How can my wife access all of our itunes music if she signs up for iTunes match, but her apple id is different than mine?

How can my wife access all of our iTunes music, even if she subscribes to iTunes Match, if her Apple ID is different than mine?

I do subscribe to iTunes Match.....and the music i am referring to is all of our downloaded albums and songs that are currently in iTunes and in the "cloud" on my iPhone and my iPad.
So if she uses my Apple ID for her iPhone, she can sign up for iTunes Match on my account?  Will any of my apps then transfer to her phone?  Or just the iTunes "data"?

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    How can my wife and I use our two iTunes accounts on one IPad

    Unfortunately it will be difficult. iPads are personal devices like phones and done have credentials. You can of course log out of and into the app store to download purchased apps but the iPad will then have all the apps of both your wife and you (though you could put these into folders I guess).

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    I am out of space on my iPhone 4S because of my iTunes Library.  I want to sign up for iTunes Match, but should I delete all my music off my iPhone prior to subscribing to iTimes Match?

    I got rid of a my stored music once I paid for iTunes Match. But beware you then need an Internet connection to pay music and even then a poor signal plays havoc. I sometimes wait five minutes for music to start and more often than not it stops playing and won't start again.

  • How can my wife and I combine our iTunes?

    My wife and I have been dragging our feet and have finally broke down and want to have one iTunes to manage both of our music and sync our iPhones with.  However, I cannot figure out how to do this, without one of us just giving up our music that we have purchased through iTunes.  Please help!

    Copy all of your music to one computer. Authorize it for all your accounts.  Purchase using one account from here on out.

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    how can I downgrade my operating system as my bluetooth work ok with my holde commodore on the 4.2.1 system but now it is upgraded to the latest system it does not operate properley

    thankyou but it looks like we won't be buying another iphone

  • How can my wife and I share our iTunes account?

    My wife has an iTunes account as do I, but we are ideally trying to combine them so that we have a central iTunes library that we can both pull from. Is this possible?  We are on Windows Vista platform outside of our apple products.
    We have 2 iPhones and several iPods.

    231 Buchanan wrote:
    ... but we are ideally trying to combine them ... Is this possible?
    from this support article:
    I have multiple Apple IDs. Is there a way for me to consolidate them into a single Apple ID? 
    At this time, Apple IDs cannot be consolidated.
    so that we have a central iTunes library that we can both pull from
    a single iTunes can be authorized for up to 5 iTunes store accounts !
    We have 2 iPhones and several iPods.
    How to use multiple iPods, iPads, or iPhones with one computer

  • How can a script access all link properties?

    I'm really glad to find this pool of expertise out in the cloud. TIA for all replies.
    I'm looking for proper syntax to access the more detailed properties of graphic file links, such as the page# on which they appear and effective PPI. These are visible in the link window, but I cannot find them in the ESTK for CS4 Object Model Viewer. There is are name, filePath, and linkType, which are all very useful and also visible in the link window. But as for the other info I see only a suggestive attribute called "properties" which is itself an object, and I cannot seem to query its contents.
    As I'm very, very new to scripting the cause could be little more than my own ignorance.
    Is there a way to convert and object to strings so I can see how it is built?
    In case anyone is interested, I'm trying to amplify a very helpful little script written three years ago by Steve Wareham:
    // ====== ListLinks ====== \\
    /* This is a JavaScript for InDesign. It will create a new text box on the first page of your document, and list all the links used in your document.
    A dialog box provides options to list the links names, files paths, and file types. Created by Steve Wareham 5/08/2007
    attempts to amplify with addition of Page and Effective PPP by Marc Shargel May 2010 */
    // ----- Dialog Box ------\\
    var myDialog = app.dialogs.add({name:"Link Lister", canCancel:true});
    staticTexts.add({staticLabel:"What link information do you want? "});
    var my1RadioButton = checkboxControls.add({staticLabel:"Names", checkedState:true});
    var my2RadioButton = checkboxControls.add({staticLabel:"Paths"});
    var my3RadioButton = checkboxControls.add({staticLabel:"File type"});
    var my4RadioButton = checkboxControls.add({staticLabel:"Page"});
    var my5RadioButton = checkboxControls.add({staticLabel:"Effective PPI"});
    // extending the dialogue box was easy...
    // ----- End of Dialog Box ----- \\
    //----- Begin ----- \\
    if( == true){
    var myDocument = app.activeDocument;
    var totalLinks = myDocument.links.length;
    var myNewTextFrame = myDocument.textFrames.add() // Add a text frame to display the list of links
    myNewTextFrame.geometricBounds = [ "0p0", "0p0", "50p5", "50p5"];
    for ( i = 0;  i < totalLinks;  i++ )
    if (my1RadioButton.checkedState == true) {
    myNewTextFrame.contents = ( myNewTextFrame.contents + "File: " + myDocument.links.item(i).name );
    if (my1RadioButton.checkedState == true) {
    myNewTextFrame.contents = ( myNewTextFrame.contents + " Path: " + myDocument.links.item(i).filePath );
    if (my3RadioButton.checkedState == true) {
    myNewTextFrame.contents = ( myNewTextFrame.contents + " Type: " + myDocument.links.item(i).linkType );
    //... but the following lines do not work. I can refer to "myDocument.links.item(i).properties" but it is reported as an object.
    //if (my4RadioButton.checkedState == true) {
    //myNewTextFrame.contents = ( myNewTextFrame.contents + " Page#: " + myDocument.links.item(i).page );
    //if (my5RadioButton.checkedState == true) {
    // myNewTextFrame.contents = ( myNewTextFrame.contents + " PPI: " + myDocument.links.item(i).effectivePPI );
    myNewTextFrame.contents = ( myNewTextFrame.contents + '\r' );

    Is there a way to convert and object to strings so I can see how it is built?
    Whoops, I'd meant to answer this. Sure, you can just loop over the object. For instance, since you were curious about the "properties" member, suppose we wanted to look at the individual members of the properties object of a link.
    Just type in the JavaScript console:
    { var p = app.activeDocument.links[0].properties; for (var i in p) $.writeln(i + "\t"+p[i]); }
    which produces:
    versionState     1986221653
    editingState     1986217301
    linkXmp     [object LinkMetadata]
    index     0
    parent     [object Image]
    edited     false
    name     yeti.png
    needed     true
    status     1852797549
    linkType     Portable Network Graphics (PNG)
    date     Mon May 24 2010 15:36:52 GMT-0400
    size     113083
    filePath     Hermann Zapf:Users:writer:Desktop:yeti.png
    id     209
    You'll note that these are all the same members that the links[0] object itself has. Again, "properties" is just a convenience for setting more than one at once. So compare the output to:
    { var p =  app.activeDocument.links[0]; for (var i in p) $.writeln(i +  "\t"+p[i]); }
    How does that work? Well, the syntax "for (i in p)" calls the for loop once for every member of the Object p, and then we print out the name of each member along with its value.
    (I guess the good JavaScript programmers would encourage you to put {}'s around the $.writeln, and the really anal people would remind you that JavaScript does not have block scope* and therefore you should wrap the whole thing in:
    "function(){ ... }()".
    (*:reference is to Javascript: The Good Parts; Awful Parts, a book (well, chapter thereof) well worth reading.))

  • How can I choose not to see home page music video album covers when the itunes store app opens?

    Please help... I own a number of devices (ipad, iphone, etc) that when I go to charge or sync my data, the itunes store opens and I am "assaulted" by the general debauchery and unhealthy living promoted by music album covers.  
    The browser software lets me choose my home page so that I can control my view of an application.  Is it possible to avoid seeing this array of disgusting, generally, pictures? 
    Thanks for any hints. 

    You can bookmark all those pages and place them in a folder. Then you can set that folder as the Home page (Use Bookmark). If you only want to open one page then use the folder to choose which one. You can either use the Bookmarks Toolbar or the Bookmarks Menu button to have easy access to the folder.

  • How does my wife access this with a different ID

    How can my wife access iMatch using a different ID on her iPad?  She is not able to get the music I have loaded in iCloud.

    She doesn't. iTunes Match is designed to be a single-user service that is not sharable. It is associated with one, and only one, iTunes Store account. To access your music your wife will have to sign into the iTunes Store with your account ID and stay signed in.
    Also keep in mind that iTunes Match and iCloud are not the same thing. The two services are distinct services and one does not require the other.

  • I used iCloud before I updated to the new iOS 6 and now I only have 44 pictures how can I get them all back?

    I used iCloud before I updated to the new iOS 6 and now I only have 44 pictures how can I get them all back?

    Photo stream only keeps your photos for 30 days.  After that, they are removed from your photo stream but not from any device that has already received them.  Chances are, the 44 photos are from the last 30 days; the others are not there because they are no longer in your photo stream.
    If the photos were in your camera roll when you last backed up, restoring to the backup should recover them.  However, you will have to restore to the entire backup to do so.  If they weren't backed up or imported to your computer, there is no way to recover them now.
    To be sure your photos are saved, regularly import them from the camera roll to your computer as outlined here:

  • How can i turn off all this adds I've been getting?

    how can i turn off all this adds I've been getting on safari/google.?

    Click here and follow the instructions, or if they don't cover the type of adware on the computer, these ones. If you're willing to use a tool to remove it(you don't need to, but may find it easier), you can instead run Adware Medic; this link is a direct download.

  • How can my wife and I share iBooks on each of our iPads?

    How can my wife and I share iBooks on each of our iPads?

    LeeDribin wrote:
    How can my wife and I share iBooks on each of our iPads?
    Not sure this helps in your case, but worth a look perhaps:

  • How can I use home sharing between our iphones (create playlists from both accounts at once)

    How can I use home sharing between our iphones, so that we can create playlists with songs from both of our libraries?  We share a Macbook Pro (separate accounts) and each have the new iphone, but when I have my iphone and try to create a new playlist, I can only grab songs from one account.  Is there a way to create a playlist using both accounts since we are sharing?
    Does it have to be created within iTunes first on our Mac?

    The short answer: because Home Sharing isn't designed for sharing apps, and apps aren't designed to be shared.
    The longer answer:  Think of it like this...
    You download some music in iTunes.  With Home Sharing, another user can listen to it by streaming it over the network.  But the data itself is on your computer.  If you turn off the computer or take it off the network, the other user can't access it.
    But if you send another user the app, they aren't just streaming the data- they installed it on their iOS device.  Because they weren't the one that purchased it, such a transfer could easily be considered "piracy" or "stealing," and nobody likes that (least of all, Apple). 
    When iTunes sees this app, it obviously recognized it, as if saying, "Hey, how did you get this app on your device, if I have no record of you purchasing/downloading it from the iTunes store?"
    post edited to correct spelling errors

  • How can I restrict access to add. internal hard drive by account?

    Hello! Okay, so I am my computer's administrator, and I have a secondary 'guest' account that anyone else can use. So, I know that all my data on my main, OS hard drive is secure from the guest account accessing it, but what about the additional hard drive that I have installed?
    I have a good deal of sensitive data and files stored (and aliased) on my second internal drive that I do not care for 'guest' users to stumble upon. How can I restrict access to the secondary storage hard drive from my Guest login account, and/or just plain hide it from it? Surely, there is a need for this that has brought about a solution. Any tips/advice/solutions?

    Click here and follow the instructions followed by placing the folders and files on the image; if the password is in the keychain, it will be supplied whenever you're logged in.

  • How can I restrict access to some webpages

    I have one website that I designed it in Dreamweaver with html pages.
    I want to have some  restricted pages. It means that when one user wants to access to the special page, fist in one form ask him the password and if that password be correct it will direct to the next page.
    I do not want to have database and different user names just I want to have one password for all and ask all the users that password.
    Would you please help me and say how can I do that.

    Hi Parmin...
    If your looking for a quick and easy.. no php backend mess.. Here's a javascript password method.. Because you're using all front end languages its hard to hide the target page from the source code, that anyone with a clue could view.. this method and the best Ive ever seen.. the password IS the new page.. so "password" + .html is the script.. never showing a target pages name...
    Gate Keeper Password Protect
    this demo its in a popup window.. but you could take that code and just place directly into a main page if you liked..

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