sharing section at the bottom of the device's apps tab when connected to your computer's iTunes, via wifi, email, dropbox etc

  • How can I get Microsoft Word in my MacBook Pro?

    How can I get Microsoft Word on my MacBook Pro? I need it to submit work to my teachers.

    Buy Office 2011 for OS X. Or if you don't want to spend any money you can use Libre Office.

  • How can i use MS word with MAVERICK

    how can i use MS word with MAVERICK?  None of the MS Office applications work with new IOS!!!

    What version of Microsoft Office Mac are you running?  You probably just need to update it to the latest release:
    Office 2011 Mac's latest version is 14.3.8 for instance.

  • How can i download microsoft word

    how can i download microsoft word into my macbook air

    ... or here (if you are in the U.S.): uctSearchResultsPage&result=&keywords=office+compare
    Kappy's link above now goes to Office 365, the subscription based verion of Office.  Indeed that is newer than Office for Mac 2011, which is offered on the link I provided above.  But Microsoft still sells either version.  They are quite different in that you would own Office for Mac 2011, while Office 365 is subscription based, and can be used on more than one machine.
    Sorry, never mind the above.  Kappy's link provides both options.  Sorry!
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  • Can I use microsoft word

    Can you use microsoft word if you install os x mavericks

    You can also use Libre Office which is a freeware suite virtually the same as Office.

  • How can I use Microsoft Access on my Mac? Boot camp?

    How can I use Microsoft Access on my Mac? Boot camp?

    Running Windows or using a suite such as Libre Office. It is similar to Office 2007 for Windows, but runs on a Mac, and contains a database manage that is Access compatible.

  • How can I use Microsoft Access on my Mac?

    How can I use Microsoft Access on my Mac Pro?

    Welcome to Apple Support Communities
    Microsoft Access isn't available for OS X, so you can't use it. If you need it, you have to install Windows on a virtual machine.
    On a virtual machine, you can install the Windows version you most like and the Access version you need, so you won't have any problem using it. You just need a full Windows version with its DVD or ISO image and product key, and an application like Parallels, VMware Fusion or VirtualBox to create the virtual machine. If you want to save money, System Builder versions are cheaper and you can find them at Amazon or NewEgg.
    As you have a Mac Pro, I suppose you won't have any problem using a 64-bit version, but it's important you have enough memory. Open  > About this Mac, and check how much memory you have. I recommend 4 or 8 GB of memory at least.
    After installing Windows on the virtual machine, you will be able to install Access there.
    There are applications for OS X that allow you to run Windows applications without having to install Windows. Those apps often fail, so I don't recommend you to use them

  • Can I use Microsoft Word on an iPad

    Can you use Microsoft Word on an iPad, and send the documents as a word fil via email?

    Have a look at the following: s=1 s=1

  • I can't use microsoft word with OS X Lion

    I can not use microsoft word with osx lion, why is this and what can I do to use my word software?

    I just installed Lion after waiting for a while as I use Office regualarly and was hoping that any bugs had been sorted. I didn't read any recent complaints on these forums....
    however, all seems ok apart from, every time I open a Word, it opens up every other word doc i've opened that day. not cool when you've opened around 30 documents in a day!
    any ideas or solutions??

  • How can i install Microsoft Silverlight. Is there an app for?

    How can I install Microsoft Silverlight. Is there an app for this?
    Ipad does not recognise programms .dmg

    You can't. Silverlight applications won't work on iOS devices.
    .dmg files are typically Mac OS X disk image files, you can't run them on an iPad either.

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