How can we add source field data in to receiver JMS header

I have a scenario called  IDOC(ECC System) or PROXY(SRM System) to JMS(Only one Queue).
                ECC(Idoc) and SRM(Proxy)   -
XI  -
In the Idoc and proxy we have a field called Source System. If it is a Idoc then this source system field coming with “SAP ECC” if the data is coming from SRM System then the source system field is “SAP SRM”. My problem is how I can map these fields to the JMS header? Then according to the JMS header TIBCO will send this data to target systems. If data is coming from ECC then it will send it to one Third party system and if data is coming from SRM then it will send it to other Third party target system.

Hi Purushotham,
You can add it in receiver determination.
Our IDOC segement EDIDC_40 contains feild called SNDPRN and SNDPRT.
By using this in condition for configured receivers you can route this to your desired receiver  system.
May be you can mantain two queues for your two receivers.
reward points if useful.

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    reward if helps !!!!!

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    I think this should be possible. While doing LSMW, when the first record is uploaded system reads the fields ans stores them.

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    You might want to take a look at the document "Developing Acrobat Applications Using JavaScript" (js_developer_guide.pdf) which is part of the Adobe Acrobat SDK, which can be downloaded here. Read the "Privileged versus non-privileged context" (p. 45ff.). You will find an example for "Executing privileged methods in a non-privileged context". Should be almost exactly what you are looking for.
    Small Outline: For security reasons ("the user always has to know what's going on") you are not allowed to use the "Doc.saveAs"-method without the user permission (--> in a non-privileged context). In order to reach the goal of a privileged context you can use a trusted function. You do this by creating a JavaScript file (*.js) in either the Application-JavaScript-Folder (default location on Windows systems: "%ProgramFiles%\Adobe\Acrobat 10.0\Acrobat\Javascripts") or the User-JavaScript-Folder (default location on Windows systems: "%AppData%\Adobe\Acrobat\10.0\JavaScripts"). Add the following content to the new file:
    myTrustedBrowseForDoc = app.trustedFunction( function ( oArgs ) {
              var myTrustedRetn = app.browseForDoc( oArgs );
         return myTrustedRetn;
    myTrustedSaveAs = app.trustedFunction( function ( doc, oArgs ) {
              var myTrustedRetn = doc.saveAs( oArgs );
         return myTrustedRetn;
    The developer guide actually wants you to add this content to the existing "config.js" file. I recommend creating a new file, since its easier to deploy in a network. Either way, every client/user who needs to be able to save documents this way, needs this JavaScript Code in his Application/User-JavaScript-Folder.
    Within the Acrobat Document, which you want to obtain a certain file name, you can now use the trusted functions "myTrustedBrowseForDoc" and "myTrustedSaveAs" to store the file. To call the trusted functions and deliver the file name you can either you use a form field (button) or you add a new menu item. Add the following JavaScript Action to the button/menu item and change "Roller Coaster" to the name of the field which contains the value which you want to become the new file name:
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    Containers are used for holding Application data for Workflow purposes.
    Event container
    Task container
    Workflow container
    Role container
    Binding is the linking of data from one container to the other for making data available all across the workflow.
    But you can get values from one container to another container like this
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    4. Task con to method con
    So, we don't have direct possible binding from task con to task con.
    Thanks and Regards,
    Prabhakar Dharmala</b>
    Message was edited by:
            Prabhakar Dharmala
        But you can do pass values from first task con to wf con and again from wf con to another task con

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    your requirement is not very clear..
    but if you are adding a  field and want drop down with values....... it is possible by providing search help for that field.
    Hope the requirement is same.

  • How can we add new fields in item customer detail B tab in VA01/VA02/VA03?

    Hi all,
    Anyone can suggest me, how we can add fields in item detail B tab of VA01/VA02/VA03 transaction.
    1) How we can find the screen no and how we can add fileds in it
    2) where we have to write the logic for these fields ( I mean in which include)
    3) Is there any user exit or BADI for this
    4) what is the procedure to do this enhancement .
    5) How we can enhance menu bar
    i am using ECC 6.0 version.
    Please guide me in this .
    Thanks in advance.

      You do not have to do extra coding for this. Just append the extra fields in the table VBAP and include these in the screen 8459 (Additional data A) or 8460 (Additional data B) of program SAPMV45A.
    Kiran Sure

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