How can you get Belkin Media Card Reader to work with Fifth Gen iPod?

I got a new 80Gb iPod and then discovered my Belkin Card Reader I've used extensively with my 4th Gen iPod, no longer works with the new one. I easily transferred photo albums on my PC to the new iPod but the Belkin Reader is "not recognized" by the new one.
This is a MAJOR disappointment to me as we travel a lot and I've used my iPod all over the world for photo storage. I had about 15Gb of photos on my older 40 Gb iPod before I transferred them off and got the new one.
Is there any other portable card reader that will work with the 5th Gen iPod's?
Systemax   Windows XP  

Look at this link
 Cheers, Tom

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    Look at this link
     Cheers, Tom

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    Insert the sim card and activate the iPhone.

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    Here is a list of products that are not supported in the win7 OS. This product is listed there.
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    I am an HP employee.
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    Install the HPIJS package. This is an open source set of drivers for older printers.  HP dropped support for a whole lot of printers when Snow Leopard was developed.  These drivers fill the gap.
    You will need to install three components - Ghostscript, Foomatic RIP and the hpijs package.  They are all on the HPIJS web page.  Once installed, restart your Mac, connect your printer.  You will probably need to go into System Preferences > Print & Fax to select the printer and set it as your default printer.  After that it works great.  And it also works on Lion. 

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    Kindest Regards,
    Safety 56

    Worth trying to remove driver first (note version number before removing) for card reader from device manager options then reboot & check in device manager & you should have an unkown device which will be the card reader.
    Then download driver ( try the 2  that not same as already had)
    Hopefully it will install.
    If not you need to review what maybe conflicting, simple things like security software (Norton being a top offender for problems) are worth turning off to test ...
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    You will need a mic interface, you can get a pretty decent one for around $100, check this one out! f=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1426555875&sr=8-2&k… or an adapter from E/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1426555978&sr=8… Sorry there is no other way around it.

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    You need to contact Logitech, it's their product.

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    They removed the audio input, starting from your model, you will need an USB interface, there are may, and it depends on how high of quality you need.
    This works for most applications, unless you are trying to record "music quality" 20&index=electronics&hvadid=19014779847&hvpos=1t1&hvexid=&hvnetw=g&hvrand=777870 5971251328924&hvpone=&hvptwo=&hvqmt=b&hvdev=c&ref=pd_sl_5gt435btej_b

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    Here is a list of products that are not supported in the win7 OS. This product is listed there.
    Products not supported in win7
    I am an HP employee.
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  • How do you get 32-bit float effects to work with an alpha channel?

    I make a few bugs and lower thirds, but I'm having a lot of trouble getting 32-bit float effects to correctly export with transparency.
    When I make semitransparent animations with bright lighting effects, they look great in AE but I can't seem to find any way to bring them over to Final Cut and get them to look like they should.
    I've attached this example of a bug with a screenshot from AE on the left and from FCP on the right. The colors dim and the vibrant blue gradients get flattened into a dull greenish color.
    So far as I can tell, all my alpha and color management settings are correct. I've tried endless settings options and codec options to try to fix this, to no avail.
    You can create an extreme case as an example by creating a semitransparent shape, cranking the color way up to a saturated superwhite color, and moving it around with motion blur. The render looks pretty much just like a 8/16 bit render, and nothing like it did in your canvas.
    I have a feeling the way AE multiplies the superwhite color values with the alpha channel gets "lost in translation" when it is rendered to 4 8-bit channels. Is there any way to get it to look the way it does in the canvas?

    Thanks so much for your ideas. I'd already tried experimenting with a number of color management options, including 'Preserve RGB' and turning off 'Convert to Linear Light' but they didn't fix it. I had also already tried using the "None" option from the codec menu.
    I pulled it back into AE, and it looks the same as it did in FCP.
    I'm starting to think the issue has something to do with AE rendering to a file differently than the way it renders to the canvas. For example, here's a fast moving 50% opaque superwhite shape in the AE canvas:
    I rendered this using Animation + Alpha using Best settings and 32-bit float, and reimported it into AE:
    I think the answer may lie in the fact that the first image looks solid white in some places, even though it is 50% transparent. It's almost like the excessive RGB values "bleed" over to the alpha channel. The rendered image (probably correctly) looks grey because it represents white at 50% opacity.
    What I want to do though, is find a way to make my render look like my canvas. So it seems I need to do two things to the image:
    1. Find a way to increase opacity in areas of excessive white, so that they are not grey in the render.
    2. Find a way to "bake" the superwhite colors to a level below 100% white so that they show up in the render.
    I tried the "Alpha from Max Color" effect and this seems to get kind of close, but unfortunately it discards other parts of the alpha channel (like drop shadows).
    It might also be helpful to know that when I have AE output to an external NTSC monitor (via Intensity card) the monitor shows the exact same artifacts as the render.

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    I noticed that this problem doesn't occur in version 28 of Firefox. For some reason when I try to go to Netflix, I can login but I can't play any videos without getting an 2103 error message with Silverlight. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling both 64bit and 32bit versions of Silverlight 5. It worked last night, but for some reason it won't work at all. So I've went back to version 28 of FIrefox and the problem is gone. I also want to note that this problem isn't happening with Chrome or IE11.

    I've been using Firefox Beta, so I've had 29 for a while. Silverlight works fine, and I use Netflix without any errors. I'm using a 64-bit Windows 7, so I can't say why it won't work on Windows 8.1. Hopefully it gets fixed since I'm updating soon.
    Just a quick note: make sure you have the latest 32-bit version of Silverlight. The 64-bit version will only work on IE11 if you have a 64-bit system.

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    I use third party plug-ins from two different companies and they all worked during my PSCC trail period, but now PS won't recognize any of them. I've tried re-installing them using the custom install process, but they still don't work. Tech support has been useless, and I'm getting very frustrated. Can anyone here help?

    Are you saying your trial expired but you liked CC so you are now subscribing? Or are you saying you went back to CS6 or another previous version.
    What plugins are they?
    Did they work on the before on that build before you tried CC?
    I am just wondering if you are only allowed to use them once thats all, which in itself is a little wierd.
    Usually when people have plugin issues its to do with 32 / 64 bit ones, as they don't interplay with each other. Eg you trialled a 32bit bit cc and used the 32bit plugins, but actually subscribed to 64bit cc
    When you say tech support is useless, are you reffering to the plugin tech support or Adobe? Assuming you mean adobe did you try the plugin supplier?

  • How can I get the keyboard program InKey to work with InDesign?

    I use InKey to type special characters, particularly underlined vowels, for another language. This has worked fine in Microsoft Word with most Unicode fonts. However in InDesign, the underlines do not line up under the letter; or, more commonly, they just display as a pink space or box after the letter. Simply using the Underline format on these letters is not sufficient to be able to check their spelling.

    Oh, cool! I never handle any Mayan stuff in my job, but many of my academic cohort have done so. Mostly Tzotzil.
    Anyhow: your sample font was Times New Roman. If you can't see the combining glyphs, then you're using an out-of-date version of the font, or something else is wrong. . Did you maybe start your work on a contemporary version of Word in WIndows, and now you've shifted to using a Mac with an older version of Office? THere are plenty of nulls in TNR (which are usually codepoints not in Unicode, usually a sign of some kind of hacky workaround on the part ofthe font designer). There should be a real combining macron below right about here, in between the crazy upper Latin and the Greek caps :
    So I'd want to know: what font are you using for this? If not TNR, then I'd suggest Gentium. I might even suggest dropping TNR for Gentium. Judging by your screen name, you may well already be aware of SIL. If not - oh hey, they make fonts for people who are in your shoes! Go check 'em out. The fonts are free, and pretty reliable. And Gentium may already have a precomposed with-line-below glyph for your typesetting needs.
    The Kerning dropdown lets you adjust the spacing between letters in a letter-by-letter way. Selecting all of your text and picking "Metrics" is the way to go here - unless you are a designer who thinks that the capital D is way too far away from the lowercase i, and want to tweak the kerning manually. "Optical" is for large font sizes where body-text-style kerning is too spacious. Avoid using it at small font sizes.

Maybe you are looking for

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