How can I use the "Correct camera distortion" filter and process multiple files in PSE 11?

How can I use the "Correct camera distortion" filter and process multiple files in PSE 11?

Did you check the help page for Correct Camera Distortion and Process multiple file
Correct Camera Distortion: ng_5
Process multiple files: fff.html#WS287f927bd30d4b1f89cffc612e28adab65-7ff6

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  • Need help badly!! how can i use the front camera i...

    guys, i need help with the front camera of my device
    how can i enable the front camera of nokia N900 to shoot photos or videos,
    this problem is really bugging me...
    need help badly...

    You can't.. it is terrible..
    the only app that really uses it is mirror
    Open this link on your phone to install mirror
    the camera firmware is bad, so the image quality is truely terrible.. play with mirror to see.. it may be fixed in a future firmware release (it *IS* better than it was.. the firmware last year had a line through the picture!)

  • How can I use the mousewheel to scroll forward and back in Safari?

    I really like Safari. As I see it, the only short coming is a feature that is present in Internet Explorer and Firefox. In both of these applications I can hold down a modifier key (CTRL) and roll the mouse wheel to go back 1 page in history. I would be really glad to know how to do this in Safari, as just about everything else I can do in IE and Firefox is in Safari. This roll back feature is one of the things I use more often than almost anything else.
    Question: How can I use the mousewheel to move backward in the browser history?

    Yes, I could move my hand from the mouse to keyboard to use a key combo... I could even use the delete key... but it's not really as effient as using the mouse's scrollwheel. Not that it's really all that bad, since Firefox is a great browser, but am I stuck with it if I want that one solitary additional feature?

  • How can I use the Flame camera as a PC webcam?

    Hi, I've got an old PC with Arch Linux and LXDE installed. I also own a Flame device with latest version of Firefox OS Nightly.
    I don't own a webcam on my PC to use with such programs as Firefox Loop (I've installed mozilla-nightly from AUR),, Skype (brrr...) and so on.
    I link my Flame on my PC but only SD card and internal memory are recognized by default. How can I recognize the camera too in order to use it with my PC?
    Thank you!

    Even if I'm not a coder, I don't think that the answer is an app but to work on a inner layer, in order to make this working out-of-the-box.
    I need that Linux, Windows, Mac and so on recognize the Firefox OS camera when I link it to the PC, not to stream remotely, like Android does (e.g. via Droidcam, IP Webcam or IP Camera Adapter).
    Am I asking something useful that will make Firefox OS a better OS than Android or am I asking something useless or unrealizable and the only way to do is to create an app or to port other listed above?
    Thank you

  • How can I use the insight-Cam with Skype

    The insight-cam is not working with Skype or gotomeeting. What is to do?

    OS X 10.8.5 update.
    Wait for a solution from Apple. They are investigating the issue.
    For the latest:

  • How can I use the same catalog on PC and MAC?

    I keep my catalog and photos on an external hard drive.  I have both PCs and a MAC and I would like to be able to access the same catalog of photos on both my PC and my MAC using LR2.  I am using v 2.3.  The problem is the location of the photo is referenced differently on the PC than on the MAC.  Does any one have any idea how I might accomplish this?
    If this is impossible, then can anyone at least tell me how I can convert my catalog file (lrcat) so that the location of photos that are currently referenced using a drive and path (eg, p:\myphotos\...) to a format that can be used on the MAC so Lightroom running on the MAC will know about the photos on my external drive?

    I have figured out the answer to my question.  Thanks to those who tried to help.
    First of all, I found that Lightroom's 'Locate folder' didn't work for me.  It might have if I had tried that the first time I tried to convert things, but I had tried to locate a few photos already, so I was always told that the folder I was trying to locate was already in the catalog.
    Breifly, what did work was to locate individual photos using the ? you see on the photo when in grid mode in the Library view and specify that other photos nearby should also be relocated.  By choosing a photo at the top of the directory tree, Lightroom will search for all photos in the directory containing your photo and all subdirectories of it.
    The details:
    What did work, was to individually locate photos using the ? you see on the photo when in grid mode in the Library view.  If you turn on the choice to locate other photos nearby, then Lightroom will search for other photos in this directory and in all subdirectories of the one containing your located photo.  This was a good start, but the problem for me is that my photos are stored in many directories below an organizing directory (eg, \2009\2009-01-02) and the organizing directory (\2009 in this example) does not contain any photos to locate.  Furthermore, each of my orgainizing 'yearly' directories are organized in one top directory (\Photos) that also has no photos in it to locate.  So, to make use of this feature, I had to create a photo in at least the top directory that I could use for finding the rest.  I call this a 'FindMe' photo.  I found that it needed to have a totally different file name than any other photo in my library.  So, I created on be exporting another photo (with very poor resolution to keep the size small) and giving it a name of FindMe-<directory_name>.  I also found it helpful to give it a caption of 'FindMe' to use in locating the photo.  I imported this photo into the top directory (\Photos) on the PC.
    The next step was to open the .lrcat on the Mac.  Looking at the grid of all photos, I narrowed down the photos to just those that had a caption of 'FindMe' or a file name of FindMe.  That located the photo in \Photos that I could use to start the search for all the rest.  (Note that giving your locating photo a name you can easily find is important because all you will be able to see when you look at all of the photos is just a blank square and I couldn't find any way to tell Lightroom to only show me photos in this one directory, excluding subdirectories (this is a feature they should add to Lightroom).)
    Now theoretically, this trick should have located all of my photos.  However, in a library of over 55,000 photos, there's bound to be some problems.  It turns out that my library that started in Adobe Photoshop Elements had some entries that didn't point to the file fact there was a blank space at the beginning of the filename.  We had caught this problem and renamed the file on the hard drive properly, but a few catalog entries had missed the correction of the filename before we converted this to a Lightroom catalog.  (Elements tolerated the blank space in the file name, Lightroom does not).  This caused Lightroom to hang when it was locating file.  I solved this problem by fixing a lot of these in the PC catalog.  (This took some doing, because Lightroom would first give me a ? to let me locate the file, but it quickly realized it had a problem and changed the ? to a danger sign that would not allow me to do anything with the photo.  So, I had to act quickly to correct the problem with these photos.)  That fixed a lot, but there were apparently still some problems in the library that caused Lightroom to hang when locating photos.  Also, as the number of photos that were properly relocated grew, I found that it took too long to let Lightroom try to fix the entire library.  So, I started creating FindMe photos in the few remaining 'yearly' organizing directories and locating files in each of these.  That pretty much did the trick.
    My wishlist for Lightroom new features:
    1.   I would like it if I could tell Lightroom to locate all photos within a directory (with the choice to includ subdirectories) in a particular place.  By this, I mean to go from the directory, not from a specific photo within a directory.
    2.  I want to be able to tell Lightroom to only display photos within a particular directory (excluding those in the subdirectory).  This would make it a lot easier to locate my 'find me' photos and would eliminate the need to make the so identifiable.

  • How can I display the correct enum ring value from a parameter file?

    A user will make selections based on the menu ring (there are several of these) and then the values are saved for later use as a parameter (text) file. I have several menu rings which I write out to a parameter (text) file.
    How can I take these text values back into the appropriate location in the menu ring. For example, if I have menuring_value at index 0, menuring_value at index 1, etc. how do I make sure that, when the par (text) file is loaded, the saved values are the ones displayed without erasing the displayed menu ring value and inputting the saved one (from the parameter file). I would like the text value to search the appropriate menu ring, make a match and then display that menu ring value when the parameter file is loaded.

    If I understand your question, attached VI should have solved your doubt
    In this example, Configuration File VIs are used to save & retrieve MenuRings' statuses.
    As this VI is improvised, please further modify it to suit your needs.
    Ian F
    Since LabVIEW 5.1... 7.1.1... 2009, 2010
    GUI_Menu Ring Status Save & ‏69 KB

  • How can I use the Get_ADgroup cmdlet to filter on specific groups?

    I'm trying to extract the users from specific groups
    Get-AdGroup -Filter {('Name -like "MyCo *Admin*"') -or (Name -like MyCo Helpdesk"')}
    This works: Get-ADGroup -Filter 'Name -like "MyCo *Admin*"'
    I  have an number of administrator groups and one with the name helpdesk, I'm trying to create a list of all the users in any  groups that have admin privledges.
    I can run the command twice and export to csv and merge both lists, but would like to create a script that I can use regualrly and have one csv file when done.
    Any suggestions would be appreciated

    So I figured out how to paste into the reply.Here is the rest of the code, I tried running it and got the error at the bottom. Get-AdGroup -Filter {("Name -like 'MyCo *Admin*'") -or ("Name -like 'MyCo Helpdesk'")} |
    [email protected]{GroupName=$_.Name;Member=''}
    $_ | Get-ADGroupMember -ea 0 -recurs |
    New-Object psObject -Property $hash
    } |
    sort groupname,member
    Get-ADGroup : Error parsing query: '("Name -like 'MyCo *Admin*'") -or ("Name -like 'MyCo Helpdesk'")' Error Message: 'syntax error' at position: '2'.
    At line:1 char:12
    + Get-AdGroup <<<< -Filter {("Name -like 'MyCo *Admin*'") -or ("Name -like 'MyCo Helpdesk'")} |
    + CategoryInfo : ParserError: (:) [Get-ADGroup], ADFilterParsingException
    + FullyQualifiedErrorId : Error parsing query: '("Name -like 'MyCo *Admin*'") -or ("Name -like 'MyCo Helpdesk'")' Error Message: 'syntax error' at position: '2'.,Microsoft.ActiveDire

  • How can I use the specific camera's audios in Multicam?

    Hello, I am fairly new to PremPro and I am trying to put together a multicam piece.
    The piece is me and my friend playing a game, he recorded his screen and game audio and I did the same.
    Camera1 - My Angle & Audio
    Camera2 - My friends Angle & Audio
    The main issue im having is that I cant get the audio for the specific angle to play ONLY when that angle is up.
    I tried a few ways but I couldn't get it.
    EG. This is without changing any settings, just making the multicam sequence then switching angles in multicam window.
    My angle is up and I hear my audio, when I switch to my friends angle, I can only here my audio and not his.
    EG. This is enabling the sound on both videos before adding to new sequence.
    When any angle is up I hear both audios.
    Any help is greatly appreciated.

    Any Ideas anyone?

  • How can I use the built-in Isight camera with an external camera (usb/firewire) at the same time?

    How can I use the built-in Isight camera and an external video camera at the same time?
    I'm wanting to stream over Oovoo/Skype/etc. using 2 cameras.

    Simple question with a not so simple answer.
    (a) If you mean that you want to run multiple apps simultaneously using a different camera with each app, you may encounter computing power limitations.  Digital video is processor intensive.  The only way to know if your Mac can do this it to try it.  If the video does not work together but each app works when it it the only app running, you are likely overloading your Mac's ability to process and/or move all the required data in your data bus.  You can get a better indication of whether this is the case by watching your Activity Monitor utility while running the apps you want to use.
    (b) If you mean that you want to have more than one compatible camera connected to your Mac simultaneously for ease of changing between video sources, some, but not necessarily all, apps you are using to operate your camera(s) allow you to select between your cameras.
    How you select among connected cameras depends on which application you are using. Here is how camera selection works in a few examples:
    (1) For iChat, you can choose which iSight you use in the "Camera:" choices bar in iChat > Preferences... > Audio/Video that appears when more than one compatible camera is connected. Although your camera choices will be different, the choices bar will look something similar to the Preferences settings shown here:
    If you cannot see the "Camera" choices bar, your Mac is recognizing only one (or none) of your cameras. In that case, consider the suggestions from for iSight problems or refer to your other camera's documentation for help.
    This particular choices bar solution applies ONLY to iChat. Most other applications also have settings that allow you to choose which camera to use. However, they do not all work the same way.
    (2) For instance, iMovie HD's camera choice is NOT set via Preferences. When you have more than one compatible camera connected, iMovie6 HD uses a drop-down menu choice something like this (depending on which version of iMovie you use):
    Note: Because I had no built-in iSight connected when I made this example, and because my external iSight was not connected, the drop-down menu showed only "Time Lapse." Because your Mac has a built-in iSight, your built-in iSight would show in the drop-down menu even when no other camera is connected. Connecting an additional Mac compatible webcam should allow you to choose either camera.
    Other iMovie versions work slightly differently.
    iMovie 9 (from iLife '11) uses a different camera choice button shown in this article:
    iMovie 8 (from iLife '09) is slightly different as explained in this article:
    In general, you can use your Mac's help for the application in use to find out how to select among more than one connected camera.
    (3) Photo Booth in Snow Leopard 10.6.x and later uses the Photo Booth > Camera menu command to select which camera to use.
    Note for readers with older Mac OS X: The previous version of Photo Booth that came with Tiger (10.4.x) is such a simple, basic app that it offers no menu selectable choice. Unless your built-in iSight is already occupied as the camera being used by some open application before you launch Photo Booth, Photo Booth will use ONLY your built-in iSight.
    However, you can use the trick from ¶ 4 of to let Photo Booth use an external camera.
    (If you have an external Firewire camera connected, it may be used in preference to any USB webcam. If that is a problem for you, merely disconnect the problem Firewire device.)
    (4) For FaceTime, launch the app and click the Video menu item.
    If your Mac recognizes more than one connected compatible camera, a "Camera" section listing the cameras from which you can choose will appear there. Clicking on the desired camera name will let you select the one you want as shown in this image from my Mac Pro and LED Cinema Display:
    If your Mac recognizes only one compatible camera, the "Camera" section will not appear in the Video menu, but FaceTime will automatically use the connected camera that is recognized by OS X.
    (5) I do not use Skype oir Oovoo.  For those or other apps, see Help for each app for info on how to select your desired camera.
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  • How can I use the color adjustments interface that shows up for camera RAW on jpeg files?

    How can I use the color adjustments interface that shows up for camera raw on other files types? The HLS controls had the secondary color adjustments (6 colors instead of the 3). Plus, it had same vibrancy and a better Curves interface. Yesterday was the first time I imported raw into Photoshop CS5 and I got that really cool interface. What is that? Can I use that on other file formats?

    Actually I am using the Tradional Chinese Version, when I try to edit the jpg file with camera raw, the system shows that there is no camera raw plug-in. The cmaera raw never work.

  • How can I use the "Copy and paste" tool in order get stamps in the same position in different pages (Acrobat XI for PC)?

    With Acrobat 6.0 I was able to copy a stamp in the same position (I mean "exactly" the same one) of different pages just by using the "copy/past" tool.
    Now I am using Acrobat XI and it seems like it is not possible anymore: I am copying a stamp and I am trying to past it in anoter page, but it appears in the center of the page (or wherever it wants to...).
    Does anyone have a solution?
    Thanks in advance.

    Thank you very much. I'll be waiting for you message.
    Messaggio originale----
    Da: [email protected]
    Data: 26/01/2015 17.56
    A: "Umberto Gangi"<[email protected]>
    Ogg:  How can I use the "Copy and paste" tool in order get stamps in the same position in different pages (Acrobat XI for PC)?
        How can I use the "Copy and paste" tool in order get stamps in the same position in different pages (Acrobat XI for PC)?
        created by Gilad D (try67) in Creating, Editing &amp; Exporting PDFs - View the full discussion
    Well, I was in the same situation so I've developed a tool that allows one to do it. I will send you some additional information about it in a private message.
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  • I was trying to get the iOS 8.2 on my iPhone 5 but then it stopped and my phone is now on recovery mode I have pictures I need and they did not all fit on iCloud  how can I use the phone again with ALL my pictures and videos without restoring it?

    I was trying to get the iOS 8.2 on my iPhone 5 but then it stopped and my phone is now on recovery mode I have pictures I need and they did not all fit on iCloud  how can I use the phone again with ALL my pictures and videos without restoring it?

    Contacts are designed to be synced to a supported application on the computer or a cloud service.
    Pictures taken with the device are designed to regularly be copied off the device to a computer as would be done with any digital camera.
    If you have failed to use the device as designed it may be too late to recovery anything.
    Is the device regularly backed up to a computer via iTunes?  If so, the most recent backup (when restored to a replacement iOS device) should contain all contacts and pictures as of when the backup was created.

  • Whenever I update my iPhone software, it asks me to sign in to iCloud with an old email address.  My other devices all have the correct address.  How can I get the correct address for my iPhone?  The only Apple ID that works for logging in is my new one.

    Whenever I update my iPhone software, it asks me to sign in to iCloud with an old email address.  My other devices all have the correct address.  How can I get the correct address for my iPhone?  The only Apple ID that works for logging in is my new one.

    To change the iCloud ID you have to go to Settings>iCloud, tap Delete Account, provide the password for the old ID when prompted to turn off Find My iPhone (if you're using iOS 7), then sign back in with the ID you wish to use.  If you don't know the password for your old ID, or if it isn't accepted, go to https//, click Manage my Apple ID and sign in with your current iCloud ID.  Tap edit next to the primary email account, tap Edit, change it back to your old email address and save the change.  Then edit the name of the account to change it back to your old email address.  You can now use your current password to turn off Find My iPhone on your device, even though it prompts you for the password for your old account ID. Then go to Settings>iCloud, tap Delete Account and choose Delete from My iDevice when prompted (your iCloud data will still be in iCloud).  Next, go back to https// and change your primary email address and iCloud ID name back to the way it was.  Now you can go to Settings>iCloud and sign in with your current iCloud ID and password.

  • How can I Locate the correct filepath in a jsp page?

    In http://localhost:8080/myweb/a.jsp, I will call a java bean file which is locate in http://localhost:8080/myweb/WEB-INF/classes/haha/DBConnection.class. This java file requires to read an external file which locates in http://localhost:8080/myweb/WEB-INF/classes/haha/db.txt
    My question is how can I get the correct filepath in this environment?
    inputStream = new BufferedReader(new FileReader(????????));
    Only this will work
    inputStream = new BufferedReader(new FileReader("D:\Program Files\Apache Software Foundation\Tomcat 5.5\db.txt"));
    But no one will place the file here, and it is impossible to do this when upload to 3rd party hosting.
    Any suggestion? thx.

    Thx all, in a jsp page, calling this method is fine.
    ServletContext s = getServletContext();
    String a = s.getRealPath("/");
    In a Servlet file, below method is ready to use:
    String b = getServletConfig().getServletContext().getRealPath("/");
    My problem is, I have a jsp page, which initialize a java bean , this java file is responsible for Database Connection, which will read the external text file to get the login, password and database name. So I won't need to recompile this file every time when I place in different platform with different configuration. I only need to edit the text file is ok.
    But How can I get the absolute file path when that jsp page initialize that java bean file? Below is my error, any suggestions are thx.
    package sql;
    import java.sql.*;
    import java.util.ArrayList;
    import javax.servlet.*;
    import javax.servlet.http.*;
    public class DBConnection extends HttpServlet{
    public String sql = null;
    public Connection con = null;
    public Statement statement = null;
    public ResultSet rs = null;
    private BufferedReader inputStream = null;
    private static ArrayList<String> arr = new ArrayList<String>();
      public DBConnection(){
        String fs = System.getProperty("file.separator");
        ServletContext s = getServletContext();
        String realpath = s.getRealPath("/");
        String filepath = realpath + "WEB-INF"+fs+"Properties"+fs+"db.txt";
          inputStream = new BufferedReader(new FileReader(filepath));
          String l;
          while ((l = inputStream.readLine()) != null) {
          this.con = DriverManager.getConnection("jdbc:mysql://localhost:3306/"+arr.get(0)+"?user=" +arr.get(1)+ "&password="+arr.get(2)+"&useUnicode=true&characterEncoding=utf-8");
          this.statement = this.con.createStatement();
        }catch (Exception e){

Maybe you are looking for