How can you tell if your computer is synced w/ another one outside of your home?

My husband moved out of the home and I think he has synced my computer with his girlfriend's. He has deleted his profile on my computer. How can I be sure he is not gaining access to info on my computer?

You might want to have a computer professional or especially nerdy friend look at your PC, because some monitoring software is very hard to detect.
If you use Firefox Sync, you might want to change your password.

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  • On IOS 7, how can you tell when your battery is charging for your phone?

    on IOS 7, how can you tell when your battery is charging for your phone?

    thanks everyone=you all helped.
    I wasn't used to not getting the 2 sided plug- now I know I am ok>

  • How can you tell if your iPhone 4s is locked or not, without replacing sim?

    Hello everyone.
    I'm new to the site and iPhone world,
    How can you tell if your iPhone 4s is locked or not, without replacing sim?
    Any tips or tricks?
    Supposably, Sprint iPhone 4s prior to Nov.11th are unlocked, in what extend this true?
    thanks in advance.

    Call Sprint and ask

  • How can you tell if your podcast is streaming or if you're playing from a download?

    Yesterday I downloaded a podcast with the new Podcasts app on my iPhone. To play the podcast (while away from my WiFi), I tapped the episode in the Episodes list. I assumed I was playing the downloaded version. This morning, when I checked my data usage, it was 87MB more than it was yesterday! Does this mean that I inadvertently STREAMED the podcast instead? How can you tell?

    This is the itunes forum.  Your question seems to have nothing to do with itunes.
    Basics from the manual are restart, reset, restore.  Try those.

  • HT201250 How can you tell if your backup is completed?

    How do you tell if your backup is completed?

    To check that a backup was made correctly, open System Preferences > Time Machine and check the hour when the last backup was made. You can do the same selecting the Time Machine icon on the menu bar

  • How can you tell if your iPad2 3G is unlocked to all Australian Networks?

    I am in Melb, Australia. I received a second hand iPad2 3G 64G as a gift. How do you tell if the iPad2 is unlocked to all Australian Networks ?

    Call Sprint and ask

  • Re: PUSH Availability;  How Can You Tell if Your ISP Supports "PUSH"

    Seeing my response to a earlier query may not be read by some based on the lengthy thread it is apart of, I thought I would paste it here for all to see which may help some of you determine if your ISP supports PUSH.
    I had a call 3-wk's ago with an APPLE Applications Specialist regarding "PUSH" in general and learned the following:
    1. Not all ISP's (in my case Verizon), provide PUSH capabilities.
    2. Specialist dropped a few ISP's in the process and I don't believe YAHOO was one that provided PUSH(?) You will need to check with them or READ BELOW on what you can do to check this on your iPHONE...
    3. Mobile.Me provides PUSH as does MS Exchange Server's and gmail
    4. On a side note, there have been reported issues of "FETCH" not working as it should, whereas, it may not fetch at the selected intervals (15-min, 30-min, 60-min) and APPLE is aware of this
    To CHECK and see if your ISP does SUPPORT "PUSH", do the following:
    SETTINGS > FETCH NEW DATA > Scroll down to ADVANCED field > Select the email account(s) field you have activated. (if you have deactivated one of your email accounts, as I do with my MS Exchange when I am in my home office in front of my laptop, you will have to activate it in order to check its PUSH availability out)
    ... from there, you will note two or three available fields (Fetch; Manual or PUSH), with a check mark by one of them.
    ... if your email account(s) only show "Fetch" or "Manual" as options, then your ISP does NOT support PUSH (as my Verizon FiOS ISP does not), therefore, you are limited to only "Fetch" capabilities
    ... if your email account(s) show all three options (Fetch, Manual & PUSH) then your ISP "HAS" PUSH capabilities... as does my business related MS Exchange server indicate.

    I wasn't aware that Google provides/supports Push access with a Gmail account on the iPhone - which would be supported when accessing the account as an IMAP account, not as a POP account. You can access a Gmail account as a POP or IMAP account, which is rare for an email account provider to support both.
    You can access a Yahoo account on the iPhone via Push. When using the Yahoo account preset when creating the account, the account is created as an IMAP account that supports Push access.

  • How can you tell if your Apple ID was hacked

    I recently had someone hack into my account but I want to make sure that it was the person I think it was. How can I go about finding this out?

    There's no way you can determine who is doing it.
    As for making it stop, the best way to handle this would be to enable two-factor authentication on the Apple ID. See:
    Apple introduces two-factor authentication

  • How can you tell if your drive is 7200rpm model or not?

    I just received my new MBP via FedEx - so far, love it. I bought the 2.53 version and upgraded the hard drive to 320GB at 7200rpm. I can't for the life of me figure out how to see in my settings if this is in fact the 7200rpm model or if it's the 5400rpm model. I just want to make sure I'm getting what I paid for. I opened the back up and the drive itself doesn't say it's running speed. When I pull it up in finder it doesn't say. So how can I find out?

    Just got my new MBP via FedEx this afternoon.
    I ordered the 320GB HDD @ 7200 RPM. It is the same as noted above. It is the $50 upgrade that Apple offers. Standard drive is 5400 RPM.
    All drives that Apple offers are Serial ATA (1.5GB/s), none are SATA II (3GB/s). The only difference is in RPM. (5400 standard vs. 7200 upgrade)
    Curiously the nvidia chipset is 3GB/s capable. Strange that 3GB/s support is not offered.
    To answer OPs question, yes, the drive is 7200 RPM.



    What unlock code .There is no code it is all processed through iTunes

  • How can you tell if your computer is being hacked

    We got a call this morning from someone at Microsoft stating that our computer is being hacked.  I don't trust this notification. 

    jb --
    I'm really glad you didn't fall for it.  If you had let them into your computer, they would have stolen all your information.  It makes me SO mad.

  • How can you tell if a computer problem is a hardware or software problem? My Macbook pro is always freezing!!

    I've been using my Macbook Pro for about 5 months. The first 3 months were great. But now it makes my life harder!!!
    It's always freezing.
    Any suggetions.

    Something doesn't sound right here. You say you have been using the MBP for 5 months and your profile say you are running 10.4.10. A MBP bought five months ago should have Snow Leopard 10.6. Of did you get this MBP used five months ago? Before we can help you must tell the straight story.

  • How can you tell if your battery is authorized?

    Every time I boot up, I keep getting the same message from the lenovo energy management thing. "This system does not support batteries that are not genuine lenovo-made or authorized. This system will continue to boot. . . " It goes on. Is it just a reminder or something else?
    haha sorry, I don't know much about these things

    Welcome To Lenovo Community
    We are really sorry to hear about the issue you are facing,  
    Based from what i read in your post, seems like your bios is having some issue in recognizing the battery
    Please try disconnecting  the battery and then reinstall same when system is in shutdown condition
    Also you can visit Lenovo support website to download the latest  Bios update to check
    Do give this a try and let us know  
    Hope This Helps
    WW Social Media
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  • How can you tell if your video/graphics card is failing?

    I have been playing World of Warcraft for over 7 months now (insert geek jokes here), and I have never experienced the problems that I have been experiencing with WoW this weekend.
    I was hoping that it was just a connection/internet issue with WoW, but when i play on my laptop (and older Powerbook G4), screen loads aren't slow like they are on my Intel iMac.
    Yesterday and today have been horrible. I'll get disconnected at least 4-5 times (which NEVER happens) and when I am finally logged into my account for game play, it's horrible lag. And even then, it takes a while for the background or other characters to load.
    I'm worried that it's my video/graphics card and might be failing. How would I know if this was the case?
    I am still hoping it's just a connectivity issue and has nothing to do with my card. But I don't know at this point.
    I'm very frustrated.
    Any help and/or advice would be greatly appreciated.

    Wow, ok, sounds like you are on the exact same path that I'm on. I'm a WOW player also, have had my iMac since 2008 (and play wow alot, raiding, etc) and recently it fried it's graphics card. I just replied to your thread about HDDs... so please see that response.
    I'm convinced it's a heat issue and I have a feeling the latest OSX update may have changed something about the fan speed that caused extra heat to build up. Just a theory.
    Anyway, your options are very limited for "fixing" a screwed up graphics card. Hopefully you have AppleCare, otherwise you're looking at ~$500 to fix this.
    I'm not going to bother. Just bought a new monitor and graphics card for my 4y.o. Windows machine and will be using that from now on. I'll miss the Apple display and the operating system, but the hardware doesn't make me happy at all.
    Good luck!

  • How can you tell when your new tablet was first actervated

    I bought a HP Omni 10 window's 8.1 tablet display model (last one) and was told it was never turned on ,when i first turned it on windows was activated and the tablet was running and i did not have to set any thing up .
    My question is ,is there a place on my tablet that has recored the time it was activated.
     Lewis from Australia.
    This question was solved.
    View Solution.

    Hi justlewis. I understand you want to determine when Windows 8.1 was originally activated. This will show you when it expires, but I am not certain how long it takes to expire:
    How to Confirm that the Windows 8 System is Activated Successfully
    I work on behalf of HP
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